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I have an appointment for a consultation October...

I have an appointment for a consultation October 20th...I'm not nervous about this meeting but will be when he schedules me for the actual surgery. I've put this off for three years, now is the time because I'm not getting any younger. Although I'm scared I've been doing lots of research in this and feel this is the time.

62 Year Old 2c Sections

Is there anyone who is 55 and older who is getting a TT. I have my
consultantation Oct 20 and am nervous about about having a surgery at
the age of 62. I'm in good health with no medical issues other then
thyroid problems. I am looking forward to this journey and feeling
better about myself. I started this process, 3 years ago but was scared
to go through with it. I was in a bad place then mentally which was
probably a good choice not to go through with it. My life now is
incredible, remarried, and ready to move on...my only concern is my

Well finally had my consult with Dr Howly. ..I...

Well finally had my consult with Dr Howly. ..I took a close friend with me in case I missed something that he said to me..I asked lots of questions, most importantly if any of his patients had died from this surgery. ..with thousands of surgeries, never has that happened. . I believe if your Dr. is well recommended and board certified then your chances are very good. As scarey as this may be, I left there feeling so good about the surgery. ..my date for tt is in March uncertain about the day as of yet but will know more the first of February, What I've learned about the fear is,get it out of your system. ..read from this forum, the good the bad and the ugly. ..do your homework. ..but after you have read and learned, move on past this fear,, read only the positive stories on this site..I'm healthy and have a great Dr I believe I'll be OK. . Of course anxiety still exists, I'll take one day at a time looking forward to having no big belly..

Going Forward, Feeling Braver!

Just want to pop in here briefly to say thank you all...it's the site and herring all you before and after stories that has taken me from unknown Fear to real stories. ..I will update you on my journey and ask for advice from people that have had the courage to go before me and look amazing...it took me three years 2013 when I began this obsession, but I wasn't mentally in a good place.. here I am again after reading all your reviews, a daily ritual for me lol.. I am glad that this site is available for people that need the knowledge and inspiration to take this a step further. ..it is the leading factor of making up my mind and wanting to take this journey !!!

My before pic

This is my before pictures,,yuk how I hate my body. Thought about not posting but that's not fair to this site for women who show before and after pictures. It will be great after my own surgery to see the before and after...never have I taken pictures of my belly before lol why would I...my surgeon had pictures take already,said I was a good candidate. ..now to stay as fit as I can until the big day.

So my date has changed from March 2017 to...

So my date has changed from March 2017 to Novemeber 29 the next month. Can I say nervous or what!! What I know is that I'm really excited, I went in Oct 21 and had my consultation, asked if I could be put on a cancellation list, and that's exactly what has happened. So I'm staring my date right in the face, yikes!!!! I couldn't be more happy to finally have this done. Now instead of just thinking about all the things that I need to get, other then what the Dr says will be challenging...my hubby want to hire someone to come before the surgery to dissenfect everything here for me, God love him, he is such a supportive man, love him. So as I get closer week by week I'll post the things that I get, with the help of some of the great ladies before me, thanks to this site. I swear my fear factor is so low because of reading on this forum the ups and downs. Can any of us really be that prepared, it will be what it will be, we are all different . I'm 33 days pre surgery,!!!!!

Before picture

New Surgery Date, November 29th.

Well my surgery date is close at hand, to be exact 30 days from today...a new sense of urgency to be prepared. .excited, bot to nervous right now and just looking forward to having this over with. ..will do all my Christmas shopping in November. When I feel scared I remember what my PS said to me, talking like it's just another TT no big deal he has done thousands with no fatalities. He was very reasuring to say the least...

My date is just around the corner, a few days ago...

My date is just around the corner, a few days ago my dad at 92 went to the hospital , he needed a pacemaker..he's still in the hospital and my brother and sister take turns staying with my mom all night... another twist of fate my house is selling November 30th after 3 years of it on the market, the buyers will not give me the extra month to get out, lol so we madly searched for a new home which we were lucky enough to find after only a few days...problem being we can't move in until December 2nd. ..so from the 30th until December 2nd I need a place to recuperate. .lol I have family member begging g me to postpone, I just can't do that..I'll figure it all out,that is my rant.

Date Moved To December

It's been a roller coster of emotions. I'm happy as moving to a new home is now my new priority on the date which was set for my surgery on November 29th...thanks to the clinic for moving my date a little further back December 20th...can't wait, but will be sad when that first date passes me by after preparing myself emotionaly. I dream of looking flat, of feeling so self confident. I will be glad when it's all over!

My mind is preacupied, shopping for Christmas,...

My mind is preacupied, shopping for Christmas, settling into my new home, but the days are slowly catching up to me. I'm not to anxious yet hoping I can make it through the next few days like this. I'm concentrating on small details, I picked up a shower chair yesterday while doing last minute Christmas shopping. Night time seems to be the hardest time for me, but my true life saver has been RS site and for that I'm thankful. I decided to snap a couple of pictures again today, not the greatest but it'll give you an idea of the bump on the front lol. I'll try to update as much as possible, how I'm feeling, when the nerves really start to set in, what my fears are as I get closer to my day.. night all!!!

Little Black Dress

So My hubby bought me a little black dress, very tight around the waist, belly is really noticeable. Ive always wanted one so this will be my reward later...ha can't really wrap my mind around that, it was a Christmas gift that we picked out together and which I decided to be a little daring in. So it's now gift wrapped under the tree, which I quickly posed for before hand so I could have a glimpse of before and after pictures..a must!!!

Thanks for Your Prayers And Support

I'm 2 days po op...first day wasn't fun, but second day I felt improvement.
.went off my pain meds tonight and that help with the gas problems
some, and I'm sure will get better...walking more and standing fairly
straight ....tired talk later! I'm 62 and find it just as easy to
recover if your in good health.

Christmas Day 5 Days Post Op

I'm feeling quite good, belly is sore but quest what (BELLY IS FLAT OMG)
I've been sleeping in my recliner and tonight I will give my bed a try..my whole body looks different, even my broasts appear bigger.. my husband called me his barbie doll, what!!! Tomorrow my two daughters and their families will come for supper and they will be responsible for all the cooking along with keeping an eye on their children my grandchildren, 7 little chickletts running around ...Ha! How do I feel at day 5?? Well sore but I can stand lon Germany and straighter...less fluid draining.. have normal bm. .. no meds except extra strength Tylenol I feel great except when standing to long...I eat normal... I've been drinking more then usually which is a must to flush out my system. ..was this worth it at my age if 62 years old?? Your darn right it was...can't wait to put on my little black dress!!!!!!

It's been quite the journey, I'm now 10 days post...

It's been quite the journey, I'm now 10 days post op.My drain was taken out yesterday, a little snip of a stitch then the feeling that something was sliding through my belly, no pain attached to that..feel like things are moving along quickly now...see my Drs nurse Jan 3rd to look thongs over, I'll be glad to get the OK I'm doing well speach. Feeling like everything is healing and mending as my body is letting me know with the itching, and stinging, pulling ect. At this point I'm very glad I have done this..seems like I'm on schedule with everything. I've now slept in my bed 2 nights but get up early (around 5am) to the recliner after getting up to use the washroom. .which it is 5am now as I sit here writing my review. . Happy New Years Everyone. . May the new year bring us joy and pleasure with our new bods! !!!

17 Days Post Op

17 Days post op and doing very well,very tender to the touch but feeling really good.
New Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

I must say I'm quite impressed with him..not only did he do an outstanding job but on Dec 28th his office was closed for the holidays, I was supposed to still meet him there for my follow up, which he misunderstanding and didn't show up! I had driven 2 hours one way...next day I messaged him on his professional Facebook site,didn't expect a response really,and told him how disappointed I was. ..he messaged me back apologizing and offered to pay my gas. Also setting me up at a local hospital to have my drain taken out by a trained nurse... Dr's a human, tbey make mistakes just like the rest of us, I truly respect him for that.

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