Liposuction and BBL (Brazilian butt lift) - Dr Omar Pérez Saucedo

Hey Dolls! I have not yet gotten my procedure done...

Hey Dolls!
I have not yet gotten my procedure done but I will be traveling from Texas to Mexico this December 2016 to get my surgery (Lipo + BBL with fat transfer to the booty). So far my Doctor: Omar Perez Saucedo has been amazing in answering all my questions. I will keep ya'll updated and I promise to give ya'll all the details. The good, the bad, and the ugly type of deal. Feel free to leave any questions!!

Wish pics

Hey dolls,
So this is my wish pictures. I always like to give credit where it's due and this is TatuBaby she's an tattoo artist based in Florida, and I just love her body!!! This is my ultimate goal. My wish is to take care of myself as much as possible after my operation, which includes eating healthier, exercising and following my doctors post op instructions. December hurry!!!
What wish pics do you have?
I will be posting my current pictures soon. Stay tuned!

Plane ticket- check!

I have already booked my plane ticket! Just waiting to book my bus ticket. I am so ready for December to arrive! As I have mentioned before I will be traveling from Texas to Mexico. Since I live somewhat close to Mexico I will be traveling by bus and coming back by plane. It's cheaper. We all know surgery is pricey from the surgery itself to the supplies you'll need after. Soooooo any savings I can get, I will take! Lol I will be staying there a total of 5 days, and returning home to recover before returning to work.
I can be a penny pincher and well it took me a few days to book my flight. I kept looking at different websites at a time to see which one had a cheaper plane ticket. I finally decided to purchase it through Expedia. It was about $175 with taxes. It's a one way from Monterrey to Texas. In order to find the best deal it's all about patience and luck. How did you book your trip?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I have not yet had my procedure, but so far Dr. Perez-Saucedo has been amazing at answering my questions. I will update as soon as I'm back from surgery.

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