5 Days Post-Op, My Experience So Far - Monterey, CA

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After a lifetime of hating my nose I found a...

After a lifetime of hating my nose I found a perfect time to do something about it. The primary focus was getting the dorsal hump removed and having a nose that 'fit' my face.

Surgery Date: Feb 4. Went in at 0600 and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly everything moved. I had vitals checked, into a dressing gown and compression leggings and an IV placed. I had a bit of a crying breakdown as I was scared but the nurse was calm and reassuring. The doctor and anesthesiologist came in and talked briefly about things. The nurse told me I would have a hard time getting onto the teeny tiny operating table but I honestly have no memory of anything after meeting the doc.

Day of surgery at home: Pain. Everything was pretty swollen but the pain pills and muscle relaxer helped tremendously. The motto for the whole day was do nothing and rest which was what I did. I had a really hard time at night with dry mouth and I would suggest having some starburst candies or something like that after just sipping water every 30 minutes wasn't cutting it.

Day 2: Less swelling...still need the pain pills. Felt good enough to get up and around a bit but easily became tired and rested for longer parts of the day. Went to get some of the packing removed (had a light amount of packing). Once it was removed breathing became a lot easier and I could yawn/equalize my ears which was a definite relief

Day 3: The worst. The thing they tell you about narcotics slowing down your system is true. They sent me home with stool softeners and I should have been more up on using them. The third day I threw up a couple times because things weren't 'moving' out of my system and even the small amounts of food I was eating just made things horrible. Got super pale, super sick and this was the worst of the entire experience. Had to use an enema to get things moving and it helped tremendously (sorry if TMI)....but Day 3 was the worst.

Day 4: Off the pain pills, appetite is back and swelling is down. Nose swelling is in the 'yellow' phase. Cast comes off on Monday (along with sticking) so we'll see how it goes. Doc mentioned that it might fall off over the weekend which would be ok. Hard part today has been the constant dripping....can't blow my nose so have to use gauze, q-tips, saline etc to keep it clean and disinfected.

Will keep you posted and for the big reveal! The pain of the actual surgery/recovery has not been as bad as I thought it would be but the minor stuff has been a lot more challenging (if that makes any sense).

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Many reviews suggested great doctors in the SF Bay area but with a one-year old and trips back/forth I was lucky to find a couple surgeons close to home.

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