PART II: Two New Tatas & a Skinny Binny Belly: 4/18/12 - Kansas City, MO

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To read Part I of my review, please click here...

To read Part I of my review, please click here.


5 WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss spirited these words and I'm reminded today of how exciting the days before surgery are and how you are filled with an unbelievable feeling afterwards and then your body begins to take on this stunning shape and really you can't help but smile daily as you admire your reflection in the mirror and are reaffirmed that yes, the outside now matches the inside. For those of you approaching your surgery date, I'm so, so utterly happy for you! I've been running all week again (YAY!) and have graduated from my binder during the day to a smooth flat belly (YAY!). I feel thinner and my clothes feel super because of the absence of the wrinkled extra bulk that the binder creates under the clothing. Yesterday, I had my follow up appointment and I got my ears pierced! Sweet feeling to not be so naked anymore. I wear the little silver sparkly studs for 2 weeks and clean them daily with alcohol and turn them (just as I did for my little girl at 3 months when I pierced her ears....yes Diva in the making). Then I graduate to my own stud for another 2 weeks and then I get to wear danglies again! My boobie massages have been modified to 3x per week 1x per day in the shower in 10 circles on top of both breasts. Basically, I’ll be doing this for the life of the implants to keep them where they are. I’m to continue with scar therapy 2x per day using the Mederma. I had a little dissolvable stitch removed in the middle front of my TT incision that just has continued to be a little angry and not heal over the last couple weeks. He cleaned out the area and said, now it should close up nicely. If I’m not happy with the result at 6 months he’ll revisit and clean up the scar line for free. I can return to all activity at my leisure and just take one day at a time and listen to my body cues. During the 12 days of inactivity (rest from running), I had begun to feel very swollen. My PS said that swelling is common and that I should see a dramatic difference at 3 months, and then again the end result at 6 months. I asked if there were any certain foods that help with swelling and he said, no, you’re healthy, and your kidneys are functioning. Food won’t make too much of a difference at this point. He said I’m at a recovery point now where exercise actually helps reduce swelling where as initially after surgery exercise causes swelling (makes total sense!). This week I feel amazing now that I’m running and the week prior while I was inactive I was feeling super swollen. I think I’m also just hitting a turning point in recovery. My next appointment he said wouldn’t be for another 2-3 months out. I scheduled for 2 mostly because I love going to his office. It’s kind of a reminder of how far I’ve come and simply a real “feel good”. I had already started tanning again and he said that is fine as long as I continue to keep my incision lines covered - for up to a year. I have noticed along my TT incision line, there are some lumps under the skin in like 2 different areas. I asked if this was scar tissue, and he said yes. So, with his okay and actually he said he loves these, I’m going to start using my massager on those areas. I purchased a WAHL body massager after I had foot surgery in November and it really helped break down some of the scar tissue. I also confirmed again that I can wear any kind of bra that I want. He said yes. Fun! On the note of bras, my hubby and I went to see Van Halen this week, and I wore a pink one shoulder strap tight tank top with no bra! I can’t believe how round and plump the tatas looked with no support. It felt awesome and very liberating. As I’m sure you can see, things are going good 5 weeks out. Really, really good. The last time I took photos was at 17 days Post Op. It’s probably time again this weekend to see if there’s any change. Maybe I’ll take photos tomorrow morning? Morning is a must as swelling is at it’s best after a night of rest. :D I leave you with wishes for a relaxing Memorial Day weekend and some deep thought that my friend said yesterday….”life is not so much what happens to you, but how you take it in and put it right back out there in the universe”. Love that.

7 ½ WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: Oink, Oink! I’ve...

7 ½ WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: Oink, Oink! I’ve been a little piggy recently. The first week was total nature and understandable as it was the week before my period. I usually give myself a pass around that time. Then the week of my period, I had some conversations at work in which a challenge was presented to me. It’s a 3 month trial and salary may increase at the end of these 3 months. I’ve been working 50+ hours per week and the stress has resulted in me gravitating towards lots of feel good foods. I’m over the moon that the executive committee has presented me with these new goals and that they think of me as a positive force to take on these challenges. However, my job has been so stress free that this sudden increase of responsibilities is making me eat my feelings which I’ve had struggles with (eating my emotions) in the past. I’m very even keel on the outside and am a super happy and calm person. I’m totally good at maintaining this type of personality. However, the inner stress can have a tendency to reach for food who has been my little comforter, and I’ve got to get back on track! I definitely have gained weight in the last couple weeks and I’m ready to stop gaining! Although, my hubby is loving my booty these days and can’t get enough. LOL He totally prefers me curvy and the cookies have gone straight to the booty. :D The great thing about the Mommy Makeover is that I continue to keep a flat belly even with some additional lbs. on me. I love how flat my belly is always and I love how round and perky my tatas are. My favorite thing to do in the evening, is strip of my bra and throw on a tank top and feel totally free but with shape. My hubby is always asking me to flash him. LOL I do it with no hesitation because I’m now suddenly confidant and love what’s under my clothes. Weird feeling to be so happy and free and not self conscious. I started running pretty heavily and strained another abdominal muscle. This time it was up high: dead center above my belly button under my sternum\breasts. After giving it time to heal and rest, I started back at it! I feel best when I get my daily running in, however, I’ve decided to ease back and am on an every other morning routine right now and it’s going good. I do typically take some Ibuprofen and Tylenol in the mornings still and then am good for the rest of the day. I’ve noticed that I’ve begun doing some new tasks that were challenging before without trouble: vacuuming, lifting boxes, carrying my daughter, running at a faster pace. Some (note these are few – recovery has amazingly come far) things are still a little tricky: twisting body (turning around in car to see what my daughter is doing in back seat), laying flat on belly and trying to get out of that position, shaving armpits LOL (with the new big boobs they are so tight, that it’s tricky getting a flat surface to shave as the pit is now a tight curve), numbness…my upper thighs/hips, and I thought it was only my lower abdomen, but realized that most of my abdominal area is numb. It’s crazy to think that this may last up to a year. But, that’s okay, because it’s a BEAUTIFUL flat abdomen with very little swelling! Goodness, my entries are lengthy but I’m loving the whole journal concept of this. I’m recording for my sister who wants a Mommy Makeover too! The other day I re-read my review’s entirety and was surprised to read certain obstacles and events along the timeline of recovery. It was super cool because I simply had already forgotten lots of the details and was able to giggle as I revisited the memories. TOAST TIME! Here’s to embracing new challenges, remembering balance, eating mindful and exercising! As soon as I get my weight back down, I’m going shopping for white skinny jeans! I SO need to add to my wardrobe! It’s all about the goals baby!


16 ½ MONTHS AFTER SURGERY: Hola Chicas! Goodness…life has been good! I have not been on here for over a year and thought it may be nice for a few updated photos and new mommy makeover considerers to hear that life continues and life continues better than ever on the other side. I just checked out a few of my before pics and EEEeeekk! Who is that?! I totally don’t recognize the old me. I am so used to me now that it’s hard to even see those little hanging mosquito bite boobies and the ol’ playdough tummy and think that I endured that body for so long. The only regret that I have is that I did not have this surgery sooner! Honestly, I recommend financing if you can’t afford it. If you have to pay for this for the next 20 years I am telling you that every penny is worth enjoying and LIVING for the next 20 years! I love the freedom that accompanies the makeover. Your personality doesn’t drastically change and truthfully you are who you are, but you just feel like “you” and that you don’t need to hide. It’s so liberating to be comfortable with your partner and with your family and in photos and just your every day life. Seriously, don’t hesitate. Just do it! Since we’re on the roll with the Nike slogan, here’s one from Michael Jordan, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen“.

Here are a few truths on “moi”: My weight has been a roller coaster my entire life and I have to say that I packed on some weight earlier this year in the colder months, however the affect to my body was really weird. My tummy was flat as can be. As matter of fact my entire torso including my back and tatas remained sexy and skinny but my thighs were enormous. Instead of the weight gain distributing throughout, it just clung to my thighs (I think that’s because of the lipo) and so it was super easy to hide with flowly pants or A-Line skirts. With spring/summer approaching and me wanting to look A+ for my man in a bikini, I focused on weight loss and BAM! was right back. I’m 5’6” and was at about 160 on surgery day. Today, I’m at 149 and feeling very happy. I run an average of 35 miles a week pain free. Feeling has returned just about everywhere. If I run my hands along my upper thighs as I get close to my scar I become less sensitive. It’s almost a little numb but I do have feeling - - same for my tummy. I can feel me tickle my nails along my (FLAT ?) belly, but the closer I get to my belly button the feeling becomes less intense and begins to feel a little numb. This far out in recovery, I wonder if it’s permanent nerve loss? Really though, it doesn’t matter. To trade in what I have now from what I had before is freaking awesome! I’m really impressed with my scars. I was very diligent about my daily mederma treatments and keeping scar areas covered while in sun or tanning for an entire year. AT 6 months post surgery, I did have a slight revision surgery on my right side of my tummy tuck where the incision ended. I had a bunching of skin that slightly wrinkled and didn’t want to lay flat. The procedure was in the office and I layed down on a table and was completely numb and it only took about 45 minutes. They cut a little skin out and made a clean stitch. It really helped, however I still think I have a little too much skin on that side verses the other. I wonder if more lipo was applied to the left side or maybe it’s just the placement of the incision. There are areas on my body from the surgery that are not too perfect, but really I’m okay with it. I was told initially that perfect symmetry is not possible and that your body’s natural shape will still remain (enhanced of course!). I really like the way the breasts have fell. They couldn’t be more natural feeling and looking. I’m glad I went with under the muscle and a moderate profile. My husband constantly tells me they are perfect! ?

Am I addicted from this and do I want more surgeries now? No, I’m not like poor Elsa Patton (that mother off Real Housewives of Miami). So tragic…. I don’t think I’ll ever touch my face (thank you mama & papa for good genes). However, I would love to have some work done on my inner thighs. I have extra skin there from my ups/downs in weight over the years. With all the running I do, you think I would have slim thighs, but it’s the same as my belly pre-surgery. You get to a point where there isn’t anything more you can do. It’s just loose skin that needs to be CUT OUT! It’s something I considered heavily doing during my mommy makeover and my PS was in favor of, but decided to hold off to another date. Maybe one day...

I am filled with gratitude and so, pause and reflect on this experience. I’m thankful for a supportive husband and cheerful for a talented PS. “The essence of all beautiful art, all great art is gratitude” – Fredrich Nietzsche
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