New woman!!!!!,! Butt lift with fat graft, breast lift and augmentation, and liposuction Coral Springs, FL from New York

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I am scheduled for June 19th 2012 but I am not...

I am scheduled for June 19th 2012 but I am not sure whether I should get those procedures done together.

I am 33 years old (going on 34 in July) and I have...

I am 33 years old (going on 34 in July) and I have been contemplating surgery after having my twins which are now 2 (will turn 3 in July too!) I am posting my journey, whether I go through with it or not. Id like to get some opinions because its been hard for me to make a final decision (and my surgery has been booked for June 19th 2012).
I am 5'7" and before my pregnancy I weigh 160lb and went up to 195lbs! Since I was basically starving during my pregnancy (could only hold down watermelon, water and flavored icees) I went down to 140. I have been able to maintain my weigh at 143 but I hate how my stomach looks, butt, breast, hips, GOSH I am a hot mess! It doesn't help that I also have a squared shape so nothing ever looks nice.
I guess this would be my birthday present. The most expensive present ever!!! lol
I have been looking around NY area but I am not impressed by the results and the prices are ridiculous! Maybe I am looking in the wrong place? The only doctor that has many impressive pictures is DR. A. but my biggest problem is that I havent met him. I will have a phone conference with him tomorrow though. I hope he impresses me. He says I can get all of these procedures done but I am scared! For someone who has been doing this for 23 yrs and has great pictures, I dont see many reviews and he is not board certified since 1999 but has no records of malpractice. Is this strange???
I have a lot riding on this since I will be traveling from New York to Florida and staying for a month. My parents, husband and kiddies are coming along. I am scared of the distance. We are planning on stopping but its a tough one! And driving back!!!! I dont know if I will be well to sit for such a long time! Help!

Hi all. Talk about obsessed! 1am and I am still up...

Hi all. Talk about obsessed! 1am and I am still up. I spoke to Dr. Azurin on Monday for a brief 30 minutes. Although he answered a few of my questions, its not the same as a face to face consultation, which I havent had with anyone! Call me crazy! yes I am! I know it too! Why so many exclamations...I am in need of enlightenment. Lord please help. If this is meant to be than show me the way bc I am trying to convince myself that I am just over analyzing things but this is my life we are talking about here. I made an appointment with Dr. Yager even though his pictures are not that impressive to me. I guess I can see what he says. Wont hurt.
Back to my phone conversation with Dr. A He sounded very normal. Didnt push me to make any decision. I wish he did. His first comment was "You do know how much pain your going to be in if you decide on all these procedures" He says he has done it a whole lot of times but its all in how I will be taken care of and how long ill be in Florida to recover. Since I'm planning on renting a house for a month, he says thats really good idea. Should I be concerned that his application or papers for ABPS will be handed to him in July, after the fact?
CAN I MAKE A BIG DECISION BASED ON PICTURES? like over 200 pictures for every procedure that I am planning on getting? check it out let me know what you think. Thank you all for your input! I really appreciated it..I really dont have someone to talk to. My husband is on board 100% but I dont talk about my inner feelings about this yuck body.

Tonight it's Will I get surgery? No....

Tonight it's Will I get surgery? No. Tomorrow it'll be another answer. Should it be this hard to make a decision? I have a month and 10 days to go and I am getting cold feet. Maybe I am realizing something.

I just printed my lease for the rental and I am...

I just printed my lease for the rental and I am going to .....drum roll please....sign it and send my check. Yes, I have decided that I deserve my mommy makeover. Hurray for me! I finally came to my senses. lol Now its time to prepare ladies!!
On my pre-op day the doctor will determine if a breast lift is necessary and then I will know if I will be getting the whole package or not.

I am actually feeling excited.

1 MONTH to GO!!!!

Yesterday I visited another PS in Washington...

Yesterday I visited another PS in Washington Heights New York just to see whether I would just get everything done closer to home and guess what... I was not impressed. I wish he had a portfolio. His website pictures are not extensive (7 pictures of BA) and about the same for TT. He didnt even sit down. He stood by a small sink (like a dentists office) and quickly went into a short powerpoint presentation of the procedures that I intend on getting. Dr. Y was cold and too worried about getting to the next patient. Shoot! for a 15,000 plus procedure he can at least give me an hr. NO THANKS!!! Then he whisked me away to the patient coordinator and she gave me the run down of how much each procedure would cost and mentioned the PS's next open date. HA! I told her I didnt feel like he was going to be my PS. I am still sold on Dr. Azurin.

*************16 more days!!!!!!! Oh...

*************16 more days!!!!!!! Oh Lord!!!!**************
I am getting my lists ready, gathering up more questions to ask the PS before surgery, and cleaning my house, one floor at a time. My mind is so busy! I literally started cleaning my house at 9 ish...and will continue another day. I couldnt get pass the second floor!! Its like there was more dirt on top of dirt. It appeared out of no where...SERIOUSLY! I decided to clean with a new spray called "Kaboom" and I nearly intoxicated myself lol with all the purple foam. My tub needed some serious cleaning (twins love to draw with those "washable" crayons which dont wash off unless you scrub!) So needless to say, I not only sprayed the bathtub but I covered my wall tiles, floors tiles, toilet, you name it.....and it was covered in purple foam). What was I thinking...oh yeah!!! my mind was just creating more work for me. I was literally in there for more than an hour trying to mop that soapy foam off of everything. I am laughing now but it was not funny at the moment. I also reorganized parts of my closet (winter clothes pushed to the back), went to my basement and reorganized my kiddies books, laundry, mop two floors, had visitors, and put my babies to bed. There was a lot more but its just too much to type. lol
I am tired! Maybe this will send me straight to bed. Maybe not. I am wondering how my husband is doing at work. He went to a major fire on Friday, I think someone passed away, and I seemed bothered this morning. He left at 8am again and doesnt seem like he is coming back till tomorrow night. I told him that he will soon be vacationing....well sort of lolol while he takes care of me. He is such a wonderful man. Let me stop here before I continue to ramble.
I also wanted to share someone I find on youtube. There is so much out there. These are two youtubers who shared their TT and BA experience Sarahmwx3 and April29Oregon

I have decided to take a round trip flight to...

I have decided to take a round trip flight to Florida and back to New York...just to be on the safe side, plus the twins might not be too happy sitting in the back for such a long time.
I also picked-up my prescriptions. I was sooooo shocked by how much I had to pay for them. Take a guess...$16 dollars!!!!!
Ranitidine (Generic for Zantac)
oxycodone (generic for percocet
ciprofloxacin (generic for Cipro)
carisoprodol (generic for soma)
diazepam (generic for valium)
prochlorperazine ( for nausea)
ondansetron (generic for zofran)

My mouth almost dropped when I saw all the meds!!

No turning back now! Today, I bought my grandma...

No turning back now!
Today, I bought my grandma panties and Moo Moo with my mom. I felt so weird buying the stuff. I thought someone new what I was up My mom was so loud, "the BIGGER the BETTER mi nina. You dont want to be uncomfortable. She spoke like a pro but she has never had plastic surgery. I guess its that mommy instinct. So I bought 3 Moo MOos and 5 panties. I hope this is enough and I also got my colace.
I has a meltdown bc of my job. I gave them a months notice and they were still rude to me, even though I told them it was for "medical" reasons. I am the type pf person to just say sorry but I usually leave me job. It wont be hard for me to find other cases through a different agency. But whatever! I need to have a clear, collective mind before I go in for surgery and no one will keep me from it. It was just so upsetting. Just venting.

Ok so Tuesday is like right around the corner....

ok so Tuesday is like right around the corner. Counting down the days. I have been so busy with packing and working havent had a chance to feel nervous. I ran around like a crazy person today. My husband left this morning at 5:30 a.m. and is already in North Carolina enjoying the sun and eating at Applebees's without me. I am so happy that he is taking his time to drive to Florida. Its not an easy ride. I told him to rest as much as he can bc soon it will be over. He will need to take good care of this precious mommy. lol
I leave with my mom and twins by plane on Sunday. My Pre-op is on MOnday and then I go in Tuesday from 10;45 till 9pm. Well thats what I was told.I am nervous about my mom though, I dont want her to panic and stress out so I am asking my husband to allow me to get into the house and into the recliner before letting her see me. plus I have to hide the drains. Oh God I hope Ill be fine. Dont want to stress anyone out.

I am wondering how my kids will react. Maybe they wont notice. My parents are planning to take them to the beach and pool. Id rather they enjoy the beautiful weather.

I was planning on typing more but I am tired. I have lots to do tomorrow. (Dye my roots...hate white hairs, drop of my dog, drop off paperwork, pack kids stuff and I am sure there is more.

Hello everyone! please bare with me. I am trying...

hello everyone! please bare with me. I am trying to type as i sit on my new bum bum which hurts. what can i say, im in love with the new me . curves breast and booty. Its been a week and2 days and i am standing n my own walking around but resting after 30 min. i will write a more detailed experience as i feel better. please excuse the upper case letters.

Hi everyone! I am doing very well. My bruises from...

Hi everyone! I am doing very well. My bruises from lipo are fading away and the numbness is going away too. I would say my upper back is not numb but my lower back above my buttocks is a bit numb. The lipo itself wasn’t as hard as I thought. I felt pain but mostly it was soreness. On a scale to 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain and discomfort, I would have it say it was more like a 6. Like I said it was more soreness that made me feel uncomfortable. The key to survive this whole ordeal is to sleep, walk, meds, sleep walk and meds and keep your mind busy. Im not sure why i cried so much. I said silly things but i guess its because depression was starting to kick in. I'm a very busy mommy and this is totally different for me. Having my hubby really helped.
I'll share a little episode with you all. Right before my daily nap, I began to cry really bad. My hubby giggled and asked what was going on. I said, " please promise me, when I'm much older, you will not leave me confined Between four walls! Just let me see the sun!" wasn't funny when I said it but looking back it is funny. We pinky swore that we would take care of each other the right way. I guess I have a fear of being left in a room without interacting with the outside world. Anyways, once you get through the first week you are home free. Sleeping is a bit tricky. I basically sleep on my sides with pillows on my back and between my legs. My husband has been taking good care of me. He's become a great leg shaver. I can't seem to stretch down to shave my legs. It doesn't hurt bad it just feels weird to stretch down low. I sort of roll sideways to get off this high king size bed but before that my husband would slid my legs and hold the back of my neck to get me out of bed. Can I say that bendable straws are awesome! I had to return the recliner. Didn't feel comfortable sleeping in it, plus my booty was aching. Wasted 65$ bucks. I was never nauseous But I barely had the strength to use the bathroom. I urinated the same night of surgery. I basically was standing as I urinated but sometimes it trickled on my inner thighs. What a sight! My hubby cleaned up the mess. I deficated on the third day. That was worst. Although I opted to not get a tummy tuck, it was pretty hard to sit down so I stood above the toilet and gosh was it horrible sight. I was so relieved and felt better.
I would have to say that I would do this a million times over and I am only 3 weeks out. I had so much guilt going into this because I didn't want to spend that much money on myself but you know what...I am worth it and I deserve it. So far I am loving the new me..

I am finally back home in NY after a long two days...

I am finally back home in NY after a long two days. I must say, I hate DELTA!!! and the people are disgusting! My flight was scheduled for 5:55pm and I was in there at 3:40pm Some how the plane was not ready because of a part that needed to be replaced. By 8:30pm no plane or part and decided to get a hotel. Long story short I made it home the next day with my twins but I will never forget how awful people can be. Lets just say people shoved themselves into the hotels shuttle van this morning at 5am and even though I was standing in front of the vans doors with one child in my hand and another crying by the door with my mom, no one stopped to give me a seat ( And i was the second one downstairs waiting for the van with 2 babies and my 65 yr old mother). Thank the Lord there was another shuttle right behind or I would've been in Florida still. Moral of the story, don't be selfish, lend a hand to helpless mothers. Opening doors, pick up a bottle, or take notice who is in most need. Sorry for venting.
As for my new body, I am resting. I am a bit swollen by my waist and lower back. I cant wait to hit the bed tonight. I will post my new pics tomorrow. Ill be in a better mood.

Hi everyone! So tomorrow I will be attending a...

Hi everyone! So tomorrow I will be attending a party with my hubby and I am super stoked to wear a nice dress. Maybe Ill take off the waist band but not the body garment. Lets see what happens...

Funny moments: My hubby continues to yell, "Damn! thats a big booty!!" As I reach for something.

Personal: Its been almost 2 months since we have been intimate and its going to be exciting. Reading "50 shades of grey" doesnt help the situation. lol I need my booty to settle a bit more. In the meanwhile, Ive ordered a few INTERESTing outfits for myself.

I will be posting some pictures taken by Dr. Azurin during my pre-op consultations and an after pictures of my Breast lift and augmentation.

Good night ladies!

I took a few pictures before my 2 month mark. I...

I took a few pictures before my 2 month mark. I think my boobies are dropping but the left one is challenging. About 2 weeks ago, my dissolvable stitches were pushing to the surface and a bit of puss ozzying out. The patient coordinator called me back the next day ( Saturday) after showing the pictures to the doctor and I felt at ease. I was so nervous. Thought I had a bad infection. Now I'm cleaning it with peroxide and dabbing on polysporin then covering it with gauge pads.
Before surgery I weigh 143lbs
Now I weigh 139lbs
My waist is a size 4
My bra size ?... Don't know yet. My boobies have not dropped enough to get myself measured. I'll most likely go to a professional bra fitting store by my house. I've always wanted to go but never found a reason to spend so much money for just padding. I've read that victoria secret stores are not the best place to get a proper bra fitting.

Today, I was given the ok to take of the white...

Today, I was given the ok to take of the white band along with the foam pad for my lower back. This made me I really enjoy my new sports bra. They are so soft and stretch nicely. Now Im looking at levis curve ID jeans. According to levis website Im very curvy and round. Never thought Id feel so good about my body.

2 MONTHS- BA-I can't believe its been two months....

BA-I can't believe its been two months. I am back to my normal routine and having a blast. I can workout (need to be doing this a lot more!), I am fully recovered and adjusted to life with boobs! I just havent slept on my chest, yet. I am still in the "sports bra" phase. I have to wear soft, wireless bras (don't know for how much longer), but they are comfortable. I have found that under armour and nike make some great sports bras. Champion has bras in band/cup sizes as opposed to s,m,l and they fit really well and support each breast individually instead of just smooshing them down like a normal sports bra.

For awhile I was a little paranoid about whether each side was dropping sufficiently and if they were both doing what they were supposed to do. The longer I have them and the softer they get, the more they seem like just "normal" boobs. They are not exactly the same, but they were not exatly the same before I had surgery. I would definitely say that they are just enhanced versions of what was there before. So, if are reading this and are recovering from surgery or contemplating surgery, be assured that a little paranoia is totally normal and I think we all deal with it. The best advice I can give is to do your homework and choose a well-respected surgeon. As I am looking at my pictures from today, I realize that the picture that I gave my doctor to show him what I wanted my results to look like is exactly how I look! Im still taking antibiotics for my BA. Both of my breast have been "spitting out" stitches and there are small pockets of puss which I clean with peroxide, apply polysporin and place a gauge pad over it. Ive yet to visit a professional bra fitting store because Ive been waiting for my breast to drop more. Dont want to spend so much money just yet.
LIPO- Numb around the curvature of lower back but its getting better.
BBL-- Cant sit for over an hours without feeling a little discomfort. I have been trying on different jeans. I found levis jeans to be nice to my new frame. Im a bold curve ID.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

This doctor is an artist at his craft and knows how to deal with curve balls. his 23 years of exp. speaks for its self. He is fully dedicated and knows a womans body. I am so excited I chose him. My gut has not failed me yet. Yashira, patient coordinator is very knowledgeable, answered so many of my emails and phone calls. like and Angel sent from above. You will have to wait a bit in the waiting room but the Dr spends a good amount of time during consultation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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