IPL Laser on Arms for Freckles

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I got IPL laser on my arms yesterday in Canada....

I got IPL laser on my arms yesterday in Canada. During the procedure it didn't really hurt a whole lot, kind of like a hot elastic band. With the arms there is alot of area and it is thin skin so close to the end I just wanted it to be over with. About 10 minutes after she was done it started to hurt like a realllyyy bad. Like bad. She said the pain would last about 3-12 hours. After 3.5 hrs it just felt tight, it didn't burn or hurt anymore. I put on cold cloths on my arms and stood in front of my air conditioner, this helped a lot! This morning I woke up and all my freckles are raised up, and they have darken alot. Looks & feels weird. That's what happens they raise up and darken then flake off. My next appointment is in 4 weeks and I cannot wait to see the results and get another treatment. The technician said it looked exactly how she wanted it to, and we are both excited for the results!! I'll be back in a few weeks to update you.

I just had my second treatment of IPL on my arms....

I just had my second treatment of IPL on my arms. I am SOO pleased these last 3 weeks!! Lots and lots of my freckles peeled/rubbed off. Now, they aren't all gone because I need to have two more treatments. After my second treatment I had today many of the freckles darkened up quite a bit, but thats a good thing!! But just yesterday before my laser today my freckles were very faint. I'm happy the laser brought those up again so they can peel off! :) :)

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