32 Yrs Old 4 Kiddos and I So Desperately Want to Be Happy with my Body!!

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So as with most who start on here I too have ready...

So as with most who start on here I too have ready many others reviews and experiences. It is so much incredible info that first and foremost thank you to all who have been brave enough to share your pictures, emotions, and experience!! Ok with that out of the way here is my info. I'm 32 about 5'3 143lbs. I have this extra stomach that I was able to lose after my first 3 kids (natural birth) now after my 4 (and last) I can't lose it. Back story I found out at about 4mths preggo that my darling daughter was breech. I figured no problem I'll get her to flip.... Not a chance so my only option was c-section for delivery. Well that is no cake walk!! Compared to natural birth they should have tucked and stuffed my body back right, hell they had me wide open!! But not a chance. So now I have this over hang belly along with deflated now AA cup breast. I can't stand to see myself in the mirror so why would I want to be naked for my husband?? I swear guys have it so easy!! All the fun of making them and then not 1 sign of a kid or in my case 4!!!!! So this is why I want my body back. I feel I deserve this. I know I'll be happier with my body which will end up making my husband happy on our date night!! If I'm happy I'll want to show off for him. But of course he's a guy who thinks surgery will have me looking for a new man??? (Or is this just mine) Really I didn't know that after surgery your doctor sends you home to heal along with a list of numbers to available men!!!! Come on I just want to feel sexier for him!! I have that right. So I'm going to my first consult this coming Thursday 7/17. I'm really nervous. I also sent a request for a virtual consult. I heard back from them so now I have to take some pictures. I've never done the virtual consult so I feel like I don't know what to do? I really like the doctor for the virtual I think I might want him as my sx doc. So I want this consult to go good. Has anyone done one and if so what did you have to do? As soon as I take my not so hot body pics for the consult I will upload here as well. I feel like I might have started this blog to soon but I want you all to know how I'm feeling and I need some input as well. Thanks again to all the ladies before me who gave me tones of info. I'll keep posting different thoughts or questions so anyone with any answers or thoughts or info or anything I'll take it please!!

Vanity Cosmetic Center -Just read the Miami Herald news.

I just saw in the Miami Herald that a 51 yr old lady died after a bbl she had done at Vanity cosmetic center. Please be careful and do your research. Many blessing to all those recovering! !

OK I'm going to post my pics!

Sorry to hurt your eyes! View with caution! ! Lol have to make a joke or I won't post them.

First consult with Dr. Christopher Pellegrino

So I'm heading to my first consult today.. should I be nervous, because I am!! I want to make sure I ask the right questions and get the most info possible. If you guys have any questions that you were so glad you asked please share them with me! I definitely could use the help! I know the important questions like are they board certified, anesthesiologist qualified, the operating room. Also does the doc have privileges at the hospital! It's the things you wished you had asked before the surgery but only found out after. Thanks rs

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Didn't make my consult

So I was unable to make my first consult with Dr. Pellegrino. I got a call from my kids camp and had to go there. At least my kids are ok!! But not all is bad I did get an estimated cost and procedures from Dr. Ortega. I will get a BA and TT. Cost would be $6700. That price is for cash or cc. $8000 if a lift is needed. If financing, it would be about 15% more. So at least I have an approximate cost. Now I can decide the best way to pay for this and any other items I may need. I also have to send better pics of my chest so they can tell if a lift is needed. OK that's all I have right now. So it's off to try and see if I can make it possible! ! To everyone getting ready to go in, good luck and sending you prayers. To everyone recovering I hope you heal fast and in the least amount of pain possible and your results are amazing! !

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