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I am a 45 year old woman planning to undergo the...

I am a 45 year old woman planning to undergo the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with Dr Sheila Bond. I have thought about getting a Brazilian Butt Lift for about two years. I had spoken to friends, and to family regarding my thoughts on this. Everyone was like "Oh you look great." "You're just fine the way you are." But as time goes by and things happen, you realize that after exercise, squats, and creative styling with clothes does not give you the sophisticate body shape that you desire, you think to yourself that you was right in the first place. I don't feel comfortable with my buttocks. One is smaller than the other and I have hip dip. I had always thought of of myself as having a triangle shape. I have broad shoulders. But when I had pictures taken of me recently I realize I am a rectangle. Sheesh. Can it get any worse?. I love clothes and I think that they do not look as great on me as they could.. I want to look great for myself. Very vain I know. But so what>!! So spending this money on me is a perfect gift for me.
The cost of surgery with anesthesia, doctors costs and cost of surgical room at the hospital is looking at approx $9000. I am currently saving for the deposit. Unfortunately after a disastrous marriage I was left in a lot of debt. I am clearing that debt slowly but surely but it is irritating when you want to move forward with your life that past decisions hold you back. But I am a great believer that if there is a will, there is a way.

General thoughts on being a Bond girl

So today I started creating my wishlist pictures. I have a few. I have been reviewing them with my social circle both male and female with regards to how the new derriere would look on me. How it would fit in with styling options. Initially I was set on having about 1200cc put in. But now I think that 1000cc is better as is more likely to retain so I have seen on the various reviews. I work with a few nurses and I asked one yesterday if she would be prepared to assist in Post care and she agreed. The three nurses that I have chosen all live within close proximity of me. I initially was going to go to Mendieta or to Jimerson but the distance and the fact that the surgery was performed in a surgical clinic was offputting to me. I want to be in the safety of a hospital having this procedure so that if anything goes wrong, there is no 911 call as you are already in the hospital. I also like the fact that Dr Bond does not over book on her patients so that there is more time to shape my derriere. After my consultation, a patient of Dr Bond's called me and gave me some insight regarding what I was about to embark upon. Its kinda scary but exciting at the same time. A new body shape. Looking forward to paying this deposit and setting a date so that I can firm up my arrangements.

bills bills and more bills

So I am in the process of finding a few nurses to come and assist me during my recovery. Fortunately in my dept there are three that live less than ten miles away from me. also paying down some bills rather quickly so this involved me working a lot of shifts back to back. Am tired. I want the procedure a lot but I also don't want to think about paying my bills when its done. I am not sure how long the recovery process is going to take and I know it varies individually.. So I want to be financially prepared. Hopefully I will add some wish pics soon

Smaller size.

so I think I will have enough cash to put the deposit down. As Dr Bond is local, I have found all three nurses that I need for the first three days and they will help me with the basics. Am hopingthat my recovery is swift. I started taking MVI and Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid. I am also keeping an eye on my iron. I am about to start purchasing the Faja's and squeem garments. I also have a post surgery list that I want to check some items off the list.
I am hoping for a date of August 22nd but I need to get that deposit in ASAP. I was talking to a few friends and we all agree that too big is too much. I am top heavy and I want to look in proportion. I initially told Dr Bond that I wanted to be really big. But now I just want my butt to match my breast size. I am a 34 DDD and I also want a smaller waist. So am looking forward to preparing a really good regime of yoga, walking and the same diet but smaller portions. I do eat really well. I am a former vegetarian but now I eat meat. So I love greens. :-). I am not sure about how much cc's t oput in to get the fullness but to also keep me in proportion that I want. I also think that sometimes putting too much in can also increase the likelihood of seromas from what i have researched.

My aesthetic vision aka how I want my ass to look :-)

I thought I would show you some of the wish pics I had in mind for my new body shape. I think they all look good. Serious case of booty envy over here..lol.. I really want heart shaped. Not too big to look like I have had work done but full enough to make a difference. I have every faith in dr Bonds skillset. So I know it will look natural..

I have changed doctors

So last week, after having an indepth discussion with my social circle and also doing some real thinking I decided to change plastic surgeons. The dealbreaker for me was the amount of surgeries performed and aesthetic vision. I really like Dr Bond however she operates twice a week. The surgeon I chose operates 4-5 times weekly. So I decided to go with him because I realize that he absolutely

Negative opinions

So I have been very open about getting my surgery. Three people in my social circle were quite nasty regarding my wish. One told me that I was going to regret it, another told me that I should have just given them the money and another person told me that I could die from the Hydrogel shots. First of all I spend my money how I choose. I work very hard for it.So I resent when someone tells me what to do with my hard earned money. I have been generous to a fault with my time, energy and money all my life. This is the first self-indulgent thing that I have ever done. And to have different men tell me that it is selfish lets me know that they don't respect my decisions or thought processes regarding my surgery. I was also told that I have no self love and that I shouldn't change what God gave me. Like really. So why did God make plastic surgeons then? Really the bottom line is money. When you finally make that decision to do you. The naysayers come. There are those that want your money and then the select few that realize that after your surgery you will be attracting more attention with your curves, What I am really trying to say is if you want the surgery, investigate and research your surgeon, know your risk factors and feel assured within yourself that you are doing this for you. Opinions are like assholes. When someone tries to put the religious argument on to you ignore them. Its really very manipulative and disrespectful to undermine the life choice of an adult. I am going to do me. I have reached a stage where I don't care about your opinion. If you knew me then you would know that I am not that cheap to have hydrocel injected into my butt and then some other idiot was texting me about how fake my ass would look. Pathetic really what people will do to make you change your mind. So enough of my ranting. For the record. I will be having my surgery with Dr Jimerson(end of story).

Consultation with Dr Jimerson

I spoke with Dr Jimerson last Thursday we discussed lipo, health concerns, thoughts towards aesthetic vision, the process of recovery and healing post surgery and how full I want my butt. I am super excited to be sculpted by this gentleman. And yes he is kind, considerate, thoughtful and very pleasant to talk to. He absolutely shares my aesthetic vision. He listened to my concerns and to some of my health issues. I was also very honest regarding my blood pressure and recent hospitalization. I would ask anyone that is considering plastic surgery to be honest about your health. Its not fair to a surgeon if you don't put these things upfront. I will need cardiology clearance prior to my surgery. I have been monitoring my blood pressure. So I am hoping that this will not be an issue when surgery time comes.

After having spoken to Dr Jimerson, I can see why he is in such high demand. His work etiquette is impeccable. I did express my thoughts regarding the post care, to him, to the wonderful nurse Kim and to my PCC Sarah. I think that post care is just as important as pre care. I think having a new body takes regular maintenance and emotional, physical and psychological adjustment in one's life. So its important for the health care provider to acknowledge that the surgery performed is of a high caliber and requires surveillance post surgery. I think I was heard regarding my concerns with this.

I have been given a date of surgery!! 08/26/2013

So I finally have a date. Its in three weeks time. I have to get medical clearance handled, flight, accommodation and a responsible adult to travel with me. Am looking at all types of accommodation. Not sure which is the best facility to stay at. I called one of the hotels and the lady almost chewed my head off when I mentioned Jimerson's name. Told me that his patient's get charged an incidental of $25 daily because of the damaged sheets from bleeding wounds. Frankly I was not impressed by her phone etiquette. So the next time I book I wont be mentioning the name. Sorry but I don't need the aggravation. I just need the accommodation.

Medical clearance- 20 days to go

So yesterday saw my cardiologist Dr Mahdi and told him that I was having this procedure. He ordered the labs as requested by Dr Jimerson, did my EKG and my BP was 126/70 and HR 90. (I was talking when my pulse was taken).. He said that once labs come back medical clearance should not be a problem. But I don't want to book my flight until I know for sure. The problem is finding a responsible adult. Am waiting to hear back from friends. I also ordered my stuff from Amazon. That bill was about 250. But I have everything. My hoppy pillow is a GIA. It's crescent shaped.. It's 5.51 am and I am getting up to go to Lab Corp to get labs drawn. Have started the task decluttering my apartment. When I leave for Georgia I want to come back to a tidy clean apartment so that I can continue with my recovery..

Flights in united are the cheapest I have seen so far at 330.. So am hoping once labs come back I can book.

Can't think if anything else right now..

19 days to go

So this week has been a whirlwind. I went for medical clearance on Tuesday. Am pending results. Have started looking for a place to stay and checking out flights. Will be leaving directly after work. I was feeling a little disheartened today as everyone who I have asked to go with me to ATL couldn't make it. its funny that, how when people need somethng from you, you can do it for them but when you ask for a favor you get nothing. I called Sarah, my pcc in a panic, telling her that I was a little down with some of my social circle. The big deal is that it is such short notice that there is noone who can take the time off. I called a lovely lady from goldplatinum care who has a rest house. I am thinking that this might be the way to go. I would rather be around someone than to be cooped up in a hotel by myself. I have to see the facility first before I make a decision. Always like to be informed. Have started packing my stretchiest clothes. Don't know how big Dr J is going to make me, but I want big, I don't want to do Round 2. I have the booty greed bad. Found myself waking up at 4 am today looking at pictures and wondering if my square sponge bob butt will be sculpted and sexy like the rest of the Jimerson babes. I am menstruating so cramping a little. Probably why I am so sensitive. Am glad that it came now. Don't want to be bothered with "the rag" and then post op recovery. Sorry TMI. I know. Debating whether to book flight now or whether to wait? Just wish it was 26th August already so that I could get to the other side. I hate obstacles getting in the way of your goals. Don't you? Just dont have the patience for it.

My count down was off. 17 days to surgery/ two weeks to pre-op

So yesterday was irritating. Today is a much better day. One of my friends has the time off and he will be able to pick me up after the surgery. He is a soldier- army. So God bless the US military. xxx I feel much less stressed out now. I am still waiting to hear regarding the medical clearance. Will be getting the labs faxed across to me. The lady that writes the medical transcripts for my cardiologist is not in until Monday so I will have to wait until then for the medical clearance to go through. I feel bad for them as I am calling the office like a bill collector!! You know when you have called an office too much, the staff sigh when they hear your name. Not a good sign. But I need to get the paperwork in as soon as possible. This weekend will be spent sorting out the stretchy clothes from the regular clothes. I want to be able to have a few clothes that I can actually wear. Probably going to wait until after the surgery to buy the big underwear. I think.

15 days to go according to Real self

First let me start off by saying a huge thank you to the beautiful lady known as MsDoubleD. I really appreciate the time you took to explain the procedure, the risks and the basic aftercare tips so that I can function when I get home. I know that time is a valuable commodity and the time spent with me by MsDoubleD was precious. It's great when you have a vet break down the procedure. Wishing MsDoubleD a speedy recovery and god bless her. She is a wonderful and kind lady..

Today is sorting out day. I need a shower curtain. I have dark colored sheets. Still waiting on amazon to send all my stuff. Will be packing one suitcase (carry on). But I need a second suitcase. Probably go to Marshall's in the week when all of the stuff has arrived. So housework to get the place spic and span is the word of the day. Due to the increased risk of hemoglobin (iron count) dropping during procedure I am going to be increasing my intake from one periodically to three times a day. I just don't want to take any chances. Liposuction can make you lose a fair amount of blood and I do not want to risk having a transfusion at all..

I have posted some pictures of some of my supplies. It's interesting as I am
In the health industry that one of my colleagues asked me why don't I just take the things that I need from the supply closet. I looked at her like wtf., baby I need my job. Why steal when you can buy your own. Things such as gauze, antibiotic ointment, tape cost a few dollars. Makes no sense to me at all getting fired for something when you could have paid. Smh at people.

Anyway enjoy the weekend. This period pain has eased up some. Thank goodness plus I got a lot of sleep last night. Am ready to have a good day.

Oh before i forget it's funny that the long distance relationship that I was in finished. I had told my man in London that I wanted this procedure done. His first reaction was regarding how expensive it was. Then I thought he had come round to the idea when we both looked at wish pics. But I realize he tried to sucker me when "an emergency" came up and he needed to borrow money from me. I initially tried to help out then I thought. This is a deal breaker. I need the money and the surgery is important to me so why am I sending it to him so I cut him off in July. He has been calling ever since but I just lost respect for him. Can't trust a man who has no integrity. Allow me to do me.

It's funny how the closer the date goes the more realistic things look. My emotions change daily and today I am quietly optimistic.

God bless and enjoy your weekend

Two weeks to go..

Just think I will be getting ready for surgery two weeks from today.. I have been pretty open in my social circle regarding my surgery. I don't owe an explanation that's just the way I am. I understand the secrecy for some but for me it's just not me..

I am
Concerned about the possible drop in hemoglobin so I am religiously taking my iron with orange.. I am
Also eating iron rich foods like spinach and green banana.. I have been good with my multivitamins also. I am just trying to speed up my doctors office with this medical clearance paperwork. The lady who writes the transcripts will be back today.. I am also going to be practicing driving with my boppy pillow. Yesterday got stopped by a state trooper for speeding- have to remember to stay focused on the task in hand. Don't want my money to get eaten away by foolishness. So yes i am going to be careful. Will email Sarah - patient care coordinator today. Am getting a little anxious. I have been eating correctly, resting and eating well..

Organizing, packing and touching base

Hey, have been trying to get things situated with the surgery, booking of hotel and scheduling massages.
I am also going to order a cane chair and a yoga roll for the post op care. Another thing that I will be doing is paying for a post op CBC probably 4 days after surgery to make sure my levels are decent. Anemia causes so much issues and my menses are no joke either. Heavy like that so I need to be mindful of that. Spoke to another lady who will be in Atlanta the same time as I. So hopefully we will connect. This time next week I will have had my pre op. It's so real now. Still not excited. Just trying to make sure I have all that I need so that I don't get overwhelmed. Having everything in order keeps me relaxed... My
Hope is that he turns the square ass that I have into a round bubblicious butt. I have looked at the Jimerson ladies on here and their bodies are awesome. Hope and pray that my results are this way. I am
Hoping to continue to update post surgery so that others can see the progress at one month, two month and so on.. Anyway have a beautiful weekend and stay healthy ladies. Physically, emotionally and spiritually...

Wow this time next week it will be the night before my transformation..

Today was spent packing clothes. Ladies I don't know about you but I love comfort especially when I am convalescing. My surgery is on 26th August and I think to myself that I am really going to change my body shape. It seems surreal. Let me share a secret with you. I am not doing this for any man. I am doing this for me. I am fortunate that I have a decent social circle of people that accept my decision. A few days ago I was upset by a few who wanted to dictate to me what I should do with money. A lot of people used health risk as a bargaining tool as to why I should not get the surgery. I don't like risks that is why anything that I do is calculated and yet I will also look at the consequences. When considering this surgery there are a lot of considerations to explore. I don't like to ignore details. It's not just about having a nice ass. It's about feeling well after surgery. It's about jump starting my exercise regime with a new body shape. Right now I am not in an intimate situation. I just want to look better than alright. I want to turn a head or two and I want to feel confidence and pride about my body shape. Haven't felt that since I was in my twenties. .. I have two suitcases of stuff. I have to order my cane chair and my ebag travel cubes to help with packing organization. Am cleaning my house and sorting my bottoms from my tips in case they don't fit when I return. It's a process. It's looks like I am moving house but I am really just acclimatizing myself to my future. Hopefully after butt job I might have more confidence to get out there instead of hiding behind my work and being a house mouse.. To be continued...

Feeling apprehensive

So today I have been finalizing things at my job. Finishing up paperwork, putting in orders and trying to maintain organization. I really want to be in Georgia. I think I am getting anxious. So I am maintaining a positive mindset. Looking forward to a different future.

"Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don't waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail."
- Og Mandino

Yes ladies that's how I am going to think today. Five days to go..

Are we there yet?

Oh wow, today was finalizing the travel stuff. So I need to rent a car just for one and a half days from Friday through to Saturday.

Enterprise - 1-855-663-3722 (the rate was $18.00) per day. So that works for me.
Have to travel from Atlanta airport back to Suwanee so am using the Metro shuttle service
1-404-766-6666 and that is going to $57 with tip. The usual taxi prices are $90. So that's good.
Checked in with the Hyatt regarding a refrigerator. Also will need a microwave. So that is going to be good.

I am thinking that hopefully Jimerson will sculpt this butt and make my waist smaller. Its currently :-( 33 inches )-: not happy with that. Still eating the iron, spinach, in fact anything green that I can get my hands on. I get my hair colored monthly. Some of us go gray early. Doesn't mean that I am not still young at heart. So a little annoyed that I will not be able to make that appointment but that's what scarfs are for. Also the next question is kinda iffy so just bear with me. To shave, to wax, to nair, that is the question. I still have to find Hibiclens between now and Monday. Amazon order failed me for some reason. So not enough time to wait for it to ship.

Will be leaving New Jersey tomorrow night as the pre-op is on Friday. Ooh wee now it looks like things are moving forward.

Officially out of work and on my way to Georgia.

So I finally finished packing and if its not in the two suitcases then its not coming. :-) .
For those ladies who are out of towners going to Georgia, a word of advice if you have insurance then check to see if your prescription card can be used in Suwanee. I checked with mine and they were also able to let me know which pharmacies accepted mine. CVS, Walgreens, Publix and Krogers. Also be advised that Lovenox (Enoxaparin) is also a special medication that needs to be from a larger pharmacy. I was given the following details for pharmacies that had this in stock :

CVS Pharmacy
485 Peach Tree Industrial
Suwanee GA 30024
Tel : 678-546-0584

2075 Lawrenceville
Suwanee, GA 30024
Tel : 678-546-0893

I spoke with MRose73 last night. She is such a babe. I was feeling a little forlorn. Its really good to have support from someone who is having or has had the procedure. My friend is driving up from New Jersey to pick me up from Jimerson's surgical suite after the surgery and to take care of me for one night. Every one else who I asked couldn't make it. I am going to push through this recovery because I want it and because I know that I am going to do the best I can with what I have.

I have not heard from my patient care coordinator. I do wish that Sarah would check in with me more often. I think I would appreciate that. I do call but I have been told that she is with another patient more than enough times so I think I will email her today. My pre op is tomorrow. I guess I am feeling a little nervous today. I arrive in Georgia tonight at midnight. I will drive from airport to the Hyatt. I just need a car for a day and a half. But just saying that the organization for this trip has taken a lot of things away from my regular routine. I stopped my courses and I have focused solely on this surgery. I think you have to, to make sure that you think of everythiing. I can't believe that the date has come so quickly.

Travels plans - 7.19pm 08/22/2013

Ok so the plan was to
Leave at 6.28 and arrive in Charlotte at 8.30. Leave Charlotte at 9.30 and get to Atlanta for approximately midnight. Us airways cancelled the flight. They put me on United and now they are delayed. Good job sx is not until Monday but pre op is Friday and I just can't seem to get out of Jersey. Like wtf.. The next thing is here's hoping that my luggage arrives. It should have been swapped off the first flight and placed on the new flight. Just to let all out of towners remember. Book your flight early and don't leave it to the last minute. I am a couple of days ahead of time and I am already feeling challenged by the airline industry. Am trying to stay calm as I don't want to stress myself any further. God willing I will reach Atlanta by 11pm. I am praying that there are no more delays. I been up since 4 am. Feeling sleepy eating a consolation Chinese meal..

Pre op appt and carers in Georgia

Ok so what a friend we have in Jesus: my suitcases finally arrived at 10 pm last night. Remember that Peaches and Herb. Reunited and it feels so good? so I was ecstatic as I had been stressing myself out. I did have a friend coming to pick me up after surgery but he really did not understand the sheer magnanimity of taking care of a woman post operatively. Plus he was driving 12 hours from New Jersey and then staying only one night. He wasn't able to confirm what time he would get here and then he needed $200 for the gas.. Not a good arrangement. Not the money but the instability of the situation. If you mess up any of the appointments then you are liable for cost. For instance is you are greater than 15 minutes late for the surgery then you will incur a $500 charge. If like me, everything was a whirlwind and your arrangements are last minute then you need to look at some of the carers available in the area. I have spoken to at least three.. And God Bless all of these fine women.. Coz I know a woman with a swollen derrière is no joke to take care of..
Richelle - 678-557-5322
Belinda(Lymphatic Massages) 770-771-2570
There is also recovery house - I will post the ladie's details as soon as I find her email.

If you are coming alone this is the way to go. Do not try this alone in your hotel. You need support. The women listed above are experienced and seasoned carers. Their personalities vary and so does their work style but they have looked after many women in your position. They know the routine and to have someone stay with you overnite to ensure your safety is a gift. I cannot stress this enough.
Please check with each lady their availability and schedule times that are conducive to your imminent surgical date.
Clarice has regular availability and Richelle has times that cover most of Friday into the weekend. Belinda needs organized scheduling so that you can receive the massages that you need. Coordinate your care. This is stressful enough without wondering what happens next.


I am currently staying at the Hyatt, Johns Creek. It's closer to Dr Jimerson's Office. I enclose some pictures for your perusal. Excuse the mess I had just been reunited with my suitcases. I like the proximity, the cleanliness of the room, free breakfast and the staff are pleasant, accommodating and efficient

Pre op appointment - getting close

Sorry that there are so many posts. Have so much to say. So I had my Pre op appt yesterday. It lasted two hours. The office is tucked away in a suburbia type mall. Can't explain it better than that. The front desk staff are polite, give good eye contact and efficient with the documentation of the visit. They use electronic charting so you will be imputing your information into an IPAD type device. I like this a lot. Hate signing a lot of papers. I met Michelle who detailed my surgical details. She also conveyed her experience of having the procedure. I was introduced to Monica and Shelly. I think it was fascinating when they all allowed me to each touch their individual buttocks. All of their shapes are very different, I saw butt augmentation with no hips, full and round/bubble butt augmentation with hips and the shelf butt. Initially I wanted the shelf but on further thought and after Dr Jimerson came to see me we came to the conclusion that full and round is the way to go for me.
So now on to Dr Jimerson. I think the man is pure unadulterated genius. He is pleasant, well-spoken and handsome. He gave me an honest opinion of what he could achieve with the body presented to him. I told him that I would be working on my stomach and that he could work his magic on me and i will take care of the rest. I told him to give me an ass that will get me laid. (Sorry celibacy does make you a little uncouth at times.) He started laughing and told me he will make me sexy. You can see that he really has this skillset perfected and that butt shaping is all about an art form to Dr Jimerson. I told him to make it big as he could. He said that he goes in for the shape first and then he adds the size afterwards so if the shape is becoming distorted by the size he will stop. Dr Jimerson hugged me and made me feel like family. His staff were absolutely hilarious. It doesn't help that I could talk forever.. But I really enjoyed the time that everybody spent giving me their experience and how having the procedure had impacted all facets of their life.

One of bigger concerns was my skin texture and whether or not it was malleable to shape. Remember that saying that square pegs don't fit round holes well square butts need true sculpting to become rounded. I am praying for that to happen to me. I was told that the texture or rather the softness of my skin was conducive to shaping. I was glad about that. I then spoke to Kim the nurse at some length regarding my health history. My BP was 128/98. I have to drink a lot of water and watch my sodium intake in Georgia. If my lower number is greater than 100. They will not do the surgery. Also have to take Zantac and my blood pressure the day of the surgery.

My surgery time was moved from 10.30 am to 7.30 am. I am #1 that day. .. This was great.

There is a lot pre operatively to remember. There is a lot to think about post operatively also. So I have my list of things that I need to consider.
One of the things that I was truly fascinated about was the reason why so many women have this procedure? have you really thought about your reason?

I am more comfortable with doing the procedure since I visited the office. When you have been online going over and over the pictures. Or you have spoken on the phone or you have emailed. It's a lot different when you meet your patient care coordinator. I met Sarah, my PCC yesterday. She is like the girlfriend that you hang out with and tell all your secrets to. Great person to have as a PCC.

If you know me, you will understand that I don't get excited until I am actually in the operating room and anesthesiology is about to administer the general anesthesia. That's the way I have been for years. I think it comes from working in the Emergency Dept as an RN and having to subdue your own emotions in order to help other people. I know I am having this done but it still doesn't seem real yet. I can't visualize my new butt yet. I have prepared the best I can for all of the post op stuff. But I have fully connected to the fact that my body shape is going to be different. Maybe the pain will make it real to me? To be continued....

So after the epic visit I went and got my prescriptions at Walgreens. Guess how much they cost? $31.00.
I had to ask the shop assistant if she had missed something. Got 24 bottles of water for $3.00 also and will do some more shopping today.
I am going to eat some full meals today and tomorrow. Will stop eating at 9pm tonite.. Need some low sodium soups, fruits and yoghurt.

Anyway enough of this update..

Up at 2.31

Good morning - I guess that's now my mind manifests itself. It wakes me up out of my sleep. Well the surgery is tomorrow. So today is going to be final checks and lots of rest and eating..

Prayer for pending surgery

Philippians 4:6-7

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

11.33 am

At the Hyatt there are a couple of women who have received the surgery already. It's nice to be around other patients. I went for a walk with them this morning. I had a great breakfast. I have been receiving lots of calls, texts from well wishers. I feel relaxed. I will post the before and after pictures together as promised..

Today is the day 5.10 am

Wow I had the wierdest of dreams I dreamt that I missed the surgery. Wow I woke up feeling very disappointed at not setting my alarm. Then one of my friends sent me this affirmation just now.. It made me feel so calm..

" I hope you received enough rest , love.
You are light
You are beauty
You are the completion of your manifestation
You are sound
You are satisfaction
You are beauty
You are acceptance
You are your dream made reality
You are present
You are not your negative experiences
You are the present
You are now
You are love
You are peace
You are now

Getting ready to take my medications as requested with one sip of water and shower with Dial..!

6.04 am

Taxi came and dropped me off at Dr Jimerson's office. The lights are on but noone is in. :-( so now am going to have to wait until someone comes.. What a sight for sore eyes I must be. Puffy eyes, no make up.. In my nightgown and jacket. It's dark. Noone about. Just me and you Real Self readers..

As of today I will be updating as frequently as I can to let you experience the procedure with me.

I showered with dial and brushed my teeth. Used biotene mouth wash to stop it from being dry. Hate that humming breath. Don't think that should be inflicted on anyone.

I prayed for a uneventful surgery. got dressed in a pink nightgown and jacket. flipflops. No bra and no drawers. Have my inhaler and I carried my medications with me. I don't have my glasses on so I am Mrs Magoo in that regards.. O-O

Taxi came on time but I am mad early. Wish someone was here already. There is a lot of traffic on the street but Dr J's office is tucked away in the corner. It's a good job there is a lot of light where I am standing

6.47 am

Am still here waiting outside the doctors office. Noone is here yet.. Hopefully someone will come soon. The darkness is lifting. So I don't feel so anxious now. Have been watching hip hop videos on my phone to keep me occupied.. Hope someone comes soon. Am getting worried that I have the wrong date.. Or something..

6.52 am

Finally inside the office. Am feeling a lot more safer now. The lady who is in front reception was apologetic as she was late..from dropping off her children. It's me and a delivery man in the waiting room. There is no bell . so the ladies at the back cannot hear him. He is trying to make a delivery and he can't because noone is coming to the front desk. .. Finallythe lady came after eight minutes of him fussing. Signing off as putting phone in locker. .. See you on the other side..

15.21- Exclusive. JuliaElaine has a butt

So I woke up from surgery. In fact I jumped and half scared Clarice in her beautiful Southern accent "what in the world you doin?" Apparently is did that at the doctors office and scared Lina the nurse anesthetist too! :-).

So here are the pictures:

before and after:

My pain is LEss than moderate about a 4/10.

I am drinking water. I have a burning sensation to my lower abdomen. Rather like when you have worked out. I walked three lengths of my room. My garment got soaked on the left buttock. Clarice is taking excellent care of me. Am due to have my next anti nausea and pain pill at 16.30 pm.

At this time I do not know what was taken out and how much was put in. My waist is thick and I initially thought I could have gone bigger. But I never had any ass at all. And I think once I corset train and do abdominal work I will be happier with everything.
As of now I truly satisfied with Dr J's work..


Took an afternoon nap. Took my medications, ate my
Split soup and drank 240 ml of water.
I think I have Alice in the Looking Glass syndrome! Smile.. I am trying to stop staring but I am stalking myself! I still can't believe I really went through with it. I am so content with my results.
Getting ready to take some more medications and use my urinal.


Pain has increased a little 6/10 now. I had a smoothie, lots of water. I have been bleeding a fair amount. It's weird but I feel like my butt is swelling. I still can't I believe that I crossed over. I feel my Alice in Wonderland kicking in. I touch my butt, I swing my new hips and walk slowly. I am a Suwanee siren is my new affirmation. took some more medications. Getting ready to sleep.

00.20 am

I am up now for water and for a small bite to eat. Clarice, my carer has been so compassionate and sensitive to tending to my needs. Highly recommended to any lady who has this procedure.
My pain is now a 8/10- pain meds now due..
My JP drain is not draining as much as it could be. I will call the office tomorrow.
Also Walgreens only sent me five Lovenox. Not sure if it is mistake or if it is supposed to be. My PT/PTT/INR levels were normal. So I am not sure. Will call to see..
I remember asking Kim the nurse if I could manage on Motrin or Tylenol. Nope - I now recognize that you have to take the medications to be comfortable and to mobilize.
I walk the length off room every time I get up. It helps me get rid of the stiffness. I was told my Lina nurse anesthetist that I need to get up every two hours whilst awake. I am experience stiffness and some body aches. No searing or burning pain. I have been doing my leg exercises to prevent clots.

Side bar. Miley Cyrus is really promoting butt surgery with her antics on that recent award show but damn she got that stripper twerk down to a Tee. However she should save that Ish for her bedroom.. Smh

2.37 am and 7.52 am

Woke up at 2.37 am and had searing back pains and pain to my upper abdomen. I had explained to Clarice that I felt bloated and swollen. We were going to call the office and see if I could get another Vicodin but then she bought some ice and placed it on my back. I felt much better.
My booosky seems bigger to
Me. It's round and full. I am
Still in the mirror looking at myself. For the newbies you will do this too. For the vets I know you do this too.
I have been walking the length of my
I do have pain getting up from my stomach position to standing but I do it because I want my recovery to be good.

Today I will call or email the office and find out how many cc's I was given.

Tomorrow I am
Going to have my garment removed and my dressings changed.

Got to sign off now as Clarice has just brought breakfast for me

19.45 08/27/2013

I are soup from whole foods today. I have been drinking fluids like they are going out of fashion. My JP drain continues not to drain. The pain medications have to be taken four hourly at this point. I also take my anti nausea medications regularly as I like to eat. Most of my pain is in my abdomen. I have been using arnica for the bruising. I have also been practicing walking with booosky. I don't want to walk like a duck. It looks weird like you got a stick up your ass. So I need to walk in a lady like fashion. Plus it's good to get up for keeping the clots at bay.

I got these measurement from Kim the nurse today..

He took six inches of my waist alone!

1200 ml abdomen
1300 ml lower back
200 ml each back bra roll
300 ml each flank pain
3500 ml in total

850 mL in each buttock
200 mL in each flank

I do have a hour glass figure.

I am trying to stay on top of the fluids and also eating my iron. I have eaten soups and salads.

Tomorrow my garment will come and all dressings will be removed. The garment will be off for one hour and I am going to have the garment washed. It's bloody. So here's the money dilemma. You can either get a new garment or you can manage with the old one.

I have an abdominal board and I am going to go to Dr J's office to find out when I can use the abdominal board. I had a 36 inch waist prior to surgery now I have a 30 inch waist. I am trying for a 27 inch waist so after this surgery settles down I will be following big booty tiny waist's regime.. Yes ladies to be sexy and sophisticated takes dedication and hard work. Are you in it to win it?

4.30 am. 08/28/2013

Up at 4.30 am. I have a griping sensation in my stomach. I need to take a poop. If there is code brown today then I will take an enema today. I am still drinking water like there is a shortage. My pain is a 6/10. It is predominantly around my abdomen. I am still sleeping on my stomach. I feel gassy. I cannot stress enough how much you need a nurse or carer to take care of you. I could have never have done this journey alone. I have been rubbing Arnica gel which is so good on the bruising. Today is the world premiere of my Booosky. I am still walking the length of my room as it helps with muscle stiffness. One thing I will tell you is that your upper arm strength will need to be good. You have to push up the top half of your body with your arms only. It's like a modified push up. I am exercising myself because I want to get back into the swing of things as soon as possibly.

I am glad that I budgets for most of my care, my supplies, my transportation, my nutrition and my massages. I don't think that scrimping on anything is good for your psyche. It's already an expensive procedure with Dr J so I feel like i need to handle my new
Body post operatively with lots of care. You need to recognize that this new body is priceless and that there is no price that you can put on your health.

I have not worn any clothes since my surgery. So all the clothes that I bought were excess.

I was originally going to have a friend watch over me for one night. I think that I would have been short changing myself. When you go for this procedure if you don't want a carer for Gods sake bring somebody who is not scared of blood or wounds and who can follow instructions as directed by Jimerson's office. Take the antibiotics, blood thinners and analgesia as prescribed. Drink fluids and avoid going to Emory hospital by ambulance. In July I believe four women went to hospital and last night another went. I don't know why they went but I wouldn't want any of you to go.

Go into this process knowing that it is a risky procedure if you are not healthy to begin with..your hemoglobin can drop up to four points so if you are only 10 then post procedure you are now a 6 then you are now a candidate for a blood transfusion. Be careful ladies.

World Premiere of Boosky 9.45 am

So today Clarice took down the bloody bandages. I was premedicated with my pain medications so that the process would not be painful. We unhooked the fastenings first and then slowly rolled the garment down my waist and then it was pulled slowly over each buttock. The JP drain that had not been draining was actually compressed by a right bandage dressing. So the moment Clarice released that it started to drain. The garment gets taken off to be cleaned and to change/remove the dressings. I also used maxi pads (sanitary napkins) to put under my garment to make it comfortable to wear and to stem the blood flow of my wounds.
When washing the garment. If no washer or dryer available here is the old school trick. Wash in cold water with hydrogen peroxide and some liquid soap. Soak if you can. Remember that you can only take the garment off for one hour only.
Then to dry roll up the garment in a towel and wring it until it is damp. Then use hotel hair dryer to thoroughly dry the garment.

13.16 Wednesday 28th August 2013

Finally took Boosky out for a small walk. Went to Krogers for some Benadryl and a Fleets enema. . I still haven't had a bowel movement so I feel like I need to have a Code brown but nothing is forthcoming. Just gassy like a Nutty Professor family member LoL.. My skin is itchy but not infuriating. I actually put on clothes to go out. It's the first time since the surgery that I had regular clothes on. Have been living in my garment. I am gonna try for a Fleets enema now as I hate feeling constipated. Had pain medications and anti-nausea meds just now. So everything is in track.. Movement is still restricted by the pain but I am lot more mobile today than I was yesterday. ..
Every day do a little walking and it helps greatly with this procedure.
Tomorrow is my first massage..

Post operative care

So today I took off my garment four times. I practiced putting it on myself.. That was a right moment pulling this tight thing over my swollen ass.. I had the biggest bowel movement in the state of Georgia. I am sure you could have fertilized most of the fruit and vegetables with my manure..
Went to concentra to get my labwork drawn. My insurance was rejected. So the cost of seeing a doctor was $150. The CBC was $17.60. I also wanted a Ferritin but they could not find the price

At Concentra- Check CBC post op

Temp 99.2F
BP 102/60
HR 100

Met a Dr Adenupe at concentra in Abbotts Creek. Very mild, charming and pleasant man. We discussed my concerns and he agrees with me that a CBC would be appropriate post surgery. I cannot stress enough to anyone having this procedure tread lightly whilst you are going through your recovery. Your body had just had major surgery. treat it kindly so you can get to sashay that ass without fainting.

Now if you don't remember my baseline hemoglobin is 13.5. I had 3500 taken off. My expectations are that I would have dropped my Hemoglobin by 4 points. I just need to know how much iron to continue to take post op.. I really do not care about the money. The way I look at it. I would rather have the CBC teke. in a controlled environment and not be symptomatic than be rushed to Emory Hospital for a blood transfusion. (In the words of scrappy) "You feel me?"

19:54 08/28/2013

My CBC will be processed on the premises. So I will know in about ten minutes. I was a little dehydrated -
The first stick by the phlebotomist didn't even draw blood. I been drinking 4 bottled 500ml waters per day.

Also got my first post op measurements

Bust 38
Waist 31
Hips 43

Remember I am still swollen.

Results pending...

Lab results

My hemoglobin is 11.6
My hematocrit is 34.4

I am grateful. Thank you Lord

15.17 08/29-2013

Today was my first body massage with Belinda and my last day with Clarice. So with Belinda I found her to be straightforward, proficient at her craft and very gentle. I was thinking that I would be sore from the massage but it relieved a lot of
My stiffness. It was awesome.. I think this is an essential part of the post surgery treatment modality. It also helps to smooth out scar tissue left over from the lipo. I am so glad that I have three left to do. I will continue to do the massages when I go back home. I have had to add Benadryl to my medications as my surgical areas are itchy. my skin still feels tight..y buttock and hip areas still feel tight.

As Clarice had completed her duties as my carer I was shown how to document my medications, self administer my Lovenox, measure the drainage from My Jackson Pratt drain. I continue to walk the length of my room. I noticed that it is a lot easier to get into my bed and to get up from my bed pushing upwards. The pain is lesser. I can now put my garment on all by myself. I have that downpat. So far I have drank one liter of water. Am hoping to drink another liter before the end of the night. When my tummy feels itchy I have found rubbing it in a circular fashion calms the itchiness.

Met m73rose and her husband yesterday. Her surgery is tomorrow. She is so ready and prepared.. Great lady.

I am very content with my new body shape and will start wearing the abdominal board tomorrow as the hook and eye part of the garment is leaving an imprint In my skin. Also my legs and feet are swollen. This was reduced after the massage..

Time for my afternoon nap.

You don't like my new ass? Really??

So many women who have gone through this procedure decided not to tell anyone. I can see why. Both men and women can say really stupid things or pass hurtful remarks when talking to you. I am four days post op and I can't believe the nasty behavior of some people.
I am an adult and I made an adult decision with my money to get this surgery.

Someone said to me. You were fine before but now that you fine as hell try not to be big headed. Like what is that about? If you know me you would know that I am a humble person. I don't need a big ass to be arrogant. It was not my nature to begin with. I think that many men are jealous of the attention that a woman with a shapely ass receives. The rationale for me is that the man who is acting in a jealous manner or making negative remarks or finding fault or telling you that you are ok the way you are is Scared. Yes ladies he is scared that your new body shape will attract a higher quality man. The low level antics that some men use to upset us should not take priority over the basic necessities. The basic necessities are what makes me happy. The first thing a person who cares about you should ask is How you feeling? Any deviant comments from this baseline should IMMEDIATELY be seen as a red flag.
A no good man or a man that does not wish you well will start criticizing you almost instantly. This man has already reduced you to your body parts and does not see you as a person. So my real self ladies be good and kind to yourself and instead of stressing yourself out. Cut the man off. You would be surprised at how many of them start changing their tune but its too late. Shallow superficial men don't or cannot change. So leave him alone girl.
Male haters are bad but I am sure a female hater can be just as cruel. But that is another story.

. If a man asked me to send a post op pictures I did. It's not right for him to then turn around and ask me "why did I do that?" iam four days post op and swollen. I don't need the aggravation of explaining myself to someone who does not pay for anything in my life or makes decisions for me. What I am trying to say in a long winded way is that some men are shallow. Some men don't want you to go any further than where you are now. A new shapely butt is an eye opener. It attracts attention and in some cases preferential treatment. Women who had or have a flat ass know this. I have not been out yet but I can tell you that the few men that I have passed in the hotel hallway have smiled and been courteous. But yes ladies who are pre op. The attention is real. it comes from all angles both positive and negative and be prepared to deflect comments that are not very nice. People who are nasty have their own agenda. My game plan is to heal and to be stress free. Those are my priorities. Everyone else can kiss my new proved Boosky..

15.45 08/30/2103

Am taking off my
Garment for one hour as specified by post operative instructions. The top of my buttocks feel soft. The rest of Boosky remains hard.. Getting ready for a sponge bath

09/01/2013 HEALING going well

Hello lovelies. How are you all doing on this Labor Day weekend?
Yesterday I had a fabulous most relaxing lymphatic message with Belinda. It was a tranquil and idyllic experience which caused me to become comatose by 8pm. I had some aching in my lower back by the triangle area. The triangle you have to
Wear for six Weeks to create that beautiful butt cleavage. I have now become proficient at taking off and putting on garment. I had an accident with the easy pee contraption thingy me jig.. I was peeing and did not have the funnel part pressed closely to my va Jajay and ended up pissing down my own leg. Lol who does that? Only someone not concentrating. So ladies you have been warned it takes a little concentration to pee straight. That little incident became two hours out of my garment when I had to take it off to wash it and dry it and Also to take care of my own hygiene needs. I also had another bowel movement once again assisted by enema. I have to stop eating carbohydrates whilst my stomach settles back into its regular routine. I have not used my
Vicodin for nearly two days so I will be returning it to Walgreens. I don't need those type of medications in my home.
I am also thoroughly proficient at sponge baths. I noticed that my butt swelling is going down. It's still big but I think it's a lot less shiny looking. The perimeter of each buttock Appears to be softening. Its noticeable. the center still feels hard. I can see some clear sutures to my buttocks. All in all my bruising has been minimal. Any bruising I see I use my arnica gel. It's excellent and you seem to see the benefits by about day 3-4 of usage.

My JP drain has not been draining well at all. The bulb would not stay deflated. I did call the office and was advised it was not an emergency and that Dr J would take care of it on

I am able to push myself up from a stomach lying position without effort. I am able to ambulate quicker also.

Apart from the lower back pain for which I take Tylenol I really would describe every other symptom as aching.. Which is relieved by stretching.

Divorced the JP drain today

Hello ladies, I finally had my post operative appointment today with Kim. I had my drain removed. I was advised that I still cannot shower for 48 hours so that won't be until Thursday 5. Same day that I return to New Jersey.. I am ready to return home at this point. I miss my house and my routine. I am having an issue with my garment. My torso is short and the garment pinches at my skin causing a crease at my waist so I have had do put am abdominal pad inside of garment as suggested by Kim, the nurse. This has helped greatly. My mobility is much improved. I able to get from laying on my stomach to my knees really quite easily. I don't feel so stiff. I completed five lymphatic massages and will be getting more back home. I also have internal scar tissue that needs to be broken up. I am going to self massage those areas daily until I break them up.. Ouch. I have to say the pain has subsided greatly. It's good not taking anymore medications. I use Tylenol and Benadryl at nights. I have been advised to apply neosporin to my wounds until the bandages fall off. Then after my scars are heeled I can start using the mesderma cream for reducing the scar appearance. I have to wear the garment for three months and the triangle got six weeks. No full exercise regime for six months. I want to thigh strap, waist train and focus on this hour glass foundation. The swelling has gone down a fair amount. Thank God. Am hoping to get my waist to 27 inches.
Boosky is continually softening. I just have to treat her right and be patient. One of my female friends who was against my surgery saw my post op pictures and actually changed her mind about everything. Now she wants some! People are funny like that. As for the attention - well lets say that men now look me up and down and their eyes linger. I am not familiar with this experience at all. At first I thought I would go about unnoticed as I have been doing previously. Wow did I have my head up my ass (every pun intended). Ladies with a defined and shapely body men do pay attention and smile more. It's true..it's all ages, races and shapes. I still have not sat on Boosky. Have been traveling on my tummy in the back seat. My return to New Jersey will mean me sitting on my yoga roll in my vehicle. Yet another chapter in my journey. But we will cross that when we come to it.. Right... ? Boosky the beautiful bubble will be alright....

Good read


Finally back in New Jersey

Had to leave the Hyatt at 2.30 am to catch a flight for 5.45 am. United airways staff were quite accommodating regarding the specifications of the letter that dr Jimerson gave me. "Not being permitted to sit for long periods of time". As I was not allowed to stand in the aisle I turned around and kneeled in my seat. I did have to sit on my Gia pillow for take off and landing. When I got to Newark I went to the job to get my car. Well a security guard practically ran down the hospital hallway to tell me how good I looked. This is a fine looking man who laughs and jokes with me but normally never notices anything else. Ladies be prepared for the attention. And it comes from all races and genders. Wow. Thanks Dr J. My days of being incognito are over. I got my car and then sat precariously on my Gia with the buttocks hanging over the edge and a pillow behind my back and sailed victoriously down the Garden State Parkway. Got home and finally washed the garment in the washing machine. Took a long needed shower with dial soap and then took time to break scar tissue. Ouch ouch and more ouch. It's a necessary evil to make this investment durable. Gonna air dry that garment and then get in the bed. I am on one hour of sleep. So talk later.

Day 2 of Aunt Flo..

Having the worst period ever. :-(. Went to the pink room yesterday and got my second stage garment- Salome 0527 xl. It made such a difference in comparison to my current garment. After this period - normally heavy and bleeds through clothes(sorry for the TMI) I will wear it. Back to work tomorrow. Spent day at home watching Luther - and generally just relaxing.
Anyway talk soon

October is a deserving month

Oh my darling Real Self babies. How is everyone feeling? I am well. Had some ish to sort out so was unable to post. But I have some time today to talk about whats been happening. So I returned to work two and a half weeks post op. At my first job, All of my colleagues, those who knew and those who didnt know told me how awesome I looked. It was the biggest confidence booster ever. Let me tell you. So I went back to my second job at three weeks post op and here's where the trouble starts. So I had helped a co-worker after she got fired in writing a letter. She stressed to me that she wanted me to keep all her business private. This I did. Ultimately the letter got her job back. I had told her about the surgery. When I came back to work, she had practically told everyone in the entire facility. I was so peturbed by her that I asked her about it. She denied all of it. But her mouth is looser than a week of diarrhea!! Oh well. I also felt that she wanted this chapter in my life to fail. But it didnt. Having a new body makes you act in a certain way. Trust and believe that. I have come to the conclusion that if a person is a parasite or they are not enhancing my existence then why have them around? . So I decided that with my new ass comes a new mindset. I am of the belief that I am worth a lot more than what most people think. So I act accordingly because my boundaries have changed. I am not so complacent nor am I tolerant of the bullshit. So if a person serves no purpose in my life other than to aggravate me. Then he/she gots to go. Let GO and LET GOD. Ladies this has been pivotal in separating the haters from those who truly have your best interests at heart.

Speaking of hearts, mine was shattered into a thousand pieces by a man who I have loved for some time. About 5 years. He told me that he hated me. I won't go into the ins and outs, but I was so devastated by this that I went to bed for two days. I did not speak to anyone and just lay and contemplated what had I done to deserve that kind of treatment. After my two days of feeling sorry for myself.
I decided that I did Jack Diddly Squat to deserve that. So I thought now is really the time to reconsider how I want a man to treat me. This man did not deserve me. He was not worthy of my time, attention or love. He is not even worthy of kissing this fabulous Jimerson Booty that I possess. So as much as I loved him. I love myself more and I deserve way better. So into the dating scene I have placed myself. And for the record, he has not seen me since my surgery. His loss.

Now onto my booty. Its holding up well. I have been in the Salome for a month. I have been waiting for a follow up call from the office but none never came. Maybe I got my dates incorrect. I am five weeks post op and loving my shape. I had been wearing a squeem over my garment for a couple of days but it was cutting into my skin too much and causing skin tears. (not very comfortable at all.). I am due for another garment and I am going to call Sarah today to find out when I can exercise. I need to make sure that I can do my core work. My diet has been good. Vegetables, Salads, fruits, smoothies, protein shakes, water, meat. I am not in school this semester as this recovery needed my full and undivided attention. The realest thing about having a butt job is the amount of attention that comes from others. Wow, my glutes are doing very well. Its amazing how much power they have. LOL. They have made police officers stop in their tracks and made grown men lose their train of thought. Its funny even when you don't wear form fitting clothing, those "cheeks" demand a second look. I was initially worried that I was losing volume in the first two weeks. But Ladies, I think I have more than enough to work with right now.

Oh and I finally told my mother about my surgery. She is 78 and lives in another country and I did not want to worry her with the whole "I am having surgery" drama. My mother was like "So let me get this right, you spent the entire $12000 on yourself? Well that's a good thing." My mom thinks anything that makes me feel good about myself and enhances my appearance is worth spending money on. She had absolutely no problem with it. So all in all that is the end of the update. I need to add a photo I know. Will try to do it today. Hope that your journey is going well. Its interesting this journey. It strengthens your character in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

Some piccies

My booty is not huge but it is rounded and perky. I love the way my clothes fit. Such a difference. I still sitting on my Gia pillow.I have not sat on my boosky. I still sleep on my tummy and I will be wearing my garment for the forseeable future.

Just some more piccies.

Its wierd. My butt looks so different in all my clothes. I am planning to spend time trying on lots of different outfits. I work in a professional setting, so I can't always look have my ass looking, how shall we say "pronounced." Some things make the buns look huge, others dont. If you look at the two previous pictures posted this week, you would not believe that boosky is hiding in there. But she is. Anyway my RS darlings, have a fabulous weekend.

Late November Update

Hello lovely ladies of RS. Hope that whatever stage you are in your journey, you are at peace with yourself and that life is going in the direction that you need it to be. I apologize for the lateness of the update. But life has been a little busy at work with mandatory trainings etc. Anyway, what have I gotten myself into of late? Well let me see. Well as I had told you before the love of my life dumped me. Well wouldn't you know, one week later he turns up at my job. Just to take a look at my new body. Its a bit hard to rescue "I hate you" without grovelling and he's not that type of man. But his jaw dropped. I was wearing some close fitting sweat pants. I swear he didn't know what to do with himself. And even though I wanted to say hello, I didnt. He doesnt deserve any type of greetings or salutations. So I found myself thinking what did I do to attract that type of person, someone cruel, abusive and downright arrogant and then have the audacity to call it love. I did some research on the term narcissist.
To be a narcissist is to act selfishly and to have no remorse or moral conscience regarding your behavior. That's a simplistic definition. However the more easier one to remember is that narcissists are takers. I am and probably always be predominantly a giver. That is essentially how my spirit operates. It has always been my downfall in relationships as I will keep giving without expectation of reciprocity. So here's the interesting thing for those of you who are pre op if you are similar in thinking to me. Once you give this to yourself you will find that you have a different mindset about giving to others. Its an epiphany. You realize that the best thing you could possibly do for yourself is to give to yourself. It starts with making your bed in the morning (yes very basic-but it fulfils the criteria of making your environment comfortable). It also means that the needs of a partner are secondary and not primary to your needs. In other words you come first. It was a big shift in thinking for me. I was like whoa. Am I gonna get hit with a bolt of lightening for this? But I realized that I needed to change. When you constantly give with no returns, or you invest emotionally, sexually or financially in people, be they men or women and they are not truly grateful for what you have done for them; you start to feel resentful. It causes a lot of wear and tear on your spirit and your love of others.
The interesting thing is that when you stop giving, there is major movement amongst the takers. They become belligerent or make up a lot of noise for stuff that they dont deserve and could quite easily get for themselves, but expect you to give them. It changes the whole dynamic between you and them. People are interdependent on each other. That is normal. But when someone becomes dependent upon you for everything and they are not your child, or elderly parent, then you are not only making a cross for yourself to bear, but more importantly you are robbing the taker of a very important growth process. The ability to become responsible and accountable for things that they need in their life. This arrests their development. When I think back to men that I have given to. Initially I thought I was helping but as time went on, it was not seen by the taker as a random favor, it was seen as a necessity and all the things that I wanted or needed became lost. Ladies if researched appropriately and your surgeon knows his craft, then this will be one of the most life-affirming things that you can do for yourself. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty or uncomfortable for giving to yourself. Life is a divine experience and anything that you can do to make yourself beautiful for life is OK. Give to yourself and surround yourself with giving people. The more you give to yourself, the more positive your life becomes.
The takers realizing that they have to take care of their own issues either move on to the next giver or they start to stand up for themselves. Initially as people start to fall away from you, it is lonely, but it is also a rebirth as you can finally assume your rightful place in society and be around people that do actually value you. And to make this painfully obvious I invite any of you who do give repeatedly to others without return to STOP giving and see what happens!! I enclosed some two month post operative pictures. I still have a way to go to making my stomach perfectly flat but I am so happy with my new figure. My dimensions are 38-29-39. I still wear a Faja. I love the women at the Pink Room, 249 Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ. Maria and Marisol are the best. So until the next update I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. God bless and stay focused on giving to yourself.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

My doctor will be Dr Jimerson. I initially had Dr Bond however after reconsideration I decided that the travel to Georgia is worth it. I am currently in the process of finishing paying for the surgery. So I have a tentative date of 05/05/2014. I would love to have my surgery before the end of the year. I really want a new body shape. I have started getting rid of clothes that are too small. I have observed Dr Jimerson's work over a period of a few months and I am absolutely sure that he will deliver an astounding body shape for me. I want to have a full prominent butt job. If the before and after body pictures on the advancedplasticsurgery website are an indication of how things will be for me then my life is getting ready to change. I am in awe of the way in which the buttocks have been sculpted to accomodate the fullness. I call Jimerson the Michaelangelo of ass sculpting. Its funny that I have changed my doctor but I am not able to change this on the real self website. I hope that they can change it for me. Real self take note. My patient care coordinator is Sarah - she is a diamond and has been helping through this delicate process. I am looking forward to this journey.

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