Happy 6 month anniversary! Moline, IL

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I'm a 49 year old, I breastfed both of my kids and...

I'm a 49 year old, I breastfed both of my kids and loved the D cup I had during that time. I spent years lifting weights which eliminated even more of any breast tissue I had. While I no longer lift, I swim and use a Nordic Track to keep fit; I'm 5'6" and weight 150 and cannot remember the last time I was able to wear a bra.

I had my initial appointment with the PS a couple weeks ago and am getting anxious about my pre-op appointment on the 21st. I liked the look of 475cc but the more I read testimonials the more I find women who wish they had gone larger. The Dr. said I have enough skin to comfortably go to 550 cc but I just don't want to look ridiculous. Anyone have suggestions?

So the size question has me thinking...when I went...

So the size question has me thinking...when I went for my initial appointment the woman that sat down with me and talked price told me that at my pre-op there will be the final fitting and that is when she will order the implants. I like the idea of taking the camera with me but won't it be too late to change my mind if they're ordering them at that time? I've been keeping a note pad with me so when questions like this come up I can jot them down and remember to ask at my next appointment.

Hubby came home the other day and asked, "why are...

Hubby came home the other day and asked, "why are you doing this?" It took me a minute to figure out he was talking about my upcoming BA surgery. I told him that I was tired of looking like a 15 year old boy and wanted to feel feminine. He asked, "are you sure it has nothing to do with me or something I may have said?" I assured him this was all about me. In reminded him that we have been together for 16 years and if it had anything to do with him, I think I would have done it before now. His final question was, "why haven't you done it before now?" To which my response was, "it took me this long to realize I deserve this."
I am so blessed to have his support in whatever I chose to do. Stay the way I am, get a little, get a lot. It really does not matter to him ;-)

So I told my 26th year old daughter that I have a...

So I told my 26th year old daughter that I have a surgery date and she is flying out from Virginia Beach to share the time with me! The two of us look very much alike until you scan down to the chest...she's a DD (must be from her father's side of the family). When I first told her about the surgery, she made the comment that she felt like this was me going thru puberty and she was so proud of me. She makes me laugh and I'm so glad she'll be here to see for herself.

I found Danskin front-zipping bras online and ordered two. They have already arrived and of course I had to try one on just so I could imagine what I'm going to look like. I also found some Arnica 30x, Arnica cream, and Bromelain at a place called makemeheal.com does anyone know if all or even most PS's suggest using this? I'm thinking of placing an order now because the price seems right. Ideas?

The ladies who have already gone through this have been so helpful giving the rest of us tips and ideas of things to put on the shopping list. The sooner I get some of the stuff, the less I have to think about when I'm stressing because there are only 2 more days. Thanks so much!

When I first met my ps he asked if I was a smoker....

When I first met my ps he asked if I was a smoker. I am fortunate enough to be able to tell him I quit last September. I got the feeling that if I had answered yes he would have turned me away. He mentioned that a woman should not smoke for six weeks before her surgery and for quite some time after. As I think about it, it does make sense. With each inhalation you are stressing the area where the implants will be. He told me that was the number one contributor to complications. Has anyone else heard that?

Seven days until my pre-op and I could not be more...

Seven days until my pre-op and I could not be more excited! I have so many questions typed up to ask thanks to everyone at RS.

Tomorrow is my pre-op. I've taken some 'before'...

Tomorrow is my pre-op. I've taken some 'before' photos with shirts I'm planning to take with me so this should be fun. I've got my camera battery charged too. Hubby is going to meet me down there so we can get more photos and make the final decision. Plus, I get some quesitons answered. Yeah!

Today was a long day of looking at the clock. My...

Today was a long day of looking at the clock. My appointment was scheduled for 3:30 so work the only distraction I had.

Pre-op (T minus 15 days). Hubby met me there and took a couple pictures for me that I posted for you all. I should have had him take them in the tighter of the shirts. My PS and I settled on 500cc silicone/under the muscle/inframammory incision. I tried to explain the difference between high profile and moderate and I told him I trust his decision since he does this for a living. I was surprised when I was asking questions that I will not be bandaged up when I go home; there will be steri-strips on my incisions and that is it. I am not to wear a bra for 4-6 weeks (he will let me know), so the breasts will be able to drop into place.

I am not going to have to use a strap either. When I asked about massage, he said that he feels the best time to massage the breasts would actually be day 1 and 2 and of course, I'm not going to want anyone touching them. He does believe in ice and wants me to ice the girls for the first 2-3 days 20 minutes every hour. I was given prescriptions for Valium to relax the muscle, Vicoden for pain, and Onedansetron for nausea.

A couple more things I'm supposed to do...start...

A couple more things I'm supposed to do...start taking multivitamins twice a day to improve my general health, take 500 mg Vitamin C twice daily to promote healing, start using Dial antibacterial soap in the shower and then two days before surgery use Hibiclens in the shower. The list of medications to avoid before & after surgery is four pages long. Fortunately, I'm healthy except for a food allergy and Benedryl is not on the list just in case I need to take it.

I have to tell you, today I told one of the women I work with that my husband and I are adopting two girls in September. She was surprised but supportive until I told her we were naming them 'right' and 'left'. I am really having fun with this and I'll do anything to make the time move faster ;-)

I picked up my prescriptions today. I plan to have...

I picked up my prescriptions today. I plan to have a little box for them on the end table by my recliner. I'll have the tops off so I won't have to worry about that when I need them. It occured t me today that this time next week I'll only have 6 days left. I'm still waiting for the doctor's office to let me know what time my surgery will be. When I left the office on Tuesday, the gal was trying to get his hospital time taken care of so she said she felt it would be before 1pm. I'd really like it to be closer to 8am that way, I won't have to forgo my coffee too long and get the unbearable lack of coffee headache. Plus, I won't have to pace all morning waiting. Don't these people have any idea what we go through in anticipation for such procedures?

Allergies have been kicking my butt lately and I...

Allergies have been kicking my butt lately and I really do not want my surgery postponed because I have to blow my nose so I continued on with my deep clean yesterday. Saturday is laundry day so I stripped the bed of EVERYTHING and washed, washed, washed. We have two Pugs that shed so I washed every blanket in the house that they sit on too. I pulled the Bissel out and steamed cleaned all the carpets in the house except the one in the hall (I'll do that on Tuesday before I go to work). The ceiling fans,light fixtures, and windows are sparkling. The entire time I was doing all this, I didn't sneeze or have to blow my nose once. So I figure I'm on the right path. The last thing I want to get done is to give the dogs a bath but I think we'll wait until next weekend so they're clean and fresh.

So after checking out Scrappy's story and looking...

So after checking out Scrappy's story and looking at her photos, I saw she was wearing a tube top in one. Since I'm no longer in my 20's and I don't hang out at the mall, I texted my daughter to find out where I might be able to purchase such an item. She'll be flying out from Virginia Beach the day before the surgery and she tells me she has some that she will bring with her. Having a 26 year old with boobs definitely comes in handy! One less thing to have to think about. 8 more days!

I can't believe I am finally going into my last...

I can't believe I am finally going into my last weekend with no boobs. Next weekend will be a totally different story. Going through the wait, it felt like it would never get here but in all honesty, the weeks just flew by. Is it odd that I am totally calm about this? I think I am so at ease with my PS because we have first hand experience with him. A friend of mine at work talked to another friend who went through a BA and ended up showing her my facebook page so she could see me with the sizers. We ended up finding out that she used the same PS and said he was terrific and she felt I would have no problem going back to work on day 6. While I was not worried about going back to work, it was nice to actually hear from someone who had been through the same thing with the same surgeon. I'm real glad my daughter will be here I miss seeing her and she'll be a huge help. My plan is to let her type if I don't feel coherent enough to do so the first day or two of recovery. BTW, my tube tops should be here tomorrow (yeah)!

Two more days and I am so excited. Everything I...

Two more days and I am so excited. Everything I set out to do, I finished (I even got the grass cut this morning) so I'm more than ready. Fortunately, I work until 6 tomorrow and when I get home my daughter will be here so that will be a wonderful distraction! I still do not know what time my surgery is scheduled for and that has me somewhat nervous...I'm a bit of an overachiever/planner and waiting until the last minute is NOT my style. If I do not hear from the doctor's office by noon tomorrow, I will be making a phone call.

Mom called and asked if I was taking time off when...

Mom called and asked if I was taking time off when my daughter is here. I told her yes and since it is just a short visit we really don't have anything planned. Just a relaxing visit. He he he.

In looking back at my calendar, I see that I...

In looking back at my calendar, I see that I scheduled my surgery on July 12. I guess in an attempt to prepare for surgery, I have worked hard to eat right so my body will be better prepared to heal itself. Rather than grabbing a muffin for breakfast, I started having egg whites and a bagel thin and I have fallen in love with Boca Vegetarian Burgers on bread thins with a slice of provolone. These changes have surprised me, they fill me up but I don't feel stuffed. I have made sure I have plenty of fresh fruit in the house so when I have a craving for something sweet, I grab that instead of junk. All this has lead to me dropping the 10 pounds I gained last year when I quit smoking and I am feeling great.
On Sunday I began eating a serving of prunes in preparation for the inevitable constipation you all have talked about. I think that is what I dread the most. I stocked up on pineapple, pears, peaches, and nectarines this weekend and plan to make a huge fruit salad this evening.
I started on the Bromelain on Sunday and began washing with the Hibiclens antimicrobial soap yesterday as instructed. I have my basket full of meds, cleaning products, and my neck pillow ready for when I get home tomorrow. The only thing I do not have at this time is when I am to arrive at the surgi-center. I think if I do not hear from them by noon, I will make a call. I think I can safely say, I am ready for this!

Finally, I found out my surgery is at 12:45. I...

Finally, I found out my surgery is at 12:45. I have to be there 30 minutes early and of course, nothing to eat or drink after midnite. No morning coffee is going to be tough. The daughter has yet to arrive (weather delay in Detroit) so we'll stay up tonight visiting. Maybe I'll be able to sleep in at least a little. It's supposed to rain so I guess it's a good thing I rode the bike to work today.

Since I have plenty of time, I'm sure I'll jabber more tomorrow morning. Seventeen hours and 45 minutes. This time tomorrow, I'll have crossed the bridge to the other side, yeah!

Surprisingly, I was able to stay up quite late...

Surprisingly, I was able to stay up quite late (for me). Of course my body woke me up at 4am but I was able to get back to sleep until almost 8 which is unheard of for me. I was smart and recorded a couple episodes of Face Off last night to keep me occupied this morning. Now we're down to under an hour. I'm wearing a pair of shorts and a hoody and of course the old faithful slip on shoes so dressing won't be a problem. I have to remember to take the body jewelry off. I'll have hubby take the seabands just incase I am nausious. He mentioned stopping at Burger King on the way home and while that sounds great right now, I really don't know if I'll be hungery. I guess time will tell.

If I can stay away, I'll have Katrina update sometime this evening. See you on the other side, Toodles!

First I want to say, please excuse any typos (I'm...

First I want to say, please excuse any typos (I'm typing this myself). It is now 3:18 and I've been home for 15 minutes. I feel absolutely terrific other than pressure on my chest. The PS gave me a nerve block that will probably last for 48 hours so Friday may be a different story. When I got to the surgi-center, a nurse asked some last minute questions and then I was marked up and taken into the room. She put sox on my calves that periodically expanded and felt really cool. I guess they were to keep my circulation going. Within 2 minutes of having the IV put in all I wanted to do was close my eyes. The next thing I know, I was in a different room with Scott & Katrina talking to me helping me wake up. Scott told me the PS came out to where he was waiting and gave him a thumbs up when it was all over. When I looked down, I mentioned that I couldn't see any change; both Scott & Katrina told me, there was definitely a difference, so I had her take a photo which I am posting.

I needed a little help getting into the truck for the ride home but once we got there the only help I needed was opening the truck door. I feel wide awake right now but I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. Like I said, I feel pressure especially on my right but I feel wonderful and although they are riding high right now, I think they look terrific.

The nurse (who is also the Dr's wife) told me I could have coffee when I get home but right now, all I want is cold water. So maybe later.

So far, so good. I'll keep you updated.

I ended up with 500cc Natrelle silicone by...

I ended up with 500cc Natrelle silicone by Allergan on both sides. My doctor agreed that it would fill out the extra skin nicely. My first post-op appointment is Tuesday, September 11th. And even more good news, the doctor uses dissolvable stitches so no discomfort taking them out.

I get to take a shower today and cannot wait. So far lifting my arms only causes a little twinge but nothing I can’t handle. An hour after I got home yesterday I took 2 Extra Strength Tylenol. I took a Valium and two more Tylenol before I fell asleep. This will be great if I don’t have to take any of the Vicoden. I never did get nauseous so I wasted the money getting that prescription filled and buying the Sea Bands.

I ended up putting on a bandeau top yesterday simply because my hoody was too hot. When I walked into the room Scott had a shit eating grin on his face. Gotta love my man! Just wait til they drop & fluff ?

My first night I thought I would crash hard since I did not doze off and on once I got home. Before I went to bed I had to take the tube top of as my swelling was making it cut into me. I found a tank top that I was able to get on. I stayed in the recliner which was very comfortable and it’s easy to get up and down. I woke around 2am and went to the bathroom. The only think I’m feeling is pressure I certainly would not call it pain. I tried to get back to sleep but that wasn’t working so I turned on the t.v. and watched until 5am when I finally felt like closing my eyes again. 7am, I am wide awake and hungry as hell. I also now understand what you ladies call morning boob so I’ll try to walk around the house a bit. When I went into the basement I could actually feel the right size jiggle – weird. I made some egg whites, a bagel thin and a serving of prunes still on my quest to eat healthy so my body will heal itself. I weighed myself and I’m 4 pounds heavier but I figure that will change once I finally have a bowel movement.

I’ll update more as the day progresses.

The pain block is wearing off and the pressure has...

The pain block is wearing off and the pressure has definitely intensified. Of course, this afternoon I went out with both the kids for 3 hours which means that although I was upright for those 3 hours, I was not icing the girls. By the time I got home they felt as if they had shifted up so when we got home, I took two Xtra Stregnth Tylenol, a valium, taking a nap and I've been icing since then. Four hours later and I broke down and took a vicoden. I have to say, even though my PS said he will not be making me massage, it does feel good to press them down and over from under the arms every once in awhile. Since I can't see how it would hurt, I'll continue doing that as I feel necessary.

The only bruising I can see is just a small patch under my left arm and then at the incision sites. Looks like I got off easy or the bromelain and pineapple I've been eating are really working. I'm hoping I'll be able sleep better, possibly through the night, tonight. We're tucked in for the night watching scarey movies.

Ok so the nerve block is completely gone and while...

Ok so the nerve block is completely gone and while I still would consider what I feel as pressure and not pain, it is definitely intense. My nipples seem to be stuck on 'on' and everything that brushes against them makes me want to scream. I think after I shower I'll be putting on a tube top and possibly putting some gauze pads in there for extra protection.

I've been keeping up with the valium and started allowing myself a vicoden to curb the intensity. I tried sleeping in bed for a while last night using my pillow wedge. It worked really well until I wanted to get up and I found I couldn't just roll out because I was trapped by a dog. I ended up having to use my arms and oowie!

Today, I'll be staying in, icing, and taking it easy. I have three days before I go back to work and I want to be ready. By that time my PS wants me using heat so I plan to take a heat pad to work since I'll be able to use it in my cubicle.

There has still been no additional bruising or drainage which I can only imagine is good. One more thing, right now, three fingers fit between my collar bone and the top of my breast. Here's to happy healing!

Relaxing and icing has really made a difference....

Relaxing and icing has really made a difference. The girls are not yelling at me like they were last night. Tonight I'm going to try sleeping in bed with the pillow wedge I bought. The bruising at the incisions has gotten darker and spread a bit but I'm not complaining. Does anyone remember the movie Summer Rental with John Candy? I feel like the neighbor who had the boob job and kept asking everyone what they thought. Not that I've started showing people but I find myself constantly looking in the mirror. Such a pervert (LOL).

Good night all. And Tn, I hope all is well with you!

PO Day 3. I slept in bed last night with the...

PO Day 3. I slept in bed last night with the pillow wedge. What a dream it was to be back on the Temperpedic. When I first got in adjusting was a bit of a problem so I got out and started over. According to my PS the swelling gets to its max around 72 hours but I feel as thought I'm already passed that and all the icing I've done is helping it to subside. He also says that after 72 hours to change to heat. So I'll ice, ice, ice today and hope more swelling will go down.

PO Day 4. Slept in bed again but woke up with pain...

PO Day 4. Slept in bed again but woke up with pain on my upper left buttock, almost like I was laying on something. After coffee, shower, and breakfast we went to Sam's Club and did some shopping. It felt good getting out and walking around. Once we got home, I had to take the bandeau top off to let the girls breathe and started with the heating pad. It felt so good that I ended up taking a nice nap. I'm icing this evening just because it feels real good but I have noticed that the swelling on the sides (under the arms) seems to be down - I'm not rubbing against them so much. Maybe it's just wishful thinking...The bruising at the incision sites has darkened and spread a bit but I'm keeping up with the bromelain, arnica montana, and arnica cream.

I asked hubby today if he's afraid to touch them and he honestly said that he is. I told him they really do not hurt that much and if he does hurt me, I will let him know but he does not want me to tell him that he's hurting me. I guess I'll have to be patient with him until he realizes I'm not going to break. On the plus side, I have taken NO pain medication today (vicoden or Xtra Stregnth Tylenol). I am still taking the Valium since I feel as though by relaxing the muscles, the implants will drop into place more easily. Another plus I have noticed, I do not seem to have lost any feeling anywhere (nipples or sides).

Tomorrow is my first day back to work, I imagine I'm going to come home exhausted but fortunately, I don't have too much running around to do during the day. And, I'm looking forward to my post-op appointment on Tuesday at 8am.

Thanks for all your support, ladies, it means the world to me!

A couple of questions I have for my PS tomorrow...

A couple of questions I have for my PS tomorrow are: If I'm taking the valium to relax the muscle, does he want me to refill the prescription and continue taking it until they are completely gone? I didn't take any Vicoden yesterday but I thought it may not be a bad idea to keep it on hand in case I need it when I get home from work this week. While I sit at a desk most days, not being able to lay back and take a nap may take its toll on me.

I know I was told no bra for 6 weeks but I couldn’t help myself. I took one of the Danskin zip front sports bras yesterday and tried it on. I am pleased to say at this time the 36D was a little snug. I realize I still have some swelling and the girls need to drop and fluff but I think I’m going to end up being right where I want to be. For the time being, I'm real glad I went with the bandeau tops for under blouses and sweaters since I think the rubbing on my nipples would drive me crazy during the day.

Will update everyone tonight when I get home from work.

We’ll first day of work is over (thank goodness)...

We’ll first day of work is over (thank goodness). It was in the mid 40’s here this morning so I wore a sweater, big mistake! Fortunately, hubby is on vacation this week so I called him to bring in a t-shirt, an ice bag, and a towel. Once I got back to my desk the ice felt so oh so good! I haven’t taken any Vicoden since Saturday night but I think I’ll be taking it tonight when I go to bed. I’m looking forward to the end of next week when I can take another day off if I need to.
I really didn’t want to wear a bandeau top since they really don’t let the girls breathe like they should so I put on a wife beater. It felt as though it got a bit tighter towards the end of the day but that shouldn’t last too long.
Tomorrow is my first post-op and I’m excited to hear how the PS feels my incisions are healing. I’ve experienced some itching but nothing I can’t handle. I’m still in shock that I haven’t lost feeling anywhere…I wonder if that’s something that may come down the road later. I’ll have to ask tomorrow.
I’m taking photos every day and cataloguing them but I don’t want to bore everyone at this point. I’ll post more when I can see a difference.
Hope everyone else that went through their BA last week is healing well;-)

PO Day 6 I called my mom last night because it...

PO Day 6
I called my mom last night because it was killing me that I had not told her about my surgery. You have to understand, I have three best friends: Hubby, Daughter, & Mom. As much as I wanted to surprise her, I also wanted another person to talk to about it since hubby gets a glazed over look when I start talking about boobs I knew she wouldn't. She’s one of my best friends and I don’t like keeping things from her.

To my surprise, she told me that more than a couple years ago she made an appointment with a plastic surgeon for the same reason but ended up cancelling before she ever went (she talked herself out of it with things like it was vain and ridiculous of her). You have to understand she grew up with a very judgmental father. While he was very loving, with his fundamentalist background he couldn’t help himself. In many ways she is very much like him and I assumed that I would get the same reaction from her. Now I’m sorry I judged her like that. She went on to tell me that she understands exactly where my head was at in coming to the decision and she was so proud of me and what a great 50th birthday present to give myself. WOW, totally unexpected. She did thank me for not telling her before the procedure because she would have worried during the entire waiting time and been a basket case.

I’m still looking forward to seeing her because I think hearing about it and actually seeing will be two very different reactions. Sorry to spoil the shock factor, Kimboobs but sometimes you just need your ‘mom’.

I got to the Dr's office this morning and was...

I got to the Dr's office this morning and was taken right back to a room. When he came in he asked how I was feeling, when the nerve block wore off, am I still taking the valium, and if I had any questions. The only question that came to mind was can I sleep on my side. He said as long as I was comfortable then sure. So I'm going to try to roll up a towel to wedge underneath me and give it a try tonight.

Then he looked at me and said, "flash me." It took me back but I quickly realized he wanted to see what was going on. He removed the strips that were on the incisions and told me to come back in three weeks. Pretty painless!

Nothing more to report for now other than I'm going to log onto that MakeMeHeal site and look for something to help reduce the incision sites. Any suggestions are welcome.

I just got off the scale and am a bit...

I just got off the scale and am a bit dissappointed. Of course most of this is due to the fact that I have become very 'irregular' but I also miss working out!!! According to the paperwork I received before the surgery, I have to wait at least 3 weeks but I'm thinking that if I get on the Nordic Track and walk on it (not using my arms) I will at least be doing something. We also have a recumbant bike/rowing machine. If I just bike I'd feel a bit better. I'm eating so healty it's coming out of my ears but I miss physical activity. I'll have to call the doctor and see what he says.

Yesterday, the surgeon told me that during my procedure he pressed down with his finger to really get the implant in place to prevent what is called 'double bubble'. In looking at my photos, I don't see any double bubble but I guess now that is something I will have to look out for.

This evening I'm going to work on putting photos together so I can actually see the progression like Scrappy37 has done. Have a good day, ladies!

Not much more going on other than my monthly pain...

Not much more going on other than my monthly pain in the ass showed up this morning. Funny, this is the first month in forever that I haven't had the overly sensative nipples a week in advance warning of his arrival. Just another benefit of having a BA? We shall see. At least now I know why I've been feeling so 'chubby'. I've also started drinking my herb tea in the evening too which helps in keeping me 'regular.'

I wore a tube top under my blouse all day yesterday and did not get the feeling that I was cutting off my circulation like I did on Monday so I would say the swelling is down. I'm not longer taking pictures on a daily basis since I really cannot see any change from one to the other but I will continue weekly and update those I have posted.

I haven't had any second doubts about this whole procedure which makes me very happy and I can honestly say I think if I had gone larger, I would be having trouble will 'side boob'.

Have a good day and good luck and prayers to all the ladies going into surgery today! TTFN.

Well I'm glad the week is over and I can relax...

Well I'm glad the week is over and I can relax this weekend. Just waking up early was taking it's tole on me. I had no problem waking early when I was off from work but I was able to take cat naps during the day - they tend to frown on that at work.

I'm really liking the bandeau tops. It seems as though my nipples are always hard so they help conceal them a bit. My mother is emailing me daily asking how I'm doing. I would love if she lived closer so we didn't have to do all this via email and phone. On the plus side, the next time she sees me, I'll be healed and lookin' good.

Have a great weekend ladies!

While I understands it's only been 8 11 days and...

While I understands it's only been 8 11 days and my PS told me his feeling on massage is that it only is good for the first couple days, I keep thinking I should be doing something. They don't feel as tight as they originally were but I can see in my side view photos that they're still up high and I'm only fitting three fingers between my clavicle and the implant, I don't feel swollen at all anymore and my bruising is just about gone. I have found myself sleeping on my side throughout the night for the past two now and I also noticed that when I do, I have morning boob in the morning where if I stay on my back, I don't have that issue.

Here's to waiting for the girls to drop, I have to say it beats the wait I went through to get them ; )

Not much to report today other than by 4pm I had...

Not much to report today other than by 4pm I had to take the tube top off. It turns out wearing it two days in a row is tough just because the girls haven't dropped yet. I keep a jacket in the closet at work so on days that I do not wear anything under my blouse/top, I can at least cover since the nips like to stay at attention.

The only sensitivity I find myself having is my incision sites but I thing that is just healing going on. I have not experienced any numbness or oversensitivity at all which seems like a true blessing after reading some of the stories. I'm still taking daily photos but I don't want to drive everyone crazy so I'm going to wait to update what is currrently posted until I can see some changes occur.

I hope all my ta ta friends are doing well too!

Well something is going on today. I decided not to...

Well something is going on today. I decided not to wear a tube top or undershirt and let the girls breathe but something feels different. When I went into a ptivate restroom and lifted my shirt it looks as if the girls are dropping a bit. Before the bottom of my breasts were soft because the implant was up higher now I canactually feell the implant decended some -YEAH!

Good evening, ladies. Well as I said earlier...

Good evening, ladies. Well as I said earlier something is happening. I came home tonight and measured myself. My rib cage is 32 1/2 and the largest portion of my breasts at this time is 39 1/4. I tried to put on my Danskin front zip 36D sports bras and I cannot even zip them. I had hubby help and you want to talk about tight.

I'm thinking since I still have 4 to 6 weeks left of no bra if anyone of you is interested, send me a private message with your address and I'll send them to you. By the time I can wear a bra, I don't think these will be the ones I'm interested in. I hope all is well with all you others that are still healing (BOCO, Vyxen, Classy, Toots, NewMe, just to name some off the top of my head).

Has anyone else run into your preferences changing...

Has anyone else run into your preferences changing on RS? I had mine set to notify me immediately when an update or comment was made and after two days of no emails I checked and found out everything was marked 'never.' Strange.

Day 17. I changed some of the photos on my...

Day 17. I changed some of the photos on my collages last night but I've decided no more photos 'every' day; I'll take them once a week and maybe see more changes. I'm sleeping on my side more and having no trouble. In fact this morning when I woke up I brushed against my left breast and I swear it felt softer but by the time I ran into the living room and told Scott to feel it, not so squishy.

For those not interested in TMI, stop reading. I couldn't hold out any longer last night and attacked him (he thinks it's the boobs, I say it's the 2 1/2 weeks and I think I'm right). Much better now.

OK back to normal conversation. I forgot to mention that on my way home on Wednesday I had just made a right turn and had not even stepped on the accelerator when the woman in front of me slammed on her breaks. I stood on mine with both feet and my license plate ended up making a mark on her rear bumper. As the cop was showing up, she mentioned that her neck was starting to hurt (OMG). She's supposed to be a swim instructor/lifeguard at the YMCA but certainly didn't look like either. Anyway, the cop did not write up a report because I told him I wanted to take care of this without insurance being involved. She called me on Thursday to tell me the damage to her bumper was 'about' $712 but I know all she did was take it to a Toyota dealer so I asked her to take it to a guy my husband went to school with for another estimate. She did so yesterday and when I talked to him, the price was cut in half (imagine that). I'll go pay him this morning and get this taken care of once and for all. I'm just real glad I was not on my bike but in my Trailblazer.

I read on a post this morning that someone said their PS had them wear a strap for 4 months at night at and home and they were not sure it really contributed to their dropping as much as time did. I just find it amazing how every doctor uses such different healing techniques. The past two days, I feel such a difference with dropping and all I'm doing is allowing my body to heal itself. It does make sense that I don't massage with my implants being behind the muscle every single time I move, the muscle is doing the massage for me...

Have a great weekend, all!

I think I may really need help. Hubs and I were...

I think I may really need help. Hubs and I were out doing some shopping this morning and decided to stop at his father's house. I asked what he thought about me walking in, lifting my shirt, and saying "do you think these look real?" Hubby being who he is thought it would be great and that his dad wouldn't know whether to s#*t or call a cab.

We walked in the kitchen and his dad was sitting at the bar reading the morning paper and I said, "Kenny can you tell me, do these look real to you?" while lifting my shirt. The look was priceless and I only wish I had the foresight to have my cell phone camera ready. It took some time but eventially, the response I got was, "I know boobs and they look like the real thing to me."

Have a wonderful day, ladies!

Today marks three weeks, I can hardly believe it....

Today marks three weeks, I can hardly believe it. Time certainly flies faster after you have boobs than it does while you're waiting for your sugery date to arrive. I'm dying to get on the bike and take a ride but if I'm still not wearing a bra yet, I don't think that would be wise so I'll just keep getting in the gas gusler. I'mn looking forward to my second post-op next Tuesday to hear how the Dr thinks I'm doing. Especially now that I'm finished the valiium. I'm wondering if once off the valium, the, the muscle starts contracting more and the dropping is slower...any ideas, ladies?

I'm no longer sleeping with the wedge pillow I purchased but each time I roll to my side, I wake up either positioning a throw pillow under my boob or readjusting something in order to be comfortable. Needless to say, I'm waking each morning now quite refreshed.

Have a great day!

Yeah, day 22 and I got on the Nordic Track this...

Yeah, day 22 and I got on the Nordic Track this morning. The instructions I received before the surgery only said 3 weeks off and I was ready. Although I stayed on for an entire hour, I only worked my upper body for about 20 minutes. I don't need the pectoral muscles tightening up on me just yet. Tomorrow I'll pedal on the recumbant bike and then I'll start alternating. It felt so damn good to be doing something.

Well, got on the recumbent bike today and just...

Well, got on the recumbent bike today and just don't feel like I did anything; it is definitely not the same type of workout. I cannot wait to go to my post op appointment on Tuesday to find out if there is more I can do. I don't expect to be able to get back into lap swimming yet but more aerobic activity would definitely make me feel less 'mushy'.

TGIF, ladies!

Hello all. I just want to let you wonderful women...

Hello all. I just want to let you wonderful women know, I am listening and paying attention. I will refrain from working out until I get an OFFICIAL thumbs up from my ps. It took me this long to get my boobies, I will not risk my healing and health. I promise. Thank you all for you concern!

I've updated some of the photos. Since I'm only...

I've updated some of the photos. Since I'm only taking pictures on a weekly basis, the progression will be more noticable when I update them. I can see (especially from the side view) they are looking more 'natural'. I've tried using the timer feature on my camera but those photos seem to blur more than if I just hold the camera so I think that is why one week my right boob may look lower and then left looks lower the next week. I'll practice more with the timer so I can be more consitant.

I've taken some measurements but I'm not sure they really mean anything. From one side of the breast to the middle of me chest, across the nipple, each measures 11 inches. There was a post on RS where someone mentioned measuring that way but for the life of me I cannot refind the post. If anyone comes across the post or had any idea what this may mean, let me know. My rib cage is 32.5" and across the nipples is 39.25". When I look at myself I see my nipples moving up more than right after surgery. Hubs says I'm seeing things. Since it hasn't even been a month yet, I may be imagining this but I can certainly say, they feel comfortable; as if I've had them all my adult life.

I really thought that once I had the surgery, my obsession would subside but that is NOT the way this is going. I find that I wake in the middle of the night with my a hand over or just under the breast(s). Not really feeling myself up, just kind of making sure they are still there. And, when I roll over to my side I've started waking myself with the feeling that if I stay in that position, the implant will shift to the side and not move where it's supposed to. Crazy? Who knows. I decided to pull out the wedge pillow tonight just to keep me somewhat upright and I'll discuss this with the doctor at my check up on Tuesday. There is much I want to discuss with him since I have a feeling he will suggest my next appointment be a month or two out.

Tomorrow is my second post-op (8am) and I'm very...

Tomorrow is my second post-op (8am) and I'm very excited to hear how he thinks I'm doing. My main questions are 1) Can I get back on the Nordic Track (without using my arms) and the recumbant bike? 2) Can I get back on the Harley before I have to put her away for the winter. The past couple mornings have been chilly but that's what leather is for. Since I'm only at week 4, I don't think he'll let me in a bra yet and I really don't know that I'm ready for one. I was told at my pre-op that I could wear camisols with the built in bras and I have a couple times but I'm wearing one's I wore before my surgery and while my ribcage has not gotten bigger, they are tighter on me at the band since I started dropping but they do help keep the Scar Away strips in place during the day.

I stated earlier that I didn't have to purchase new blouses because I have broad shoulders and usually had to buy big but today I noticed that I actually fill them out at the darts in the breast :P No one seems to have noticed (at least I don't notice anyone staring) and again, I think it's because no one really was able to tell how small I was with larger, bulky, and layers clothes on.

I'll let you know how PO goes tomorrow.

Post-op day 20, post-op appointment #2: The...

Post-op day 20, post-op appointment #2:
The doctor came in and asked how I was doing and I couldn’t help but grin and say, I have boobs! He smiled and asked how long I’ve had them to which I responded 4 weeks tomorrow. Then he said, show them to me; so I did ?

His first comment was, they’re still high but it’s still early. He then zoned in the right one and was telling me how he can see where my breast tissue ends and he worked that area around the incision to make sure I don’t get a double bubble. No wonder it pulls more on the right when I use my right arm to get out of a chair or out of bed.

Then he asked if I had any questions…I really only had two:
Q #1: When can I ride the motorcycle again?
A: Now, I think you probably have the range of motion you need.
Q #2: When can I get back on the Nordic Track?
A: Now, you probably won’t want to use your arms the entire time and you will probably have some swelling so remember to ice when you feel swollen.
See you in 6 weeks!!!
So, after dinner tonight, I finally got a work out in. My body appreciates it and I’m sure I’ll sleep like a rock tonight. And, tomorrow looks like the last nice day this week to get a bike ride in (vroom, vroom). Don’t worry, ladies I will be listening very carefully to my body and will not jeopardize all the healing to date! I promise.

I almost forgot. I'm allowed to wear a bra now but...

I almost forgot. I'm allowed to wear a bra now but no underwires yet. My feeling is why waste the money buying them if I haven't dropped into place yet? Maybe I'll try some sports bras for when I am working out but I think at work I may just stick to the tube tops (another wonderful scrappy idea).

Here is an update on where I stand in regards to...

Here is an update on where I stand in regards to massage...after much chatter here at RS and some wise words from a friend from the East Coast, I think my PS may be wrong in his opinion. "Massage increases circulation, bringing more oxygen to the area and thus creating a better healing environment as nothing will do your tissue better than more oxygen!"

I know after working out last night on the Nordic Track and NOT using my arms other than to keep stride, I iced last night to prevent swelling. But, all day today I just felt tight to the point that I thought maybe I had turned back the clock. Tonight, while working out, I held onto the grips so my arms would not move. In between keeping my arms stationary, I practiced doing massage on myself. I had already watched some videos but could use any tips you all have to give because it not only felt so damn good, I could actually feel my body relax and after a light dinner as I was getting the shower, I could actually see that I was not as tight as I had been earlier in the day.

So, I'm asking for any and all of you wonderful ladies to let me know what your PS recommends including massages, legnth of time, and how many times/day. I appreciate your help with this!

Day 31 is a beautiful in Moline, IL!!! This...

Day 31 is a beautiful in Moline, IL!!!

This is the first morning I woke up with my boobies all nice and mushy; in the past I wake up with them hard as rocks and tight. I really think the massaging, stretching, and work outs are doing the trick. I ended up waking myself up throughout the night each time I rolled to my side to see if they were still soft. Now I realize they are not as soft as they are going to get but at least I'm moving in the right direction.

I am also updating photos for those of you looking to see more (BOCO) ;-)

I remember reading on kimboobs page that she was...

I remember reading on kimboobs page that she was told not to sleep on her stomache for 4 months. Has anyone else had any instructions regarding stomache sleeping. The reason I ask is because I slept without the pillow wedge last night and woke up a couple times on my stomache. It didn't hurt it just felt 'different' so I want to make sure it's OK. I think I'll call my ps tomorrow to get his opinion. If I'm not supposed to do it, I'm going to have to continue using the wedge which really isn't a bad thing since it still allows me to turn onto my side.

Decided to try on a bra at the store yesterday and grabbed the wrong size. I thought I was grabbing a 36C and really had a 38C. It was not tight enough aroung the rib cage but I filled the cups nicely and I could see where I still have some dropping to go. Looks like I picked the right size for the shape I'm looking for...yeah!

Don't know why I felt the need to put the 'e' on...

Don't know why I felt the need to put the 'e' on the end of stomach but I notice I was consistant. Sure, I have a college education?

I called the ps's office yesterday and left a...

I called the ps's office yesterday and left a message for the nurse about sleeping on my stomach. She called back this morning to tell me it is perfectly fine as long as it doesn't hurt. That stikes me as funny simply because if it hurt, I don't think I would ask permission to do it. Sure there is some pain I am willing to tolerate, like the first couple days of recovery from BA surgery. But I certainly do not go looking to put myself in additional pain. On to more...

Every day, I get to a point where it seems my arms are rubbing against the sides of my breasts more than at other times. When this happens, they seem tighter so I usually just do some massage and press them together which helps a lot. Since the ps told me I could now wear a wireless bra, I stopped on the way to work this morning and purchased a bra at the local Kmart. BTW, some of the Playtex bras are on sale this week. This is my attempt to keep the girls where they need to be.

I am excited to report that I fill out a 36D very nicely (will post a picture) and I think it makes my shape look even better in clothing than the tube tops do. If I drop any more (and I think there is a chance since I'm only 5 weeks post op), I will need to increase the cup size which doesn't hurt my feelings. Here I was getting apprehensive because, like most, I was wondering if I was going to get the look and size I wanted with the 500cc's. In my case, I did not have an option to go larger as there was not enough breat tissue on the right side.

I am now home from work and glad to be out of the bra. It started feeling a bit tight around 4pm especially on the sides.

Have a nice night.

Last night was a dream. I rolled over onto my...

Last night was a dream. I rolled over onto my stomach as I was falling asleep and it felt like home. I think I spent most of the night on my stomach. Hubs and I were checking out the girls this morning and noting that the gap between them is not as large as it was and I showed him that when I lay on my side, the top one falls into the one on the bottom. They really are feeling more and more natural.

I took a ride to JC Pennys today and even though they did not have someone in the department to help me I tried on at leat 12 bras. Right now I would say I'm comfortablty between and 36D and 36DD. I had one bra on that I liked but I am not willing to invest $25 in a bra that may not fit in a couple weeks. I have to be patient since I am only at 5 1/2 weeks. Instead I searched the clearance rack for a 36D wireless. There was none to be found (scrappy I believe you are correct, that probably is the most sought out size) so I walked out without making a purchase at all. Maybe next time.

On a side note...I love the feel when I'm vacuuming and my pec flexes. It's really cool and makes me grin :-)

I hope everyone else is healing nicely. For those going through some rough spots; I'm praying for you every day and looking forward to hearing some good news. Afterall, you all are the sisters I never had.

I'm at day 45 now and feeling great. I'm posting...

I'm at day 45 now and feeling great. I'm posting more pics and I think there is some more dropping to do but that may just be me. Let me know your thoughts.

.I've gotten very comfortable sleeping on my stomach and I love the feel when I lay on the floor and smoosh. They still have to soften some more but I've gotten used to being patient; especially when I see how it is paying off. I have my next post-op appointment on November 12 and I think he'll be happy with the results, I know hubs and I are. Yesterday I chose not to wear a bra under and wore an undershirt instead. By the time I got home, I felt as though my boobs had gotten larger and it felt as though my arms kept rubbing the sides. After doing some massage and squishing them around, the feeling went away but it made me happy that I did not have enough skin to accomodate 550cc on the right side otherwise I think I would have had some seriuous side boob.

I think I can officially change my name to Boobali...

I think I can officially change my name to Boobali because my PS fullfilled my dreams of being boobalicious. I couldn't resist and went back down to Kohl's only to find the Bali bras buy one, get one 1/2 off. Needless to say, I bought more. After we got home, I mowed the lawn since it has finally stopped raining, for now. Then, we jumped on the bikes and the girls got to take their first bike ride. Bumps - no problem. I was afraid I might have forgotten how to ride but everything went very smoothly and felt extremely wonderful! Hopefully, I'll get at least a couple more riding days in before we have to put them away for the winter.

For the past week my incision on the left breast...

For the past week my incision on the left breast has been sensitive and while it does not really hurt, I cannot see what is going on. Last night hubs was putting the Scarguard MD on and he told me to lift my arms over my head. He said the scar is changing from being raised. Now that I think about it, when I feel it there is a huge difference so I guess that's what has been going on.

My former boss (a woman and close friend) asked me today to show her my profile and hold my blouse in under my boobs. She said she can see a difference and that they really look natural. She asked what size I think I am because I look like I might be close to her. I told her 36D and she said she is a natural 38D. I told her that I am probably not even close to completing the changes and that I see women on this site changing thru 6 months. She just thinks the whole thing is very interesting and I like having someone to share this with because I know hubs gets sick of hearing about boobs. Although he did make the comment the other day that I am proportioned very nicely now which led me to grab the tape measure and take measurements: 40, 33, 38 :-)

It's been 8 weeks so I'm updating photos although...

It's been 8 weeks so I'm updating photos although I don't see much change. Does this mean I'm done dropping? When I look at the pics, it still looks as though they are riding a bit high. They are getting softer and even if I am done dropping, I have to say I'm very happy with my girls. I'll take some new photos of the scars and post them tomorrow.

Have a terrific weekend, boobie friends!

Well tomorrow will be 10 weeks. I went to my final...

Well tomorrow will be 10 weeks. I went to my final visit to see the doctor, unless I have questions or a problem that is. They took after photos and pretty much wrapped things up. Since I received notice from the hospital recently that my last mammogram was done in October 2011 so I asked about having another. My doctor told me to wait until I hit 6 months simply so it won't be so uncomfortable. He said they don't need to squeeze the implant, just the breast tissue. I guess I'll wait.

Well, I couldn't help myself. While shopping today...

Well, I couldn't help myself. While shopping today I wanted to try on an underwire bra 'just to see'. I pulled a knit top with a v-neck that tapers just under the girls too since it is supposed to elongate the neck and make the appearance more appealing (I watch too much What Not to Wear). I ended up buying two bras and the top. When we got home I put them on for hubs and actually took his breathe away when I showed him the push-up bra. Now he says he can't wait for summer now because all I wear when it's cold is turtlenecks and sweaters (poor guy).

Happy Thanksgiving ladies. It's 60 degrees here...

Happy Thanksgiving ladies. It's 60 degrees here today so I don't have to bundle the girls up-lol.

Three months has gone quickly. The girls feel...

Three months has gone quickly. The girls feel great and I'm having fun dressing them up. I'm back to doing everything I was doing before with the exception of swimming but that's just because my work hours have changed and the pool is not available when I have time to swim. I no longer get the weird feeling when I lean over or when I pull myself to get situated in my truck but I do find that each morning when I get out of bed I still grab a hold just to give them a good morning squeeze and smile - will I ever get over that?

Hubs has a tendency to make comments while he's watching television. Mostly he says, "her titties aren't as big as yours." H can't get over how much they have softened since I first got them. I think he just figured that the never would be soft.

I thought that when I got my MBA my confidence level had risen and it did but getting boobs just added a whole other level to my self-confidence. Maybe it's because when I get dressed in the morning I no longer feel as though I have to hide the fact that I am built like my father. My waist, while not fat by any means, measures at 30" and my boobs just drooped so that I looked like a board. Now my old clothes feel like a new wardrobe.

The question, why didn't I do this earlier in life?, has crossed my mind a couple times but to be honest - I'm glad my ex does not get to share in my joy. He doesn't deserve it!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and keep posting, I'll be reading.

OK so I heard back from RealSelf regarding...

OK so I heard back from RealSelf regarding updating photos. Here is what they said:

"Because photos are an essential part of the story you're telling, we no longer offer the option to self-delete photos from a review.

We made this change in response to community feedback on reviews where photos were deleted. Site visitors who provided feedback compared this to ripping pages out of a book; it completely changed the story and made it difficult to follow a person's progress.

We can still delete photos at your request; just please write back to confirm which photos you would like to have removed (you can refer to them by filename, caption, etc). I've held off deleting them for now because it's not necessary to delete them all unless you want to."

Now, when we want to update, it will take some time if we want old photos removed. So plan ahead ladies.
You'll see my 3 month photos soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary (with the...

Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary (with the girls) to me. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from the office of my plastic surgeon stating the I and a friend are candidates for a free Botox Cosmetic or Latisse treatment complements of Natrelle Gel impants. Hubs does not want me doing the Latisse and after reading some information on them I'm not going to bother since once you stop, your lashes go back to what they were. I called the office today and told them I want the Botox. They're ordering it and will call once it comes in to schedule an appointment. I only wish I had a close girlfriend I could do this with but 'oh well.'

Still waiting for my pics to come down so I can post the new ones. I really don't like this at all!

Today I hit 4 months and still, no regrets. My...

Today I hit 4 months and still, no regrets. My ps's office called last week and my Botox sample is in. So, after work on Thursday, I will stop buy and have that taken care of. It's fitting that I'm doing it then because my 50th birthday is Friday (funny thing is, I don't feel 50). My folks are flying out for the weekend and this will be the first time they see the girls. Mom knows and I sent a photo back around the 2 month mark. I don't know that she told Dad and he wouldn't say anything so it will be interesting.

I went back to Victoria Secret today to see if my size is the same as it was before and it is 36D. After trying some bras on I came home and ordered 4 (2 demi & 2 push up) online @ $14.99 each. Funny how I couldn't find a bra for under $30 in the store. Hubs doesn't care much about lingerie; he just wants to see them naked so I cannot justify spending a bundle.

Well, boobie buddies, that's the updatefor this month. I hope you all are having a great New Year with your additions.

The new VS bras showed up today and I have to say....

The new VS bras showed up today and I have to say...WOW! I took a chance and ordered 2-36D's and 2-34DD's. Well, the DD's fit better! I'll try again in the morning and decide if I want to exchange the D's.
I can't wait until tomorrow after work, Botox & and the parents arrive!

I'm beginning to see the results of the botox. But...

I'm beginning to see the results of the botox. But first I have to say, ouch! My ps gave me 30cc's between the eyes, on the forehead, and my crows feet (laugh lines). I didn't expect so much. Has anyone else gotten the free offer and if so, how much where you given?
Will I go back? That's up in the air. Much depends on cost. The shots won't hurt as much if the cost is decent.
Now an update on the parent's visit. Mom was in my room as I was dressing to go out for dinner and says they look very natural. Over the course of the weekend she told me they complete me and make me very proportioned. In her words, "especy with your broad shoulder." If dad noticed, he didn't say and he never will. That's not my father. It was a wonderful birthday weekend!

Well the girls are just over 5 months old and I...

Well the girls are just over 5 months old and I had my first mammogram post BA on Friday. They end up taking two sets of pictures one with the implant and one with just the breast tissue. Getting the implant to sit back was a bit difficult especially since I went as large as I could and I didn’t have too much breast tissue to start with but everything went well. Since I’ve never felt any pain during a mammogram I cannot report that it hurt any more or less. BUT I should report that the center called today to tell me that the radiologist wants me to come in for an ultra sound of my left breast. I’m not too concerned at this point. I’m thinking it may just be a swollen lymph node like I had before due to getting over a cold. We’ll see and I’ll report back to you after Wednesday.

I honestly do not have anything more to report other than, life with boobs is fun!

I’ll update pictures at 6 months but I really don’t think they’ve changed from 4.

I'll be 6 months with the boobs on March 5th and...

I'll be 6 months with the boobs on March 5th and I'm shocked that I'm still experiencing changes. Not big ones but subtle things. Two days ago, I got home from work and was changing into sweats. When I took my bra off, I gave the girls a squeeze and was shocked at just how soft, squishy and natural they feel. I'm also noticing that when I lay on my back, they are natural in that they don't just stand at attention looking fake; they shift gently to the side but don't fall into my armpits like my old flaps of skin did.

Scrappy, to answer your question..'no' to more surgeries. The rest is up to me with diet and exercise, ugh.

I'll post a 6 mo collage in a couple weeks. I hope everyone is looking forward to swimsuit weather!

Today is my 6 month anniversary and as promised I...

Today is my 6 month anniversary and as promised I am posting more photos. BTW, it looks like we have the ability to remove our old photos again, thanks RS! I have no complaints whatsoever and I'm loving the girls. Hubs is ready for warmer weather since I've been layering for what seems like months now.
Moline Plastic Surgeon

He did some work on my husband after an accident at work and we were very impressed. When we told our GP about the surgery he asked who did it and said, "he does amazing work" and that he knows of people who have had major facial injuries/scarring and Dr. Bayne's work on them has been incredible. Great to hear!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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