39 Years Old, Two Boys and in Need of a Much Needed Tummy Tuck!!! - Bronx, NY

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Hi!! I expect great results with the main...

Hi!! I expect great results with the main objective of having my tummy tuck surgery to run smoothly. I am very optimistic. I've prayed about this over this past year and now is the time since we don't plan on having anymore children. So I'm on my way of reaching the goal of having a flat tummy! God bless you all!

Day 2

I failed to mention before, I am at 5'6 and weigh about 152 lbs. I am actually wanting to lose a few more pounds not much however but definitely under 150 lbs. I also forgot to mention how big my belly was when I was pregnant from both my boys. I have massive stretch marks and sagging skin. Honestly, I can't squat in a public bathroom but instead, I have to put lots of tissue around the toilet seat because of one incident that made me feel horrible! I squated over a toilet and had to use the bathroom really bad, my lower belly skin hangs over my pubic bone so piss got everywhere. Down my legs on my jeans and on my shoes. I felt horrible afterwards and that was when I decided to research for a tummy tuck. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm on my way but am relieved that my insurance is paying for it.

Progressing along

Spoke today with Dr. Garfein's secretary and got a pre-op appointment for December 17th. I've also made an appt. with Dr. Camacho for the hernia repair in which I need to fill out consent forms. I realize I have a three months to wait but I am still very excited and scared!!! No more peeing down my legs when I have to squat because of lose belly skin! Ugh.

Hi All!

So its been awhile since I've last posted. I have since seen Dr. Camacho. He's the guy who is removing my hernia and now I have an appt to see Dr. Garfein, the plastic surgeon doing my tummy tuck. They've scheduled my surgery for January 14th!!! I am nervous but I know once the anesthetic takes effect I'll be alright. You want to hear something crazy? I have suffered with Chronic Sinusitis since August of this year. Bronchitis, colds every month since then. I go to the ENT dr and tell me that my cat scan shows a severe deviated septum and swollen turbinates plus an infection of mucus in the top of my sinuses. I am scheduled for a sinus operation on March 3rd 2017. So while I am happy to be getting my surgery on January 14th I am hoping not to be sick on that day because then they've have to cancel! :( On a brighter note, the ENT doc says that he can go in and fix the turbinates however the deviated Septum and crooked cartilage needs to be done by a plastic surgeon. So guess whose getting a nose job?! Out of suffering comes something to compensate. Yes. I'll be fixing up my nose also since they have to go in there anyway. Hope you are all doing well!! I love hearing the wonderful stories of you ladies coming through surgery so well. Its a big sigh of relieve for me....never like to hear the bad stuff happening to you all!! God bless. I'll try to post some more updates for you.

January 14th!!

Hi all!! It has definitely been a little while since I've last written. So just to update you all, I have completed all of the lab work and physical history exams. I've met with Dr. Camacho (Dr. doing the hernia repair) and Dr. Garfein (Dr. doing the tummy tuck). By the way, it helps that they are hunks. ;) Anyways, I was thrown a curveball two days ago. My surgery is still taking place as of now however the EKG came back slightly abnormal. :( So Dr. Camacho's assistant had me take another EKG and the results came back with similar abnormal results. So what the heck. Apparently, it is nothing that serious however both Drs. need to discuss if it is ok for me to continue with the surgery. I'll be honest with you, I will be devastated if this gets postponed. Please pray for me!! I showed the EKG result to Dr. Garfein and he mentioned he looked it over for a few seconds, paused and said, I don't think there should be a problem with this however I will speak with Dr. Camacho. So now the wait. Both nurses from the dr. office called me and told me they will keep in touch with me and not to worry to much. In the meantime, I will keep you all posted and will post up a few more pics of before pics in the coming days. Hopefully, will see you all soon on the brighter side of things.

Great news!!

Great News! I have no major heart issues that will entail the surgery to be postponed. I have an enlarged left atrial however it is not life threatening especially that I am not older in age. I am beyond relieved to have crossed this hurdle. The surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. I'm actually not afraid but a little nervous. My mom will be taking our little guy Elijah for the weekend to upstate, New York and my husband is taking off so I'm good to go. I've lost a few pounds since I last posted pics so I am posting some from this week of before shots.

The Flat Side!!

Hi Ladies!! I am a little bit better to post some updates for you. So my surgery was January 14 and they had moved up the time to 10:45 which was great since it was originally for 1:00. I got to the hospital with my mom and dad and was nervous. The surgery took place at Montefiore Medical Center on Bainbridge Avenue in the Bronx. I must tell you that I was relieved it took place at a main hospital and not an outpatient clinic as you'll see why later. They had me change and asked a bunch of questions. After about two hours, they had me changed into a gown and I met with both Drs. Dr. Garfein reassured me and made the markings on my tummy. They both had great bedside manner. The surgery room looked so dam intimidating and it was darn cold in there. There was a team of doctors in there. I wasn't expecting that so I freaked out a little but they were all very sweet. I was given a "cocktail" through my IV and it felt like I drank two full glasses of wine. Then I don't remember anything until i awoke. Here was the ordeal. I've never felt more disoriented and nauseas in my life. My parents were there but i couldn't really talk. Then I started throwing up and could feel each heave in my tummy. No fun but I'd like to think I'm pretty strong. I passed out on the bed there and they wisked me upstairs to be admitted. Thank God for that. I had more effects from the anesthesia then from the procedure. My stomach was nicely girded with a garment but yes it was painful since I was throwing up all day. I kept getting Percocet and Morphine. Crazy concoction, I know but I was in some real pain. The icing on the cake....I couldn't pee to save my life. Try as I may, the nurse ended up putting a catheter in my pee hole which was no fun either. I hadn't eaten anything or drank anything either until this morning. The brighter side of things....don't feel nauseas at all..I took a peek at my tummy and I look super thin already. Its looking really good down there but must walk hunched over like a little old lady for at least this week til my follow up with the drs. I do regret not having a recliner. Ladies, you must must must get yourself a recliner! No QUESTIONS. The hospital bed was a god send for me since you can't sleep flat and coming home to my bed this morning was a rude awakening as much as my husband tried to make it like a recliner. I'm still very uncomfortable but I am glad the ordeal with the anesthesia is over.

Day 8 Post Op Appointment today

Hi everyone! Just wanted to update you all. I had a post op with Dr. Garfein today. My drains are out! Bad news. My belly button is not healing so well. :( He ended up open the wound around it a little bit. (Didn't feel much thankfully). He says everything looked ok underneath the dry coagulated blood so maybe its just dry blood however he wants me to clean around it twice a day with soap and water. I can now fully shower so I am thankful for that! Just a little concerned about the belly button. Maybe it looks that way because I also had a hernia repair and the doctor had gone in through there to repair it??

Exactly one month from date of Surgery!

Hi guys! Here is an update on my recovery to share with hopefully anybody it will help! So as you already know I had a basic full TT, with a umbilical hernia repair. I had no lipo or muscle repair of any kind. I am doing much better than the first few days with a pain level of about 3 or 4. I will have occasionally stingy, itchy tightening feeling around the stitch area. Like everyone else's review I've read, I have lots of swelling on the upper part of my tummy so I look about two months prego. I don't mind however since I've been much more optimistic than before. I've lost five pounds since the surgery. I haven't had much of a hearty appetite but I do eat three square meals. The thing that may take longer than expected is my belly button. It looks like there is a huuuuge blood clot inside of it and is not healing as fast as the rest of the stitches or drain areas. It is also the most sensitive part and the binder will rub on it sometimes if I am moving around too much. Belly button issues are from when the dr. had to go in through the belly button to repair the hernia. I can not wait to have full motion of my body back. On a positive note, I feel soo much thinner than before. Like all the way around my waist even though I'm swollen. So bizarre. I manage light house work but bending is near impossible since my belly button is still very sensitive and inflamed. My PS is monitoring it over the next few weeks but continues to tell me to bath twice a day and allow the soap and water to run over it. It will hopefully dry up and heal. I'm hoping the dried part will fall off like a newborn babies belly button so that I can see the new fresh growth underneath! I guess I will be patient and continue not to move around to much.

Year and a half update

So unfortunately, although I am quite pleased with the results, I have a belly button revision that needs to be done. There is a flap of skin that scarred over where the hole would be so in essence, it doesn't look like an " inny" belly button. Scarring around the waist is slowly becoming more invisible with applications of cocoa butter and I love the tightness of my belly! Pictures to follow soon. Thank you for your comment and all the best to you!
Bronx Plastic Surgeon

I've done some research on Dr. Garfein and he seems to fit the bill! I was comfortable with him from the beginning and I was actually referred to him by another Dr. Actually, I will be having two surgeries at the same time. Dr. Camacho will be performing a hernia surgery at the same time I'll be having my tummy tuck surgery. I would suggest you speak with the secretary of ANY plastic surgeon. They usually have the inside scope of how they view the doctors since they work closely with them. Dr. Garfein's secretary is a sweetheart and she was very informative and reassuring in telling me he was excellent at these surgeries and has done many tummy tuck surgeries...actually I've heard from several people. Honestly, the process of getting a date was pretty long. I first saw Dr. Garfein in August and my insurance did not fall through for both procedures until October! I actually just heard from both secretaries today for the surgery date but I am very happy! I can't wait. I will try my best to update you all as the time passes!

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