39 Years Old, Mother of 2 Ready to Have my Body Back - Montclair, NJ

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Hi, After two kids ( my little one was 10.3oz at...

After two kids ( my little one was 10.3oz at birth ) and after gaining 65 pounds with the first pregnancy and another 50 with the second, I'm now ready to fix this belly. Doctor Rosen in Monclair, nj is doing the surgery ( drainless ) schedule for January 14.
I'm nervous about the recovery time. I do have a great support system including my husband, mom and sisters, they are all helping me during the recovery. Everyone who knows me knows how long I have been waiting for this so everyone is excited for me.
I'm originally from the Dominican rep and some of my friends went there to get work done but I just couldn't deal with the travel etc, I rather do it here close to my family.

Final appotiment

I had my final appointment today. The nurse review the procedure, took more pictures ( i really hate those )
And went over a lot of paper work with me. She really took her time explaining everything. I got my presciptions filled as well.
Did anyone take Valium the day before or day off ? The doctor gave me a presciption in case I get anxiety prior to the surgery.

Surgery day

my surgery was today
I'm already home trying to get comfy. So far no pain just lots tighness. The doctor and the whole stuff was just great.
I just ate q small meal and took my antiboitics etc. waiting a little longer to take the vicotin

one day after surgery

okay so I didn't sleep very well, couldn't find a comfortable spot on my recliner. Lots pulling sensation. Hoping for a better night tonight.

8 days post surgery

okay so the worse part is over. The first couple of days were hard but I'm pretty much off the pain meds now ( taking Valium at night time to sleep)
I develop some bruising once I started using the new garment they gave me but I think is becAuse I didn't positioned right.
I'm beyond happy with doctor Rosen and his whole stuff.

Almost 12 weeks!

So im hitting the 12 weeks mark in Thurdsay. I'm still getting swollen by the end of the day but I guess its expectedz I started running again at 6 weeks and lifting at 8 weeks and no issues there. Gained a couple of pounds but it could be muscle gain from the weight lifting. Overall I'm feeling great and im hoping the swell issue will go away soon.

10 weeks pictures

Montclair Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck

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