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I am 31 years old and a mother of three children...

I am 31 years old and a mother of three children under the age of 10. I am an active person and workout 4-5 times per week. No matter what I did after having my 3rd child, he just turned a year in March, I can't seem to loose the belly. I weigh less than I ever have and in much better shape than before I was married, but my stomache just won't coorperate no matter how many sit ups I do! I went to my doctor for a consultation in March hoping for a tummy tuck. After looking at me, my doctor said that I didn't have enough loose skin above my belly button for a full tummy tuck. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to strech my skin down far enough to hide the existing hole of my belly button and it would appear as if I had two! Of course I didn't want that. He did tell me that "I was a perfect candidate for a mini tummy tuck." He said I was obviously athletic and in shape and that a mini is what he would recommend if I were his daughter. I am glad that I don't have to have a full when I think about recovery, but I am so nervous that the results won't be what I am hoping for. I asked about lypo on my love handles and he doesn't want to do that at the same time as the mini because it would be too much trama to my body. My husband will not let me go back for any more plastic surgery... he's one of those "you're beautiful just the way you are" type. Though I love that, I am nervous/scared about spending $4000.00 on something that isn't going to give me the results I am hoping for. I had my mind set on a full tt and to hear that I would be getting a mini was a surprise. I have done research on the mini since knowing that would be my procedure but there just isn't much out there. I'm glad I stumbled upon this site and am hoping for some feedback! I don't want to talk to anyone in Small Town, America where I live about this if you know what I mean!!!

Thanks for commenting. I have a pre op....

Thanks for commenting. I have a pre op. appointment Wednesday and am going to lay out all my concerns to my dr. I was super comfortable with him at my consultation and felt like he understood. Hopefully I get the same vibe from him this time too! I'm going to reiterate my concerns and then make a decision on going forward. I think the nerves are getting the best of me and I need to remember that I'm not going to look like a skinny supermodel no matter what procedures I have done! I really just want the front overhang to go away when I sit down in jeans! I can exercise a little harder for the love handles area if I must!!

I went ahead with my surgery on June 7. So far,...

I went ahead with my surgery on June 7. So far, from what I can see when my husband changes my bandages, I am happy! I have had very little bleeding in my drain tube and hardly anything from my incision! My skin look wrinkly and weird from the compresion garmet, but I'm sure that will smooth out when I can take it off from time to time. I was really sore the first evening after the pain meds wore off, but on day three I am doing well. I can walk around upright for short bits of time and the only thing that slightly hurts is the area where my drain is. I can't wait to get that out! I am off my pain meds and just taking Tylenol during the day and Tylenol PM at night to help me sleep. So far I am happy with what I am beginning to see! The worst part of the whole procedure was numbing me. I didn't elect to go completely under and apparently I have really hard fatty tissue so it was a little painful while they were numbing the area. After that was done though the lypo and tt was smooth sailing. I have noticed a few hard, lumpy spots in my stomach from the lypo. I hope that goes away. Has anyone else experienced that? Is it normal. I go in for a post op. this coming Thursday and will ask my doctor about it. I heard that you should massage your stomache but I'm not sure if it's too soon to start three days out. Any advice? I'll post pictures when the drain is out and it's easier to show results!
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