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I have been unhappy with my backside since high...

I have been unhappy with my backside since high school and I finally made the decision to do something about it. I am 31 years old , 5'0, and 105lbs. I have four kids and although I'm petite I have some fat that just won't go away no matter how much I work out. I also have a pretty flat backside. I didn't gain weight for the procedure. One it is very hard for me to gain weight and to I am concerned about maintaining extra weigt. If anything I loose weight easier than gain weight. I decided on a Dr. Zewert in Monterey since he is close to where I live. The price quote was more expensive than doctors in the Bay Area and Beverly Hills area, but they were able to get me in in 2 weeks as opposed to waiting 4 to 6 weeks with other doctors. I work at a school and wanted to be recovered by the time I got back. Dr. Zewert and his staff have been amazing so far. Phylis, the patient coordinator, was the sweetest and most helpful during the process.
I was very nervous. I had my surgery today at 7:30 a.m and was awake by 10:30. I was in a little pain, I have taken to Norco and am just sore now. I had lipo to my love handles and limited lipo to my abdomen plus the fat grafting. I also added in lipo to my double chin at the last minute. Something I also have been considering for a long time. That cost an extra $2400.
I understand I'm not going to have a huge booty with the limited fat I have. I really wanted a rounder look and smaller waist. Hopefully I keep what I have so far. I know I'm swollen but like what I see so far.

Same day...later in the afternoon

Walking around a little.

Made it through the night

Well I made it through the first night. Very painful and uncomfortable to sleep, especially on my tummy which was a lipo area. I woke up multiple times and it was really hard to even move to position myself another way. Feels better to stand overall.
I never got a P EZ but what I found to be helpful is my daughters old training potty that goes on top of the toilet. Has a fusion and I don't have to sit all the way down...I can basically put all the pressure on my thighs if that makes sense.

Same day BBL...Few hours later

Feeling disappointed

Just took my first shower and finally saw myself with no clothes and was disappointed not to see a bigger difference. I feel like my tummy looks the same. I understand it's swollen, and he told me he would do limited lipo, but I guess I was thinking it would at least look flatter. My botty does have more volume, but if I loose that volume I feel like it will go right back to looking the same. Just feeling like I paid a whole lot of money just to look basically the same. Hopefully it looks better in a few days because right now I feel like crying.

Day 4

So when I have the garnet and clothes on, I love the way I look.,,but without clothes I'm just not sold yet. I want a little more volume towards the bottom of my cheeks to show a little more projection. And my tummy...well hopefully it goes down a little more. I'm up walking around more and more. Pain has decreased dramatically. I just feel sore now. I'm getting tired of laying on my tummy. I find myself trying to turn at night and have to remind myself of the results I want. I'll post some pics with clothes and without clothes.

Day 4 clothes on

I like how I look in clothes better at this point

Post day 10

Tummy slimming down

Starting to like what I see

19 days post op. Really like my sides and how tiny my waist has gotten. My booty has so far stayed the same and has lost much volume (fingers crossed it stays like that). I tried on my bathing suit bottoms today and was happy to see my booty has filled it out. I wish I had more before pics of my booty because it was flat and I could never fill out a pair of jeans or a bathing suit. I know it's not the biggest booty but that was not my aim...maybe I'll go back for a second round in the future but I think I'm happy with the size (as long as I don't loose it). Even my hair dresser (u know you tell your hair dresser I've known her since high school) was like yep I see a big difference you have a tiny waste and a nice round booty were flat! And my hubby definitely is liking it. Wish my tummy was a lil flatter but I'm gonna still give it time. My sides and tummy are a lil lumpy and I just try to massage them a few minutes every night.

some more pics...

These were from about a week ago...


Still sore and tender. Still sleeping on my tummy. Haven't sat on my booty yet. If I do drive or have to sit down then I put a pillow under my thighs so no weight is on my butt and my butt doesn't touch the seat. Pretty happy with my results. As long as I can keep this volume I'll be happy. I think it looks nice for my size and shape. Maybe a little more volume in the future, but honestly I think my next adventure will be to get a tummy tuck. I'm impressed with my results with only limited lipo to my tummy. I can't and won't wear a bikini because you can see loose skin and cellulite, but I know with a tummy tuck all that will change. But as of now, I'm happy to not have that bulge on my lower tummy any more. It looks good in clothes. You can def go broke searching for that perfect body. There's a million things I could think of changing if I had all the money in the world. Good thing I don't right?! Lol

Love my lil booty

Went to a wedding and felt like I rocked the dress! My confidence has definitely increased!
Monterey Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zewert, and his staff, were so professional, helpful, and kind. I knew I was in good hands. I am so far very happy with the results. They were able to fast track my surgery and I got everything taken care of in 2 weeks.

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