Rhinoplasty, Monsplasty and Chin Lipo in Monterrey Mexico

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Rhinoplasty, Monsplasty and Chin liposuction to be...

Rhinoplasty, Monsplasty and Chin liposuction to be performed on August 5th with Dr. Marcos Fahme in monterrey mexico. After extensive research trying to find the right doctor, I finally found one that fits my budget. Everyone says that the price shouldn't play a role when choosing the right doctor but I don't believe that. There are amazing surgeons all over the world and Mexico just happens to be less expensive. I called Dr. Fahmes office and he literally called me back that same day. He answered ALL my questions (speaks english) and I felt super comfortable with him. I have never been to Mexico so this will be my first time traveling. Super excited for what's to come!

Before pictures 7/13/16

I hate my side profile:/ my right side is different from my left. I have a hump and bulbous tip.

2 more weeks til surgery ?

Ever since I booked my surgery 2 months ago I cannot stop thinking out it! 2 weeks away and I know time will fly by #CantWait

One week til surgery

Super duper nervous and extremely excited. One more week to go. I keep questioning myself whether I need this surgery and i literally cannot stop thinking about it. So answer is yes! :) #CantWait

More body pics

Day one (post op)

I still can't believe I just had surgery!! I feel great
Absolutely ZERO pain! I did have liposuction and I feel pain there. After reading and watching so many reviews I expected the worse. Far from it! I have zero bruising and surprisingly I slept good last night. Throat was dry buy other than that no pain. I was under local anesthesia and sedation so no tube was inserted in my throat. Surgery lasted almost 4 hours. I was wide awake after surgery and didn't feel sick or groogy. During recovery my cast feel off...and ibSAW MY NOSE! it was soo pretty. The tip was very small.

Surgery was done in MEXICO! monterrey to be exact. I live 5 hours away and traveled on greyhound bus with my husband. The whole experience was nice. Surprisingly we were not scared despite all the bad we hear that goes on over there. We traveled during the day and felt super safe! Surgery was performed at 8am, was out of the hospital by 2pm and on our way home by 6pm. I felt comfortable coming home, I know my body and consider myself to be very healthy. We traveled to laredo texas, left our vehicles there at the greyhound ($16 a day gated parking) and bus went directly to monterrey. We stopped by the border to get a "tourist permit" or in spanish a "permiso" super easy! Then headed to monterrey (3 hours from the border) I can go on and on about our experience...

I'm so looking fwd to seeing my new nose!!!!

Day one (post op)

Day 2

Still no swelling! I sleep like a baby! My throat does get super dry at night so I have water by my bed and take small sips as needed. But I wake up very rested and don't feel the need for naps during the day.

Day 1-4

So today day 4 my cast was a little loose so I just decided to take it off. I read online cast is to be worn 5-7 days. It's mostly for protection
And since no major work was done I knew I was ok. Especially since I'm very careful.
I have a little bruising on my bridge (nothing major) no pain what so ever and swelling of coarse.

All I can say is WOW!!!!

So far I'm in love!! ?????

Happy Saturday

8 days post op
Dr. Mauricio Marcos Fahme

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