415cc. HP. round. silicone. Finally :)

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Hi everyone :) First of all, I would like to...

Hi everyone :)

First of all, I would like to thank you girls for sharing your experiences!! I've literally been glued to realself for the last few months and finally decided to make my own review!

Lets start out with stats: 21 years old, 5'7, 140lbs

I've had 2 consultations so far. The first one, I wasnt happy with at all. He was shy, did not talk to me much, and suggested a lift + implants.

On my second consultation, (which was yesterday!), I felt really listened to and the Dr was much more professional than the other one!! He measured me 3 times, and really examined my breasts and took the time to explain the procedure, incision locations, etc. My breast are a little bit tuberous, one is worst than the other, so he will need to lower my crease a little bit!

Anyways, what we decided on was 415cc, silicone, high profile implants!

I was so impressed with that doctor that I wanted to call the same day to send in my deposit, but the phone lines were busy. I left a message and the office called me back this morning! As I was talking to his surgical coordinator, I asked if the 13th of December was available, and she said yes!! because she hasn't started booking the ppl on the wait list for december yet! Since I'm at university and Christmas break was really the only time that would give me enough time to recover, I think they made an exception for me, because usually his wait list is 6months to a year!! I was sooo excited!
So yeah my surgery is in 6 weeks!! Still can't believe it, it's all so surreal at the moment!

Did any of you feel scared after you booked your surgery? Like right after I was in panick/shock mode! Am I doing the right thing??

Deep down I know I am, because I have hideous breasts and have been thinking about doing this for about 5 years now, but I hope I can manage my anxiety and go through with it!! I'm the type of person that over analyses everything and gets so worked up about it lol! I need to learn to stay calm.

I think it will go well tho, because my surgery is during exam week (I have three exams the day before surgery) Yikes!, but that's a good thing, as it will keep my mind off of the actual surgery haha!

I have another exam on December 18th, which is only like 5 days after my BA. Do you guys think I will be in good condition to go write it? Haha I kinda have no choice! But I will try to study before the surgery, and then when I'm at home there will be nothing else to do but sleep and study!

Anyways, I have an exam tomorrow and have been putting off studying all day now, so gotta get back to it!

I will update before pics later :)


Got measured today at La Senza

Hi ladies!!

So I was at the mall today, and decided to go get measured. Turns out I'm a 36A, lol! Or I can wear 34B depending on the brand..

I've been going back and forth about size!! Can anyone help me as to which size I'm going to end up being with a 415cc silicone implant, high profile (12.5 bwd)?
I'm soooo afraid of ending up too big!! lol, but I don't wana be too small either.. Keep in mind that I'm 5ft7, I'm not really skinny, but "big boned" if you know what I mean! lol

Thanks for your help :)

Here are some Photos :)

Going for resizing on Nov 26th

So I have another appt with my Dr. on Nov 26th to confirm the final size! I made the rice test for 415cc, but found them to be smaller than the actual 400cc implants the Dr. gave me to try on home. I really like the look of the 400cc implant, so I hope the 415's will turn out just like that :) ..

Slowly getting getting less nervous and more excited about it everyday!! I'm gonna have boobs by Christmas! yay, lol

I've got a question for you's, did anyone experience stretch marks after BA? And what supplements do you recommend taking pre-operatively?
I want a quick recovery, or well at least to feel good by day 5, as I have my last final on the 18th! Any tips??

Thanks ladies :) xo

Went for re-sizing today!

Hello ladies :)
I went back in today to try on some more sizes, and still chose 415cc! So thats my final decision, need to stop stressing over size now lol!!

And i paid my surgery in FULL!! Yikes, it's actually happening! I'm freaking out!

The nurse at my ps office said she did not think I would be able to write my final exam on the 18th (5 days after BA), because I will be sore and tired and could still be fuzzy from the anesthesia.. So I need your help! How did you all feel 5 days out? Do you think you would have been able to study during your recovery (2-3-4 days post op)?? Please let me know what you think :)

And i'm getting 415cc HP silicone unders, infra mammary incision! :)

Thanks, xo

Great news!!

So I talked to my teacher and he's going to let me write my final exam before my surgery!! I just need to bring him a note from my ps :) :) SOO excited! Yay, now I wont have to stress after my BA, and I will be able to just relax and recover! So happy, a lot of stress has been lifted off my shoulders!!

Have a good day y'all :) xo

Need your help!!

Hey ladies! I'm 8 days before my surgery and I'm really freaking out to the point where i cant function.. Last night i didn't sleep and all i could think about was are u crazy? What if you don't like them.. My heart rate was so high this morning.. It's really panicking me :(.. And I'm a verrrry nervous and anxious person to begin with, so I can make a huge big deal out of a little thing.. Its so annoying! I really think I'm going to need something to calm myself because i won't be able to go through with it, not to mention i need to be focused for my 4 finals which is practically impossible with all this stress ugh!!! Sorry for venting but i just need to know that it will be okay and I will be happy! Did anyone else experience really bad anxiety before surgery?
Thanksss xo

Hi all :)

Feeling much better now - Finally managed to calm my nerves lol! Thank god for my great boyfriend, I sound like a crazy lady always talking about boobs lol!

I've been really busy with the studying! I've got two exams on Tuesday, and two on Thursday! Can't wait for Friday, because it's surgery day! How time went by fast, can't believe its almost here! (5 more days to go) :)

I've added some healthier foods to my diet this weekend, a lot of fruits and smoothies to try and boost my system with good vitamins!

I've got my post op list almost finished and purchased, but will do some last minute things on Thursday evening!

Can't wait

Last day with my double push up bra!!!

Hi ladies :)! So I'm getting ready for my last exam before Christmas break this morning!! I'm trying hard not to think about boobs haha! But this time tomorrow morning i will be on my way to the hospital! Yay i really can't wait! This journey has already been an emotional rollercoster, from
Being anxious, scared, panick attacks and now finally excitement! I will update u guys tonight or tomorrow :).. Going to get my last minute supplies after my exam and my prescriptions! Doc said i should take one of my sleeping pills tonight to help me relax and have a good nights sleep.. Think I might just do that :).. Anyways pray that my exam goes well ladies!! Happy recovering to those that went before me! Xoxox

Hey girls! On my way to boobieland :)

I went to get my precriptions last night, and I had asked for tylenol3 instead of percocets.. Now I'm starting to panick that I might actually need the perks lol! What do you ladies think? How bad was your pain??

Hope I can handle the pain arg!

Anyways, slept just okay, and now getting ready, leaving in 15 minutes to go to the hospital! I'm scared shitless as this is my first operation lol, pray for me pleaseeee!

I will updated after :)

I made it !

I'm on the other side ladies.. Was in pain but now its ok

First night

Hey ladies!
So i didn't sleep that well,. But it was kinda expected lol! Surgery was a breeze! I was so scared of going under but my anesthesiologist was the best! HE calmed my nerves and falling asleep was actually fun! Lol i woke up in pain, they gave me more medication, and then I was fine!

When getting dresses to come home, i kinda stretched my left arm too much while putting my jacket.. That really hurt! Then when I got home i lifte my dog.. Hurt the same left boobs again lol! Literally felt like it had ripped off my chest! Anyways a lot of resting.. My back its starting to hurt i can't find a comfy position for too long... And my left breast is a lot more swelled than the right.. But I'm not worried yet! And I can't feel my left nipple :( hope the feeling comes back!! lol that breast was my smaller one so i feel like its under more pressure and has more stretching to do to catch up with the right!
I also didn't imagine that I wouldn't be able to do so many thing.. It really is painful when you use your arms lolxx how long does this last!?? Haha can't wait till I'm a lil better!



I find them a little too big personally! But mom
And bf say they look good! Guess I'm just not used to having anything on my chest!

2 days post op

Hello everyone :)

So far i'm doing good,, Still not sleeping very well but its ok
Last night my right arm and fingers were going numb, I panicked lol.. maybe the implant is pushing on my nerves.. but anyways it passed before bedtime.

Also my left boob is still more swollen and I cant feel my nipple or the bottom of my breast. Hope that will come back.. at least I can feel my right nipple! haha

Still havent gone #2.. Starting to feel bloated and its annoying me lol! Can't wait for my boobs to be less stiff and drop a little

Big snow storm here today, supposed to get 40cm, so just gonna relax and watch the snow fall :) .
Have a nice day ladies, xox

The bloat is real ppl! Lol

I look pregnant! Not even funny lol.. And im bored so here's another pic!
Still haven't completely took of my surgical bra.. Still afraid of looking at them!! Haha

Still snowing! 3 days post op

Hey ladies :).. Feeling better today! Slowly stoping my pain meds! Incisions are sore today but all in all I'm doing good :).. Can't wait to sleep in by ben though. Back is starting to kill be on this couch! Lol
Happy healing :) xo

Bed* not ben lol

updated from my iphone.. sorry for the typos!

Before and after


Hey ladies!

So I'm starting to have a rough time lol, Its been 4.5 days since I havent gone #2 (TMI) but its driving me insane..

And this morning I managed to wash my hair, dry it and straighten it.. so I'm doing pretty good other than that.. stopped the pain pills also!

When I'm naked, I feel like my boobs are way too huge for my body.. and I dont wanna put myself in a bikini because its just too huge lol.. but in clothes they look good.. I hope I change the way I feel about them, but I know its normal to love em and then hate em.. lol.. one of those days!

Can't wait to get out of the house and do something!

Have a nice day :) xo

Day 5 post op

Hi ladies!

Finally feeling better today, I managed to sleep in my bed, and got to experience a little of the morning boob! And I feel as if my breasts are more sore and tight today for some reason! Can't wait for my post of visit to start massaging and to see my incisions! Ahhh that part scares me haha,,

I'm still unsure about the size, I really just want them to drop already! But I know I need to be patient lol.. Anyways another snow storm here, 25cm, so just relaxing the day away and watching movies, thank god for netflix!

So far, I cant lift my arms up above my head, and I can reach all the way up my back (thank god cuz my surgical bra is itchy!!), and well lifting anything hurts, still cant pull myself up in bed, muscles are sore.. and Still no feeling below my left breast and nipple! But starting to feel some pain and little zingers above the nipple so hoping I get sensation back! lol.. at least I feel my right one.. haha

Anyways, have a good day everyone :) xo

Photos 5 days post

First post op visit

So this morning marks my one week post op! I'm feeling much better thank god, and I managed to sleep the whole night last night :)

I went to the Dr's office this morning, they took off my bandages and steri strips, and showed me the massages.. She said i can wear a wire bra in about a week! And I can resume all daily activities now, as long as it doesnt cause me any discomfort or pain.. I'm going to try driving tonight, lol, cant wait to see how that goes!

They also gave me a bottle of Kelo-Cote scar cream, so I will be starting that soon, and massaging with bio oil and hemp moisturizer! My breasts feel a little less hard, so they are softening little by little, and I can move them now, it doesnt hurt that that much. My incisions look amazing.. I cant even believe how good of a job he did! They are practically already invisible, lol.. She said since they are tiny now that they will look very good when healed! So I'm glad about that. I still think they are a little too big, but we'll see with time! Tonight is the first night that I'm actually going out and will be seeing a lot of my friends! And I will be having a drink or two, lol.. cant wait, I was starting to have cabin fever being at home all the time!

Tomorrow we are going at my dad's.. They dont know about my operation, so I hope I act and look okay lol! I tend to walk a little hunched and I support my breasts with my hand, lol got into a habbit of doing that the first few days and now I cant stop haha! I dont know how they would react, because they had mentioned a mean comment about someone who had hers done, so I dont really feel like telling them, although I know they will end up knowing sooner or later!

I will post new pictures in a minute, and I've got to go wrap my presents and make a dip for tomorrow, lol! Talk to you girls soon :)

7 days post

Merry Christmas

Hey ladies :)! Just a quick update for yas, I'm now 13 days post op.. Feeling much better and starting to feel more like mine everyday. I have hope that I will get feeling again in my left nipple lol, i keep getting sharp zingers and just an undescribable pain in both my breasts and my nipples are so sensitive i have to put panty liners in my bra haha! I will post photos that I took at my one week post op! They look good in clothes but I'm still afraid to show them off too much..
So anyways other than that I've been eating way too much good holiday foods haha! Can't wait for the new year and when i can actually start the gym again! I'm also wondering when can i start taking ibuprofen?

And i tried on one of my old unpadded bras and its a size 36B and still fits! Kinda lol.. Tried my mom's 38C bra and there's a gap because my breasts are still too stiff to fall in the cup.. I imagine I'll be a C! :)

Talk to you ladies later :) happy holidays!! Xo

Hi everyone!

Sorry I havent updated lately, been super busy with school starting again and all the after holiday stuff!
I'm officially at my one month post op mark! I feel great, I can sleep on my sides, no more real pain, only a few zingers here and there and at the end of the day my boobs get a little sore. My incision site is still a bit tender, I still have no feeling in my left nipple and around my incisions! I'm going to start working out again soon! I bought an underwire bra, its a size 36C and fits good.. Its still a bit big where the cup is, but thats just cuz my boobs are still too stiff, when they drop and fluff they will fill out the cup more, and might even end up a D.
My right one is still higher and tight than my left, and that one was my bigger boob to start with (right). The leftie is looking great, but my right is still torpedo-y looking lol. I can't wait for them to loosen up, they are still soooo stiff and dont feel like natural breasts lol.
I really like them in clothes, they actually look a little smaller than the look I had with my add 2 cups push up bra, however I still dont know how I feel about them in a swimsuit lol, thank god summer is still 5 months away. when I try my bikinis I still think they are too "out there" it freaks me out lol. They really show in a bikini, so since no one knows, by summertime they will notice the difference. I actually am dreading that moment! I come from a small community where basically every one is up in your business its so annoying. people like to gossip and talk about everyone, so i can't wait when I'm the topic of conversation... NOT lol. Oh well, thats the price I have to pay i guess, and I know a lot of ppl wont be supporting or wont understand, but I dont really care (I try not to anyways, but its not always that easy! lol)..

So alll in all I've been good, this journey obviously has its ups and downs, but they are really starting to feel like a part of me! At my 3 week mark was the first night that I forgot I had implants until my arm brushed against them and I was like wow, thats bigger than before lol! The bf loves them, which is also nice :)..

I'm going to see my ps at the end of the month for my 6weeks! Can't wait to see what he has to say. A my one week post op I only saw his nurse, so it will be nice to talk to him about the whole procedure and questions I have.
I will post a few pics later :)
Hope all you ladies have a nice weekend! Happy healing, xo

photos of 3 weeks and almost one month post op!

Sorry I have been M.I.A

hi girls!

I'm now a little over 7 weeks! They are a lot softer, they bounce, no more pain, still a little sore when i try to use my muscles (close my car door, turn the steering wheel etc) But ps said it was normal, because I had little breast tissue and no children, so my muscles havent been stretched before..
I fit in a 36C bra, bought a 34D bra that doesnt quite fite right, and bought a wireless 36B bra that also fits ok.. lol, so not sure what my size is yet. I still wear sport bras to bed, dont want them to move out of place lol!

My right one is still higher and stiffer than the other one. but not too worried yet! It also hasn't rounded out on the bottom, it is still quite square looking (probably because it was a little tuberous before and is still constricted) so that might take a while to round out..

So other than that, saw my ps at 6 weeks, said everything looked great! I'm pretty pleased with them :), They are starting to look and feel more like mine everyday! And Im getting used to the looks of them, so I find they dont look as huge and overwhelming as they did in the beginning!



I forgot

I still have no feeling in my left nipple! but nipple hypersensitivity on the right has calmed down a lot! :)

9 weeks!

Feeling great! Finally starting to loosen up and feel like real breast! They are a lot more squishy and the right has somewhat started dropping! Still questioning wether i should have gone with moderate + instead and a smaller cc (375 range), but overall they look great! And i don't think they look too big for my frame. I cant even picture my old boobies anymore, but when i look at before pictures, they are a million times better now!

3 months

Wow time flies!!
Got sized at VS and im a 32DD! :).. They are still changing, ive notices that they got more flat, less out there! So im happy about that! Some days i still think i went too big, but most days im really happy with them! This has improved my breast shape so much, since they were mildly tuberous! They turned out better than i couldve ever imagined! :)
New Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

Anyone living in the maritimes, I would highly recommend Dr. Howley. He is so skilled and I'm confident he does the best job around! We are lucky to have him in our small town :). Thanks Dr. howley and your staff

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