57 Yr. Old TT with Muscle Tighten, Drainless Surgery - Montclair, NJ

Searched a long time for doctors in the US and...

Searched a long time for doctors in the US and Europe but was undecided. But perhaps I was not ready at the time. However finally made my decision. Met a great doctor, his reviews were awesome, had an office full of beautiful women of course he did their surgeries. Immediately he made me feel very comfortable. Great mannerism, polite, answered all my questions. Had my Pre-op visit on Tuesday 9/21/16. Make my payment in full, signed all the medical document. Had my blood work(CBC, Chem Panel, EKG). My surgery is scheduled for 10/10/16 @10:30 in Montclair NJ. I live an hour and a half away so I made reservations at a near by hotel close to the surgical center. I scheduled delivery of a lift chair, although these chairs are cloth and cleaned after every use, I was a little leery a bout that and germs. Will have to figure that one out. I rec'd my package with Anti-Embolism stockings for the morning of the surgery and my Arnica and Bromelain(to help with the bruising and swelling). They've called in prescriptions for Vicodin, Valium, and Enoxaparin. Will pick them up tomorrow. Will purchase my recovery items for after, got my antiseptic liquid soap. And since I'm so nervous it seem lately my pressure has gone up. I do get as scary as a cat for any surgery. So I have to take blood pressure pills. Knowing I pray daily and my faith is strong in the Lord. However I suppose we are only human. But I'm also excited to get rid of this tummy. It seems the last two years it came out of NO Where, and hung on. I want to put it on divorce, job, my move to Jersey or all of the above. Or just maybe my eating and becoming a couch potato and canceling my gym membership. And finally I looked at myself and said this is sad, and ashame that you've allowed yourself to get this way. My C-Section was due to having my children, its a north and south scar that I've always wanted to have removed, however my tummy was always flat, up until the end of 2013 til now. Some how I lost my groove. But that's it, NO more Ms. S. will have her groove back soon. Will up date with before and after photos.
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