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Hey Dolls! I have not yet gotten my procedure done...

Hey Dolls!
I have not yet gotten my procedure done but I will be traveling from Texas to Mexico this December 2016 to get my surgery (Lipo + BBL with fat transfer to the booty). So far my Doctor: Omar Perez Saucedo has been amazing in answering all my questions. I will keep ya'll updated and I promise to give ya'll all the details. The good, the bad, and the ugly type of deal. Feel free to leave any questions!!

Wish pics

Hey dolls,
So this is my wish pictures. I always like to give credit where it's due and this is TatuBaby she's an tattoo artist based in Florida, and I just love her body!!! This is my ultimate goal. My wish is to take care of myself as much as possible after my operation, which includes eating healthier, exercising and following my doctors post op instructions. December hurry!!!
What wish pics do you have?
I will be posting my current pictures soon. Stay tuned!

Plane ticket- check!

I have already booked my plane ticket! Just waiting to book my bus ticket. I am so ready for December to arrive! As I have mentioned before I will be traveling from Texas to Mexico. Since I live somewhat close to Mexico I will be traveling by bus and coming back by plane. It's cheaper. We all know surgery is pricey from the surgery itself to the supplies you'll need after. Soooooo any savings I can get, I will take! Lol I will be staying there a total of 5 days, and returning home to recover before returning to work.
I can be a penny pincher and well it took me a few days to book my flight. I kept looking at different websites at a time to see which one had a cheaper plane ticket. I finally decided to purchase it through Expedia. It was about $175 with taxes. It's a one way from Monterrey to Texas. In order to find the best deal it's all about patience and luck. How did you book your trip?


Hello dolls!
I apologize for the long time in between updates, with school and work time flys by! Let me just add that I got all A's this semester! ;) I can't believe I will be leaving this Saturday at 8pm! I'm getting so nervous! As promised I will provide my before pictures in a dress and in the nude. I'm so self- conscious of my back rolls and side stretch marks. Looking at these pictures I never realized how big I was. I swear I couldn't believe that was me :( but no worries! Dr. Omar is going to fix that! I decided to take pictures after a long day of work and eating so y'all can see what I look on a regular basis because trust me I love my body in the mornings.. I look so slim! Nothing compared to the afternoon me lol I will be updating tomorrow with a list of all the supplies I have bought and plan on taking! Stay tuned!!

Get to know me

Hello dolls,
I noticed I did not put my details in the initial of this review. To start off I am from Texas and I will be going to Monterrey, Mexico to get my liposculpture with a Brazilian butt lift done. I am 22 years old, 5'5ft tall and weight 180 lbs currently. I do not need to gain any more weight as that was recommended by my doctor, if anything I tried to lose some weight before my procedure. I managed to lose 7 lbs since originally I was 187 lbs!! I know crazy! It was not easy to lose those 7 lbs but a lot of walking and not drinking soda not eating out really did help out! Trust me you can do it too!

Hemoglobin Friday!

Hey Ladies,

This post might be a little long.. I feel this is really important to say, if you are considering surgery you must make sure that you are healthy! The worse thing that one can do is invest so much time into trying to plan surgery procedure just to be told by the doctor you do not qualify because of a, b, or c factor, or even worse put your life in jeopardy. You need to take your vitamins, and specially your iron tablets!! Hemoglobin levels are so important because since you are getting surgery and more than likely will lose some blood. You definitely want your hemo levels to be up!
So what is hemoglobin you may ask?
"Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein present in red blood cells. This protein is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body... as the role of hemoglobin is very important for leading a healthy life, it is necessary to maintain it in normal levels in your blood, which is:
* 14 to 18 g/dl for adult men, and
* 12 to 16 g/dl for adult women"
A regular range for women is between 12-16. There's different ways to raise hemoglobin levels, either eating foods rich in iron (this includes smoothies or juices), or taking iron pills (caution too much iron can affect the liver). I would personally suggest to check with your pcp to make sure you are taking the correct doses.
I started taking Vitron-C which is an iron pill with vitamin C in it so I don't always take it with orange juice. The function of vitamin C is to help the body absorb as much iron as possible. If you can't find these you can still take regular iron pills. I would suggest to take it with orange juice (with out calcium, as calcium lowers the amount of iron absorbed). I will be honest and say that I started taking my iron pills a month before my surgery and I was taking two pills a day (one in the morning and one at night). I did not contact my pcp to make sure it was a correct dosage. Now just because it worked out on me, I would not recommend for you to follow my path. Moral of the story please please before anything prioritize your health when thinking about cosmetic surgery. Feel free to leave any questions!

Le booty in jeans

I really don't mind the way my booty looks from the back, but the profile view kills me! I want that nice badonkadonk! I swear I've never looked up as many booty pictures as I have in the past few months lol #HurryDecemver12th

Officially checked-in!

So I have officially checked in! I will be leaving tonight at 8! I am so ready!!! I'm starting to get a little bit nervous but more excited!!

Planning, hotel, travel.. where to start!

Hello ladies!

I hope everyone is doing well today. Let's go back to before I even scheduled an appointment. When I first started this journey I did not know how to even begin. I have never had a major procedure or knew anyone that has. Just the thought of planning got me nervous. I finally emailed Dr Omar on August 2016 and within the day or so I got a reply back. I basically filled out a questioner and submitted pictures. I then got an email from the doctors assistant in which it stated I was a candidate for the surgery, and we proceeded to set a date. The Dr's assistant name is Irasema and she has been a sweetheart! She has answered all my question from beginning to end! She recommended the hotel I'm staying at which is right behind the hospital!! Talk about convenience. Once my date was set for 12/12/2016 it was time to get everything ready. I was able to book my hotel in October which got me a pretty good deal. Im staying a total of 5 days and 4 nights at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Monterrey. This totaled to $400 for a two bed, two people room. Comparing prices I realize it was cheaper to take a bus to Monterrey and come back on plane. I got my bus tickets for about $40 a person with taxes. I also searched for plane tickets and finally gave in to Expedia and got plane tickets for four people which was about $175 a ticket with taxes and fees. Take your time and search for whatever you feel is a good deal for you. Remember when planning a surgery there's more costs involved than just the procedure price.


Hello dolls!
These are the supplies I bought and believed would benefit me. I have added the price and details as to why it's important.

•Shower curtain or Plastic table cover to go under the bed sheets & protect mattress from leakage
•Chux pads (for extra leak protection). $11 for 10
•Lipofoam 4 if it's the 8 x 11. These are used under the faja to avoid faja burn. $5.95 each (normally $7.50-$14.99 each)
•Lipoboard in between the lipofoam and faja, used to keep that tummy flat. $23
•Anti-Bacterial soap used for showering pre and post surgery $3
•Laxative day before surgery to avoid defecating during surgery, and after since the anestesia might cause constipation $2
•Water pills for after surgery that way you won't retain too much liquids. Make sure to stay hydrated!! $5
•Compression socks for the plane and after surgery. $18.99 for 5 pairs.
•Iron to take pre if needed but recommended post because of blood loss. Iron pills or Liquid Iron (Floradix) and Vitamin C pills (to help with iron absorption) or Vitron-C Iron (I got this one). $16
•Arnica pills to take under the tongue before and after surgery. Helps with swelling and bruising. $10.99
•Bromelian pills same reason as above. $5.59
•Gauze Pads for incisions $5 for 50
•Shewee or any female urinating device $8
•Granny underwear for post op
•Water jug to make sure you stay hydrated
•Gatorade you might feel nauseated or not feel like eating and drinking.
•anti biotic ointment
•booty buddy or any support cushion that will help to relive pressure on your butt post op. $92.50 ($80 + $12 shipping)
•marble for belly button + bandaid to hold it, to avoid a sad belly button
•Stretchy pants, sun dresses and loose shirts.

Hello from the other side!!!

Hey Dolls!
I arrived to Monterrey around 11 am this morning. It is definitely the same Mexico I remember, crazy drivers everywhere lol The hotel I'll be staying in is the Hampton Inn by Hilton Monterrey, it is about 10 minutes walking distance to the Outpatient Surgery center. There is an HEB in the shopping center by the Hotel so that helps with food and drinks. Trying to catch a taxi is not hard but maaaaan... they drive crazy! Lol so brace yourself ladies! I will be going to my consultation tomorrow morning at 7am. I finally get to meet Dr. Omar Pérez Saucedo, I am beyond excited! I don't think it has hit me yet that I am about to get the surgery I've been patiently waiting for!!


Hello ladies!

Today is the day!!! Consultation appointment at 07:00 and operation at 08:00. I am so excited! The only thing I'm worried about is that I got me period yesterday. Ugh! With my luck I'm not surprised. I'll let y'all know how that works out. I'll see y'all after!

No phone for four days

Hey Dolls!
I apologize for not updating immediately but my iPhone locked itself in México and there was no way to unlock it. So frustrating. I will post my pictures and first day of surgery details in the next post! Nice to be back home!

Post Op Day 1

Hey Dolls!

I hope everyone is doing well. On December 12, 2016 when I arrived to the Jose Benitez outpatient medical center I had to fill out my consent forms for the doctor to operate on me, and for the anesthesiologist. Like I had said earlier I had gotten my period that morning, and I asked if it was fine. They reassured me it was, but to go in with a fresh tampon. Before I was called in I went to the restroom and emptied everything. I was starting to get nervous. Soon I was called in and they put a medical band on my hand and they took me to this room with other beds. Once there I was told to change into a gown and to place my belongings in a locker. Afterwards I was laid down in a bed and a nurse came to put an IV on my left hand... OMG that hurt! Dr. Pérez-Saucedo soon came in and introduced himself. I was so surprised at how young he looked to be (maybe mid 30's) and handsome lol He reassured everything was going to be fine. I did tell him I hated needles and that's when he said that that IV needle was going to be the only needle I would see. I was taken back to the same room where I had gotten undressed and he proceeded to take my pictures. He then started to mark me up before I was taken to the operation room. Once in there my whole body was covered in betadine. I started to shake and I wasn't sure if it was because of the betadine that had cooled or my nervousness. I then was told to laid down on the operation table and go into fetal position. The anesthesiologist came in and introduced herself and told me that she was going to put a mask that will cause me to go to sleep so she can inject my back with the anesthesia. I took deep breathes and before I new it I was KO. During the surgery I did wake up when they were doing the lipo on my arms. I did not feel pain but I felt the way the needle moved inside my body. I couldn't open my eyes or talk but the nurse realized and came to my side and asked if I was okay. To which I replied that I could feel them, that's when I was put right to sleep again. I soon woke up shivering uncontrollably and still dazed. It took me a good while to get to my senses. The nurse that was assisting me came and asked me if I was okay to which I said yes. She then brought me jello, a mango Jumex (aka mango juice my fav!), and a water bottle. They wanted to see if I was good and wouldn't throw up. I did feel like throwing up but I fought it. Big mistake. Once I was fully aware I asked for the time and the nurse explained to me that it was 3pm to which I was confused. I did tell the nurse I was on my period and she immediately went to grab a pad to clean me. I was mortified when she took out my tampon lol I was so embarrassed and kept apologizing to which she said it was normal lol. I was moved from location soon afterwards and the doctor came in to check on me. He explained that the operation finished at ten but that my blood pressure had dropped and they had to put me on medications to stabilize me. He also explained that he took out more fat than he usually does. He told me he took out almost 7 liters of fat and normally the most he does is 6. I was shocked but happy because I told him to take out as much as possible lol The Dr then told me he had injected a liter and a half back into my booty. He said it was a total of 1,600cc which equaled to 800cc per butt-cheek. As soon as the nurse came to help me get dressed I started to walk around. I waited for my sister in law to come to her senses because she had had the same procedure plus a boob augmentation. We left to the hotel by taxi at around 6pm and that's when the actual pain set in. It was a long night after that.

Hey Dolls

Let me know if y'all prefer shorter reviews. I do try to keep them short but at the same time I want to give y'all as much as visual details. I will post later the supplies I used and which onces I did not. Thank y'all for following my journey! :)

Don't hold anything in!

Hello Dolls,

I'm so serious when I say don't hold anything in. I want to go more in detail as to why I had mentioned it was a bad idea earlier. I should have thrown up the moment I felt like it at the hospital. I didn't because I hate throwing up and I figured it would pass.. nope it just got worse. I couldn't drink much or even eat that night (night after surgery) because everything made me nauseous. I finally managed to get some sleep in. The night felt like an eternity. I would wake up every three hours either feeling super hot or really cold. It was like a hot flash that made my skin feel like little ants were crawling from my shoulders all the way to my feet. If I got cold it it was the same but instead like little needles. There was no happy medium. At around 3am I got up really desperate because I felt super hot. I started to drink a vitamin water and my mouth started to water. My mother in law finally told me to just throw up and that it would make me feel better, which it did. That hurt! My stomach didn't have much but the water I had just drank to throw back up so my stomach kept contracting trying to push everything out. I was soon done and immediately felt better. Had I thrown up at the hospital when I was still numb I wouldn't have felt it, so don't make my mistake.

Post op Day 2

Hey Dolls,

When day two came around I was determined to start walking as soon as posible. Time does go slow when you're in pain/discomfort so I decided to walk around the hotel. It was hard but I did try to push through.

Showering and using the restroom

Hey Dolls!

I did not shower until the third day. I did have a "hoe bath" lol the day before. When I took off my faja I did give myself 20 minutes to lay down without it to avoid fainting. Once I hoped in the shower I made sure the water temperature was a little colder than usual. My skin felt so weird! It literally feels like the skin is trying to stick to the muscle, idk how else to explain it. I just grabbed the anti bacterial soap and rubbed it on my body without washing my hair. I was too afraid to use a wash cloth or sponge. Make sure to hold on to something because when I finished the shower I did felt really dizzy. Once out I did have my girlfriend wash my hair in the sink, since I did not want the shampoo/ conditioner running over my incisions. As for using the restroom I did not find the shewee helpful because the nozzle was not long enough, and it kept pointing to the toilet seat. I did try to stand over the toilet to make it point down but that was unbearable. I ended up using a styrofoam cup, I would form a vacuum around my vulva and I would pee into it and empty into the toilet (and repeat as needed). So if anything I think a female urinal bottle would help more. As for pooping I was not able to until day three and I had to take out my faja to do that. Everything is so tight there was no way it was going to come out. I couldn't squat because my legs couldn't handle it for too long (since I got lipo in between my thighs and my arms) so I sat on the rim of the toilet and let my butt hang so I could finally poop. I made sure that all pressure was on my thighs and not my butt.

Post Op day 3

I will be posting days 4-5 later today once I'm done walking around my block. I swear I lose breath but doctors orders to keep active. Also make sure to drink lots of water!!!

Post Op Day 4

I arrived home on Thursday which marked my post op day 4. It was a little easier to do things compared to the first three days. Nonetheless my body did still feelt sore when I walked.

Post op day 5

Finally I caught up! Lol today marks day 5 and moving is a lot easier. I do notice if I lay down for too long, I get up feeling sore but if I walk around I'm great! I'm able to actually use my arms and lift them up more. My legs aren't feeling sore anymore and my bruises are getting even lighter. It's true when they say it's like a mountain, the first few days you're going up are the hardest. Eventually you reach the peak and you go start to go down with little to no pain. I'm feeling great!

Supplies I actually used.

Hey Dolls,

Underneath I posted the supplies I actually used and which ones I didn't.

•Shower curtain or Plastic table cover to go under the bed sheets & protect mattress from leakage
-Did not use as I did not leak as much. The most leakage I had was on the first day. Even then I only used the Chux Pads.
•Chux pads
-Only used 4 so the 10 pack I got was great.
-Did not use because my doctor provided a lipofoam which ended being better. He provided one that's in one piece and goes all the way around. I suggest that one instead of the 8X11 kind. *Ask your surgeon if he provides it*
-Did not use. I only used it one day and I did not like it.
•Anti-Bacterial soap
-Did use. It's the only soap I use to shower atm.
-Very helpful! I was constipated!!
•Water pills
-Did not use as I felt really sick the first few days.
•Compression socks
-Yes!!! Very helpful up until today. Avoids my feet from swelling.
-Yes! Take before and after.
•Arnica pills
-Yes, I do feel it's been helping with bruising.
•Bromelian pills
-Did not use. They looked nasty, I would suggest go eat or drink pineapple instead. Much better and healthier.
•Gauze Pads
-Yes! I would suggest the small non-stick kind and also some surgical tape to hold them in place.
-A urinal cup will be better or a regular cup for a much cheaper option.
•Granny underwear
-Did not use bc I was just naked for my whole stay lol
•Water jug
-Yes so you can have an idea as to how much water you're drinking.
-Yes/No. I only drank one bottle and did not really need it.
•booty buddy or any support cushion
-Yes any support cushion, or even cylinder shape pillow.
•marble for belly button + bandaid to hold it
-Yes/No I didn't use it for the first few days as it was uncomfortable but I am using it now.
•Stretchy pants, sun dresses and loose shirts
-Yes!!! Nothing tight on the skin. I would even suggest button-down shirts.
•Arnica gel
-Yes. Did use it to rub on my bruises. Has been helping.

Swelling and Massages

Hey Dolls!

I did not forget about y'all! I hope y'all had an amazing holidays or if you don't celebrate an amazing weekend! :) So one thing I forgot to mention was swelling! Let's start from the day after the operation. I woke up and I was really swollen from my face. My eyes looked like I had literally been in a boxing fight the day before!! Like omg!! It was horrible. My hands were swollen as well, and it would hurt whenever I tried washing my hands. As I started to walk around the swelling will go down. I want to say it took about two hours for it to go down. My feet wouldn't swell as much because I would be using the compression socks (which helped a lot!!). The area in between were the faja ended and my socks didn't cover did swell up a lot, I'm assuming since the lingering liquid had no where else to go. Today I noticed I was not that swollen when I woke up, and my hands weren't swollen at all. I will be starting the lymphatic massages this Monday. My Doctor recommended to wait 3 weeks before I could start. I'm not that excited as I've heard that the arms really hurt. Certain areas of my body are really hard to the touch, so I'm hoping that it will start going back to normal with the massages. These massages are pricey!! I have found them from $70-$95 a session, and it's recommended to get at least ten. Oh lord! We will see. I might have my girlfriend give me massages in between. I'm not sure yet lol we will see! I will post my experience as soon as I get the massages.

First massage!

Hello dolls!
Hope all is well!! For those of you still following. I got my first massage today. I wish I would have gone earlier. I did notice that most doctors from the US and even Mexico advise on getting massages on the third to fourth week, but doctors from South America start massages right the next day after the procedure. Just food for thought. Anyways... I had my first procedure done today. What can I say, it was very uncomfortable. I had to take deep breaths in and out. Think of it like getting a massage on a very sore area. That's what it is. I do feel much better now but during the massage I was in discomfort. I did have to get a syringe inserted through one of my closed incisions to drain some of the liquid that had accumulated on my lower back. She explained if I had gone earlier it would have been easier since the incisions would have still been open. The insertion of the syringe did sting, and getting massaged with it in did hurt. I could feel the liquid coming out. It was a weird feeling. She gave me a diet plan to follow and instructions on how to massage myself after the shower. My massage lady also helped me get into my stage two faja and now I feel much better (since my old one was no longer giving me compression). I will be doing 10 sessions, and I'm thinking of doing them twice a week. I will see how it works with my work schedule. When would you plan to do your massages??
I will post 3 week update pictures soon
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I have not yet had my procedure, but so far Dr. Jose Omar Perez-Saucedo has been amazing at answering my questions. I will update as soon as I'm back from surgery. **Update Post Op** Dr José Omar Pérez Saucedo is an amazing surgeon and I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know. His bedside manner is 100% and he takes the time to make sure everything is cleared. The email and messages are always answered on a timely manner, and his staff and assistant are really helpful. I was so happy with my outcome.

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