NEW 4 wk PICS!! I LOVE my Mommy Makeover!!!

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Hello everyone! I can't believe I am doing...

Hello everyone! I can't believe I am doing this and it is tomorrow already! I have gone through a host of emotions leading up to this date including, absolute certainty, total doubt, fear, extreme guilt and denial - ha! I am still not sure that I am making the right decision and that worries me. Shouldn't I be certain? What I do know is that I've worked hard to lose weight and I want to feel confident about my body. I feel pretty good with the exception of my tummy bulges when I wear the right size jeans. Yuck! I can't wait to wear a nice pair of jeans and a fitted shirt and not have to worry about a roll showing through!!

About me...I am a wife and mom of three. I've lost about 60 lbs (whoo hoo!) by committing to a healthy lifestyle... but recently gained about 10 back (whoops)! I am blaming it on the stress of waiting for my mommy makeover :) I'm fit and at a healthy weight though.

I will be getting a tummy tuck, breast lift w/aug and lipo to my flanks. That's a lot!

Current Stats:
Height 5'9
Weight 172
Bra size C
Jean size 12, some 10s
Shirt size L, some M

My doc says that I have a decent amount of breast tissue so I will only need a small implant (??350-400cc). I am hoping to just be fuller, not so much bigger. But I wouldn't mind being a D. I think that would look ok for my frame. I don't want it to add weight or make me look heavier though. I am trusting my PS with what to use...I will be doing saline unders for sure--because of my breast tissue he doesn't think I will feel the difference with saline vs silicone. He will be choosing size and profile after he see what will be best.

My doc is requiring at least one night (possibly 2) hospital stay so that is why my cost is so high :/ #extremeguilt

We are not telling our kids what I am doing, it is just too hard to understand. I have boys so they probably won't even notice much -ha! So we are just going to tell them that mommy is sick/not feeling well. My small one is a girl and she should accept the sick thing. I hope that is a good decision and I'm not inactive for too long.

What I am most worried about is family coming for Christmas. They will be here when I am 11-14 days post op. I hope I can hide it!! I really don't wish to share what I am doing, too much judgement. For those of you that have gone through that possible?!?! Will I be able to laugh, walk around, get up and down, maybe even cook/help out at 11-14 days post-op?

Wish me luck and prayers for tomorrow. Can't wait to post the after photos :) I've read all the posts on preparing for this, I hope I'm ready! I've been taking pre-op vits for a couple weeks now (no vit E, extra C, zinc etc) and I will be packing a bag tonight, also, I'm getting my recliner pimped and ready. Off to take my first anti-bacterial shower, lol!Updated on 13 Dec 2011:Post-op Day 1: Well I made it through surgery! I was extremely anxious waiting, I just wanted to get it over with! It really started to hit home when my doc started marking me! I made my last requests known and felt like he was going to make good decisions on size for me.

I woke up from surgery just as I closed my eyes...but I was in instant pain upon waking. Seemed like whatever they gave me, didn't touch me. Had a little nausea, but not bad. The zofran worked quickly. I spent the rest of the day battling intense pain. The nurse would only give me IV Demerol, no PCA pump at all. Turns out I should have had one and my doc was less then pleased when he found out.

More so then the pain, what took me by surprise was the abd muscle spasms!!!!! Holy cow were those bad--and constant. I felt like I was having a constant child-birth contraction! I insisted on a muscle relaxant. They gave me Valium and that did the trick. So remember that ladies...Valium is my BFF right now, lol.

I spent the night in the hospital and am going to stay again tonight. I am in just too much pain. It feels good to semi lay down in bed and I think sitting on my recliner all day at home may not be the best yet.Updated on 13 Dec 2011:Post op Day 2:
Slept pretty well overnight after some good sleeping pills and frequent pain meds. My doc insisted I get that PCA this am and finally now I feel my pain is under control.

I got to peak under my bandages today as they changed them. UNREAL! My tummy is beyond flat. My scar looks nice and low and my boobs are not ginormous but a bit larger and nice and round. :) I'm a happy girl. He ended up doing more lipo then planned and he was so excited, saying that I have a very pretty shape--yay! I can feel under my bra line where he did some lipo, it is very tender.

I have no appetite and am terribly sleepy. I've gotten up a couple times for a brief walk and to freshen up. Getting in and out of bed is horrendously painful. But I am doing it because I know it is good for me now.

Will post some before pics soon!Updated on 13 Dec 2011:Posting a picture of my new boobs. It isn't the best photo, I am laying down propped up. But how do they look? They seem a bit far apart but maybe that is normal at this stage?? Be honest, what do you think?Updated on 14 Dec 2011:Post op day 3: Got to go home today. It was easier to get up but still very painful. I have 2 hole on my back from lipo that hurt like a son-of-a-gun! Out of all things! Also, where he did lipo up by my bra edge kills! My boobs feel heavy and tender, like I have to pump a couple gallons of milk from them. Not much tummy incisional pain unless I twist a bit.

Get this...I got my drains out!!!!! I still can't believe it. The doc said they never drained much and he just wanted them out. What?! I though I would have those hummers forever. But so nice to have them gone, the holes hurt real bad!

My skin itches so badly, anyone else? And the drainage from my back lipo is irritating because I constantly feel damp back there.

I am not standing well yet, so even with a quick peek in the mirror I look rediculous. My tummy is totally concave!!!! And my boobs stick straight out. All the nurses wanted them :) I'm happy even though I hurt. I'm going to love my new bod :) :)Updated on 15 Dec 2011:Post op day 4:
Pretty much settled in at home now. The recliner that I thought I would live in is less than comfy--at least for sleeping. So we had to rig up some pillows in the bed. It worked well and I slept good. I have faithfully not removed my binder. PS said he didn't want it off for even a couple minutes. I have peeked at my scar and it is incredible!! So straight and low. I am so proud of him :) My lipo holes in my back have stopped draining (thank goodness!) and so I am nearly leaf free LOL. Still can't believe that I have my drains out already. Keep watching for fullness or bloating, I have none! It is crazy. I am on Valium and Vicodan around the clock and it is doing fine for me. Still moving slow. Basically just from the toilet to chair, occasionally up/down the stairs for brief interaction with family. But not much more at this time. Not hungry at all, just dringking 3-4 protein shakes/day and a couple crackers here and there.

My ps said he took 2.5 lbs fat/skin off my tummy and 2 liters of fat from lipo--woooo hoooo! Sounds good to me :) I have been running a low grade temp (99.9) for a couple days now. THey say it is all because I need to deep breathe. Still scarey tho. But I am doing the volurex machine a lot. I don't want an infection!!

My boobs still feel like boulders hanging off my chest. I sure wish I could have a binder for them. But my ps just likes a wrap across the top to push them down. So when I walk I feel like I have to hold them up, but guess what, they stand up on their own, it is incredible. :)Updated on 17 Dec 2011:5 days post op:
I am feeling a bunch better today. I am spreading out my pain pills more and feeling back to the land of the living. I was completely drugged out before. The discomfort is not as bad and so feeling mentally better is helping my spirits. I had the hubby wash my hair yesterday (boy was that an experience-ha!) but I feel better. I am walking around the house more and getting up and down by myself. Getting up/out of bed in the am is still the only challenge. I get hiccups all the time that thankfully don't hurt. Deep breathing doesn't hurt either. Laughing and coughing, and blowing my nose hard still really hurt.

My painful areas upon standing and moving around are still only the areas of lipo! Crazy! Oh and my boobs still feel like boulders. I try and peak at under the dressings and I am wondering if my nipples seem too low :( that was my worst fear...that he wouldn't lift me enough and my nipples wouldn't be perky enough. I will post a pic...please comment!!!! I love the size, wow so firm and full. But knowing there is a lot of swelling, I hope I still love them when they are "normal"

I have faithfully worn this dang binder nonstop and it is so itchy and uncomfortable. But what ever it takes. I have my f/u appointment on Tues am and he will be taking off this stinky binder (I hope I get a new one?!) and I can't wait to get my first good view of the tummy. What I have seen, I love. My incision is totally straight and perfect. My belly button seemed low and big, but not worried so much since I was looking at it in a strange angle.

Mostly worried about the boobage...Updated on 18 Dec 2011:Oh gosh, I just took a shower. It wasn't really planned, I just got so tired of that dirty binder. YUCK! I had a lot of lipo drainage seep out on the back of the binder and it was all dried and yucky. So remember I don't have my drains any longer (got them out on day 2). But PS didn't want me to shower too badly until either I couldn't stand it or until my f/u appt on Tues. Well...I couldn't stand it.

The hubs ran to Walgreens to get a temporary binder while the other was in the wash. I washed my hair in the sink before the shower to minimize the time I was out of my binder. That was some crazy-fast shower. Haha. Probably didn't need to be a psycho about it as I was, but I felt like my guts were going to burst out my new fragile belly button! And I could feel myself swelling by the second-- UGH!

Here is the best part of my day (besides feeling and smelling fresh) I haven't taken one single Vicodan. I took 3 Ibuprofen instead. Yeah I know, not always recommended...but it has worked insanely well. I am soooooooo comfy. No pain in the boobs or lipo areas since I took it--and I don't feel all doped up. So I will be calling PS right away tomorrow to make sure I can continue that. I hope so, I feel like a new women.

So anyway, when I was naked, it was so crazy to see my new tummy! A mole that use to be right at my xyphoid is now at the top of my belly button. No more birth mark on my tummy and very few stretch marks. Also seems like my pubs got a lift and the thighs a bit as well. Yippee!

I slipped a wife-beater on under the clean binder, we'll see how that feels. I still don't have much of an appetite and these protein shakes are getting old, but still choking them down. I am also impressed w/the VERY little bruising that I have. I have been taking SINEECH and pre/post op vits from Make me I guess I have to recommened them, I have almost no bruising!!Updated on 21 Dec 2011:Day 9:
Had my first post op appointment yesterday. No problems at all, just normal swelling around incision site. I had been worried about developing a seroma/hematoma since I had my drains removed so early, but nope, just neurotic. Doc says it looks great. He is happy with his work which makes me even more happy! I have to start "massaging" the breasts so they move around and "jiggle" as my doc says, haha. I have to say, though, it is so nice to have some nice firm boobs after the saggy baggies :) I seriously want to walk around with my shirt open and say "look at these things!" They are so great :) But yeah, this massage sort of hurts and I am suppose to do each move 40x morning and night. Hmmm, I think I'll start tomorrow (like my diet).

So 2 significant things happened today. 1) I stopped my narc drugs and started taking Ibuprofen. I feel AMAZING! Maybe the Vicoden wasn't even working for me, or maybe it is because at day 9 I have no pain/discomfort, who knows?! But regardless, I feel fantastic today! I even went shopping and took a shower. And trust me, the showering is a 3 hr event. I still feel great. Advil is the bomb. 2) I got my new stage 2 binder, the kind with a panty. AMAZING! It is true, you feel like you have to turn yourself inside out trying to get it on, (In fact, I may never take it off!) but once it is on--FREEDOM! I thought I liked my white Merena abd binder, guess not! No more bunching, bagging, pulling, it is just great. Best part, I can stand up completely straight in it! I mean I still have to mindful of my posture, but trust me when I say, if you are having trouble standing straight, consider a different binder. Who knew? I was really struggling with posture in my upper back, not with this binder. Weird.

Still having a bit of struggle sleeping at night. The one-position-can't-move-around is sort of getting to me. THink I'll try a Advil PM tonight. Also struggling with not being able to pick up more than 5 lbs. Lets face it sometimes my purse weighs that much. But even my temperpedic pillow and a gallon of milk (I don't know, it feels heavy), little daily things. But overall I am so glad I had this done and I am soooooo happy with my results :)

2 wks post op: Started feeling normalish around 2...

2 wks post op:
Started feeling normalish around 2 wks post op. I could have gone to work if I had a desk job. It wouldn't have been fun, but doable. Getting up and down out of a chair, standing/moving for long periods, and sleep position is what was difficult. I was able to do most all mom duties including laundry, cooking, etc. at 2 wks also...just slower than normal. Using Advil only as needed and when I over do-it. Still hunched a bit.

3wks post op...
Each week gets better and better! I am able to get up and down like normal. I even went to a New Years Eve party and was fine! I do have to remind myself and concentrate on good posture. I feel like my healing has gone well.

Had another f/u appt. I finally got to see the results as my tape and sutures were removed. I can't believe my new boobs. I can't stop staring! I really do feel, though, that the nipple should be higher and I am sort of sad. My areolas are also slightly different in size. I am trying to remind myself that no one if perfect, but when you spend so much money you sort of hope for that perfection. I will post some updated pics soon.

5 wks tomorrow and still continue to feel better...

5 wks tomorrow and still continue to feel better every week. I am back to work and even though I don't feel like I am exhurting myself anymore than when I am not working, I do swell a bit in the tummy and get a little sore. Nothing bad, just surprised that indeed working does put some strain on the body (I stand/move a lot at work though).

I am starting the silicone strips and that is soooo much work. I think I will continue for another month or so and then bag it. Showering and getting ready is a major process w/those strips and takes me a good 1.5-2 hrs. What?!

I can finally wear jeans for a short time span and am thrilled that there is no longer a muffin top. I am a solid 10 in jeans now and can wear some 8s in dresses. Even with scars and silicone strips, it feels so good to finally be comfortable in my body, especially when naked.
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