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I've had weight issues for as long as I can...

I've had weight issues for as long as I can remember but I have never been this heavy. It 1st started to get out of control after my one and only child was diagnosed with autism. I literally ate my way through to acceptance from 205 to 240 pounds.

After I came to accept my son's condition I was able to gain some control of my food intake while I also fought to get my son to be productive despite his autism.

I was able to get down to 180 lbs and I was floating on air! My son was doing well and I was on top of the world with my weight loss.

Then my 84 year old mother who lives with me got sick and once again I ate my way through her recovery. Thank God she's much better and back being her bossy self lol.

Before I could try to get back on track my son suffered some medical setbacks. He was constantly at the dr's, in the hospital, tests, surgeries and I felt like I was on an out-of-control Rollercoaster. So...of course...I ate my way through that stressful time.

Even when my son started doing better, I kept on eating and to this day I'm still eating. I'm now a whopping 262 pounds.
I've tried every diet and medication to try to lose weight but this time it is resistant.
My dr suggested bariatric surgery. He said I had to lose weight soon because if I continued gaining, I would soon be unable to take care of my son and my mom.

That truly scared the crap out of me!

I called the bariatric surgeon's office as soon as I got to my car. I got an appointment for 3 weeks later and by the time I got to my appointment I felt that I knew so much about bariatric surgeries.

I had already decided I wanted the sleeve and the surgeon confirmed that would be his recommendation.

To date I've been to two nutrition classes with one more to go in October. I've had my endoscopy and the results were good. I go for a chest xray and pulmonary function test next week. I also see the cardiologist next week.

With my busy schedule, it's alot to accomplish but I'm going to get it all done.

I have learned so much from this site. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. I'm usually a very private person but I felt I had to share my journey here. Thanks for all your support. I'm so excited to becoming the healthier me. I will update accordingly

Tomorrow is the day!

Surgery day is tomorrow and I’ve been on a never ending roller coaster ride. The ups and downs of this process can take a toll on one’s already fragile emotional and financial stability.

Almost every doctor I went to required extensive tests for clearance. There were so many tests that at one point even my surgeon's office got frustrated and called my pulmonologist to ask why I required a sleep study when I have no history or symptoms of asthma, snoring or restlessness/tiredness.

But the straw that temporarily broke me was when the surgeon’s office submitted all my information to Cigna and they denied as not a covered service. Before my initial visit to the surgeon’s office, I called to confirm if the surgery was covered and what my portion of the bill would be and I was given all the information. After my first visit, my dr also called Cigna and confirmed the same information. Then after I went through the clearance proceess they denied as not a covered service! That's crazy!

For a whole week after that all I did was eat and stress. I barely slept. I was a mess! I couldn’t even function at work.

Then one day I woke up with a plan and the determination to get this surgery. I called my surgeon and asked if I could be put back on the schedule but I will be self-pay. I won’t bore you with all the details but I sold a few of my most valuable things, maxed my credit card, depleted my savings, but guess what…I’m having surgery tomorrow!

They say ’what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ so I must be lady Samson! I’m here, alive and ready to move to the next phase of being a happier, healthier me!

Good luck to all of us who are determined to successfully adapt a healthier lifestyle!

10 days Post Op and Down 23lbs!!!!

I had my sleeve done on 11/21 and I must say that I was not prepared for the recovery. It did not go as well as I expected.

I can't say I was in pain from the sleeve but it was very uncomfortable. I also developed a shy bladder so using the bathroom was extremely painful. They ran tests and found nothing wrong but for some reason my bladder was full all the time and I was unable to eliminate appropriately. Eventually, they gave me a catheter to help. The doctor thinks it may have been a reaction to the anaesthetia.

I stayed 2 nights in the hospital and the worst part of it was the vomiting but I have not thrown up since I left the hospital...thank God!

I had my post op checkup today and it went very well. I'm getting my protein down. My liquid intake is not where it should be but it gets better everyday. I'm so happy that I did this despite all my setbacks!

Determination and faith conquers the worst of things.

SW 270 lbs
CW 247 lbs
Montclair Bariatric Surgeon

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