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I went in for a rhino-plasty on 17th dec. I was...

I went in for a rhino-plasty on 17th dec. I was very nervous and scared that my nose might look worse, I was also scared about the procedure but my surgeon and the hospital were great and everyone involved in my care was professional and reassuring.
Results are so far so good, with lots of swelling, at 8 days post op I have little swelling in face, but a lot in the tip of my nose, I still have black eyes but they are settling quite quickly.
I will update on swelling and shape progress soon, but right now I believe my surgeon did a great job!

2 weeks post op

swelling coming down, I am still very pleased, although imperfections are starting to show more, will have to be patient ......

Happy with profile but front view causing a bit of concern....

Three weeks post op and my nose looks scooped out on the left side and crooked from the front, very happy with the profile after hump removed and tip made smaller ........

Before and three weeks after

Before and after pics nearly three weeks post op

I can not tell you how much better I feel about my nose!, I am not 100 percent happy with the front view due to a slightly crooked bridge, I am still swollen etc which shows around my eyes so I am hoping this will improve, but soooo much better than before!

20 days post op

Improving a little every day, still worried about uneven bridge though, really shows in certain light ........

front profile

nose still dented on the left side. did this happen to anyone else and resolve?

I am hoping this dent is improving, I am going through an uncertain period and am worrying that my nose looks worse thank before

saw PS today who suggested re performing osteotemy on left side in six weeks time...

But, I feel unsure about this, I am glad he admitted there is assymetry but I have lost a bit of faith in him, any advice? He wants to push the bone out, this would be done under another general at no cost to myself.....

Nearly 4 weeks post op

Have new pain and airway obstruction, tip bulbous, side scooped out, profile pretty good, bridge crooked....

Losing faith

I have been very polite with PS and his office, have just asked to have a second opinion from an ENT revision specialist with a view to a revision if it is deemed complex by them, but I am not getting a response, frustrating, I do not have the funds for a revision, thanks Sammy, I may will have to consult the NHS but I won't just take this lying down ..............

Not sure if you can see in these pics but there is further asymmetry developing, left side mis section and nostril on the dented side migrating outwards giving a more scooped and bent appearance, need to forget out my nose for a while, if at all possible........feeling depressed and have not gone into work due to pain, dizziness, ear full ness and sinus pressure, severe stuffiness, sucks!!! anyone had any joy with refunds or assistance at getting the problem fixed elsewhere? x

asymmetry worse

sorry if this posts twice, problems with upload on the site.....The middle third on the left side and the left nostril is migrating outwards under the dent!, not sure if this is visible in pics as I am using a different webcam. I am off work as I have pain dizziness, blocked airway, headache. I have been very reasonable and polite with his office but have not had a response to my request for a referral, are they not concerned with bad internet publicity? I may have to go the NHS route, but it's so wrong to take out hard earned cash and then leave us in this mess, surely they would rather have us leave them alone and be satisfied? x

Satisfactory resolution

My surgeon has been willing to sort out my issues.
I feel that he is a good cosmetic surgeon and that he is a nice man but that this rhinoplasty was not a success for me due to the problems I have experienced.
The nose is central to the face and so has to be right.
I do feel that for other cosmetic procedures he would be a great choice.

settled a lot now, scoop less visable and profile much improved

Still not happy with the tip being too large but far better that the original nose xxx

settled a lot now, scoop less visable and profile much improved

Still not happy with the tip being too large but far better that the original nose xxx
London Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon has been willing to sort out my issues and admits that the result is less than perfect in this case. I do believe that he is a talented cosmetic surgeon and has a very good reputation in the South East and on other forums but rhinoplasty for me was unsuccessful.

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