So glad I finally did it!! Augmentation with Periareolar Mastopexy

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I've considered a "mommy makeover" for years after...

I've considered a "mommy makeover" for years after my two children. I have always had smaller breasts, but pregnancy, nursing and weight loss have left my breasts deflated and small. Up until now, I have been unsure about surgery because of the costs, recovery, scarring, etc. I have never had surgery, so I have decided to start with the augment. Many people I have talked to told me that the augment may make me not as interested in the tummy tuck since my stomach is not that bad. And I am nervous as to how I will take recovery. If all goes well, I can always do the tuck later. I have done a significant amount of research, and while I'm still nervous I have taken the plunge. I am one of those people that once I make up my mind, I have to do it right away. Timing is perfect due to my job, so it was now or never. I scheduled my appointment this week for next thursday!!!! I am so nervous and excited.

I am 5'8" and 142 pounds. The doctor has recommended that I have a periareolar mastopexy with the augment due to slight ptosis. He wants to do a crescent lift, which after doing a lot of reading I am very nervous about due to the potential for bad results. I have heard great things about this doctor, so I want to trust his opinion, but research has made me very nervous. We have decided that he will be ordering three sizes of implants and he will make the final call during surgery. I am good with that portion because I have read that a lot of people wish they would have gone bigger. He is known for being conservative, and with my height and shoulder width can carry a little more. So he is ordering mentor silicone 450cc,475cc and 500cc. I am slightly worried that I will be shocked at the size, but do not want to wish for bigger after and both doctors recommended this size, so I am ok with that. The only part that makes me nervous is the lift portion. He doesn't believe I need the full lollipop to get the results, especially with the larger implants, but I do not want to hate my nipple after all is said and done.

I just received the go ahead from work yesterday and they were holding the slot for me unofficially for next Thursday. I told them its a go for the 18th, and now it is all becoming so real. I just asked them last Monday, so I had my final appt with the doctor thursday, and have my pre-op on Tuesday. They are having me start Arnica Montana a few days out to reduce swelling and bruising, and I am in a mad panic trying to find comfortable clothes.

I am unsure as to what all to have available afterwords in regards to clothing. But bought two bandos from Victoria Secrets and am heading out this weekend to buy zip up sports bras. But I have NO idea what size to buy, so its all a guessing game. Any help is greatly appreciated.

So that is where I am now, and I will do my best to update. Very excited, yet very nervous!!!

Wow...tomorrow is the day!!! I am so nervous and...

Wow...tomorrow is the day!!! I am so nervous and excited at the same time. This happened so fast, after years of considering it, and one year of actually considering it, I made the final decision 2 weeks ago, and scheduled the surgery last week. Now I'm down to the last day of having my "birth boobs" is a strange feeling. I stood in the mirror this morning taking a hard look at what I have, since it will be close to the last time I see what I've seen for so long.

The doc gave me some valium to take tonight to relieve anxiety, which I think for sure I will need. SOO EXCITED BUT SOO NERVOUS!!

The day is here! I met with the doc yesterday to...

The day is here! I met with the doc yesterday to go over last minute concerns and he made me sooo much more comfortable about everything! I really love his honesty and frankness, for me that puts me at ease. So I'm still nervous because of never having surgery before but I'm ok. It doesn't seem real that in a few hours I will have two new friends!!!

Well, I DID IT! I've spent the majority of today...

Well, I DID IT! I've spent the majority of today sleeping. I got to the hospital at 0630 for a 0730 surgery. Everyone was so good and helpful. The surgery took the full 3 hours and I ended up staying a little longer because my body didn't like general anesthesia too much. Took me a while to fully wake up and not be sick. But left at 1245. My chest truly does feel like it has been hit by some thing. I'm in a wrap thing so I can't tell what they look like but um excited. He did end up using two sizes. natrelle series 20, 450cc in the left and 500cc in the right. I can tell in the wrap I will like the size but now to wait to see what everything else looks like!!

Well...yesterday is a little fuzzy, slept most of...

Well...yesterday is a little fuzzy, slept most of the day.

As for surgery, I am pretty sure all went well. The doctor said there were no major hiccups and I ended up with Natrelle Style 20 450cc in my left and 500cc in my right. It was the first time I've been under general anesthesia, and had a bit of a rough time out of it, was sick and it took me a little longer to wake up. When i did my chest was soo tight. Today, I have been awake more but still taking pain meds every 4 hours to control the pain. So I am a little loopy and doze a lot. The closes thing I can describe the pain to is having spenth 12 hours per day in the gym for a week only working chest. My muscles are what is hurting. My incisions are not hurting as of yet, but it feels like my rib cage and sternum are. I was surprised, but believe I will be very happy. I want to see what the nipple looks like with the mini-lift he did, but that will have to wait a little bit I suppose. I didn't eat anything yesterday except a bit of crackers with meds, and today had a small bowl of soup. I did have my husband buy some dulcalax since a lot of people say constipation is common. But so far so good...I'm trying to hang in there with the pain, but is just a strong lingering pain not a sharp pain.

Well day three post op and I am feeling a lot less...

Well day three post op and I am feeling a lot less pain. Unfortunately I haven't been able to eat due to dizziness and nausea. Met with the doc today and he took off the bandages so I got to see them for the first time...ok thrilled. I was so worried I wouldn't like what I saw but I loved them even with the imperfections of being new an swollen. I could not pick but that doesn't do me any good!!! The doc told me to take my patch off from behind my ear, which was anti-nausea and said that's most likely what was causing my dizziness. Took that off and feel a little better already.

Well I am it is day 6 post-op and so far I am...

Well I am it is day 6 post-op and so far I am doing well. I had to go back to class on Monday, and the first day I only went to one two hour class and was ready to go back home and rest. Tuesday I was at school from about 9-5 and attempted to do more than I should have, I felt it today. So after classes today I went home and took a valium to relax the muscles per the docs recommendation. The pain is much less, but the tightness is at times extreme. It is a feeling that is hard to explain. I began doing the recommended massages on day 3 and it is not painful as of yet, but the doc said there will be more techniques as I heal that may not always be comfortable.

The procedure was not a crescent lift as I thought but an actual periareolar mastopexy so the cut was around my entire areola. I am very pleased so far. I have not completely given up the pain meds yet, so am still taking them, just only half and farther apart, with advil in between.

The worst part of recovery by far was the constipation and the final ending of that. I tried everything suggested, stool softeners, fiber, laxatives, prunes, lots of water. I wasn't able to really eat a meal until post op day 5 and that is when my body started moving. It ended up being the worst ordeal last night and after much pain and a feeling of losing my internal organs, I finally think my intestines might be moving. If I ever have to deal with general anesthesia again, I will ensure to prepare before and immediately after, because that was the hardest part of recovery since coming out of anesthesia and the nausea.

I go in tomorrow for my one week post op check up....very excited to see my nipples againa and see how everything is healing!!

Well, it has been two weeks and I am feeling...

Well, it has been two weeks and I am feeling pretty good. I can't claim that I was one of the lucky ones that was feeling great within the first few days, but it hasn't been too bad. After one week I was off of the pain meds and back to driving. However, still need tylenol or motrin for the achiness, but generally speaking pretty good. My pectoral muscles are a little sensitive to picking up things, when I carry things it feels like they just tighten up and don't want to release. It doesn't hurt, its just tight.

I have had a lingering pain and swelling on my right rib, but it isn't too bad and that side had more work and a bigger implant so it is understandable. Went in for my 2 week check up and the doc said everything looks really good. I guess he wants me to keep tape on my incisions for a while, said it will help the scarring significantly. I'll take his work for it. Early this week is when I started to feel the ache in my areola area. Before that it was pretty numb. I figure feeling the slight pain is a good thing meaning the sensation is coming back to that area.

I'm still tender, hate that I can't carry all of my stuff like normal, and find certain things very uncomfortable. I do not like laying on my back at all right now. I don't know why but it hurts and I can't get comfy at all. Of course can't on my side either. So I'm still sleeping propped with pillows but I find it rather comfortable so I am ok with it. None of the pain is not tolerable. Just a comfort thing.

Overall...I'm extremely happy. Finally going to go buy some bras...get to see what size I am! Have been using front zip sports bras for comfort, but ready for regular bras to be able to wear a lot of my shirts again. On that note...very surprised that the majority of all of my shirts fit fine.

Well, I am three and a half weeks post op and...

Well, I am three and a half weeks post op and feeling pretty good. I do have a question though, it seems like there is so much implant above my nipple and very little below my nipple. I know things settle down, but would like to know how much it typical to settle down and about how long it takes to have a good idea of what things will look like finished?

Also, there is one spot on each breast on the underside that feels firmer and sore. I have an appointment later this week and am going to ask about capsular contracture, but I just would like to know if anyone that has experienced it can provide the signs. I have read online, but it is hard to tell, and it may be where my muscles are healing? I dont know.

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Well...four weeks post op and things are slowly...

Well...four weeks post op and things are slowly easing up. Of course, I would end up with an uncommon side effect, mondor's disease. I am very relieved that is what it is though because I was very concerned that the area was potentially the beginning of capsular contracture. So while it is annoying and painful, it will most likely resolve itself with no issues. So for now, I'm not wearing a bra because any type sits right on the area and is painful, and taking motrin w/ heat compress. We will see how it all works out :) Still very happy though!!!

29 Jun 16 Capsulectomy on RB and bilateral mastopexy

Initial implants October 2012. Submuscular 450cc LB, 500cc RB with perialor lift. RB gave issues from beginning and never dropped into place. PS x3 assumed cc. Capsular contraction repair on Right side left never had an issue. The LB had some tissue hanging off the implant hence the bilateral mastopexy. The new ps told me the right side would be challenging due to the amount of work needed to the pocket itself and recommended reduction of the 500cc to 450cc (allergen style 20 silicon). After surgery he said it went really good and the right did have all the issues he thought, though the contraction was very minimal. He told me my rb looks weird now but that it will loosen as the implant drops. That are was tight due to never stretching from the first implant. He has me in a bando for a few weeks to keep it down. I'm more worried about the Puckering underneath the nipple and cone shape. Will those go away?!?
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I met with two providers. The first spent a lot of time with me and was very good, but I felt he was trying to upsell me, even though he is less expensive than the doctor I chose. Dr. Goldberg immediately understood my perfectionist personality and was open and realistic with me. My only concern now is that the crescent lift that he is sure about seems to have bad reviews. With the surgery close I am very nervous.

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