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Hi. I am a 51 year old female, 5'4", 152 lbs. I...

Hi. I am a 51 year old female, 5'4", 152 lbs. I was never an overweight person but even when I was in top shape in my early 20's I had a "belly". Genetically predisposed. My mother passed away in October and I decided that I wanted to rid myself of the unwanted "role" around my middle that seemed to grow during these menopause years despite daily activity and sit ups. My husband was COMPLETELY against any kind of "plastic enhancement" as he calls it but begrudgingly did not give me much of a hard time because it was not surgical. Once I had the consultation, I decided to go the whole way and get my love handles, upper and lower abdomen done twice. I was told it was not painful and two treatments to an area shows better results. So thanks to Mom, I am making the leap of faith.
January 27th - large paddles, lower abdomen. The overall procedure was uncomfortable but not unbearable for spending 2 hours freezing parts of your body off. The massage at the end was the most uncomfortable but I left feeling my skin numb and ok overall. Until day 4 when the electric shock part started. Only way to describe it was intermittent stabs of pain like bees stinging you from the inside out. Not all at once or necessarily in the same spot. By day 4 of this I was literally about to crawl out of my skin. I was wearing spandex tank top and underwear under my clothes 24 hours a day and only twice did I put an ice pack on. I took one Tylenol but found that didn't do anything. But by day 9 the stinging subsided and I felt someone relieved. But 2 days later I was scheduled for my "flanks". With great trepedation I went to the appointment wondering "why am I doing this to myself, I must be nuts". But I went ahead and this time there was no pain associated with the procedure at all. Not during or since and I am on day 5. I did experience bruising where the small paddles had been but nothing to cry about.
Now I look like a pregnant woman with huge love handles! I have not seen much decrease in swelling even in my lower abdomen, day 15. Because my swelling was so much they suggested I wait to have my upper abdomen done once the swelling goes down. So we wait and see before going through with this again.
All in all I should have 12 treated areas - 2 large paddles on my lower abdomen twice, 2 small paddles on my upper abdomen twice, 2 small paddles on my flanks twice. Hopefully by July I will be able to put on a pair of shorts and now feel like the circulation is being cut off from my legs!

Day 16

I haven't felt ANY pain at all from the small paddles used on my flanks. Some swelling but no pain, this I can handle. My abdomen is still very swollen and I am wearing a spanx all day every day just so people don't think I got pregnant at 52! My abdomen itches but at least now the skin feels normal and the itching feels good! Waiting for some sort of "light at the end of the tunnel" in regards to looks, so far nothing except looking cubby!

Picture teslls 1000 words

Day 12 lower abdomend, day of "flanks" procedure

Day 22

It has been 22 days since my cool sculpting of large paddles on my lower abdomen, 10 days since the small paddles on my flanks. Today I actually feel like some of the swelling went down but now I just have returned looking like I did before the procedure! I experienced NO pain or discomfort at all from the flanks. Today my lowere abdomen still is slightly numb and itches but it actually feels nice to itch now at least. Husband wants to know how you don't actually loose weight but loose fat cells? Right now I am still waiting for some indication this was worth the money and discomfort I felt after the first procedure. I have paid UP FRONT for another 4 procedures.

Day 23

No pain, some itching, no improvement in less of a bulge.

Day 46

After 6 weeks since the application of the large paddles on my lower abdomen and 5 weeks since the application of the smaller paddles on my flanks I can't say I see much of a difference. I have not had a chance however to compare the before and after photos. Also, I am trying to be patient as it was told to me some people don't see full results for 3 months. I initially paid up front for 12 treatements so will be having the lower abdomen done again at the end of March in hopes that by summer this 52 year old body looks a little better in a one piece!

Day 51

Haven't felt any pain in a long time. The numbness is also completely gone. I am beginning to see that my lower abdomen has gotten much flatter. I went into this procedure knowing I wasn't doing Lipo suction and my expectations were to see some difference to motivate me to exercise again. Also, to appreciate my 52 year old body. And I do feel this is being accomplished. I do not have a perfectly flat abdomen but it is a marked improvement. I am scheduled for a second round - large paddles on my lower abdomen- on March 31,2014. I am hoping by July to feel good at 52 in a one piece bathing suit! Will hopefully get pictures up soon.

Day 64

Had my upper abdomen done yesterday. Not looking forward to the shooting pain once the freezing numbness wears off! Will be going for my second treatment on my lower abdomen on day 90. I do NOT exercise and I am slightly overweight. Menopause seriously changed my metabolism. I am hoping when I see more results it jump starts my desire to exercise again.

Day 160

I really see no difference at all. I still feel numb at times in my lower abdomen or get a sharp pain occasionally. I still have 4 "paddle" treatments left but haven't made an appointment. Since I paid for them I will do them eventually but for the cost I am not impressed at all with the result. However, as stated previously, I do NOT work out at all.
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