34 Yr 4'11 125 Pounds. Mentor Tear Shaped Left side 375cc Mod Plus / Right side 395cc Hp

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After spending countless hours on this site lol I...

After spending countless hours on this site lol I thought I should post a review of my own. I know how much I appreciate all of your reviews so thought I should give back :) Sooooooo as I stated above I am a mom of 2. I am 5 feet tall and weight 125. And currently wear a b-c/36 depending on the bra but mainly C. After my 1st child my body wasn't bad I could still wear a two piece bathing suit, now 10 yrs after my second child my body shows it. I never wear a two peice, I constantly layer my clothes just incase my tummy shows, I always wear a push up bra to compensate for the lack of volume, in my once nice round perky C's. I rarely undress in front of my long term boyfriend. I am self conscious about it everyday. I finally set a date for my surgery, 47 days seems so far away . I actually hope they have a cancellation so I can get in earlier. I am extremely excited but nervous at the same time. I was measured yesterday for the third time lol. I must say my PS and staff have been very patient and helpful with me and all of my questions and uncertainties. When I spoke to him I brought pics of others I would like my outcome to be comparable to, and explained, I wanted to increase volume and cleavage (upper pole), but more on the natural side, as i dont want to be busting out the top of my shirts at parent teacher meetings lol. I also wanted to stay away from the lift if possible. So he recommended Mentor Tear Shaped 375 cc moderate plus for the Left. 395 cc high profile for the Right. Above the muscle. The reason is that my right breast has a bit less volume and the nipple is a bit lower. Although it freeks me out the difference in projection, I am just gonna trust his expertise. I will post some before pics when I get closer to the date.

Before pics

So I have 35 days 22 hours to go lol. I am so excited. I am constantly on here looking at pics. Is there anyone else with a similar size to me ?375cc moderate plus profile for left & 395 cc high profile for right . Has anyone that has gotten two different sizes? Above muscle? Here are a few before pics. I am freeking out a bit. I have wanted this and saved for so long, I just hope my results turn out good. Lol I am afraid of one big much bigger and different than the other, because of the diffrence in size and projection.

Wish pics :)

Here are a few pics I would like my outcome to be comparable to. I brought these along in my consultations to show Dr. Howley.

Is there anyone out there who's smoked before there mommy makeover surgery?

I am a smoker, I am trying to quit. I am down to 10 smokes a day. Just worried if I don't. I have heard it can cause complications. My surgeon said it wasn't necessary but definitely beneficial. If anyone has experienced this surgery while being a smoker i would appreciated your input. Thanks s bunch

32 Days To Go

Soooo Excited!! I have been trying to drop 5 or 10 pounds , I have started a 21 day fix video, and have been hiking 10 km, 5 days a week! For the last few weeks. I cut out junk food and pop (which is a killer for me ) Trying to get lots of protein and water. I keep trying to picture myself with the new bod =) It seems surreal!! I haven't bought anything yet, but intend to get a few things this weekend. My Dr will be providing all the compression garments. Is there anything that anyone would recommend that is necessary?

I was hoping someone could help me out with a couple questions :)

Wondering if anyone has had , over the muscle implants? If so are you able to feel the edges of the implants to the touch? Also will I need to buy new pants after a mommy makeover?

Yippee ! 14 days to go !

So excited! 2 more weeks to go! Just paid my balance! Feels so good! I have been wanting this for Sooooooo long! ??????

8 Days 18 hours to go !!!!!!!!!!!

Getting really excited. I think it's starting to set in, that I'm going to have a new and improved bod lol. Can't wait to do some decluttering in my closet and go shopping for new clothes:)

1 Week to go!!

Oh wow, I still can't believe my surgery is 1 week away... I got a call from the pre-op nurse confirming things and going over "day of" instructions. I took other ladies advice and got myself a power recliner today, hoping that helps with recovery. Anything else you would recommend please let me know :)) I am gonna go grab a few last things this week. I have to drive a couple hours for my surgery so my boyfriend (who has been so supportive and paid half ? ) will be coming with me we will be staying in a hotel the night before because I have to be there for 8 then surgery starts at 10. Then I have to stay in the hospital for 1 night. I am nervous about the drive home. I am going to take some pretty surgery pics the night before and will retake with Same cloths after surgery for comparison.

5 more days until the big day!! Few more before pics.

I have lost a little bit of weight sincrease my last before pics so I figured I would post a few more.

7 1/2 hours to go !!!!!

I am so excited !!!! I can't get to sleep!! New Bod here I come! See ya'll on the flip side lol ?

All done- Out if surgery and resting at hospitall

Soo just wanted to update that I am all done . Just having a sleepover at the hospital tonight them I get to go home tomorrow ??? Pain is bearable. I have a few iv's going , liquid, pain and nausea. I have a drainage tube near my abdomen. a have a few pics of the drawings my surgeon done just before. I feel ok only hard part is getting out of the bed to use bathroom . the nurse said I should be feeling much better by tomorrow u have seen anything yet but peeked down my top, and things are looking good perky ;)

photo didn't post

On the flip side :) 5 days post op

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. Im at 5 days post op. Each day I seem to be getting a bit better. Where should I start. So when I arrived at the hospital, I waited about 45 min then was brought in to do some tests and about 20 min later Dr. Howley came in, we had a chat, he did some drawings on my body and then away we went. The staff was great! Everyone was very nice and trying to make me feel comfortable. I'm sure they could sense my nervousness lol also my boyfriend said my skin was pretty pail lol. So after about 4 hours of sururgery I woke up and spent a couple hours coming to. Then I was moved to a room on the maternity floor where I spent the night. I was pretty doped up so the first couple days are quite hazy but I think my 3rd and 4th day were the worst. Although I was up walking around since day 1. today I am able to walk around with much more ease. I have stopped taking my pain killers during the day and am just taking Tylenol. I never really got a chance to see my stomach yet. I have only undone my garment once I took a pic. I did take my bra thing off today and got a pic I'll post as well. My boobs still feel really swollen and my right one seems to hurt a little more than the other. I get my drain out in 2 more days so Ill ask some questions then. Can't wait to be back to normal!! And see my results:) Happy Healing everyone!!!

Pics post of day 5

so here are a few pics. I'll get some better ones up soon

More pics that didn't post.

1 Week post Doctor Visit. Drain Removal

So I have been slack with my updateshe so I am backtracking a bit. This pic is 7 days post op. Getting the drain removed was so weird lol I started to sweat so bad. It doesn't really hurt , just feels super weird. Was instructed to start massaging. And Finally got to have a shower that night. I was given kelo-cote spray for my incisions. I was still walking slumped over a bit. Feeling better each day.

9 days post op

10 Day ms post op

Loving my new body 11 days post op

2 weeks post op, loving them more and more each day

Everyday I seem to be a tiny bit less swollen and my breast seem a little more soft. They are becoming more even each day. Although there were quite different before so I don't care of theyelashes are not exact. Like they say boobies are sisters not twins :) I feel great I have already been back walking. I have walked 4 kms the other day and am going again today. Also I am 16 days cigarette free!!!! so it's been a win win situation! I haven't even got to the point when I really get to reap the benifits of my new body and fully see the results and I am already so Happy. Definitely the best decision I ever made.

Still smoke free since day before surgery.

I have been wanting to quit smoking for awhile now and because I didn't want to compromise healing the surgery gave me that extra push to quit cold turkey!!! I am now 18 days and some!!

12 weeks update

I must say, I feel fantastic, and fortunate that I have not had any complications so far! I still have a few weird aches and pains here and there my stomach still has swelling, more so in the late afternoon, evening. Everything is constantly changing. My breast feel awesome. Very natural and soft, able to squeeze and move them. I still have "dog ears" but hoping they will smooth out over the next couple months. I walk and hike on a regular basis. Have been since 2 weeks post op. Also cardio exercises. Best decision ever!!!!

Couple More Pics

Here are a couple more pics at 3 months with a bathing suit on. Please keep in mind that I was looking for a more natural look with clothes off but able to pop them up if I wanted:) Hence why I got the tear shaped and not the round. Also I wanted to add still have no feeling at the bottom of my stomach and some spots around my belly button. I am using Kelo-cote Spray for my scars.
New Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. Dr. Howley seems very nice and understanding. He has taken extra time to ensure I understand everything. His staff are also fantastic. Very helpful and prompt in their responses. I have continously had questions and send off emails, sometimes at 1 in the morning and get a response back the next day before lunch ;)

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