33 Years Old, 2 Children, BR from 32H to 32D? and TT

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I have had relatively large breasts every since I...

I have had relatively large breasts every since I first got them.

Growing up I could never buy a bra that fitted properly (was using crazy back sizes when I was probably a 30 or less). It is much easier nowadays, I could buy bras online or at bravisimo, but I like the convenience of the local shops so I am currently wearing 34Gs from Debenhams instead of a 32Hs.... that is close enough!

The number 1 reason of why I am having the breast reduction surgery is not back ache, sores, etc... the reason why I want smaller breasts desperately is because shopping for tops is the most frustrating thing EVER!!

All the tops I have are stretchy or really big and make me look like a potato sack, I am a size 12 down but very variable on top. I don't even bother to try the most beautiful fitted tops in the shops (not to mention lovely dresses) because they look so obscene -that is assuming they fasten all the way up- and just plain ridiculous and the fabrics/design about to burst!!

So yeah, reason number 1 is that I can't buy tops.

Reason number 2 would probably be that they are uncomfortable and make me look fatter than I really am (at least that is what I tell myself!) and obviously they are always in the way when I exercise no matter what exercise I am doing!! agrrrr

Last summer I dedided that I am not getting any younger and that it was time for me to make this desition!

I went to see the plastic surgeon last summer and he confirmed I was a good candidate for the BR. Just as I was leaving he said something about a tummy tuck.

A TT never crossed my mind before, but after researching it I could't get the idea out of my head so I made the desision of having a TT together with my BR this summer!

The day before!

Just traveled from London to my home country (Mexico) to have the surgery and I am staying 4 weeks :)

I arrived yesterday and I had my pre op appointment and pre op assessment. I am cleared for surgery so all good but I am extremely disappointed that the doctor has decided to not do the tummy tuck at the same time as the breast reduction will be complex/long, I will try to have tt before I go but I see it difficult (dr is going away and I would only have two weeks to recover and come back to normal life with no help!) so I will focus now on reviewing BR now.

I am
33 years old
Two pregnancies
1.65 cm

All anxiety I suffered for weeks if not months has disappeared now that I know exactly what is happening tomorrow. I am calm, happy and excited.

Here are some before pictures.

A dress I would love to wear in public

before traveling I went to one of my favorite shops (monsoon) and bought this pretty dress.

This is exactly the kind of cloths I never wear (as in not baggy/stretchy! Lol)

You can't appreciate from the pictures how bad it looks in person, the fabric is very stretched and bra is poking out wveywhere. At least it zips all the way up which is not always the case.

Note that I lost 4 kilos from my first pictures and there was no change whatsoever (at least that I could notice) in the size of my breasts.

Today is the day!

cant believe I'm finally having this done. Feels strange.

Feeling nostalgic a the moment, my son told me yesterday "mum this is the last day I am going to see your gigantic boobies" made me laugh!

I have to be at the clinic at 9:00 am, I woke up at 3:45 am (thank you jet lag hahaha)

Went three times to the loo and read all the news/Facebook/memes already. Not sure what to do now.....

Sh*t's getting real!


Doc getting me ready

Day 1 -Hardly any pain

I am surprised at how little pain I am feeling (I am taking paracetamol)

The pain comes mainly from the cuts and nothing from the breasts so far.

I can move my arms freely so outting on tops with no bottoms is no issue.

Boobs feel SO firm and full! Most be a combination of the bra and inflammation but I would love them to stay like that!! Lol

Day 2

I have been sleeping with 2 cushions and my pillow, nearly sitting down and it's been not too bad actually (I thought I was going to have problems sleeping as my preferred position is on my tummy)

I am going to take a shower today, doctor said to wrap breasts with cling film so I'll see how that goes.

Finding it tricky to keep up with all the pills I am supposed to take agrrrr

Had my shower

Finally had a shower, all by my self.

Just wrap yourself with cling film and you are good to go! (Didn't wash my hair)

Day three

Drains came out today, it does make you feel better.

I've had a headache since yesterday, I have also been dizzy and nauseous. The nurse told me to stop taking the painkillers.

Dizziness is gone now but still have a terrible headache !!

If I still have it tomorrow I wil get something for that.

Finally back lol

I had a very rough couple of days and I do think it was a reaction to the pain killers. I started to feel gradually better from the next day after I stopped taking them.

I have not taken any pain killers since the 4th day after surgery and its been ok. It's just amazing how fast the body heals.

The doctor removed the tape yesterday and I will upload a pic tomorrow after I have a shower (yeiiii)

A word about pain: obviously everyone has a different experience but for me it's shockingly mild.

I was preparing for something similar (or worse) than after giving birth- all breast pain, ultra sore nipples plus all the incisions.

In reality there was no breast pain per se- you get some vibrations, uncomfy sensations but nothing like being pregnant or breast feeding!! Not even close!!!

The pain (discomfort more like) comes from the healing incisions and mainly the ones underneath

Pics from day 13

Better late than never....
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