Mommy Makeover - Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift (w/ existing implants)

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I am having a breast lift and full tummy tuck done...

I am having a breast lift and full tummy tuck done. Also, I have an umbilical hernia so that will be fixed during the procedure, too. Yikes!

I am a 35 year old mom to three kiddos (ages 13, 4, 2) and do lots of yoga. I am 4'11", 107 lbs and currently have saline, hi-profile breast implants from 2004. I knew I needed a breast lift after having two more children since 2004 (and it has been almost ten years since getting them, after all). I went to my former surgeon for my initial breast lift consult and wanted to inquire about what I could do with my belly button. I was surprised to discover I needed a full tummy tuck!! AND that I have an umbilical hernia, which is what is making my belly button look weird! Ugh! Finally, it all made sense as to why after thousands of planks and push ups, my tummy never changes even though the rest of my body does!!!! I thought I just needed to do more planks and eat even more clean.

I verified this information by seeking out two more opinions from reputable surgeons in the area. They all said the same exact things: mommy makeover needed. The good news is that my implants are in tact and none of the surgeons recommended I replace them at this time. I really loved the last surgeon I met with so I am going to go with him. Something about the first two just made me feel slightly uneasy; I can't explain it. I really clicked with Dr. Bayne, everything he was saying and where he performs the surgery, so I am going to go with him. One of my yoga friends' husband is an anesthesiologist and has nothing but good things to say about Dr. Bayne. I figure if an anesthesiologist's husband sends his wife to him for procedures, he must be pretty good. Hopefully, I will be in good hands.

I have to admit I am very nervous about being "put under." It is just an odd feeling and scares me. I keep reminding myself that thousands of people are being put under all over the U.S. and world, for all different types of procedures, even as I type this post.

Thank you all for your posts and reviews. They have truly made me feel better over the past few weeks. I will post pics of my scary stomach tomorrow!

Can't wait to have this all behind me and wear bikinis again! xo!

Belly Button Pic!


Need to get better pics soon but here is my icky belly button for now! Can't wait until it is GONE! Ugh!

Have a great day, ladies!


Ahhhh! Called and scheduled the surgery FOR SURE today! I am going for the 18th of November. My pre-op appointment is in a couple of weeks. On one hand, I am freaking out! On the other hand, I am relieved to know the date and keep telling myself, "OK, you are really doing get over it...stop will be fine...check RealSelf updates and see how thrilled everyone will recover...think bikini...think about burning those ugly one piece bathing suits...think about NO MUFFIN TOP and a non-scary belly button..." REPEAT. :) :) :)

I'm excited, though. Ready to be done! Hope everyone else is feeling happy, too. XO


Just when I start getting super nervous again about the surgery, I take some pics of myself for this website! Trust me, I hate doing this and seeing myself! BUT I love seeing everyone else's pics and progress so I made myself do it in case someone in the future finds my photos helpful and/or comforting. And I'm sure I will be thankful later to have before and after even though now I am about to cry!

P.S. Taking body "selfies" is not exactly easy to do. It took me several tries for something useable to come out! Haha!

OH MY GOD!!! MY STOMACH IS SO BAD! I can really see it now looking at these pictures! I was telling a friend today that since we moved a few years ago, we only have a full length mirror in the basement!! I hate basements so I only go down there to look at my outfit (aka I'm already dressed). I guess I am thankful for this bc it made me more oblivious to how bad the tummy really was and that oblivion must have gotten me through the times where it wasn't possible to have the surgery. Now that my littlest is two years old, I feel like she can handle mama being away for awhile and not being picked up. She is very mobile and can get herself around for the most part.

Ew! I'm now seeing the umbilical hernia and pseudo-pregnancy look. I KNEW I needed the girls lifted FOR SURE so maybe I spent too much time focusing on that (probably bc my bathroom mirror falls right below my boobs!) and not acknowledging my stomach issues! I will keep looking at these pics and reminding myself how I need this done for my sanity and remembering to be patient, gracious and thankful as so many women wouldn't even have the opportunity to do a surgery like this! We are all lucky ladies, y'all!!

The moral of the post is if you start getting scared and anxious, take some pics or yourself as a gentle reminder to focus on the outcome! That is what I'm going to do for the next 25 days!

Hurry up, Nov 18! :)

"Goodbye to youuuuu...goodbye to you!"

21 more days and these guys will be gone from my life! I won't miss Mr. Muffin Top or Mr. Creepy Belly Button! Ugh!

On one hand, this is crazy to think about because I have been dealing with them for so long it seems like! On the other hand, oh my gosh, I can't wait!

Pre-Op Appointment Done!

Oh, Lord. It's getting close now. Mommy's freaking about her makeover, y'all.

Met with the doctor and his super sweet staff for my pre-op consult today. They all seem to 100% believe that I will survive the surgery. lol. It helps to hear them say this and calms my nerves. They also reminded me how fab I will look afterward and what a "good candidate" I am for the tummy tuck. Hurray. It does make a girl feel good! He had my photos printed out and he used those to show me exactly what he was going to do during the surgery. I found it very helpful and reassuring. It is weird to see yourself on paper and realize how bad your tummy really looks.

We talked a little more about the boob part of the procedure. I told him I liked the fake look and really miss it. Another thing I love about Dr. Bayne is I don't feel he gives unrealistic expectations. Long story short, he said that due to being a small girl with implants for almost ten years, especially having them during two pregnancies, I have lost some breast tissue in the upper part of my breasts (i.e. cleavage) and the only way to get that back 100% would be new (and probably larger) implants (possibly down the road). We both agreed (in a very candid and funny conversation) that maybe the time has come for me to get over wanting the really fake stripper look back. I guess it is true - I am in my mid-30's! Hehe. He said, "Yeah, styles change!" LOL. We agreed I would not want to go larger than I already am now and he described a newer type of implant that would boost the upper part of the breast. He says we will cross that bridge down the road if I NEED to (i.e. if one of my implants ruptures and I need a replacement). I am hoping that doesn't happen! He says I will get a LOT of improvement from this lift, so that is good.

Ahhh! I am so grateful for this website and all of you lovely ladies. Thank you so much for posting all of the lists!! I have a giant cartful on Amazon and also a list going for the grocery store and Target. So helpful!!

Nine Days, Checklist, Etc!

Hi, ladies!!

OMG. When I wake up in the a.m., my phone will be telling me I have less than ten days until I'm on the flat side. Trust me, I'm freaking. On the other hand, it's a calm before the storm type of feeling because let's be honest: I've already paid. I'm doing this thang!!

Did some hardcore Amazon and Target shopping thanks to the wonderful lists I've found on this forum. THANK YOU to anyone who gave me ideas!! My doctor said they "keep it simple" and the hospital discharge instructions would give me a list. No way...this sista is getting stuff in advance. I'm not feeling an impromptu Target trip on the way home!

First thing is first! I'm paranoid about this whole binder/CG situation (i.e. needing more than one due to needing washed, what do . The pre-op nurse told me the hospital will give me a binder. Based on things I've read on this forum, I asked her if I should buy two or more. She said another one isn't a bad idea! She gave me a pamphlet for this company and said to order from them, citing they are good and reasonable. The website is: I am ridiculously short and also getting a breast lift, so she told me to go with the 9" binder instead of the 12" to avoid it encroaching on my breast incisions. GOOD TO KNOW but yikes!

Also, someone (it may have been pimpmybod...if so, thank you!!!) mentioned using a Vedette and how awesome it was compared to the binder and/or CG. I went to and ordered a Jaqui and an Adora. They look really great and I loved their sizing tool. They have a lot of styles and sizes.

Let me know if anyone else finds this odd! The nurse told me no bra for a couple of months (OMG) but she suggested buying camis with the built-in bras and cutting the bra part in the middle so you have just a tiny bit of support and it won't rub on the incision. Weird to go without a bra!?!? Especially now that I'm used to having an industrial strength Victoria's Secret Push Up to hold up my chest!? :) Will be great/weird to have them stand lifted ON THEIR OWN. Yay for modern medicine.

OK other things on my list so far, no clue if I'll need or not need but I'm trying to be PREPARED. Also, I live in the middle of nowhere so I need to make sure I have what I need. Here's what I've gotten so far from Target and Amazon:
Heating pad (the kind that doesn't have auto shut off)
Heated herbal warming pad for neck, heated herbal warming pad for wrapping (randomly came across them on Amazon)
Hibeclens (Surgeon said to use starting two days in advance).
Dial Anti-Bacterial body wash (Ugh! I prefer Lush Bodywash...hehe!! But my surgeon told me to start using this ten days in advance, so small price to pay for beauty - bring on the Dial!).
Maxi pads to cover incision (SO helpful for my c-section incisions so imagine it will be helpful here also, like so many others have suggested).
Giant bottle of Advil (nurse said no Advil before but can take Advil after).
Tons of 16 oz bottles of Coconut Water, Coconut Water w/ Pineapple
Smooth Move Tea
Milk of Magnesia
Palmer's Cocoa Skin Oil
Medicine Pill Organizer
Arnica Oil
Arnica Tablets
Tea Tree Oil Body Wipes and Indian Coconut Hand and Body Wipes (nurse said I can shower before I go home and every day after that but I'm not taking any chances!!)
Dry Shampoo
Button-front Nightgowns (Target has cute flannel ones for $15...glad to find some inexpensive soft ones because I know I'll never wear them after my recovery; I can't stand twisted nightgowns while sleeping!!!). :)
Go Girl (
Two pairs of High-Waisted Spanx!

I have no idea if I will need all of this stuff but I am so happy to keep seeing emails saying "Your item has shipped!" "Your items have shipped!" :)

I'm going to order a few more pj's from V.Secret and also my doctor said no bra for a couple of months (!?!!???) but get camis with the built-in bras and cut the bra part!? We shall see how that works out! Ahhh!

Chat soon, ladies!! xoxo!


OM#####G. TOMORROW IS THE DAY. I've been at a dance competition (ugh) out of town with my 12 year old daughter all weekend. Abby Lee Dance Studio is not here (hahaha!) but one of the girls from her show IS! She won, of course. I have to admit she is an awesome dancer. I had no idea who she was until the other girls pointed her out and told me about her.

I also have two younger kiddos and wanted to bring them since I really won't get to see them much before I go in and we have been here in Des Moines since Friday. The good news is I was able to spend some time with my older chica alone (that doesn't happen too often anymore since we had the little kids!) and also get caught up on some emails and have some time to decompress and go over the 3,000 mental checklists I have goin' on.

Back to the situation at hand: I then tossed and turned all night freaking out and trying to actually imagine myself on the bed being wheeled to the O.R. Ahhhh! My doctor and his nurses are super calm and positive people and have the "this is not that big of a deal," "you will look so much better," "Girl, that belly button NEEDS TO GO!" attitude, so I am sure that will be helpful. About every hour I would look at realself on my phone and read some positive reviews to calm my nerves.

I met with my personal trainer and she said to keep thinking positively and not be paranoid I won't wake up. Just keep telling myself, "this is going to be awesome!" "I am so happy I am doing this!" etc. Yikesssss. Hard to do but I was trying!

Then my countdown alarm on my phone went out telling me I had less than 24 hours. Ahhh!

I woke up this a.m. and read a hilarious review (see: solesister) and it really put my mind at ease. I was crying I was laughing so hard at her great sense of humor and fab writing skills. I can't believe I hadn't come across her reviews before but I guess it was meant to be that I'd find them today. It gave me the extra confidence that okay, I'm doing this, too. Bring it on and let's get this sh!t over with.

To even further improve my mood, I took some additional "Before" pics in the hotel room mirror after my daughter went to the workshop. Kind of a last hurrah for my muffin top and belly button of terror. I will post them from my phone on a separate post! I am going to need to download a Before / After photo merge app. I figure I will have lots of time do that from my lift recliner.

To all of the ladies going under the knife tomorrow and this week, ENJOY YOUR DAY, GIRLS!! :) We will be on the flat side soon and making updates about our recovery, not our nervousness!


Final Hurrah Pics!

Last blast for the muffin top and scary hernia. Took some pics in the hotel room so I can remember my last day with these guys! Haha!!

Flat side coming soon. Less than 24 hours. Ahhhh. I'm so nervous.

On Our Way!

Is this really happening? I feel like I'm dreaming and not sure if it's a good dream or about to turn into a straight nightmare! Yikes!!

So weird rollin' in glasses with no lotion, perfume, deodorant or face moisturizer on. Not to mention makeup or hair products. I am not that high maint (hahaha yeah right) but I feel like I'm camping or something. She mentioned any of that stuff can create a "flash fire.". Lol ummmm no thanks. I'm all set there! Would like to avoid catching on fire while under general and not able to stop, drop and roll. Ahhh! Will be happy to see my contacts and lip gloss. ;)

Post soon!! See y'all on the flat side...OMGGG! xoxo!

Made it!

Made it to flat side babes! Thank god! Felt like I was asleep for
2 seconds. FREAKED all night about the going under situation.

Having an amazing experience so far! LOVE all the nurses. Love my doctor! Love my room! Love Morphine! Hahaha

Will write more tonight. Was able to catch a glimpse of my gorgeous boobs but not tummy yet.

Chat soon! Happy flat day to all who ALSO rocked it out today! XOXO

Update!! With Pic!

Hi dolls.

OK I have to say this isn't that bad. My c-sections seemed worse. I just waiting to hit the wall and lose my mind in pain! Granted my hospital is awesome so I feel like I'm at the spa. So comfortable!!!! Also, we do have three kids (12, 4, 2) so maybe anything is relaxing compared to being home with them. Hahaha!

Another thing saving me is my doctor does the "bed rest" first day and night. Trust me, I will take a catheter any damn day over moving my body right now. And having had the c-sections, I am on top of my pain meds like no other. Ask for them in advance so they are READY for you when it's your time!! When it's time for your meds, trust me the nurse will be in a room with another patient. This happened with my last c-section and so wanted to f*^%ing DIE waiting for her! :)

I did get a little bit of the spins a little while ago so I sent my fabulous husband to get the nurse. She gave me Zofran? Other than that, I am rockin the morphine. Tried a Vicodin at 4:40 and I think that may have brought on the spins, who knows. I will die of I throw up!!! Still have a little seasick feeling!

So freaking excited about my gorgeousssss boobs! Hurrrrrayyyyyyyy!!! Made my husband take a pic and I stitched it together with a before pic. The before was taken right before I went to the OR. Haven't been able to bring myself to look at the tummy although the nurses and dr say it looks great.

They took A POUND of skin off my stomach (sickkkkk OMG) and a liter of fat from my sides/back. Grossss!!!! So far I'm over the moon but we will see when these drugs wear off and I actually have to move.

Happy healing!!! Xoxoxo

Here's the pic OMG sorry!!

:) :) :)

Trying Pics Again! :)

Sorry for Delay in Update!!

Alright, girls. Here's the scoop. Day 2 about killed me. Holy h*ll! It's now the evening of Day 3 so I will post about Days 2 and 3.

First of all, let me know say that lipo hurts like NOBODY'S BIZNAZZ. I have never felt pain like this before! I definitely was not expecting that.

Day 2 started out good. My nurses had all been amazing, especially my night nurse who was on duty all night. My sleeping when I'm on drugs is like in and out all night long. She checked on me a ton and was very helpful. Around 9 a.m. there was a shift change and I was assigned a SUUUPER SWEET, adorable and very sympathetic nurse. The only issue was she kept knocking things over and running into stuff. Haha. It's unnerving enough when you're laying in a bed in pain and feeling super protective of your wounds, yet you can't move to protect yourself even if something did fall on you, and then you have a chica in your room who is knocking over things all day. Ha.

They took out my catheter (sad! I loved not having to get up!) and decided to make me shower. I knew it would make me feel better but also knew it would hurt. So my nurse and another more experienced nurse help me into the shower. My nurse was washing my hair and meanwhile dropping tons of things in the shower. I was nervous and the other nurse was definitely keeping a watchful eye on her. She covers her hand with a washcloth and dumps on shower gel and starts washing my neck. So far so good. Then she (brace yourself!!!!!!) STARTS SCRUBBING MY LIPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She apparently hadn't worked with a plastic surgery patient before so had no idea you cannot even remotely touch the lipo LET ALONE GO ALL OUT SCRUBBING IT. WTF! I let out a scream (as much as I could scream) and jumped up. I have had three kids and have never been in so much pain. OMG. I started sobbing and couldn't stop which was only making my tummy/lipo hurt worse. After that, I just couldn't get it back together for the rest of the day. Holy God. They laid me down and gave me morphine and kept medicating me. I was supposed to leave but knew there was no way I could leave. They called my doctor a few hours later, told him what happened in the shower and he agreed I should stay another night. THANK GOD!

Last night around 7:00, they gave me more morphine and then an hour later my Vicodin (spell?). Around 8:00, they wanted me to walk half way down the hall. I could barely make it through, let me tell ya. Ouch. I was sweating and dizzy and struggling. Was very happy to see my bed again! :)

Everything went uphill from there. I slept a ton last night, really only getting up to have my Vicodin's. This a.m. I woke up praying they wouldn't assign me the bull in the china shop again. I couldn't handle another stressful with her even though she is super sweet and apologetic.

My husband and I realized last night that a walker was a MUST HAVE, so he went and rented one today and bought a shower seat for me (another must have).

The lipo pain has eased up a lot since yesterday and now I'm more aware of my tummy incision pain. As everyone else says, the drain kinda sucks. I only have one drain so I'm feeling blessed about that!

All of my Mommy Makeover girls reading this, props to you all who are getting implants at the same time!!! I had the lift, which is painless for the most part. IDK how I could handle implants at the same time!? However, I promise it will be worth it to just have one recovery.

Anyway, we finally made it home this afternoon. Mucho happier in my fabulous comfy lift chair. It's 20,000x more comfy than the hospital bed!!! My hubby made peace with the fact he won't get to work all week. :( I feel bad but there is just no way.

The only other than I can say is I'm soooo tired of the strung out Vicadin feeling. I know I still need it though, so I'm trapped. :)

OK, I will be back soon for more updates! :)

I will post a pic of my lipo bruises from my phone. YIKES.

Take care, dolls! xoxo

Scary Lipo Pic!


Don't mind the nurse holding my gown closed :)

Day 5...Still Alive :) (Barely!)

Ohhhh, y'all. Sorry I haven't updated. Trust me it's not because I haven't had time on my hands! I started a long update yesterday but the iPad deleted it. Grrr! :) Starting over! This is going to be VERY detailed because when I was reading reviews, the more details the better! It helped me be 1,000 times more prepared!

First of all, let me say thank you to all my realself girls. Without stalking all of your reviews and updates for the past seven months, there is NO WAY I could have handled this surgery! Expecting "the blues" to set it in, made the middle of the night last night and this morning easier. I am sure there will be more to come!

Let me start from the beginning! I'm on Day 5 and hopefully things will continue to crawl (at a verrrrry slow pace apparently) toward normal from here. Ha. I am still saying THE WORST part for me was the anesthesia and being put under. I had such huge anxiety about that for MONTHS and the days leading up to the surgery, it just got worse.

The morning of surgery, my husband and I checked into Trinity Moline. Just one of the many reasons I loved Dr. Bayne was because he performs all of his surgeries at this particular hospital. It is verrrry nice and modern but it is set up more like a home than a hospital. The check-in desk nurse was nice and the two other lady patients checking in for their surgeries were nice. By eavesdropping on them (accidentally!) I determined one was having a total knee replacement! She didn't seem scared at all and I thought, holy sh*t that sounds worse than a tummy tuck!

They whisked me back to pre-surgery and gave me a gown, had me scrub down, asked me 300 questions, gave me a pregnancy test (OMG), etc. I asked the nurses if women actually check in for surgeries such as this and are pregnant and they said yes, it happens. Yikes! The drew blood for labs, weighed me, hooked up my IV.

After the whole schpiel, they brought my hubby back. He was acting weird and I was so nervous/considering bolting out the door. I started crying because he kept saying everything would be fine. In retrospect, it was totally the right thing to say, but at the time I wanted him to say, PLEASE DON'T DIIIIE. :) He calmed me down and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Millare, came in. He was very sweet and comforting and assured me I would do great. I asked him if he would be there the whole time. He laughed and said, "Yes, of course, I will!" Then Dr. Bayne came in and marked me up. I thought it was nice he pulled the curtain so hubby couldn't see all the "Nip Tuck" lines going on. Now, I'm not positive but it probably would have been traumatizing for him to see a doctor marking up the wife! :) Dr. Bayne also assured me that I'd do great and be so happy. He told me to hang tight and wait for the OR nurse. He left the room while I sat in the giant recliner and prayed she had called in sick and I could jet set out the back door. To no avail. She showed up, I kissed the hubs goodbye and we were on our way. She walked me all the way down to the OR. OR's are cold but you always forget they are until every time you go in for surgery.

I laid down on the table, all the while thinking how insane this was! This super sweet OR nurse covered me with some warm blankets and started asking me questions as Dr. Millare was messing around with various things above my head. I was happy because I felt like he was still setting up and getting ready so I had more time. I know they normally ask you to count backward from 100 and the last thing you remember was saying "97." Out of the corner of my eye I spied Dr. Bayne in his scrubs all completely scrubbed in with a few other scrubbed in nurses organizing some things. Shit was starting to get real. This sweet OR nurse, though, asked me how many kids I had at home. I told her three. She said, "Awww...what are their ages?" I said, "12, almost 4 and 2...things are starting to get that normal?" She said, "Yep! Now when is your youngest's birthday?" I am not sure if I even answered her but I remember smiling and thinking "December 19th." Now, WHAT A SWEET MEMORY for someone who was so terrified. I am sooooo sooooo grateful for her for distracting me and having my last thoughts be about my little chica's birthday!

Day 5 Part 2!

OMGGG last post cut off a ton of my INFO!!! AHHH!!

Thank God I had copied it just in case! Grr!! Continuing!

Literally, one second later, they were waking me up in recovery. I can recall being in a big room with curtains and as they were wheeling me to my room I briefly worried about throwing up and noted there were two other patients "sleeping" as we rolled by.

My room was fabulous. Looked like a bedroom at grandma's! Flowery couch, cute lamp, flowery artwork, tan walls, wooden entertainment center. I remember thinking OMG I am so much happier here than I would have been at one of the other hospitals in the area.

My husband had left for work after they first took me back for surgery but not until my friend Erin had arrived. She stayed all day, watching the video monitors that updated her on my progress. They had given her a number and she could see when I was in prep, surgery, closing, recovery and my room. They updated her several times throughout the day and she was texting my hubby. So thankful for her! They brought her back to the room and I was feeling FABULOUS! I felt great the ENTIRE day on Monday, actually! My doctor is all about bed rest on the first day so I had a catheter and thank god had MINIMAL MOVEMENT. They would ask me my pain scale and I would say that I was a 0 if I wasn't moving. It ended up creeping up to a 2 during the night but it was still really minimal. They were giving me morphine into the IV and I was taking Vicodin every four hours.

Dr. Bayne stopped by that night to check me and said everything looked fabulous and I did great. Love him.

LADIES, LET ME TELL YA. I learned this from my c-sections... Do NOT every trust the nurses to bring you your meds every four hours. I'm not saying they don't have all intentions of doing so. Watch the clock like a hawk when you get your meds, count four hours and then page the nurse 15 minutes prior. Nothing is worse than waiting until the 4 hour mark and then she is with another patient so you wait an additional half hour, dying in pain. All of my nurses were fabulous but we definitely had to remind them when meds were due, except for my first night nurse, Joy. Joy is amazing. Anyone considering Bayne, be rest assured you're in good hands. She and Dr. Bayne seem to have a special relationship. She is close to retiring (she said two years away). She brings Dr. Bayne's patients special treats and is like a 100 on a scale of 1-10, almost as if she is your own grandma making sure you are happy and comfortable, always asking if you would like a popsicle, etc. Joy never forget the meds! She is seriously so great.

Day 2 sucked and I mean royally. I am not going to lie. The first part of the day was great, very similar to Day 1. Around lunch they removed the catheter and made me get up for the first time. Hello, death by pain. This is when I realized I over-estimated how much the tummy would hurt and WAY under-estimated how much the lipo would hurt. Holy f*&^! You can read my post above on Day 2 for the fateful scene that happened to me on Day 2. Let's just say I was so glad to be able to stay the additional night. I am not sure if I hadn't had the shower scene/screaming and sobbing freak out, if I would have needed to stay the night again. By later that evening, though, I had stopped needing morphine and was just on the vicadin. I slept great on Night 2 and they definitely were not checking on me every hour like on the first night, so that was good.

Dr. Bayne stopped by twice on Day 2, I believe. I remember him coming in in the a.m. I think he came in that evening also but that night is pretty fuzzy for me.

Day 3 was better than 2. Still very sore especially where I had lipo. They said no hurry leaving, told me to plan on after lunch. So, I sent hubby to work and hung in my room watching 2008 reruns of The Kardashians, trying not to move. They gave me a shower after lunch and got me dressed. BRING A NIGHTGOWN! I live in Iowa and it was freezing but I literally wore a button-front nightgown, underwear (I brought Granny panties but my extra low-rise Victoria's Secret underwear worked fine) and Uggs slippers home. My husband was able to pull up to the surgery center door and trust me, I didn't mind walking out in a nightgown.

Ride home sucked. Brace yourself, girls. I was so on edge the entire 40 minutes home that he was going to hit a bump or someone would rear-end us. OMG can you even imagine!!!

Being home was fabulous! Let me say you need above all else: a lift chair, a walker, shower seat and lots of memory foam pillows!!! Also make sure to change all the batteries in your remotes before surgery. You need those babies to be on top of their game. You can't really move or contort yourself to compensate for weak batteries and you need to be able to change AS SOON AS anything funny comes on.

Let's address the #2 situation. I knew this could be problematic thanks to my realself ladies. I took MOM the night I got home (Day 3) and drank Smooth Move Tea the next morning (Day 4) and that did the trick. Had been taking Colace since Day 1 and continue to do so.

The thing I RIDICULOUSLY underestimated was the pain and soreness from not being able to move. You are literally forced into one spot for days (weeks??) on end, which happens to be right on, in my case, the lipo areas. Ahhhh! OMG I am dying to stand up and stretch. I've been rolling around the house on lots of walks with my walker. My husband calls me "Hot Wheels" HAHAHA! I am so glad I'm able to get up and down easier, take a shower by myself without help, etc. Can't wait to rid myself of the drain...ugh! Thanks everyone for preparing me for hating it!

The last two days have been full of tons of E! television and not much else. I will post more on that tomorrow and what I've been doing on Days 4 and 5 later. I tried to post and it deleted half of my update! Ahhh! I had copied some of it but not that last part (grrr!) :) I will re-write though!

Take care chicas!!!

Lipo Aftermath Day 6

Brace yourself! Scary pic of lipo bruising but couldn't be happier with how small my tummy looks! OMG!!! :)

Shots shots shots shots

Hate that song, hate needles!

I was telling my dad a few years ago how much I hate needles and he said everyone hates needles, even heroin addicts. Haha...true.

So my surgeon just treats patients as if they have a clot just in case. This means getting a shot to the stomach, three inches from belly button, every day at the same time of day. It is called Lovenox and the kit comes with eight shots and even a hazardous waste disposal bin.

It's NOT easy at now (YAY!) to grab and pinch full of skin for the shot but we have been working through it.

I've been "lucky" enough to have the husband be able to do it most days. Yesterday, our babysitter did it and even though she is a retired nurse, it was the worst shot experience so far.

My husband is getting owly (and hence I'm getting pissed!) now that he has to take care of the two little kids and give our oldest rides everywhere. I know it's a lot of work with the three kids plus little old moi being laid up, but suck it up dude. You've had HOW LONG to mentally prepare for this? Grrrrr! Anyway, long story short he had to go somewhere this morning so I was on my own for the shot. Oh God, I almost passed out. That was seriously horrible! Ahhhh! I will never give myself a shot again!! No wayyyy!

So, Swell Hell...we finally meet...grrr

What up, ladies!!

One thing I have found from real self and I do think it extremely comforting is: everything that people say happened to them, happens to you!!! Just keep waiting! We are so lucky to have this site!

OK yesterday afternoon, my mom, brother, SIL and baby nephew decide to come out for a visit. My super sweet mom is not doing well (cancer! Wahhh!) so of course I said that sounds great. I have been on my back for 99.9% of the time since my surgery so even though I am walking around better, it's sooooo much more comfortable to lie in my bed and blankly stare at HGTV. I ended up sitting in the living with them for about two hours or so. I finally came back my room when they left and sure enough, a few hours later, I was rockin' the Pillsbury Dough Boy look around the binder. OMG. I hadn't dealt with this until that point, but at least I was expecting it.

Oh God my back needs a rest. Like a permanent vacation. I think PS's need to start telling patients to mentally prepare for this sh!t!!! HIGH on the list of things I didn't buy in advance but Jesus Lord I wish I would have are: Butt Donut (I actually think a Boppy Pillow would work great!! We moms all have those laying around the house!!! I'm going to have my husband see if we still have one tonight!!!) and also one of those lumbar cushions that chiros have in the chairs at their offices. My ideal situation would be the lift chair with two lumbar cushions stacked on top of each other and sitting on a Boppy pillow or donut. Too bad I'm already half way to heavenly bod by the time I thought of this plan!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm rarely using the recliner anymore and laying in bed all the time.

My scars are looking pretty fabulous (I think!?) and are feeling good. I will post a pic! I can finally lightly cough without clutching a pillow desperately to my abs. And for the past two nights, I can lie most of the way down. I'm not going to push stretching out straight. As long as I can lie most of the way back, I'm good with that for now. Baby steps right but damn... I will admit, this is a nice break (I'm enjoying it) but also is kinda crazy to have so far to go. I really wish RealSelf had its own cable channel. :). I love reading all of your stories, comments and updates!!! :)

Boredom. I have a Nook here and I started reading Gone Girl. This whole recovery position is not comfortable for reading books, even Nooks. Anyone have any other book suggestions?!!! My friend read Gone Girl and said it was good. So far I seem to be liking the husband's side of the story more that the wife's. I read Drinking & Tweeting over the summer and also Bringing Home the Birkins and found both hilarious.

Drain will be gone tomorrow!!! My dad is taking me to the PS. AWKWARDDDD! :). My hubs has missed so much work and the PS is kind of far from our house so I just asked my Dad to take me.

Alright dolls, I'm going to do some serious damage on zappos and then get back to Gone Girl and see if I can read for a bit. I will post some pics when I get up for a bathroom break, walk and a snack. XOXO

Goodbye, Drain :)

Hurray! Had my post-op appointment today with Dr. Bayne! Love him. He is a really funny cat.

He said I am healing great and the scars will look great. I couldn't be more thrilled with my results so far! I will attach pics!

He took out the drain. Eeeeeech. It didn't hurt at all but I don't want to repeat the experience either. Haha. There was like ten inches of drain all raveled in my tummy! Eeeeew. Felt like a snake slithering out. It was over in like .03 seconds.

OK here are some pics! :) :) :). CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS ME WITHOUT A BRA ON!? Who's body is this!?!?



Been writing a giant update that I will hopefully finish tonight. :)

I just had to quickly write and say my doctor had said at my 8 day appt that I could switch to the Spanx they told me to buy at my pre-op appt. That day (about five days ago), I came home and literally laughed as I started to pull them up. Decided to wait on that scene. I felt like they looked TINY so I was too scared to pull them up. He had said to buy any kind of Spanx that went to up under the chest area so I bought the ones that look like underwear on the bottom. Feels and looks like a non-stretch dance leotard without straps. I ordered two pairs on Amazon (will post pic) and will probably order a couple more. The office girls at the Dr. Bayne's actually suggested I buy Target brand Spanx (just FYI) but I ordered the real deal bc I was ordering all of my post-op stuff on Amazon anyhow.

Yesterday, I rocked and rolled the mall for about four hours with my normal binder on. It was fine but I was definitely feeling myself slowing down at the end. Today was another little holiday outing so I thought what the heck, I shall Spanx it up. Whewwww I have never worn Soanx before. Those babies are the real deal. Lol. I felt like it was way more support / suction / stuffing than my binder so I think I will try to add them into the rotation more and more. The worst part for me is getting them up and down over my sides lipo. It still is kinda bruised so imagine how the bathroom goes. Lol. I kept warning my family that it would "be awhile" as I went the bathroom so they would know I was dealing with my Spanx and not think I got injured or abducted in the Ladie's. Or that I was having some type of "bathroom issue" haha! AWKWARD! :)

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday! XOXO

Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift - The First Two Weeks + More on Dr. Bayne

Hello, ladies!

Today is TWO WEEKS! I can't believe it! I feel awesome! I am sooooo over the moon happy I was able to have this surgery! OMG!!!! Thrilled!!!!

I still need a little help with the kiddos (thanks, husband!) but if I didn't have two toddlers, I'd be on the roll. In all honestly, I *probably* wouldn't yet be ready to sit at a desk for hours on end…but I could probably do it. I don't have to go back to work but I thought I'd throw that in for anyone reading this that might be wondering how long one may need off work. I would guess three weeks would be perfect but the longer the vacation the better, I always say! :)

RE: PAIN! In summary, the first week was Hell on Earth...especially those first five days! After that, every day gets way better! THE WORST PART BY FAR was the back and bootie soreness from having to stay in the same position alllllll the tiiiimmmme for dayssss on enddd. I WAY over-estimated how bad the tummy would hurt and I WAYYY under-estimated how bad the lipo (sides and back) hurt and how bad my back/butt would hurt after sitting/laying on them constantly.

RE: DRUGS! I stayed in the hospital for two nights and during that time, occasionally had morphine and ALWAYS had Vicadin every four hours. I stopped taking Vicadin on the afternoon of Day 3 and started with two Advil every 4-8 hours. I would say by Day 7 or so, I had stopped taking Advil.

RE: ITEMS! DO NOT COME BACK TO YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT A WALKER, A SHOWER SEAT AND A LIFT CHAIR. Those things are CRITICAL FOR THE FIRST FEW DAYS. You may think, “Ahhh it’s only a few days, I can make it.” Trust me, it’s nota good plan. LOL. Also, DO NOT PLAN ON BEING EVEN REMOTELY COMFORTABLE without tons of pillows and as previously discussed, butt donut ?

RE: SUPPLEMENTS! I am sure I have my personal trainer to thank for her strict regime of healing supplements. I am normally not good (AT ALL!!!) at taking these types of things!! I told her in this case, however, I would take whatever she wanted me to take. I will post more on that later, in case anyone is interested.

I thought I should first post more about Dr. Bayne for anyone in my area considering doctors. Or, even if you aren't in the area, you can see the difference from one doctor to another and how important it is to find what works for YOU!

LOVE BAYNE! Prior to meeting with him, I met with two other surgeons in the area. If you'd like to know who, please private message me.

Surgeon A was great, gorgeous office. He does all of his surgeries "in office." I wanted to be in a real hospital and stay overnight for a TT! My friend had a TT from Surgeon A and loved being able to go home and loved her results. I personally felt safer in a hospital environment, so Surgeon A was out.

Surgeon B did a BEAUTIFUL job on one of my BFF's (mommy makeover) and has good bedside manner, very knowledgeable, very positive. He performs the surgeries at an okay-ish hospital in our area. I'm kind of a brand whore so I need it to be top notch from start to finish. Not: beautiful office but meet me a few towns over in one of the smallest hospitals in the area. I am sure it would have been fine but my friend and her husband told me the nurses at the hospital were HORRIBLE TO HER and one of them was even really snappy and told her, "You did this to yourself," as she was trying to help her to the bathroom when she was upset because she was in so much pain. No thanks.

Met with Bayne and instantly LOVED HIM. I had so many recommendations and everyone who mentioned him to me was gushing over his greatness! The only negative thing I can say about the entire place is that his surgery scheduling and payment manager is not very all. Be nice to people spending serious cash at your place of employment (i.e. over $10,000 for an elective surgery)’s not that hard to do. When I called back (as instructed) to ask about dates, fortunately she was on vacation and I did my official booking with Bayne’s fabulous nurse, Lisa. SHE IS SOOOO sweet AND HAPPY. Reminded me I was doing the right thing, would be so thrilled, would survive, would love my results, etc! I don’t think his scheduling manager should be let go or anything, maybe just reminded how the full-service luxury business works. It should be seamless and pleasant, especially the payment part of it all.

Moving on! Other than that little issue, my experience and most importantly, the RESULTS have been seriously AMAZING! He is very realistic, super nice, very trustworthy and has a dry sense of humor that I find to be HILARIOUS! You can't NOT love him. He says funny things like when I was there to remove my drain, I said, “Oh God, is this going to hurt?” He said, “It’s not going to hurt me a bit.” HAHA. I think that type of humor and bedside manner really lightens the mood. I love him!

Other things I’ve noticed about Bayne compared to the other two doctors I visited AND the details I’ve received from all of the RealSelf reviews I’ve read…

Bayne’s rules for surgery are VERY LAID BACK and they office staff promotes keeping things simple, too. I was appreciative! His rules were the obvious: no Advil two weeks before, no alcohol two weeks before, no smoking (not an issue for me), no food/water after midnight the night before surgery, start showering with anti-bacterial body wash (I used Dial Body Wash…yuck) two weeks before, start showering with Hibiclens 48 hours before, buy a pair of Spanx. They mentioned no bra for two months (I had a breast lift and kept my current implants). You know they know we all google everything else we will need. I am so thankful for RealSelf though because I was able to build my stockpile of everything I also needed for recovery.

Bayne uses surgical glue, not stitches or surgical tape or steri strips. LOVE THIS.

I had one drain, right above my underwear line. It had one stitch in it. I am small (4'11") so he mentioned he only did one drain but normally does two drains.

I had to do a liquid diet for the entire day of surgery. I was happy about this and was scared to eat and get bloated/constipated/throw up/all the other things mentioned on here. I was paranoid of how bad it would hurt my tummy to do any of those things. I can see how that might bother some people since I really didn’t eat the day before surgery either but I was glad I didn’t have to eat solids until the following day.

My binder is an elastic band with Velcro on it. Very comfortable and doesn’t bother me at all. I compare this to some of the other compression garments and binders described on here and I thank the lord for Bayne’s little elastic binder! Ha!

Starting with 1 Day Post, I was SUPPOSED to take a shower every day. I knew none of this in advance but it was an AWESOME perk. They just said to pat my incisions with a soapy washcloth and then pat them dry. I’m a major shower hound. I CANNOT IMAGINE not showering every day! I felt SOOOO much better after my showers and normally I took two per day. I see tons of reviews on here mentioning their PS wouldn’t allow them to shower with drains in and/or take their compression garments off to shower. Oh God. I couldn’t deal. My friend who went to Surgeon B, mentioned above, didn’t shower for 21 days post and she said it was absolutely HORRIBLE and the worst thing ever. Granted, she had four drains. Yikes! She is tiny too so I can’t imagine having four drains.

OK, I think this may be all I have for now!! I know this was a lot but when I was reading tons of reviews preparing for my surgery, the more details the better! :)

Love to you all!!


What's up ladies! I'm posting from the pedicure chair :)

Oh my WORD, I'm feeling so great. Definitely can't overdo the physical activity yet. Trying not to lift anything at all, etc. Bending over gets tiring. I don't have any pain anymore except a little on the sides/back of my hips from the lipo and a very slight soreness (feels bruised but doesn't look it) near where my incision ends.

My hubby's work Xmas party is tonight. I went to the mall and as vain as it is, I cried tears of joy as I tried (AND BOUGHT) on an outfit I could have NEVER EVER worn since pre-babies. This is LIFE CHANGING. I am so happy! Here is a pic of the outfit I bought! :) I am a little less than three weeks out. I can't imagine how thrilled I wil be at six months!!!

Happy Healing (and SHOPPING), lovelies!!! XO

Staying in Bed ALL DAY! :)

Hola, ladies! Three weeks tomorrow...hurrrrrayyy!

Yesterday was a long day for me with lotsa Spanx wearin'. My daughter had a dance event which involved chauffeuring her around to three different places and walking a lot. I came home to two rambunctious toddlers that wouldn't let mama rest. I was able to lay down for about twenty mins before I had to shower again and get all fancy for hubby's work Xmas partayyy (aka more walking, sitting and Spanx-ing). I wore my new hot black outfit and felt like a million freakin' dollars. I also rocked some fabulous new suede high heels without issue! Yeah!

Needless to say, I told the hubs I'm sitting in bed all day and shopping online. :) My sides still get a little sore after I've been wearing the Spanx awhile. Feels like a bruised-ish feeling and I woke up feeling kinda stiff. DYING FOR SOME HOT YOGA!

Breaking the rules: OK, so my doctor had said no bras for two months. This is one thing I have a really hard time with. Ha. I mentioned like ten times above (sorry for the repeat info!) that they recommended wearing built-in bra camis and cutting a slit in the bra part between the boobs. I did this to some and I always wear one under my t-shirt at home. If I go somewhere though, I have to wear TWO of these camis under my outfit. I just can't roll bra-less and just one is not enough support when I'm out on the roll!!!! Can't wait to wear bras again. :)

Sleeping: is great! I haven't tried to sleep on my stomach but I can definitely sleep flat on my back and toss and turn to various sides all night long without wincing and moaning in pain. THANK GOD!!!

Scars: are doing well! I will post some updated pics. I've been using the Palmer's Oil after my showers twice per day. As soon as I started using this stuff (after my first post-op appointment), my surgical glue started getting loose and it was all off within a few days.

Sexin': it's been a long three weeks but I finally gave it up today! :) I have been wanting to (OBVIOUSLY! IT'S BEEN 3 WEEKS! Haha!) but I was too scared! It went pretty well considering we had to hide from a one year old. God, I can't wait until these kids all go to sleep at normal times and stay asleep! I'm so done with the random bed times and 6:00 a.m. wake up times. Ugh.

Yum: Still watching what I eat in a majorrrr way. Not being able to work out at all is freakin' me out. My adorable and sweet trainer has me logging everything in MyFitnessPal and eating tons of protein. Fortunately, I love protein shakes and protein bars. I made three double batches of different low sodium soups before surgery so I have been living off those. I'm dying to go get a giant cajun pasta from somewhere but no way in hell is that happening. :)

Hope everyone is feeling fabulous! xo!


Updated review to follow but posting three week pics from my phone :)

You can definitely see the swelling at the ends of my incision. It's sore and feels bruised-ish. Maybe I should wear my Spanx more often at home!? Right now I am only wearing them when I leave the casa. Does anyone else have this type of swelling goin' on?

I don't *think* I have the bad swelling problems most people seem to have but then again I am trying to go very low sodium. Mainly I notice it at the ends of incision and when I rock the Ken Doll Syndrome (HAHA! Gross!) at the end of the days.

The little red scar above my underwear line is from the drain.

3 Wk Post-Op Visit + Why Piercings are BADDDD + Bye Bye Binder + Working Out

Hello, chicas!

Alright, had my three week post-op yesterday (actually three weeks + one day)!

Here's the scoop on the piercing situation. My belly button had looked craaaaazzzyyyy since I had Baby #1 in 2001. A year or so after, my work friend and I decided to get our belly buttons pierced over the lunch hour (totally normal for some dorky accountants to do...hahaha!). I had wanted to get mine done because my BB looked "weird" after that pregnancy and I thought it would help it look less weird. Looking back, that "weirdness" was my BB hernia!!! I had no idea. It did work to mask the creepiness of my BB and gave me several extra years in a bikini...yay. I didn't take it out until I became pregnant with #2, when my oldest was 8! I haven't worn one since and that was 2009.

Anyway, if you look in my pictures post from yesterday, in the first photo, look straight down from my belly button where it meets the incision. You will see a little bit of strangeness there (tiny hole + tiny bit of weird skin). That's where my old belly button piercing was! Haha! It has been kinda annoying me in the past week but I keep telling myself hello this is 20,000,000 times better than your old stomach so you can deal with a little tiny piercing aftermath, sista! I mean, as tummy tuckers, we all know, yes the improvement will be amazing BUT we also accept our doctors aren't just grabbing new perfect stomachs out of the air and attaching them to our bodies! I mean they can only do so much with what we've given them to work with.

I have also been appreciating this little piercing hole, using it as a reminder to just HOW much skin was removed. I mean, that used to be ABOVE my belly button!!?? What!??! Crazy amazing!! I have thought about it and imagined Dr. Bayne probably trying to pull my tummy down far enough to eliminate that last piece of skin that had the BB piercing! I mean, that only seems like the logical thing to do during a tummy tuck. BUT, there is NO WAY he could have pulled my skin tighter than it already is, so I truly imagined he had just given up! I have seen some other reviews on here where the person is questioning if the doctor should have removed more skin. I am so glad I will never have to wonder if that should have been done as my skin is super tight.

Anyhow, turns out that is exactly what happened! I wasn't even going to ask him about it but he brought it up. :) He said he tried very hard to get my tummy down far enough to eliminate it all together but he just couldn't get it. He said if I wanted him to, he would just numb it in the office and make a small vertical incision (I assume we will discuss again at my 8 week post-op), stitch it together, and it would turn out great. I am going to think about it for awhile and decide. I mean, my tummy is looking pretty freakin' amazing so not sure it's worth messing with and God knows there is already a giant scar going alllll the wayyyy across! It's not like this little hole with a tiny bit of weird skin is making the scar worse? We shall see! What do you girls think? I was so happy to know that it is an option though even though not sure I will even bother with it. At the end of the day, really wish I had never gotten that piercing! Hahaha! My mom told me this when I got it! :)

Binder & Swelling! We discussed the swelling I referred to in my last post that is located at my incision ends (as shown in my last posts' pics). He said that is from the lipo! So, not necessarily all swelling - it is also hard bumpy spots from the lipo. You girls know the ones. I am to ditch the binder permanently (damn) and wear Spanx full-time to have compression on the lipo areas so it will decrease that swelling and smooth it out. I said, "OH! Even at home?!!?" Haha! He said, "Yessss." I had been only wearing the Spanx when I go out and about. I never really thought to compensate for the fact I haven't had to go back to work or anything. He didn't mention massaging the areas but I'm going to thanks to the tips from my RS gals! :) I have been massaging my other hard lipo areas but I've been leaving those areas alone since I thought it was just from where the incision ended. He said I could sleep without anything to avoid them bothering me at night and just wear the Spanx during the day. He also called me a "Skinny Minnie" again! :) Hurray! That being said, I'm going to need more Spanx. :) Someone mentioned the Spanx that snap like a bra down by your girl parts, so I'm in for those!

Exercise! He assured I can go back to whatever I want to do and my body will let me know when it's too much. I'm a former accountant so I can't handle any type of vague instructions. Like when I cook, I avoid recipes that say "to taste" or "a little bit of Marjoram." I need exact measurements. Ha! He said, "In everything you try, take it slow. If it hurts, stop. If it doesn't, keep going." I asked about my two year old, weighing in around 27 lbs. He said to go ahead and try picking her up and if it hurts, stop. I told him I was terrified to tear anything. He said, "You won't tear anything, I promise you."

So, I go to check out and I realize I didn't ask him about my beloved yoga!! No namaaste!! I do yoga pretty hardcore and not the gentle style. I'm very much into Ashtanga and Hot Yoga Fit. My friend and I go and it is sooo much fun. Love and miss all my yoga friends!!! The thought of back bending is like nails on a chalkboard to me, so no way would I attempt anything like that right now. I had the scheduling girl call over a nurse so I could specifically ask about yoga. The nurse went back and asked Dr. Bayne and he said, yep, it was fine, to go slow and if it hurts, stop.

So there are my instructions, y'all! I'm officially on the mend and released to attempt getting my real life back but this time with a WAYYYY more rockin' body. Holy hell, I cannot EFFING WAIT to go to hot yoga in my yoga shorts and just a bra top. I have been soooooo jealous of all the women who can rock those while all the rest of us mamas are stuck in 106 degrees wearing flowing yoga tops. Love my Lulu tops but I'm ready to flaunt these abs and now that my boobs are in the right place, flaunt them, too! THANK GOD! It is soon CRAZY to hate things about your body for soooo long and think about them all the time (chest, stomach!) and then one day, everything has completely changed and you love your body a ridiculous amount. Love love love.


Chiro, Thank God! + Toddler Toting Post-Tummy Tuck!

Hello, lovelies!

I went to the chiro today for the first time post-surg. OMGGG did it feel good to be adjusted! My neck has been jacked from the time I woke up from surgery. It may have been my fault as my body/neck was at a somewhat odd angle on the first day and although the nurses continuously asked me if I wanted to be moved for those first 24 hours, I politely said HELLLLL NOOOO! :) Then, let's not get back into the horrendous, torturous back pain post-surgery. Haha! I just feel fortunate that I don't need some type of spinal fusion after that mess because that is what it felt like!!!

My chiro is fab and asked if I thought he could twist me without hurting me (you know where you lay on your side and they twist ya). "OH, god no," was my answer! I thought I could for sure lay face down on the adjustment table but as that baby started lowering I said, "OH God, I can't do this either." I didn't want to put that much pressure on the new chichis, if you know what I mean! He ended up just adjusting me with this gun thing and then adjusted my neck the regular way. I feel a million times better! I have needed my neck adjusted since Day 1. Hurray! It's the small victories, ladies!

As of yesterday, I also started toting around my toddler. Mamas beware. Before surgery, I really thought I'd be able to just deal with the little one (she is going to be 2 next week) starting Week 2 of surgery. Surgery was on a Monday and my husb took off most of the days that week, then we had the weekend. I planned to persevere with the two little devils by myself starting that Monday. Shockingly, my MIL (drives me nuts) was awesome (for once) about coming over EVERY day at 6:30 a.m. to lift her out of the crib and then every day during Week 2, she took either one or both of the kids to her house. Hello, LIFE SAVER!!!! I am soooo thankful!!!! NOW, say I didn't have this luxury. I likely could have suffered through dealing with refereeing these two toddlers (my son is almost 4)...but it would have been HARD. My little guy is super easy now except he seems to need something every 6 effin' seconds. The little, IDK. That would have been rough. And I for sure could not have lifted her in/out of the crib for naps.

Weekend #2 came and went and my MIL did the normal drill for Monday and Tuesday of this week but after my doctor appointment on Tuesday, I officially decided, OK, I needed to start handling this. We had a big snowstorm and it was going to be FREEZING on Wednesday. I was getting tired of her being in my house at 6:30 a.m. and I'm SURE she was getting wayyy tired of coming over at 6:30 a.m.! So yesterday I decided to go it alone, remembering the advice of my doctor on if it hurts, don't do it. I was SO HAPPY to learn it didn't hurt me to lift my lil' chica in and out of the crib. Today, I was even more brave and carried her from the house to the car, into the chiro, out of the chiro, back into the house. No pain. Yeah!

One of my fave TT-ers (hi, fitandflat!!! If you haven't read her great posts, check her out!) was referring to taking down her "den." Love the term! I have my little recovery center based around my bed and I'm in the process of dismantling as well. I am really missing all of those hours I just laid in bed with 14 giant pillows, my heating pad on full blast, watching E! from pre-sunrise until midnight, taking several long naps in between. LOL.

Normal life is just around the corner, girls, I just know it! And yes, I'm rockin' the Spanxxxxxx all day, every day! Hatin' 'em! Hahaha!

:) :) :) Happy Healing, Everyone! XOXO!

Correction on the Toddler Toting! Dealing with Kids After the Tummy Tuck!!!

OK, after I posted my last review, I was feeling like something didn't add up! I DEFINITELY do not want to give anyone reading this pre-surgery the wrong advice since I know most of us have kiddos! I SKIPPED A WEEK in my last review! hahaha! Forgot about Thanksgiving Week!

Here is the real scoop on getting a new stomach and toting the tots!

Alright, had my surgery on a Monday, November 18th! Hubs took off work most days that week. For part of the day on Thursday and Friday, our babysitter came over and sat with me for a few hours so hubs could go into work and get some things done. I could get around pretty okay by then, especially by Friday. I was still using my walker but she was getting me things like water, lunch, etc, just so I didn't have to get up. He had that weekend off so he resumed his nursely duties for the weekend. :)

WEEK TWO (Thanksgiving Week):
I crazily thought I could handle an almost-2 year old and almost-4 year old alone Monday and Tuesday, if I had to. My daughter (12) was off school on Wednesday so I figured she could help out as she's a great big sis. Without her around though for Monday and Tuesday, the four year old would have been okay. The main issue would be how four year olds need something every three seconds. No way could I have dealt with the little chica AND the combination of the two arguing over every random toy under the sun. My MIL watched one or both of them all of those days. :) Then, the husband was off for Thanksgiving, that Friday and the weekend. That weekend I was able to go to the mall by myself for four hours but by the end, I was walking pretty slow. I mean, all week you are feeling pretty good, can get around fairly well, taking showers standing up by yourself, walking around without the walker, etc. But you are sore and still in the healing state of mind where you need lots of rest and not a lot of body trauma. After you do anything, you are ready to lay down and nap. :)

My MIL helped out a ton that week, too. She came over every morning at 6:30 a.m. to get the lil' chica out of bed. She or my FIL took my little guy to preschool and picked him up for me on Thursday and Friday (he only goes twice per week). THIS was the week I was thinking of when I said (in my previous post) I could have probably done everything on my own if I had to. The main issue would have been getting the little one in and out of the car and car seat and I for sure couldn't carry her anywhere or lift her into/out of the bed. To be honest with you, my nerves weren't up to dealing with the toddler bickering so I am soooo glad she was able to help. This is very unlike her (haha!) so even more appreciated than usual. :) I was on my own with them off and on all week, depending on what she had to do but most of the time during the days she would take the kiddos to her house to play all day. THANK YOU, MIL!

WEEK FOUR (This Week!):
This is the week I have started to rock everything on my own. :) I do get sore carrying the two year old around. She weighs 27 lbs! Not that that's a lot for a two year old but it's a lot considering for the past few weeks I haven't lifted more than my purse.

Sorry for the confusion in the earlier post. I thought I should clear things up, though, after I realized I missed a week. My final answer if you have toddler (2 and younger), you realistically **should** (for the safety and sanity of all involved lol) plan on having someone help you until you are at LEAST 10-14 days post-op...and one week longer than that, if possible! For once in my life I can say my MIL saved my @$$ and I am so grateful!!

:) :) :) :) Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has fabulous weekend plans!!

Back in Bra-land! Hurray!

I called my PS office on Friday and asked if I could rock the bra! He said sure as long as it doesn't hurt. Yayyy! I wore one Saturday all day and was sooooo happy! It didn't hurt at all during the day! That night though, when I took it off, I WAS a little sore so I'm back to the bra tanks for now! :) I'm not trying to mess up this fabulous boob job so I will go back to the underwire bras eventually. :)

Pic taken Saturday, 3 weeks and 5 days post-op.

:) :) :)

{Almost} FIVE WEEKS! Seriously!?

Wow, ladies! OMG time has gone by FAST! It seems like only yesterday I was having sleepless nights the days leading up to the surgery and then rollin' around mi casa with a walker! :) :) I miss all of my downtime and reading everyone's updates all day long. Those were the days!! ;) I really was enjoying all of my days spent in my bed (after the first week of hell, that is)... ha!

I am feeling great! Hope everyone else is, too! I have been doing everything I normally do EXCEPT I haven't pulled the trigger on going back to yoga. Even though my doctor said it was okay, I have just been holding out based on the responses from other doctors on RS. :) Also, I am wayyyy behind in my Xmas shopping so I have been meaning to go back and try a class but I end up shopping instead. I think when I'm truly ready to take the plunge, I will know! I have been doing some planks every night and testing the waters with down dogs and runner's lunges. All seems well until the up tummy feels tight and totally UN-flexible. Doesn't hurt at all but I'm scared to really stretch it like I normally do! :) :) :) I think once I go for it, it will be all good!

I am still rockin' the Spanx. At night, OMG, I almost can't wait until it's bedtime so I can take them off. :) When I'm finally done with them, I will probably send them through a paper shredder and then burn them. And then stomp on them. And then burn them again. Repeat.

I've been wearing bras on occasion without issue. I'm trying not to push it, though, so mostly I am still wearing two tanks with the built-in bras. One just doesn't feel like enough support.

STILL IN AWE OF HOW GREAT MY BOOBS AND TUMMY LOOK! AHHHH! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE! My husband is so thrilled also although he never thought I looked bad before. :) :) It's so nice to constantly have him reminding me how great everything looks since he knows I went through so much to get it all fixed.

I have more pics to post! I will do so from my phone. :) Happy Holidays!!!
Moline Plastic Surgeon

As soon as I met Dr. Bayne, I knew he was my surgeon! He and his staff are nothing short of AMAZING!!! He is caring, patient, funny, extremely smart and just all around fabulous. My tummy tuck and breast lift are some serious works of art!!! I could not be more thrilled with the results!!! I am soooo, sooooo happy I decided to go through this and that I chose Dr. Bayne. He is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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