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I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was...

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was about 16 years old. As I started to develop, my left breast was always bigger than my right. At first I attributed this to the fact that I am right handed, therefore I use my right arm/chest muscles more than I use the muscles on my left side. However, after working out my left arm/chest in an attempt to balance out the asymmetry, I have toned my chest, but it is not symmetrical. It hasn’t worked. So here I am! I have booked a consultation with Dr. Husain in Moncton, New Brunswick. My main goal is to have symmetrical boobs, and obviously go a little larger.
I am choosing to go with Dr. Husain as he is very pleasant, he knows what he is talking about, and his before and after pictures were beautiful. Another important reason is because I am currently living in Ontario, but my family is living in New Brunswick and I frequently travel home during study breaks in university.
Luckily, I have very supportive parents and neither of them chided me for deciding to have a b.a. My dad of course would prefer that I love myself the way I am, but he said that the decision is ultimately up to me. I was never scared to tell my parents, as they have been supportive of anything that I have ever done. The only concern my mom has voiced is the fact that is she unable to contribute to the procedure financially, which is not a problem for me by any means as I was not expecting her to pay or contribute any money toward the cost of the procedure.
I am not sure about the placement (over or under), the incision site and whatnot. I am open-minded and I have done my research, but it is difficult to determine exactly what is best for my shape/stats/desired end result. While my boobs are slightly uneven, they are not saggy, and I have a fair amount of breast tissue to begin with.
Since I am currently in West Africa, I cannot post any before pictures atm, but when I return to Canada (Nov. 29), I will post my befores.
I suppose I should post my stats as well. So here we go!
Age: 21
Height: 5’3inch
Weight: 115
Build: Athletic/curvy
Current bra size: 34B/32C (depending on the style of bra and the store)

Stretch marks...

Not much has changed since my last post.
But, I’m just curious about something. Have any of you ladies gotten stretch marks on your breasts while you were healing? I recently found a faded stretch mark on my left breast (I’m not even certain of when it showed up or when it started fading haha), and I am worried about getting them, especially since the skin stretches over a short period of time. I know that people swear by cocoa butter or bio-oil, but I have a hard time believing those actually work, as I used both on my legs during my growth spurt years and I have a few stretch marks. Of course everyone is different, and the likelihood of getting stretch marks is largely dependent on genes, but I am hoping someone can share their experience!

I just had my consultation!

I met with Dr. Husain earlier today, and he was fabulous! I went in with a billion questions, and before I had the chance to ask any of them, he had already answered them!

I asked about going above or below the muscle, and he explained that because I already have quite a lot of breast tissue, and I do not have any degree of sagging, that going above the muscle would give me a nice result. Because I wanted to even out my breasts, he made me try on a bunch of sizers, and we came to the conclusion that a 50cc size difference would even out my breasts. He also sent me home with sizers to try on to make sure that I am 100% certain of the size I want. He sent me home with 250cc, 300cc and 350cc. So far I am liking the 300cc on the left and the 350cc on the right, as I feel they fit my body better. And, the woman who helped me decide on the size said to go a little bigger than I plan, as most of the women who get implants say they wish they had gone bigger.

Upon measuring my breasts width, nipple placement etc., he came to the conclusion that in order to achieve "matching" breasts he will have to do a slight lift on my left nipple. Nothing too major. And because he is doing a lift on my left nipple/breast, he decided to go with the incision under the areola. I am happy with this as the incision under the nipple seems to heal fabulously and the scar is not too noticeable.

Dr. Husain uses the gummy bear implants which I am also excited about. He offers both smooth and textured implants, and because I am most likely going to go over the muscle, we are going to go with the textured implant to lessen the likelihood of capsular contracture.

The other issue we discussed is projection; low, medium, high. Based on the size of the pocket he can create he is going to use medium profile implants.

The only slight disappointment I have is the date of my surgery. There is a 4 to 5 month waiting period, which means that I won't be able to get my boobs until april/may! I suppose this will be better in the long run, as I graduate in april, and my mom can help take care of me for a little while. However, I am moving to France over the summer, and I do not want to move away until I am completely healed, and because this is my first experience with plastic surgery, I have no idea how long it will take me to recover!

p.s before photos are going to be posted soon!
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