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I swear, I'll never forget sitting in math class...

I swear, I'll never forget sitting in math class in 6th grade (I was 11) and feeling this drop of liquid fall down my right side under my shirt. I freaked out for a second thinking what was that?? That was when it started and that day still haunts me til today. Creeps me out sometimes that I can VERY specifically remember the day my armpits started sweating so much!

I'm 30 now (yes THIRTY... 19 years later!) and decided to make THIS the year I FINALLY do something about it. The embarrassment of growing up and having to hide my underarms under layers of clothing, stuffing paper towels in my shirt all the time (as I type! And sometimes even liners or maxi pads!), using worthless antiperspirants and Certain-Dri, wearing nothing but black, self-esteem issues, "joking" about it with friends/boyfriends when they noticed the massive sweat stains, not to mention how UNCOMFORTABLE it is to have wet fabric in your armpit all day (how come no one talks about that on this site??) I can't believe how alone and self-conscious I've felt in this problem and over the past few months doing research online discovering how NOT alone I am in this.

(By the way I had to type all that out because I’ve talked to NO ONE about this and it’s exhausting to keep this sort of stress inside! Especially when I’m SO excited to be doing something about it!)

Years ago I remember Googling this issue and only learning about prescription antiperspirants, and Botox, and scary sounding surgery. But out of recent further frustration I discovered miraDry and reading that it was PERMANENT, I was obviously interested. So anyways, I’ve researched it like CRAZY and I had an official consultation today with a nearby doctor I had researched. I. Am. Hooked and have booked my first session on Thur. Jan. 15th.

Anyways, I’ll write back on the 15th and let you know how it goes for me (with pics). I personally found the step by step reviews the most helpful, hence why I’m writing all this :).


Had my first procedure

I had my first MiraDry procedure yesterday and it went amazingly well. I think reading reviews on this site made me way more nervous that necessary because frankly, for me, it was a cake walk. Then again, I’m pretty sure I have a VERY high pain tolerance. Even the doctor was impressed. I was told ahead of time to not shave for 4 days before the procedure, because the hair helps them determine where the MiraDry wand needs to be applied. So it’s been a hairy week :).

Anyways, I got there at 1:00pm and the nurse applied a topical numbing cream which was left on for approximately 40 minutes. So I just laid on the table, browsing through my phone while it set in, and the whole time I could feel sweat drops dripping onto the table (gross) even though the room was frigid, but eventually it started to get slightly numb. The nurse and doctor came in a few times to check on me, which I appreciated because I was starting to get nervous about the upcoming injections.

Next I was moved to another room with a more comfortable reclining chair for the actual procedure, and it was time for the tattoo application and numbing injections. Basically, if you don’t know, the tattoo is like one of those stick on temporary tattoos and is basically a map of your armpit and shows where the doctor needs to a) apply the injections and b) place the MiraDry wand. The nurse and doctor had some difficulty applying the tattoo outline correctly because of how much I was sweating, but eventually they got it. Interestingly I learned my left armpit is much smaller than my right armpit – which would explain why my right armpit has always sweated so much more.

I must have asked a million questions about how much the shots were going to hurt, how many she was going to do, etc. etc. and she told me she wasn’t going to lie, for most people it hurts and she’s going to have to do a LOT of injections. I started shaking, I mean severe anxiety shaking and she kept petting my head telling me to calm down (lol, embarrassing). The nurse passed her the first syringe and she said “OKAY are you ready?” She counted down from 3 and when the first injection went in I didn’t feel a THING! She then proceeded to do about 30-40 injections in each armpit (I don’t know the exact number, but I do know she used 11 syringes total). I felt an occasional tiny sting but for the most part I was unaware of it. I HIGHLY recommend asking for the topical numbing cream first, some doctors don’t automatically suggest it, but I swear it saved me. She promised me this was the worst part of the whole procedure and since I handled it like a champ, the rest would be easy. She was right.

Next it was time for the MiraDry machine, and unfortunately we experienced some technical difficulties with the machine at first, which I won’t go into on this review because the office remedied it phenomenally for me. But regardless, it was about an hour later when it was resolved and by then the numbing injections had VERY much kicked in. Which might have actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. She did level 3 and said she does not do a higher level on patients doing their first procedure, but said based on how I do she will do level 4 or 5 for the second procedure in 3 months. So she applied the wand to my right armpit along the guidelines from the tattoo and the “sucking” process started. She held it there for about 20 seconds while the machine made this soothing humming sound. I couldn’t feel anything, not even the sucking sensation (again probably because of letting the numbing from the injections take so long). She continued this process for about 20 or so spots along my armpit, the majority of which I could not feel. I could feel a very slight burning sensation in one spot in the lower corner of my armpit, which she said is my sensitive area (it can be a different area for everyone apparently). When she was done she gave me a break for about 5 minutes and then continued the same process on the other armpit, to which I experienced the same level of sensation. And then it was done! Overall that part probably took about 30 minutes. I was given some ice packs and sent home.

My armpits remained pretty numb for the rest of the day/night and I didn’t experience any pain aside from a slight soreness as if I’d worked out or something. My armpits did swell a little bit but not too much. Fortunately I didn’t experience any tingling sensations in my arms or fingers like some people have said. I popped a few ibuprofens and kept my armpits iced all evening which probably helped too. Last night, sleeping was a little uncomfortable because I found it too sensitive to lie on my side so I stayed on my back. This morning I’m definitely sorer and more swollen and my skin burns a little bit, but it’s completely bearable and am taking ibuprofen which is definitely helping. So far NO sweating at all. I even put on a tight gray t-shirt for an hour or so (I’ve been wearing tank tops so I can wear the ice packs) and there wasn’t a single sweat mark! I’m praying that this continues and I don’t experience sweating again… I’m working from home today so I can continue to ice, but could do my normal daily routine without much discomfort. All in all this was nowhere near as bad as I thought it might be!

Will update in a few days or so to let you know how I’m doing!
Teaneck Dermatologic Surgeon

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