35 Yr Old, 3 Kids and in Need of a Mommy Make Over

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I have had 2 C-Sections and I feel like a...

I have had 2 C-Sections and I feel like a marsupial. Time to feel good about myself. I am also thinking about a breast lift to get my breast back to being full. I have been working out hard and I want to look as good as I feel when I am working out. I love to exercise but it is discouraging to not see the results that I want.


I have sent off for two consults. One to Dr Lily in Santo Domingo DR and one to Dr Robles. I have not see Dr. Lily's work but I keep reading good things. On Dr. Lily's website it is all spanish so that didnt help me and I did not find any pics of before and after.

I also wanted a consult from Dr Duran. But I have not done that yet. Give me a few and I will.

Meanwhile I am going to get started on vitamins that everyone is recommending to take. Time to make this wish a reality.

Dreaming all night of TT and BBL

So after spending 10 hours researching I dreamt of TTs and BBL. I really am thinking I want a BA at the same time. My quotes from Dr Robles and Dr Lily were so different as to what the thought I needed and I wonder if when they physically see me will things change. I know of one of our fellow realself members who had the three done in one setting. She was healthy and worked out regularly. I am pretty healthy and I work out regularly. Maybe I fit this category.

Just purchased a faja

I am not sure if this was the right move but I'm preparing for my surgery that I have yet to set a date for and confirm. But I want to have the things I will need so I saw a store and I picked one up. Tried it on and omg that was work. I worked up a sweat. The sales lady saw all my imperfection. Wasn't expecting that but oh well. She said she will let me exchange it if my Dr says I need the butt out one. So I will see. I am not sure if I will get the BBL. Still thinking about it. I think my rump is ok.

Vitamins Needed Pre Op

Soooooooo I should be in bed sleeping but I am not. Just wanted to list a video I found from Laura Castro for the vitamin regimen recommended from Dr Robles.


Folic Acid 500mg
B complex 1 gram
Vitamin C 1 gram ***take iron with Vitamin C because it helps with absorption of the iron***
Iron 325mg (ferrous sulphate) ***I have been taking iron for many years now and for those that can not find this strength it is usually sold behind the pharmacy counter. Rx not needed but Drs do write a script for it so that's where it is kept. Usually cost about $3.

Do not take any vitamins that contain Vitamin E nor Vitamin A because it will increase your bleeding.

FYI Tummy got to go

This is me two year ago on a Caribbean Cruise. I loved the dress but the tummy just didn't want to stay hidden. I had on a spanx as well. I tell ya. Tummy got to go. It is a pouch at this point so chop chop.

Barely Got 3 hours of sleep

So I barely got 3 hours of sleep and I am up emailing Laura and Dr Robles. Albeit I have not officially selected a Dr I do want to make sure the questions I have are answered and I choose my surgeon based off the work they do as well as they work they will do on me that I want done. So this is what I sent via text at 8:30a. (I wonder what's the time zone there. Don't want anyone being annoyed cause it's too early.) "Good morning Laura Darlene here. I got your email about Dr saying too much scarring for the breast job. Has she ever told someone no via email and then when they are in front of her change her mind? When I look at my rear end I don't really see a need for a BBL. I do love her work with them but if I had to choose a TT and BBL vs TT and Breast Aug I think I'd prefer the TT and BA. I have a good shaped butt otherwise. What are the chances she would recommend something different when she physically sees me? Or if I send her a video? I know she will know what's best and at the end of the day she will only want the best results for me as well as have a happy client."

Team Turn It Up

So I am waiting for results of my labs from my PCP. I was recently diagnosed with fibroids and I had an ablation so I want to see where I stand with my anemia post ablation sx. Interestingly I have been anemic for about 10 years and no one seemed to care. I also had serious heavy cycles and bad cramps that I thought were the norm for me. Everyone complains of cramps so I just thought I was like everyone else. Come find out changing your tampon and maxi pad every 45 minutes to an hour when you are using both at the same time is not normal. WOW ok someone should have told me that years ago cause I could have been dealt with this. But at the same time how would anyone know if I never told them that I went through that many pad and tampons in a month. LOL I always wondered why they even made the light tampon and pads cause I could only use them as if they were panty liners. lol. Anyway everything happens for a reason so I am not super mad.

So now I am in Turn it Up mode to get my blood levels up. The regimen of B-complex ferrous sulphate Vitamin C and folic Acid should do the trick I would think. I consulted a Dr here at Vanity and he suggested I talk to my PCP about added supplements. I followed up with her leaving her messages but she never replied. Oh well. I went to her office for labs only and will follow up with her next week and see where I stand. Meanwhile I am turning up the iron in my body by following Laura's suggestions (Dra Robles office). What doesn't kill me should make me stronger.

Another turn it up area I am focusing on are my thighs. I am going hard from now until surgery on my lower body. I have junk in my trunk and thunder thighs of cellulitis. Time to get rid of what ever I can. Like I said I have drastically improved my health with diet and exercise so I know these next few months will be fun. I am changing up my routine. I had already started it but had to fall back a bit cause of the ablation. Now mind you the work up to that surgery was not fun either. I have been exposed to so many people it is now easy for me to drop my pants and show my goodies without a 2nd thought. Post naked pics like it ain't nothing lol. But anyway I want to get rid as much cellulite in my thighs as possible. My arms build muscle quickly so I wont stress them. Main focus in lower body. Team turn up QUATS LUNGES DEADLIFTS PLYOMETRIC CIRCUIT TRAINING and I will be hitting the stair climber and treadmill as well.

Ok that is it for now. Team Turn it up awaits me in my living room. GO ME!

Turn it up and burn it up and thinking more so BBL

I got some new work out gear to keep me motivated and moving. Out with the old and in with the new. Team Turn it up and Burn it up. Just because I am not where I want to be doesn't mean I can not look my best while I look a mess. lol Oh and I am now thinking if in the next few months I do not see progress from these quats then I am gonna go forward with the BBL. Hopefully I can say Team Robles as well cause "I be loving it I I be loving it".

Cut my hair today

So I have been thinking about cuttings hair today. I have been growing it out for so long. 10 years to be exact. Time for a change. Short doo for the new me. Sexy, flat tummy, nice rump and perky boobs here I come. One sophisticated hair style to compliment it as well.

So I pushed back my surgery date But I know who is my Dr will be

I pushed my surgery date from May to August. Kids will be in a new school then and that is the next time I will be able to take a vacation. Not supper happy about that but at the same time it gives me about 4 months to tighten what I have (mainly my rear end) and see if I can give myself an all natural BBL. I am gonna squat until I can not squat anymore. I am pretty sure I am going with Robles and I am ready to make my deposit. She truly does excellent work and she has the best all in one price. Really I can't fathom doing anymore research cause I am just so busy as it is with life. I am pooped. lol. But all in all I would save thousands by going to her and like I said she is one of the top 3 Drs on my list. Unless the other Drs come with an all inclusive package or unless I hear that all the ladies from now until August had a horrible experience then my mind is made up. Now I just have to decide on the procedures to do.

Yily update

For those looking for a quote from Dra Yily she has a new way of getting a quote faster. I thought it was pretty cool. I am not sure if the day of surgery when one arrives if everything you put in the quote would be done but it is worth the shot. http://drayilydelossantos.sacwebapps.com/Form.aspx Good luck.

I decided on my Dr but now I am just indecisive because when I went to transfer the money it did not work. I did not have the correct transfer numbers apparently and was told to try again with the same numbers.

Feeling down

Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Mixed emotions about everything. Work is consuming all my time and that's just my corporate job. Then the business I own is demanding more from me and I intended for my partner to run 80% of it and now things are changing. Kids are being their usual selves trying my nerves and my college classes are probably gonna take a bit of a hit this semester. I've been going hard on my workouts but instead of losing weight my body betrays me and gained 2 pounds. Yeah it could be muscle but I don't want to hear that. I can't even get a minute in to watch a tv show. I have to stay up late to catch up on Scandal on DVR. So that means I'm cutting out my sleep just to have some time to myself. Don't get me wrong.... I love my life but my goodness I am being pulled in every direction. I'm doing too much but when I have nothing to do I feel inadequate. Vicious cycle.

Ok so as far as my surgery .... I pushed it off till August and now my manager tells me that I may have to push it some more because right now I'm in a special management program for 6 months that may not allow me the time off. OMG. I'm done. Like I already canceled May cause you fired your staff or they quit and now I may have to cancel it then????? This isn't a good look.

So the optimistic side of me says everything for a reason. Push forward and everything will workout the way it was meant to be.

I wonder if this works.

Just a video of me working out.

Dra Fatima Almonte looks like she is gonna be the winner

I am tired of searching and I am about to seal the deal. I still thing Dr Robles and Yily and Duran do an amazing job but communication with Almonte has been stellar. Somedays I completely forget about even wanting surgery and then Raquel will randomly text me and check in saying good morning and seeing if I have any questions and how I am doing. It is a great feeling to be thought about when you have not even met someone and they are trying to keep you informed. Especially when it comes to surgery in a place you have never been. I would like to see more RS post of woman that have recently had BAs or TTs from her. I want my waist completely "snatched". And I want my breast to be perkier but not fake looking. I asked Raquel if Dr Almonte does aggressive lipo to get the maximum results on the waist line and she said yes and she will do all that she can. That was comforting. I want to be happy with my results not wishing I went to another Dr despite the warm feeling I get from the attention they give me.

Service Assistance:
Telephone: +58 412 547 9356
Telephone: 678 212 4899
Skype I.D.:jairo.mateo
Skype I.D.:raquel.medina14

My Wish Pic before and after

Just posting a wish pic of myself before and possibly after.

Meanwhile I am working out really hard. I lost a few pounds and then had a cheat meal and gained it back. I hate cheat meals. They never work for me. Anyway I am still on my vitamin regimen. I have slacked the past few days on water but I'll be back on the wagon in the morning.

Meanwhile here is what I want a Dr to do for me. Can it be done is the question....

New consult

Well I still haven't had surgery. Life has its ups and downs and the down part is I got hit by a truck earlier this year. I survived and I am well but now working out isn't as grand as it used to be. So now back to focusing on surgery. I am going to get a Mommy Makeover. I had a consult from Dr Scott Loessin. He's very sweet and compassionate. He said the surgery would take place in 4 hours and he can do a breast lift tummy tuck and some liposuction. That's gonna be awesome because that's just what I need. Surgery will take place in a hospital as an out patient and he will do an in home visit. I can get back to work in 7-14 days possible. That's awesome. The office has to send me pics of his work on black women because I want to see the healing process. Also the price can use some adjustment cause it's more than double my last consult.
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