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Okay, so today i booked my bbl with dr. bond for...

Okay, so today i booked my bbl with dr. bond for march 3, less than two weeks away!!!! Dr. Bond was sweet, and very honest. She seemed very experienced and easily understood my desires and problem areas. I'm soo nervous. I never thought I would be someone to get plastic surgery, but here I am. Diving in head first. I'm almost 28 and I just want to be in a body that I love!

My bloodwork in next week and my surgery is the monday after. If you have any prep advice please send it my way!

BEFORE pics...ugh.

Wanted to post some before shots as explanation for WHY I am on this journey...I've never felt sexy in my body. Always had pretty hair, pretty face, but never sexy. I'm hoping adding to my curves and filling out my shape will help boost my confidence and improved my appearance both in and out of clothes.. :)

A few pre-op supplies...

Been reading and per a few people's recommendations I ordered the following items:

1. Bromelain Capsules - $18
2. Arnica gel & Arnica Montana - $14
3. Waist Cincher - $50
4. Faja - $105

Bloodwork DONE!

So today I went to the hospital for my PATs (pre-admission testing)...I was actually scheduled for tomorrow morning but moved the appt up since my procedure is in less than a week. Hopefully everything went well, the doc will get my results tomorrow so fingers crossed!

Everything confirmed & ready to go!

So apparently all went well with my bloodwork, YAY! Now im just coordinating who is going to take care of me and when. Fellow, BBL'ers, how long did you need 24-hour help? 2 days? 3? 5? I'm trying to bring my family up in shifts but I'd like to be independent as soon as possible of course. Oh, and please send your best recovery tips my way!

Surgery Tomorrow

So...I am a complete bundle of nerves right now! I'm doing everything to distract myself from the fact that tomorrow is the big day! I can't wait to post my first post-op Gosh I hope the pain isn't that bad. I've read varying reviews on how bad people felt...Ah, it goes!

POST OP!!! A day for the books...

So all went well for the most part yesterday, I was in and out of surgery pretty quickly in my opinion...
Dr. Bond was very consoling and explanative before the surgery, although I wished I could of had a moment with her afterwards...I didn't schedule a post op appointment yet and would also like to know how many cc's she removed and how many she put in. Those updates will come later.
After I got out there was a little pain and they gave me some Demerol which quickly fixed it. After waking up I was able to flip over on my side, I didn't want to flatten this new butt! I can't really tell what it looks like with all the bandages and stuff...I have one pic and will post more after my bandages come off. After getting to post-op my girlfriend came over with a balloon and stuffed bear which really lifted my spirits. this is where things get crazy....I had to get up to put dressing on on my lipo spots and blood was pouring down my leg. My girlfriend left the room for air, she was feeling dizzy and nauseous. Next thing I know the nurses are yelling back and forth and rushing my gf to the ER! She passed out from not eating all was absolutely crazy. She was my ride home so i was stuck at the hospital for a while. Which leads me to say, ladies & never know what can happen so make sure you have a back up plan to all your arrangements! I eventually got checked out and took the van home, they wouldn't let me stay with her because I was post op and cannot sit down. She checked out a few hours later and is feeling fine.

Now about the pain...It's actually not too bad, the meds yesterday really helped. I havent taken any today because im not really in pain, moreso just sore...which i can deal with. I cant wait to get all these dressings off to see what my body looks like under here!

...Gained 14lbs after surgery

I've read a lot of people's post on here and they worry about the weight they've gained post op and whether it will drop off. I was 219 lbs when I went in this morning, when i got home and weighed myself I was over 233. I was pumped full of liquids and swollen all over. I'm still swollen, but i managed to drop four pounds in water because I was peeing so much last night. To others, dont get discouraged its totally normal for post-op water weight gain! As your fluids pass the weight will drop..

More post-op pics

still swollen...much less pain though..

So it's been about 3 days since the surgery and the pain has reduced considerably. Now most of my pain is coming from my lower back being swollen/sore and my stomach being compressed. Looking forward to my post op appointment next week as my gf wont let me take off anything so i can sneak a peak at this body. She has looked at it and said "if this is good!" meaning, if it takes and the whole booty isnt just from I hope it takes. Sometimes if feels like its going to POP. my booty feels stretched, i dont think i could of handled a cc more in there.

More post op details..

I left out that I started my period the day of surgery...didn't affect anything at all honestly it was the first period in a while where I didn't feel a single Pain has gone down quite a bit, now I'm just taking the pills to help the swelling go down. I'm ready to start moving around and doing more for myself. Can't wait to be able to sit down again. Laying one stomach is driving me crazy!

Trying to keep up in spirits...

I'm not feeling to great about me or the surgery in general right now. It's hard to be excited with all the swelling..honestly I look the same if not bigger than before. My girlfriend has started making comments about my butt possibly being flat and I just don't want to hear any of it. I'm trying to convince myself its just the swelling and soon I'll look amazing! I need some reassurance though so I'm eager to meet Dr. bond tomorrow and have my first post-op appointment. Will post updates soon!

1 week post op pics!

I know everyone gets on here for the before and after pics, here's hoping this helps someone in my size range, which I didn't see very often on the site.

219lbs (heavy in the stomach area)


post-post op appt

So today I went for my post op appointment with Dr. Bond...or so i thought. Apparently she's out of town so I met with the very sweet Madeline. She took my measurements, removed my remaining bandages, and told me I can finally shower (yay small victory!). She also told me that I have lots of swelling and to be patient for the final results. Now I have to admit, after not seeing Dr. Bond immediately after surgery I was disappointed. I understand though because I slept for two hours after the procedure...and who has time to wait around for me to wake up? But to not get a phone call from her, or to see her at this appointment really bothered me. It feels extremely impersonal and compared to other stories of doctors reaching out and giving support, its also disappointing as I hoped to forge some sort of doctor patient relationship with her. My gf thinks im being to harsh, and maybe thats because the person who cut me open doesnt have a minute to even call and answer a few questions for me!

Also my post op report wasn't available so in addition to her not being there I got no information about my procedure. So all in all, I went to the doctor to get some bandages removed, which I could of done myself. I still havent reviewed Dr. Bond because I want this experience to be complete before I pass any judgement. But at this point..she's definitely getting average marks.

Swelling down quite a bit

I can finally feel the swelling going down...instead of filling like im carrying 8 cans of soup in my stomach it feels more like and the scale said i was down about 5lbs from yesterday morning. Hopefully if i keep the salt intake down, I can continue to shed this water weight. I'm even thinking about going to a sauna to help sweat it out...

Feeling good! 10 days post op.

Was out playing softball today...can't run too much but im able to catch and bat with minor soreness in my back. The swelling is still coming down quite a bit. Also, purchased a new garment...Anny Powernet and it is the truth! That thing makes my body look 5x as good! See pics below...

2 Weeks Post Op!!

I cannot believe it's been two weeks already. Time is flying...but not really when all you do is lay on ur stomach alllll dayyy. My appt with dr. bond isn't until next week, so I'm going to work from home an additional week to delay sitting on my butt directly before she sees me. My pain is minimal at this point. I get a few sharp pains, usually when lying down...and they normally come from my incision points. I'm also very stiff when I first wake up, which wears off after an hour or two. Moving around or standing for too long makes my lower back very sore...and I normally take a vicodin to help me sleep through the night. My body is taking shape and I am lovinggggg it.

2 Week post op pics. im loving it!

Almost 4Wks PO

So it's been a while since I've been on the site...had to get back to regular life! After 2 weeks at home I decided to return to work...sitting was more painful earlier in the week, but after some practice I think I'm getting used to sitting on this new butt. It sorta felt like sitting on water balloons...idk lol its weird.
I wake up stiff and swollen almost every morning, and some days I just dont feel like leaving the bed at all. But after walking around a bit the pain normally subsides. Oh, that reminds me. I finally had my post op appointment with Dr. Bond. I was told my measurements were 36-44-50.5 which is bigger than I was before. That amazed me because with the change in my shape, to me I look slimmer, but apparently im still swollen and will lose some volume. She told me I will probably lose another inch from my butt..I'm not too upset about it though i dont think an inch will make or break me. She also gave me my unofficial op report (she hadn't done the official one yet).
She took out about 4200cc of fat from my body, and placed 1225cc in each butt cheek and 100cc in each hip. I had no idea she even did my hips! lol but im grateful. I love the overall look and shape I have now. I'll post some more pics when I hit the 4wk po mark.
Montclair Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bond had her pros and cons in my opinion. Pros: * Her work is amazing, I love my new butt. * It was easy to schedule a consultation * Her staff is super courteous and always available * Payment was easy and they were helpful in explaining options * Bedside manner was great, she stroke my arm and comforted me until i passed *Never waited more than a few minutes in the waiting room Cons: * I was disappointed with her post-op effort/after care. I wish she had been at my first appointment and/or reached out to me after my surgery. The first time I saw or spoke to her after was 3 weeks post op. * I told her pre-op to take out the max, 5,000ccs and she only took out about 4200cc. She didn't really give me a reason why, just said that "you'd be surprised how much a difference 4000ccs makes". I understand it made a difference...but i wanted the biggest difference I could get for the price I'm paying.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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