Successful Tattoo Removal of a Large Chest Piece and a Shoulder Tattoo Using Picosure Laser

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I've been contemplating a laser tattoo removal for...

I've been contemplating a laser tattoo removal for my huge , obnoxious chest piece for some time now so when the picosure became available, I decided to give it a try. I got this tattoo at 18 and added the spiderweb along w cherry blossoms at 19. Needless to say, 8 years later I fell out of love with it and am sick and tired of looking at it in the mirror everyday. The end result along w the artwork honestly never satisfied my expectations but I had to live with it.

Now I am praying to get this entirely off. The first tx was uneasy due to the pain. It's been years since I got tatted so my pain threshold was on the lower end. I won't lie, it's quite painful but manageable. It was rough for me due to placement but I bet people with better placed ink will probably think the laser treatment is a walk in the park.

The area was red, swollen and raised immediately after the first tx. I kept the dressing on for 10 hrs and maintained the area by keeping it clean and applying aquaphor ointment. The redness went down the same day and I was quite disappointed not to see better results. I see other pp have had bad oozing blisters and I had none of that. The setting was on 5.0 Hz, 2.83 J/cm2 and 3.0 mm. For paying loads of cash I really expected better results. I'm getting a little depressed about the results, hopefully the fading will take place throughout the next 4 weeks.

Day 2 and three showed some dissemination of the green and black ink on the cherry blossoms as well as the shaded area on the spiderweb and teeny weeny bit of the shading on the letters came off, but maybe I'm just becoming obsessive and seeing things at this point lol.
The biggest let down is the fact that the lettering looks brand spanking new, as if i just got the tattoo few days ago :^(((((

My chest is still sore and a lil painful 3 days after the procedure, but it doesn't stop me from having a good night's sleep, even while I'm on my belly. (Yay!!! Beauty sleep lol)

I am going for second tx by the end of Sept and will ask the doc to crank it up high bc I can't afford tens of treatments!!! The only reason why I jumped on the picosure train is bc the docs have been selling it as a god send for black ink and colors with 3 treatments delivering clear skin and my chest piece looks untouched after the first, expensive treatment :{
Im so glad to have found, its such a great, positive and empowering community. Hopefully I can help others that are going through, or planning to go through this ordeal. Any comments and advice are welcome! !!

10 day update

So far I see the smallest flower breaking apart and fading away thanks to my skin doing all the work of expelling the ink from my body. Yay! Now hopefully the rest of the tattoo will follow in its footsteps. Haven't changed my diet or lifestyle, but keep in mind I workout weekly and drink green tea like a maniac on daily basis.

The spiderweb shows significant amount of shading that got blasted by the laser, but it's not consistent throughout. That leaves some parts untouched, while other parts show fading and especially some web lines that are breaking up nicely in specific areas.

The density and depth of the black ink in the script piece is the most worrysome for me. The inside of the letters which was diff shades of gray did disappear for most part. The thickness of the outline script stayed pretty much the same for now. Will have to wait patiently until I see more fading in the upcoming months so when its time to crank up the pico, my doc can hopefully blast more ink away with better results ;^) pew pew pew *puts the laser in a holster* lol

second picosure tx

It def hurt more and the doc went over the red with revlite laser. She increased the pico setting to 3.20 J/cm.
I cried on my way home. It sucked.
My skin does not blister thank god. It's sore and red for a day or two and then goes back to looking entirely normal.
The doc only goes over it once tho, and its minimally working. Do u guys have ur docs go over the tattoo twice in one session?

Fading post 2nd Tx

I'm just posting pix, including some comparison photos and will let u guys b the judge!!


Hi all,
Saw a news article about the new dual wavelength laser (picosecond n yag) shown to clear the tattoos of 85% of clinical trial patients by 50% in 3 treatments. It is now cleared by the FDA and will be soon appearing in dermatologist and plastic surgery clinics in the states.
U can just google picoway n click on news.
It's finally happening! ! Cant wait to try it

3rd Tx w picosure

Yesterday was my third pico treatment w a different doc at the same practice. She told me she will provide a more aggressive treatment and boy did she! Lol pain wise during the zapping wasn't as bad as last time so no tears haha

It was quick , she was very pleasant and I was wrapped up and told that it was gonna get ugly. I never ever blistered before but this time I mentally prepared to expect some oozing goo.

It has now been 24 hrs post treatment, I took the dressing off, it was soaked in aquaphor. So far, no blisters!! Yay hehe
Green tea is super helpful , as the antioxidants in it help w removing free radicals and other undesirables from ur body and I've been drinking it religiously lol

This is the nastiest post treatment sight I have experienced so far. I don't have any pain, just very minimal soreness as I applied more aquaphor this morning. It just looks bad lol

In a week I will post updated , healed up photos. Fingers crossed to see lots of fading!! Time for gross pix, enjoy lol

almost 2 wks after 3rd pico tx

Here it is, healed up. Will wait 3 months for nxt tx so let's see how much it will fade this time around.
The white ink in the flowers turned funky.... anyone can comment on that? I thought lasers didn't work on white but it def got hit hard this time.

5 weeks post 3rd pico tx

Still fading, some parts more than others, I might do 4th tx in mid Jan to clear this for the summer if possible. The black on my spiderweb is disappearing the most, it was done by a diff artist than the script which explains why the script is taking forever to see any results, the guy must have went over the outline a few times and used diff type of ink ughhh.

I still dont know how many more additional tx I will need but hopefully it will keep progressing and I won't have to strip to get money for it lmfao (kidding, ppl!!!)

Went on vacay and the pix I took dont even show the spiderweb which is awesome! !! But the script was quite visible in the sun still.... :^/
Still fabulous tho haaaaay girl haaay lol

comparison pix!

Progress so far. Pico works!!! In 3 sessions I would say that about 50% of ink is gone..... my whole piece was practically all giant, thick black lines ughhhhh .

4th pico tx

Settings: 10Hz , 2.33 j/cm2, 3mm spot size.

2 wks post tx 4 w pico

So I noticed some breaking up of lines and fading in the "heart" n "pride" part of the script .
although minimal, it finally reacted to the laser. The reds n parts of the green are still stubborn and not responding too well w pico under the current settings (I keep asking for higher settings to no avail. ?.. even tho I let be known that I have no tissue, lymph, bleeding probs... and still get nowhere)
The spiderweb seems the same as it looked right prior to the 4th tx. So do the cherry blossoms.

Let me remind u guys these are the results of investing $3200 in the treatment so far.
The nj plastic surgery does not change the price as to reflect the ongoing tx (for ex as treatment progresses, if there was only an outline left of faded ink, they still charge the initially quoted price ~$800). There are no packages, no discounts.
They also rush each tx and I finally got to my breaking point where I consistently feel as if I pay for a rushed and not thorough treatment resulting in unsatisfactory results.
Certain spots where she goes over slowly always show more promise whereas the rushed areas stay pretty much the same, in turn dragging out the treatment sessions far longer than necessary. The "full of" and spiderweb faded the most so why is the rest looking brand new?
I will reach out to other MDs to finish lasering this off. Perhaps switch over to a different laser and compare the results as I move forward w this. Yes I do have decent results, but I need consistency and having half the tatt faded n half looking sub par after over $3k is unacceptable to me.

For the upgraded pix: Flash n pix make it look lighter.

7 wks post 4th pico

Going for a few consults next wk , considering a few options. Might do a treatment next wk at one of the consults.

Wanna squeeze another tx in June and take a summer off. Maybe by xmas I can have clear skin : )

7 wks post 4th pico, more pix

Sorry I clicked submit too soon lol

Here r pix after 4th tx
Natural light, few w flash

5th pico treatment

Had my 5th pico tx by an MD at a medical spa today (ethos medical spa in summit, nj). Modern, classy and calming interior. Love the rooms, consult room and how comfy the treatment beds are. Scented candles were a plus lol
Positive experience, now let's see what the results will bring.

Settings used: 10hz, 4.34 j/cm2, 2.2mm spot size w boost mode. Way different than the settings used previously. Any comments? Lol

Was told straight up that reds won't be touched by pico . Knew that already but its nice that this MD doesn't sugar coat it. Exceptional bed manner.
Much less pain as there is less ink to blast.

Fingers crossed to see lots of fading!!!

10 days post 5th pico

I have a good feeling about this one! (A girl can dream, right?) LOL I think quite of bit of ink got blasted and it may fade as much as the "full of" part that is least noticeable. I wanna kick the tattoo artists ass for going over my girly chest a million times w thick ass black lines on top of each other instead of more feminine light gray and now ten yrs later im a grown woman paying 10Gs to get this mess off of my skin smh.... Don't get inked on yo chest, kids! Lol

The flowers: The white ink is awful, it oxidized so much and it may/may not be permanent. So dont use lasers on the white ink! My last md said white had parts of black ink and thats why when the laser hit it, it turned blk n she can treat it as blk and it will go away. (????)

My new doc said it could b a permanent skin change due to oxidation and that its best to leave white ink alone especially if it just simply blends with ur skin. Im just glad that I found him. He makes more sense and doesn't slam the door rudely when he's finished w me. And I got a lower price on the treatments . I finally spoke up about how i felt about using low settings on lasers in order to drag out treatments unnecessarily longer than needed. He agreed to crank up the settings so I get clear skin as soon as possible. He was quite surprised and taken back when i told him what were the settings used on me during last few tx w previous practitioner. I wasn't surprised, had a feeling it was being dragged out hence I had a meltdown and switched providers. I cannot stress enough the importance of being an advocate for urself when ur a patient. If something doesn't seem right, speak up, educate urself on the issue and seek out second, third opinion if necessary.

Anyways, im going for #6 in mid May.

comparison pixxxxx!

I'm excited! : ) hehehe

a month after 5th pico tx

Faded a lil bit more, lots more to go lol

6th pico {at ethos spa}

So this is the last treatment until Sep or Oct. Taking the summer off from this mayhem. I'm tired of it.

The pico boost mode hurt like crazy this time, it's a roller coaster w this laser. I really wanted to run outta that chair this time holy moly it was painful. No pills or lidocaine shots for this badass lol

I wrapped it up, moisturized it and so far no itching, nothing eventful, just teeny weeny blisters that go away on their own within a day. Yay for awesome healing process ???? thanks ginger tea, green tea and water, couldn't have done it without yall.

I'm going to start posting some vids on you tube about all this. Any suggestion topics and ideas are welcome, hit me up! It's been almost a year of these laser shenanigans and I feel like the finish line is in sight. I'm worried about the summer in terms of going out, whether or not to cover it up w makeup or clothes or just grow some balls and show this frankentatt off , and how the skin treated w the laser will respond to sun exposure ... first world problems

Here is the unveiling of the grossness post sixth treatment lol 

More fabulousness coming up like makeup cover ups, outfits to hide this beast and skincare to keep looking faaaiiiineeee during this process.

a week after 6th tx

Still healing, gonna see some fading this summer!

two and a half wks fter 6th pico

I'm testing out the ability of my lasered skin to handle sunshine and so far so good!
This beach bunny needs that vitamin D stat hehehe
I really would like to develop a nice bronze color that will cover up the leftover ink this summer. I don't want to be controlled by bad tattoos and forfeit wearing my summer dresses and rompers. Got a stunning turquoise hi lo dress to wear for my anniversary this Sat and I intend on rocking it ;)

I spent two hrs sunbathing today without any complications. Added vit B complex as a daily supplement for neuro function, metabolism, hormonal regulation and skin, hair n nails of course! I get seasonal depression during winter months so I'm beyond excited for the sunny days and beach time :) yayyyyyyy
I sparingly used neutrogena ultra sheer spf55 sunscreen w helioplex on and had a blast relaxing out on the sun.

I've heard conflicting info from docs regarding the sun. Some say no sun exposure 2 wks prior and 2 wk post laser tx. I have not been out of the sun since last September so I think I'm good lol. Honestly it's been 2.5 wks since last tx until next tx scheduled for around Thanksgiving 2015 and I wanna do a lil experiment to see how the sun will interact w my skin.
Other docs say no sun during the entire course of laser tx, but if I stay outta the sun for 2-3 years I wIll end up on a new episode of "snapped" on oxygen tv lmfao.

it's that time again! comparison btwn 5th & 6th tx!

Good results thanks to dr. Soni at ethos medispa!
Each tx performed by him gives better results than the previous and we're cranking that pico up!!! Lol
In real life the chest piece is still apparent that's why I like to perform a detailed photo dissection between every session to make sure that I'm getting my money's worth and the progress is satisfactory.

This is 4 wks post 6th picosure compared w 4 wks post 5th pico and im a lil tan now.
The last pic is from a night out after a day at the beach , application of a lil foundation n bronzer and wowwzzzaaa my spiderweb doesn't even come up on pix hehehe and its not even a year after starting the laser treatments! : ))))

6 wks post 6th pico

6 wks fading

Totally messed up on the update! Lol let's try this again, so sorry I clicked submit too soon by mistake ^^^^^

So this is 6 wks after 6th tx, watching the paint dry at this point lol sort of fading when I'm tanning yet still very visible overall.
The white ink that oxidized, it looks like a very nasty shade of army green/blackish .... I've had 3 laser tx on this oxidized part and it seems to make things worser n darker every time it gets hit w the laser. So far it hasn't been alleviated by anything. It's very unsightly :(

No raised lines, no scars, no pigmentation issues to report with exposing the area to the sun so far!
Also posting pix after sun exposure for reference just in case someone is curious about post lasered skin reacting to sunlight after wks since treatment : )

Dermablend coverup plus 9wks fade mini update

I've been playing w dermablend cover up , trying to get the hang of it! Still need a lot of practice with blending and some tricks to get better at it ; )
It does the job now that the tatt is finally more faded!!! Yay for being able to wear summer dresses

12 wks post 6th tx fading progress UP CLOSE Pix

The ink keeps fading and the sun keeps shining hehehe

5 months after last pico

Just checking in to show how the tattoo looks like after 5 months since the last pico. I think it has faded all it could after the last tx and I am going to make an appointment for lucky treatment number 7 in October! I can't wait because this is the final stretch in my removal (hopefully lol). Maybe two more and I should be tatt free : )
The summer sun really helped w the overall fading!!!!

Pico #7 today

Pix are couple hrs after tx. 5 hrs after tx the web isnt red anymore at all. Using aquaphor as usual. So I found a sweet deal on Groupon.... 3 picos w boost treatments for $360 in ny. Settings were totally off even though I told the tech to continue w my last settings since they worked but she went with her own..... im so over this. It's red and swollen for very short time but I know from experience that really means shit. U can get frosting and redness and still have crappy results. Next session set for MLK day 2016. I just want this off.

2 weeks after 7th picosure (million pix lol)

So I'm having mixed feelings about all this.... I feel like Im so close to the finish line bc my tatt is so faded, yet with every treatment it's still there, legible....staring back at me. I have two more prepaid sessions (January and May), and I really thought that would be enough to blast it already. Now I'm past my 7th and it's still very visible to the naked eye. The pix give me hope bc with the flash, these detailed pix show precisely where the concentrated ink is dissolving and fading. In real life, the whole thing looks like a hot mess tho, especially with the oxidized white ink that turned black and doesn't seem to go away, even after 5 sessions of lasering it specifically. This process is exhaustive. I deeply regret ever getting into tattoos. What a shame that I did this to my body.

1 month after 7th tx compared w 6th tx

Comparison pics of the progress 1 month after 6th treatment versus 1 month after 7th treatment. Treatment number 8 coming up in January and number 9 in May!

2 months after 7th picosure tx

It faded a little bit, going in for session number 8 tmrw morning. Will ask the tech to increase the settings. I bought bio oil and organic cold pressed rose hip oil to use between laser treatments in case any residual scarring occured from the tattoo gun that will become obvious as the ink disappears.

Picosure #8

Posted a pic of today's settings. It isn't as swollen and raised as last session although the settings were increased. Black magic!!! (LOL). I was out having drinks and got this fortune cookie message "something spectacular is coming ur way" lmao. I really hope that was in reference to this laser treatment lol. I'm currently using my "laser holy trinity" which involves a ginormous tub of Aquaphor, BIO OIL (totally worth it) and rose hip oil (pix of packaging posted). I'm not sure if this ink will be removed in its entirety, so at least I'm taking precautions to prevent any scarring or unfortunate skin changes that might result from this process. Next session either March or May!

1 wk after 8th tx

The pix r taken w flash and aquaphor since its still healing so I think they look lighter in pix than in real life. I noticed that immediately after tx it looks super light and then darkens up again. The best fading occurs around 2 months mark. I stopped posting the spiderweb pix bc the camera doesn't pick it up anymore. Im very pale now so the leftover ink sticks out more n appears far darker than it did in the summer months. I can't wait for the summer sun to fade it tremendously again! I also updated the total price on top of the page to reflect current finances.... To date I have spent a little over $5,000. I plan on purchasing another Groupon at the medispa for 3 additional picos for $400. That total will bring me close to $6k. I'm thinking 12 tx might do it, but who really knows at this point lol. Moving forward, I will make appts to just have the red/pink ink treated w a different, older laser or ask around to see if I can get a deal somewhere for that. Might reach out to a place in PA that steve k recommended as well. I'm getting as many tx as I can during winter and will take six months off again for the duration of the summer. There is still a lot of ink left, deeply embedded in my skin. Also, the white ink that oxidized is darker than ever. So much for the bullshit that I was told that "don't worry, it will fade and disappear".... ummmmm no.

3 weeks post Tx 8

I think this laser process can make u bipolar lol one day I feel like this isn't going anywhere, then I feel like oh yea I can see it disappear (in the right light under right conditions). I have an appt scheduled for mid March with the doctor this time, not the tech. Then I'm going to let it fade until next fall. Wish me luck!!!!

Sooooo over this!*progress pixxxx*

I finally downloaded collage pic app to make it easy for compring fading pix (im old, hence it took this long lol). It's been a year and a half, and I think of that song from "frozen" , just singing 'let it gooo' in my head n laugh....... I ordered 5 new lil dresses for this summer, gonna tan my lil butt off as soon as it gets warm outside so this awful leftover ink blob disappears faster and I can just move on.

9th picosure

Today's settings: 10Hz, 2mm spot size and 6.26J/cm2 boost mode aka beast mode lol. Some parts of the tattoo were not lasered, I guess bc it's so faded and difficult to see. We didn't touch the spiderweb, that has faded wonderfully and there is no need to damage the skin over that area any further. This is my last treatment for a while....I'm ready to move on from this b.s. , it's been a year and a half already....time flies! This process gets boring after a while...I guess that's why so many people abandon it and don't update anymore. I'm still hopeful about all this. I'm glad I took action n started the removal back in 2014, I'm glad I went w picosure, and I'm glad that I came this far along.

Is it too soon to get excited?

Idk whether to even post this bc its barely a week after tx and there's still dried blood, but I took a glance at my skin recovering today and in natural light it looks pretty promising! (Hope I won't jinx it lol) Well, anyways, I took some natural light vs flash pix and its pale on my incredibly pale skin so that's a good sign moving forward! I think I also found an inner sense of calm.... I'm not chasing after that ideal, flawless ink free skin anymore (well, maybe .... I am a woman after all :P) I finally got it thru my thick head that the oxidized white ink will never go away and the blk script might have some trace amount of ink left behind.... but it's still better than a huge thick, blk blob that it used to be : D

6 months after 9th picosure tx

I'm baaaaaaaaack! I took a much needed break from this site bc being on here too often can make one go nuts lol if u sent me a pm, I didn't get it because I closed the account. So say hello again, since I'm here to update some decent results! It's been six months after my last pico and I am happy to report that after extensive tanning and hanging out on the beach, my chest tattoo faded amazingly! The spiderweb is non recognizable. The script still has some ink leftover which makes it look like bad veins peeking through. Overall, I feel the picosure laser has successfully removed my awful ink. The problem is now with the oxidized white ink that turned black. That is still a huge issue and an eye sore. In real life it is very unsightly. I intend on going back to laser the remaining ink and the oxidized ink in the fall/winter. In the real life my skin from the tattoo is far from perfect in some spots. Now that the excess ink is gone, I can see raised areas from the tattoo needle being passed several times over my skin. All I can do is continue to move forward, and hopefully my skin will keep on improving its texture as well as its look. I would like to move this review to under 'tattoo removal' instead of the picosure section of real self so it's easier to access.

Saying hello to clearer skin for the first time in 10 years

This may seem trivial to some, but seeing clear skin on pix and when I get ready for a night out is giving me butterflies.... looking at older pix and seeing how black and ridiculous the tattoo looked on me is making me physically sick.... I was such a poptart for willingly getting tatted at 18 , especially in such a spot!! If I could go back ten years ago, I would slap myself in the face and run out of that tattoo studio! For any young women out there thinking getting tattoos is body art and ur ooo so unique and artsy fartsy, and this tattoo is oooo sooo meaningful and u will love it forever- save urself the headache and money and just go to Michaels and get some arts and crafts, paint a painting, do a fun project, learn how to cook, join a gym, work out, read a book, travel, advance ur career, fall in love..... anything else just DO NOT GET INKED!!!! I wish I had someone back then to stop me and talk some sense into me..... Ten years and $6, 000+ later, now ruined skin- I learned my lesson. Ur skin and you are beautiful just the way u are, no need for any modifications!!!!!!! One member on here said that the foreign tattoo was intruding on her body, her energy, and her destiny.... that's absolutely beautifully put. I'm ready to reclaim my skin and move on from this self inflicted nightmare.

Fading and skin texture update

In the past 9 months since my last update, I had two additional "picosure boost plus red" treatments. The extra wand that is used w picosure to target the red ink sure does work wonders. It annihilated my red ink that was left over on the flowers during this time. And it hurts significantly less! Overall the skin texture is returning to norm on its own. It also continues to fade. I made a decision to eventually have the stubborn white ink that turned black/green surgically removed in the next 2 years or so. Regardless of that setback, I am still pleased with the results. It blows my mind to look at the original photos and see how well the laser worked on me.
Montclair Plastic Surgeon

Will write a comprehensive review once they deliver the results lol 03.2015 update: did not deliver results as expected, switched providers, please see tx #5 n on. SWITCHED TO ETHOS MEDICAL SPA IN SUMMIT, NJ. FIVE STARS!!!!!!! PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I WENT TO DR. HARDIK SONI AT ETHOS MEDICAL SPA IN SUMMIT NJ, AS WELL AS DR KERIN AT KERIN MEDICAL SPA IN TUCKAHOE, NY TO GET MY AMAZING RESULTS. BOTH PLACES DESERVE 5 STARS!

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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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