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I am in the process of looking for a plastic...

I am in the process of looking for a plastic surgeon in the Lexington, KY area. I am hoping to schedule my Mommy makeover for December 2011. If anyone knows of a ps in this area to recommend to me, I would appreciate any info!

Updated on 23 Aug 2011:

Has anyone used Dr. Henry Wells in Lexington? If so, are you happy with your results?

Updated on 20 Sep 2011:

I had 2 consultations! The first PS SCARED ME! He was very rough during the consult, and I knew immediately that he was NOT the PS for me! I stood half-naked in front of him and his nurse for what seemed like an eternity, which made me even more uncomfortable with my body than normal.

The second PS, I thought would NOT be for me (my hubby picked him out), and he was AWESOME! I really felt comfortable with him, and the things that he said made sense. He was very "discreet" during the consult, and had we cover up after examining and measuring each area.

I know that kind of sounds odd, but I am sure most people understand what I mean about standing naked for "all to view" when all we want to do is hide every inch of us!

I booked my surgery with the second PS before leaving the office!

The second PS is about $3000.00 more, which stings, but it is about quality not cost. I want to feel safe and comfortable and if means a few thousand more, I guess that is what I will have to do!

Going to take pictures in a bit and get them loaded. That is going to SUCK! lolUpdated on 16 Nov 2011:Well, I finally got the pictures taken and loaded. To say the least, it HURT to put those suckers up! BUT I do know that pictures help, and I am always scanning to see who has a tummy and ta-ta's like mine.

My day is getting closer and closer. I go Friday for a visit with Dr. Wells. I am thinking that is the final payment day.

I am SO no where near where I would like to be as far as my weight goes. :-( Instead of losing, I have been gaining.

I will never be a size 5 again, and I am truly okay with that. I just need to get rid of the "apron" and all the extra saggy baggage and as many stretch marks as possible.

I do know what I will keep some stretch marks, but the should be BELOW the button! YIPPPEEEUpdated on 18 Nov 2011:Went for my pre-op appointment today. Dr. Wells went over every step of the procedures. I feel relaxed now, other then the guilt of writing a check for $9500.00 dollars. :-/

He said that he will have to use 400 cc to fill my breasts and make them a full C. Of course my hubby thinks the bigger the better, but I don't want ginormous ta-ta's! Just perky, properly placed ones! lol

I know this will sound weird, but when I look at everyone else's pic's, I always wonder how far the stretchmarks were moved down. So I MEASURED MINE! I figure that someone has had this question, and it may help someone.

3 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!Updated on 26 Nov 2011:13 more days!

I haven't started getting nervous, just wishing that I could have lost some weight. :(

Where do I find the best spanx? I would like to go ahead and get everything prepared!Updated on 2 Dec 2011:6 more days! I am so ready for the new me! Christmas shopping and wrapping down. Cleaning the house and getting things in order! This week is going to go by quick!Updated on 5 Dec 2011:Well, today is Monday. My surgery is Thursday. Time flew by, without taking any of the extra weight with it. :(

My husband asked if I was getting nervous, and I don't think I am! I can't wait to see a flat new tummy. Ta tas where they are suppose to be. A belly button that looks like a belly button.

I think what worries me is that I only have 10 days off from work. And Christmas is in a few weeks and I want to feel well enough to enjoy it with my kiddos.

I guess we will see how it goes! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!Updated on 5 Dec 2011:As my date is getting closer, I find myself on this site more and more! I seriously can't believe that it is THIS THURSDAY! I am so excited! I just don't want to get my hopes super high about what my new body will look like, until I see it!

I took more pics tonite, and I am not sure HOW Dr. Wells is going to fix the mess! I never realized that my waist is GONE! GONE! I can't believe it!

If you ladies have not put pics of yourself up, I suggest you do! It seriously puts everything into perspective for you (or at least it has me).

WHO CARES what the old you looked like, the new one is right around the corner!!!

Have a great nite ladies! :)Updated on 8 Dec 2011:Good morning ladies!

I am dressed and ready to head to the hospital for my MM!!! Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers!

Will get pics up asap! :)Updated on 9 Dec 2011:Well, about 24 hours day, I am home from the surgery. All I can say: I HURT LIKE HELL! I feel like I have a big paper cut along my abdomen, topped off with a severe sunburn! :(

I also have a yeast infection because of the antibiotics (which is one reason I hate taking them).

My chest feels like there is 2 big boulders sitting on it, and it is hard to breathe alot of the time.

ITCHING! That is probably the worst! I have been itching like CRAZY!

NOW, for some positives: I made it through the surgery alive (obliviously-right)

My husband said that my ta-ta's look huge, but they don't look that big to me.

My stomach, I have no idea what it looks like yet, I go back Monday and will hopefully get to see it then!

My hysterectomy was NOTHING compared to this!

Today was a teeny inny bit easier to move around, but not alot.

I will keep you ladies posted. Keep me in your prayers!

Just feeling blue cause I can't hardly move, walk, talk, and pain. I know that it will get better eventually! Just wanting it right now!Updated on 11 Dec 2011:Coughing hurts like H-E-L-L. :(Updated on 11 Dec 2011:I have the BEST HUBBY EVER! He just gave me a sponge bath, washed my hair, and combed my hair (a task in itself).

I FEEL SO CLEAN! lolUpdated on 11 Dec 2011:Is it normal feel like your incision line is stretching when you are moving around? When I get up to walk, the incision feels like it is stretching open! :-(Updated on 12 Dec 2011:Was super nauseous from about 4:00 am until about 9:00 am. :( I took phenegran, ate toast, it is feeling a little better. DO NOT want to throw up!

I am still super itching, especially under the gauze that seems to be covering 90% of my tummy area. I guess that is a sign of healing (please tell me it is a sign of healing)!

Breast are still super tight, and I still feel air bubbles in them. WEIRD! I hope they go away sooner rather than later.

When I walk, my lower back absolutely KILLS me! I could walk longer if it wasn't for the back pain.

I do have a question about standing up: when I stand, I get this horrific burning sensation under the gauze like my skin is separating. Is this normal? I have checked and there is no blood coming through but it HURTS and makes me so paranoid!

I do have my first follow up appointment today at 2:45 I think (hubby is keeping up with the time for me). I am hoping to get at least one drain out, but I don't think I will. Just emptied and they are both at 40 cc. :-( When does the dr take them out?

Hope everyone is doing well, will talk to you soon!Updated on 12 Dec 2011:Just got back from my appt. a little bit ago. Dr. Wells took out the right drain (she was a BEEAUCH) for sure! Feels so much better. The left comes out Friday! It didn't really hurt, just pinched for a second cause I think the skin was starting to attach to it.

He took off all the bandages and let me see the new bod! Everything looks good, but I do have some bruising above the incision line. Dr. Wells said it was not a big deal, probably just due to the extent of the stretch marks I had. That it would take a little longer to heal up, but he was happy with the results.

I was super nauseous all day, so just looked for a second, and I only saw a couple of stretch marks left! I hope my eyes were not deceiving me!

I am going to get Hubs to take some pics while he is changing the bandages this week, and get some pics up for everyone (and me) to really see what the results are looking like.

I was swollen, but still look smaller than before with the big flaps/apron just hanging there.

I whole tummy area is still really numb, but the sensation is slowly starting to return, so it is starting to itch like crazy, and kind of burn at the same time. :(

Wishing it was 2 months out, then all these stuff would be over! lol

Today has been better than the last couple of days! Hope my recovery continues to go well! Keep me in your prayers ladies, and I will keep you in mine! :-)Updated on 13 Dec 2011:Well, I pooed today! 5 days po, so not so bad..WAY TMI, but it stung a little at first, then no biggie! lol

I am moving around alot better today. Getting up and down from bed and potty has been fairly easy. Back killing me is the biggest complaint (I think) at this time.

I took some pics with my camera, will try to get them loaded asap. I took them while laying down, so they aren't the best, but you can still see a difference.

I feel extremely swollen, which I hate! I wish I looked smaller, BUT I am only at 5 dpo, so I have plenty of time to get where I want to be (patience being the key in that journey).

My hubby washed my cg and bra today, so I lay on the bed nakey for about 30 minutes. WEIRD! is all I can say about it! By the time I had the garments back on, my body felt super weird (and not in a good way)!

I am only taking a pain pill at night now, just to make sure that I sleep through the night. I have to go back to work next Monday, so I am trying to start getting prepared for it.

My biggest worry was having to go back to work 10 days post op, but what can I do! :( I will be working at a desk for a while, so I am just going to take it easy and pray for the best!

Well talk to you ladies soon!Updated on 15 Dec 2011:Today is my one week mark po! I can honestly say that I am feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally! It has definitely been a roller coaster, that's for sure.

I have taken a couple of pics, but I still just haven't felt like putting them up. I know that I am really swollen in them, but as alot of ladies say "I just thought I would be flatter".

The swelling has went down ALOT, now the cg is actually lose, where as before it was so tight I could barely breathe! OH YES! Don't think you have having a heart attack or smothering the first few days! I almost made my husband call the ps and get me an oxygen machine! No kidding! I could barely breathe the first few days, and no deep breathes either! I would feel like I was going to faint!

My back is still hurting me, but I have been using a heating pad, so that seems to help. I am still in the "granny hunch walk" and can't seem to get out of it. I think I am going to have to get a cg or corset that tightens my back up to every get back to walking straight.

My breasts no longer feel engorged (with ladies, the best way to describe the initial feeling of a breast aug- ENGORGEMENT from HELL!! They are still tender, especially the right side, but I am a righty, so that could explain it.

This is a trick that I found works for me, for various reasons: crotchless granny panties! Just typing that makes me laugh! What I did is I bought granny panties so they will come up over the belly button and help keep the gauze in place. They also feel better under the cg instead of it being against skin. ALSO, I have them cut to were I can go to the restroom with so change of accidents, so 1 and 2 are super easy, and no hassles tugging on the undies!

The itching! It is finally starting to subside as well! I thought I was going to scar myself scratching so much, but Benadryl does help, so I suggest you take it along with the other meds, ps said that is okay and what they usually recommend.

Well, my short novel is over! Hope all you ladies are doing GREAT! :)Updated on 16 Dec 2011:8 dpo. Have an appt. to get the second drain out! YAY! I swear, I would almost pay for a hotel room just so I can take a shower! lol

I would like to half way dress up for the appt. but I feel so icky, I think I am just going to wear my hubby's over sized clothes. I guess I should take advantage of looking a hot mess while I can. Next week it is back to work, fixing the hair, putting on the make-up, and regular clothes. :-(

I am still not walking straight, which is a pain in the a$$, actually in the back! My tummy is super tight (which I guess is a good thing). Hopefully by Monday I am walking semi-normal.

Wish me luck! Will update soon!Updated on 16 Dec 2011:Had my 2nd follow up today. Dr. Wells said I am doing great! :) He removed my second drain, sniped some stitches in my bb and on my sides. I do have some bruising on the incision (above my who-ha), and he said that will take a couple of weeks to clear up, but nothing major.

Cleared for a shower (FINALLY) but after an hour in the bathroom before my appointment, washing my hair in the sink, shaving my legs, underarms, and bathing myself (hubby at work), I don't have the energy for a shower! Can you believe that! lol I don't want to ruin my "first experience" post op, so I am going to wait until I am nice and refreshed in the morning. :)

I got a new cg (a MEDIUM)! Whoot Whoot! He also told me that I can purchase a more comfortable bra, so that is definitely on the list of to-do's for the weekend.

Still not walking straight, but at least I can walk "semi-straight" for more than a minute without having to grab hold of something.

Well ladies, have a great nite! I am going to try to get my day 2 photos posted tonite before I pass out. THEN I will have to get some new ones after MY OH SO SWEET SHOWER tomorrow! :)Updated on 17 Dec 2011:9 dpo- my first shower, VERY ANTI-CLIMATIC! :(

I was so excited! Waiting until the kids were eating dinner, locked the bathroom door, stripped down, got in the shower, and was EXHAUSTED! I did not have the energy to enjoy it!

My back has still been killing me, and I am still in the granny position. Trying calling and texting my husband "HELP ME" to no avail. He didn't have his cell phone on.

Water starting getting cold, I sat there shivering, finally sucked it up and got my hair washed (which I am sure was a site), cleaned my body as best as I could, and finished up.

Limped/granny walked to the bed, and lay down trying to catch my breathe. Ending up taking a two hour nap, so I feel better now! lol

The next one, VICTORY will be mine! :)Updated on 19 Dec 2011:11 dpo-FIRST DAY BACK AT WORK. I actually got up this morning, semi fixed my hair and make-up and fit into my old before surgery clothes. They were lose before, a little snug now, so that is good because that means I am swelling! (Not that I want to swell, but I want to be smaller than before!) lol

Swelling is actually pretty bad. Got to sit most of the day, which I thought would be good, it wasn't. At the end of the day, my abs/stomach was so tight. I was also walking more hunched over than yesterday :'( WHEN will all that go away!

Does anyone else feel like their abs are so tight that they will snap with just the least bit of tension?

Have more pics, and you can definitely see the swelling. Looks like righty is almost caught up with lefty (opinions please) so that makes me feel better!Updated on 20 Dec 2011:Well, it's 3 am and I can't sleep.. I am a side sleeper, and this back sleeping is driving me crazy! I can semi-side sleep, but its just not the same :'(

Been worrying about my belly and how it looks too. I posted a pic (or thought I did) of the side view. The area above the bb seems to be puffy, and the area below is hard and puffy looking. I am hoping and praying that it is just swelling from being at work all day.Updated on 22 Dec 2011:Today is 2 weeks post op. I must say that today is probably the best day so far! :-)

Actually ventured out shopping, had a couple of appointments, went to a meeting, then came home and been cleaning off and on for the last 3 hours (YES 3 hours)!! The house is a mess! But oh well, it is about half clean.

I had a scare earlier this week, thought I had an infection at the incision site about va-jay-jay. Was red, hot and swollen. Dr. Wells got me in the next day, and I am good! Thank goodness!

He wants to see me again next to make sure things are good, then I don't have to have weekly appointments! Yippee! It is a 4 hour trip to and from his office! :'(

My lower tummy below bb is still swollen pretty bad. I know that it will get better, just a little impatient.

I am able to comfortably wear my "fat" pants, but there is NO way that I will be able to get into my regular pants.

Luckily, I have lost almost 10 lbs. since surgery! WHOOP WHOOP! Been trying to watch what I eat, and not gain any weight while I am still pretty much immobile. No Pepsi for me (CRYING LOUDLY as I type this)!

Take care ladies! Will try to post some 2 week pics tonite.Updated on 22 Dec 2011:Added some new pictures. Trying to follow my progress on here. My kids have access to my computer and I don't want to scar them for life! lol

Christmas Eve has been wonderful! I am so blessed!...

Christmas Eve has been wonderful! I am so blessed! My family is AWESOME! :-)

I am walking alot straighter today, and I seem to be walking a little straighter every day. After a few hours, my back does start hurting again, but I just sit down and rest for a little bit, and start all over again.

My nipples are stinging like crazy! I tell myself that is a good sign because it means that I am going to have sensation when healed. I have also noticed bruising around them, I am assuming from all the tucking, pulling, and filling.

My bb is about completely healed up. It isn't as deep as I was hoping, but it still looks a millions times better than before.

The bruising and blistering on the incision above my pubic area is getting better ever day. It looks nasty, but it is starting to clear up. Dr. Wells gave me another round of antibiotic cream to use on it.

About the only major complaint that I have is that my lower abdomen is super swollen! :'( It looks bigger than before surgery.

My "fat" pants fit, but they are a little snug. I am down 10 lbs since having the surgery (YIPPPPEEE), so that is exciting. If the swelling would just go down (time-I know). Anyone else still having issues with swelling?

OH! And scar tissue. It is super hard where the swelling is, and Dr. Wells said it is probably scar tissue, and we will address that once the incision is completely healed up.

Ladies, just remember it does get better every day! There will be days you feel like it isn't worth it, but in the end, it will be! :-)

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

19 dpo- UGH! For some reason, some of my updates...

19 dpo- UGH! For some reason, some of my updates haven't posted and some of my pics haven't :( Hopefully the pics will go up this time!

Posted pics from 18 dpo. Everything is looking...

Posted pics from 18 dpo. Everything is looking better day by day. It has and will be a slow process, but my new body already looks better than the old.

I am worried about my breasts. The left one is larger, and I am not sure if they will even out. I am going to talk to Dr. Wells about it this Thursday.

I am going to check and see if I need to start massaging them (believe it or not, my husband has volunteered for this task! lol)

OH, and he was "dying" Christmas Day, so we did the deed. was not painful as I expected, but we were very careful with minimum touching of the breasts.... (I know TMI)But it is a question that everyone wonders about.

The sensation is coming back in my breasts, sides, and tummy. The nipples are burning, the breasts are super sore. The sides and tummy and tingling and itchy but when I scratch it hurts and doesn't really satisfy the itch.

I am walking straighter, but after a while of activity, my back is killing me again.

I have been able to do short shopping trips, and I am back to cleaning house (ugh). My house has been a mess so I am glad that I can get up and move more easily.

Took down the Christmas decorations and trees (all 7 of them) today and I am still alive! lol Ready to get on with the new year. Out with the old, in with the new.

I weighed myself this morning (praying my scale is right) cause I am done about 13 lbs! YIPPPEE

Tried my jeans on yesterday, and they were lose, even with the swelling so that is a good sign as well.

Hope all you ladies are doing great! :-)

22 dpo- I had an appointment with Dr. Wells...

22 dpo- I had an appointment with Dr. Wells yesterday. Everything is looking better! Unfortunately I have a seroma ABOVE the bb! :( If it is not gone by my next appointment, he is going to drain it. WITH A NEEDLE! OMGoodnes-I HATE NEEDLES!

Breasts are looking more even, and he had to snip a few stitches that were sticking out. We didn't see anymore, and this morning I found 3 more! Not sure what is up with that.

I was given the go ahead to start wearing flexees. I have one but it drives me crazy. I think I would rather wear the compression garment!

The bruising and blistering on my lower abdomen (incision above pubic area) is getting better and better every day! :) Can't wait to see the final results!!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing great! Hang in their ladies, it gets better day by day!

Well, it's New Years Eve! I would never have...

Well, it's New Years Eve! I would never have imagined that this year I would have a Mommy Makeover! I am super glad that I had the surgery. I already feel alot more comfortable in my skin (and I am even running around in my undies most of the time when I am home)!! Which NEVER happened before!

I am excited that my breasts have about evened out in size, and my swelling in my lower abdomen area seems to be a little smaller today (or maybe that is just wishful thinking).

I think I am going to wait until the area around my incision heals completely before posting anymore pics. That way I will be able to see a huge difference in the progress.

I am starting to get super itchy all over my back, tummy, and breast areas. Seems like I can't satisfy the itch, but I am going to keep trying!

Keep your heads up ladies! We are getting there!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

29 dpo- Everything is going great! Was able to...

29 dpo- Everything is going great! Was able to sleep on my side most of the nite (I am a side sleeper, so YAY)!

I am walking completely up straight, but still have a tight feeling in my abs. Oh well! It will get better.

Swelling still in the lower abdomen area. Bliters above the incision have almost completely healed.

Day by day I am SO LOVING this new bod! lol

Will try to get some morning pics tomorrow.

Nite all!

4 1/2 wpo-Feeling really good. No more walking...

4 1/2 wpo-Feeling really good. No more walking hunched over, can sleep on my sides, can lay on my tummy for a short amount of time.

About the only complaint is the swelling. :( Still have a lot of swelling on lower abdomen and above the incision line.

Ladies-it is definitely worth it! The first week or so may be hard, but it does get better and better!

4 weeks 1 day po. Things are still going well. ...

4 weeks 1 day po.

Things are still going well. I am happy with my results, and truly glad that I had a mommy makeover. The only true complaint is that my lower abdomen is still very "bulgy" (not sure if that is a word).

I am hoping it is just swelling, because if not, then I look about 4 months pregnant. :(

The incision and area around it is also hard, which I hate. :(

BUT I do see Dr. Wells on Monday, so I am going to discuss these concerns with him.

Also going to talk to him about the cost of lipo for the thighs, upper abdomen, and a few other places. Maybe that will be my Christmas present to myself this year! lol

Took measurements of the placement of my stretchmarks (which I only have about 6 coming up towards my bb-were before there were too many too count).

I do have pics, and will post after I get home tonite!

OOPSY- I am 6 weeks 1 day post op! Who in the...

OOPSY- I am 6 weeks 1 day post op! Who in the heck knows where I got 4 weeks! lol

Had my 6 week appointment today. Dr. Wells said...

Had my 6 week appointment today. Dr. Wells said that everything is looking really good, but still have a lot of swelling around the incision and lower tummy area.. :( Also some swelling on my hips. He said I need a tighter spanx...

Also told to start massaging my incision line with Palmer's Oil since their is fat buildup (hard area) around it. He said this will go away in time and be nice and smooth.

Wanted to ask him when I could lay in the tanning bed, I am awfully pale. Any suggestions ladies?

Take care all!

Massaging my incision with Palmers Oil. Waiting...

Massaging my incision with Palmers Oil. Waiting for the hardness to go away. I know it takes time, but sheesh already! lol

My lower tummy is still getting very swollen, which I despise because it makes a pouch on my belly :(

Been wearing spanx, but I can't find one that I really like. Another :( Suggestions are welcome!

8 weeks post op- Still having a LOT of swelling! ...

8 weeks post op- Still having a LOT of swelling! :'( I have tried everything to keep it down with no luck.

Went bra shopping yesterday, was suppose to be a full C. WELL, I am a D! YAY! (And this was at JcPenny's). Would probably be a DD at Torie's.....

Adding new pics

I have started working on ab crunches, but my...

I have started working on ab crunches, but my upper area (right below breasts) start hurting about 25 in. Is this normal? Does anyone know?

The swelling is still there above and below the incision, which is driving me batty! I tried on some swimsuits this week, but I just looked so bloated, that I couldn't commit to buying one just yet. Still have a few months before swimsuit season, hoping and praying that all of the swelling is gone by then!

Hope you ladies are having a wonderful weekend!

Walked for an hour today! WOO-HOO! Stomach feels...

Walked for an hour today! WOO-HOO! Stomach feels a little swollen, but I had to start sometime!

Trying to keep up the exercising. Abs are super...

Trying to keep up the exercising. Abs are super sore (upper and lower) from the 25 crunches I have been doing daily.

Lower belly (incision and below) are still super hard and swollen. I can't wait until this goes away. IT BETTER GO AWAY! I have a pooch sticking out. :(

Trying to figure out how many weeks post op I am. ...

Trying to figure out how many weeks post op I am. I am way off! I went from 6 weeks to 8 weeks in 4 days according to my post. I swear I am not taking any meds! lol

I think that it will be easier to do the traditional December 8-January 8= 1 month. SO, that all being said, I will be 2 months on February 8th (I think).... Is that how you ladies count it?

I am thinking I need lipo asap! My hips look fat, and my upper abs are chubby. And YES, I hate my inner thighs! :( My hubby said I better not "develop body dysmorphia". This are all things I hated before, but Dr. Wells said he does not like to do too much at one time. I had asked for all of these when I was having the MM.

But, are we ever really happy with our bodies? I honestly don't know if I will ever be completely satisfied with mine. Don't get me wrong, I am so LOVING the new breasts and tummy, I just want it to look even better. :-/

I am not 100% happy with my bb. It looks weird, flat. There is no depth to it. I am trying to wait patiently to see if it changes before I talk to Dr. Wells about a revision.

I am still walking 3 hours per week. Tried to do ab crunches, but my abs feel so tight and painful. Anyone know if this is normal?

Take care ladies! Talk to you all soon. :-)

Well, I think I am 2 months post op. I had my mm...

Well, I think I am 2 months post op. I had my mm on December 8th.

Still getting really swollen as the day progresses. My incision line is super hard, and it is hard all around it as well. Very aggravating, but I am hoping this will go away sooner rather than later.

Sometimes when I sneeze or cough, I get a sharp pain in my abdomen area but I think it is just the numbness wearing off.

I am super glad that I had the mm. My body would never have looked like this without it. The stretchmarks were so horrible.... :(

3 months post op March 8th! Going today for my 3...

3 months post op March 8th! Going today for my 3 month follow up.

I have been doing well, maintaining my weight but wishing I could lose some more pounds!

Still have scar tissue around the incision which is driving me batty! It is super hard and kind of bulges out. :( Going to talk to Dr. Wells about this today.

Wishing I could have had lipo at the same time as other surgeries, but Dr. said that was too much to put my body through. Going to talk to him today and get an estimate. That will be my next gift to me after I lose some of this weight.

Hope all of you ladies are doing well!

3 months post op- I took some updated pics of...

3 months post op- I took some updated pics of myself. They look pretty much the same as last months. I need to get my hubs to take them, maybe the quality would be better. :-)

I am maintaining my weight, still need to be serious and watch what I eat and exercise. Not sure WHY I keep procrastinating.

Checked on the cost for lipo on all my fatty parts. Dr. Wells said he would need to actually remove and pull the skin up on the inner thighs. :-( Total for everything $8000.00. Maybe for Christmas.....

2 weeks shy of 4 months post op. My tummy is...

2 weeks shy of 4 months post op. My tummy is still numb and there is scar tissue all around the incision above my pubic area. I have been massaging it, but I don't feel like it will ever go away. :( Does anyone know how long it takes to go away?

My breasts seem a little "off". One is slightly larger than the other, but they still look better than they did. Still loving that most of the stretchmarks are gone!

I have gained about 7 lbs. which makes me completely disgusted with myself. I think "What is wrong with you! You spend all this money and go through all the pain to gain weight!" Just feeling like a fat-ass....

All in all I LOVE the new me. Of course now I need more surgeries! lol Like lipo to my flanks, hips, thighs, and chin. Because I see those as flaw areas now. I guess I can see how plastic surgery can be addicting!

Hope all you ladies are doing well. Will try to get pics at 4 month mark and post them.

Well, I have decided to start back on Weight...

Well, I have decided to start back on Weight Watchers. I am having no luck losing the extra weight that I gained. :( I am SO not going to mess the results up! Wish me luck ladies!

3 months post office- I uploaded some new pics,...

3 months post office- I uploaded some new pics, and there really isn't any difference from the 2 months. I need to have lipo to the area right below my breasts, you can see in the photo how it bulges out.

Also need lipo to my hips, flanks, and thighs. lol I did talk to Dr. Wells and got an estimate. The lipo to the thighs is not an option, he said I would need a medial thigh lift. The estimate for the hips flanks, medial thigh lift is $8000.00. Does that sounds average?

Of course I am saving up again. I wish I could be happy with my body, but I am just not. Don't get me wrong! It is a 1000 times better than before when I had the million strechmarks and hanging skin, but I still do not feel comfortable in a swimsuit. Maybe I never will....

I plan on attending the Weight Watchers meeting this week, I was hoping to get my husband to attend, but he will not. So it looks like it will just be me. Maybe if I can start losing weight again I will feel better about myself and my new body!

Hope all you ladies are doing great!! :)

Well, I finally get up the gumption to go to a...

Well, I finally get up the gumption to go to a Weight Watchers meeting, and it had been cancelled! I can't believe my luck! lol I will try again next week! I will not be detoured from losing weight! Just wished that I would have been motivated the last few months. Better late than never......

I have tried to start doing ab crunches, but it still hurts in the area above my bb and below my boobs. I guess this is normal, I have seen a few people post that this area has been sore on them.

Signed back up for Weight Watchers! I am doing...

Signed back up for Weight Watchers! I am doing the online, and it seems to be going well. Truly unpleased with my weight as it is right now, especially after paying what I did for the tummy tuck!

I still have scar tissue along the incision above my privates, but I massage it daily, and it is SLOWLY getting smaller! Just wish that it was gone already. It seems to be the only issue that I have from the surgery.

I took updated pics, next time I think I will enlist my hubby's help. They would probably turn out better.

I definitely need lipo to my hips! You can see how they are so uneven and bulging out.. :( Dr. Wells said he thought he lipo-ed that section, but I think it needs a lot more! Would love to have a more defined waste as well. Kind of looks boyish right now.

My THIGHS! Can anyone say NASTY! I despise my thighs and always have! I am hoping to have a medial thigh lift this winter. Was looking for anyone that has had this procedure? Would like to know what it entails....

Feeling better about wearing a 2 piece swimsuit. Would NEVER have worn one this time last year. Still feel self-conscious, but oh well. I just need to suck it up and get over it.

Welp, lets try this again. I just posted (or...

Welp, lets try this again. I just posted (or tried to) and the page went out of sync.

It has been a year since my surgery, and instead of losing weight, I have gained it. :-(

I have gained 20 lbs. in the last year. I have just been eating unhealthy, and depressed. I have got to find some way to snap out of this funk! It is self-destructive and unproductive.

I am going to start back on Weight Watchers. I lost 20 lbs (the exact amount I gained) when I did Weight Watchers earlier this year and followed their plan.

Wish me luck ladies! I am posting some pics for my journey. Just so I can compare where I was to where I am.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!! :-)

Well, I have started following Weight Watchers...

Well, I have started following Weight Watchers again (yes again) and I have lost about 10 lbs. since January. I am hoping to keep up the 1-2 lb a week loss, if I can then I may be able to reach my goal by the end of summer! Which would be truly awesome.

I haven't started exercising yet or cutting soda out of my diet, so I am hoping with those changes I will see some more lbs drop off.

I am still thinking about getting a thigh lift because I despise my thighs! I will also get lipo done when I do this. Just to shape up my figure and get rid of those areas of pudge that just won't give.

Well, I am a year and 4 months post op. I have...

Well, I am a year and 4 months post op. I have gained weight, which is depressing. :( What is wrong with me? I think it is depression. I was diagnosed as having major depressive disorder, and I just seem to be so blah all the time. I need to find a way to "snap out" of this, I just don't know how.

I am starting to watch what I eat again, and I am following the Weight Watchers points system, so hopefully I can get this weight thing under control and get the body that I want!

Wish me luck ladies!
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