Fit Mom/32/Csection- 7 Years and Ready! Moncton, NB

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This is IT! I'm here. I never thought this day...

This is IT! I'm here. I never thought this day would ever come. It's something I feel so deeply and passionately about. Any person who is going through this can relate!
I have my very first initial consult next week, Jan 19th. I'll be having a full TT with muscle repair and belly button revival. I've been reading and watching and learning and finally it's almost here! My surgery will be in a couple months but I'd love to share my story and journey with you all.
Here are my before Pics. More of me to come! Stay tuned!

Bathing suit shopping pre surgery- eugh

Well..... That sucked... We're heading to Jamaica next month and my surgery won't be for another couple months. I saw some high waited suits online and thought that would be awesome to try on. Ugh not even! I can't wait to be confident when wearing bathing suits!!!!!!

Pre surgery consultation!

Today was the day I met with Dr Howley. I was excited and nervous.
He said that I'm a good candidate. I'm a little nervous because he said there will also be a vertical scar, tiny, albeit more scars to heal and have. I'll still have half the stretch marks because it's high on me. I know it's not a cure all, I'm just hoping the results are what I'm hoping for.
He said all that because I didn't have a whole lot of skin and sag to work with. I'm thinking, what is he looking at!? Haha! However yes I see on RS that there are other more advanced cases.
Filling out my finance forms and on the wait list for May. Fingers crossed this all works out!!!!

Got my surgery date!

April 5th can't come soon enough!!

3 months to surgery and having doubts

Well it's now real. I have my date and had my consult. However the cold feet have crept in. I'm worried he won't pull enough skin or make my belly button the way I want it. I'm also nervous to see how much my stretch marks and vertical line will show. All the negative doubts are creeping in, but I'm trying to stay positive.... I do want the flatter tummy, I do want this loose skin and fat gone, even a small change to my BB will be better than what it is now....
Back and girth go the thoughts........

2nd consult!

I was still nervous about the surgery and had a lot more questions. So I made another appointment to see Dr Howley and bring my boyfriend along. I asked if he could draw on my belly so I could see visuals.
Happy I went! He showed me what he could do, wouldn't do and how he would do certain things.
I'm feeling much more ready!!

The pouch!!

I am only on the mobile app and it always shows my photos as doubles- I apologize if you're also seeing doubles!

So my surgery is soon! 2 months to go.

Here's more pictures of the dreaded pouch!
New Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met yet! Next week!

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