39 Year Old Getting Boobs for Her 40th. Chicago, IL

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I am a 39 year old, 1 grown child, 5'6", about...

I am a 39 year old, 1 grown child, 5'6", about 145lbs, 36A..BARELY! So my Birthday gift to MYSELF is some BOOBIES!!..I always said I wanted some, and a few weeks ago i realized that I did not want to go into my 40's FLAT CHESTED. I am BEYOND TIRED of wearing PADDED BRAS, PADDED THIS, PADDED THAT...not being able to wear certain low cut, or off the shoulder tops or halter tops..its just a pain having to have my dresses altered, due to being so small up top. So I am scheduled for surgery with Dr Eckhardt on April 19th, and saying I CANT WAIT is the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY!! I CANT WAIT...I will have a couple of months to recover before my Birthday. So I'm hoping that all pain, tightness or discomfort will be gone by then and they have dropped and softened....size I'm going for is 375cc round silicone..I wanted to be FULL, but not too big. One, I don't really want to be OBVIOUS that I even had implants..and two, I don't want to have to buy new tops/clothes, and three, I want them to look VERY NATURAL..so that should put me at a C cup range..maybe even a SMALL D, which I don't want, BUT that all depends on where I buy my bras.( like at VS, I'd be a D For sure!)..but Full B, C range is all I really want. I go for my Preop in a week and a half, so I'll try on sizers again and then decide. I have several pics that I will show Dr Eckhart of what look I'm going for. I know the gummie bears are growing in popularity because they are the 'newest' thing, but I like the feel of silicone ALOT BETTER. And I feel that it will give me more of the natural bounce and jiggle and round shape that I want for a little cleavage without the need for a push up bra...so needless to say, I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! JUMPING OUT MY SKIN, but trying to wait it out. Still have 23 days left..so don't want to drive myself CRAZY until the BIG DAY!!????

19 Days til B-Day...BOOBIE DAY!!

Well I am down to 19 days before the BIG DAY. I AM GETTING SO ANTSY!! I bought a sports bra at Tjmaxx for 9.99. Its a size Small, which I am leary about, but its Very Stretchy and Soft. The medium would have been too big, I feel. And since it zips in the front, I think it'll be fine..and of course, I won't need or WANT the PADDING!!


I recently found out about IDEAL SALINE Implants by another member. I just quickly read up on them. Before now, i had NEVER even Heard of them, but they Sound Fantastic!! So I am curious if anyone else out there has heard of them or used them, and if they are offered in the US, price, etc...HELP!! My pre-op is Wednesday and I will have to make my final decision then. Im not in an area where I can call my surgeons office right now to see if he offers them. (Dr Eckhart). So any info will be Great! Thanks!

Change of Plans...

Another member recently told me about the Ideal Saline implants and I did some research on them..not as much out there about them as compared to the others like silicone, regular saline and 'gummie bears'..and brands like Mentor & Allergan..BUT I think I WANT THEM... unless I find out about or read about something NEGATIVE about them that outweighs the negatives that any of the other ones have, I am pretty sure I will be getting them. Dr Eckhardt doesn't offer them :(, which means I will have to travel to get them. I found a surgeon in Oak Brook Illinois that does them and made contact with his coordinator yesterday and the ball is moving pretty quickly. They are trying to accommodate me and allow Me to still have my surgery this month. So I'm STILL VERY EXCITED...MORE SO ABOUT THESE... I feel that they will be ALOT SAFER over time, and I have more Peace of mind if I get these over the silicone. So anyone who is leaning towards silcone because of the NATURAL FEEL, but want Saline because of the SAFTEY and no risk of SILENT RUPTURE, I would suggest checking these out and reading about them. They have a website idealimplants.com (I believe) and you can also check YouTube. I found a few videos in there as well. There is one where they were featured on the show The Doctors...so I have some info to send them along with pics, so we can decide if we can do a virtual consult, or in person, or day before surgery (which would be like a consult and pre op all in one.) So I will try to keep my profile updated for anyone who may be following me to see how this works out!!?

New Surgeon & New Date Set!

Hello. Just a quick update. I had my consultation with Dr Gutowski & his coordinator Ellen on this past weekend and went ahead and paid and scheduled my surgery for Ideal Saline implants on next Friday April 22nd! :). I CAN'T WAIT!! I am STILL a little on the FENCE between the Ideal Saline and Silicone gel...only because I feel the Silicone will LAST LONGER and be more 'DURABLE'...but I most likely will go with the Ideal Saline. I have until the day of the surgery to decide. (I believe! lol)..My SIZE will be 350-375 cc...with the Ideal's, the RANGE it can be filled is anywhere between 335 & 375. (for the size I want). So since I was going to get 350cc's in the Silicone implants, I will stick with that size range..i will drop my scripts off today to get filled and see how much they will cost, and get them in plenty of time before the surgery. One of them I have to take the night BEFORE the surgery. Also, there were some MAJOR differences between Dr Gutowski's approach, as compared to a lot of other surgeons and reviews and videos I've watched. From NOT having to have the boobs WRAPPED & BOUND following surgery, to NOT having to wear surgical bras and just being able to let them hang free and be COMFORTABLE, to NOT having to MASSAGE THEM, to showering the next day, to scar management, to how to sleep, etc. (I keep hearing of people sleeping in a RECLINER for the 1st week, and he said that's not necessary. I had asked about it, because I had moved my living room recliner into my bedroom, thinking I wouldn't be able to sleep in my BED!)...so that's all for now. Comments are welcomed!!! I ONLY HAVE 9 DAYS LEFT!!! EXCITED & NERVOUS & ANXIOUS ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!!!


Just a quick update. My surgery will be Friday morning in Chicago, with Dr Gutowski. I don't know the exact time, as the surgical center will call me tomorrow to give me the exact time. I will be driving to Chicago tomorrow evening and staying in a hotel. A friend of mine will be taking me and staying with me. I may be able to return Saturday after he checks me, but I am prepared to stay until Sunday. I bought a back pillow ( I think that's what they are called) at Burlington Coat Factory yesterday. Its REALLY SOFT and COMFY, so I think its going to be LIFESAVER!..I started packing last night, trying to pack as many shirts that button or sip up the front, which I discovered I don't have many! So I may try to find some today after work. I only have 2 bras that with front zip closures, so I may try to find a couple more. I have all my meds packed and ready, except for the one that I have to take the night before surgery. I am going to go with the Ideal saline implant in the size that ranges anywhere between 335cc and 375cc..I told him I wanted 350cc, but I am kind of torn and think I MAY want a little BIGGER..so I'm thinking I will tell him to fill them closer to the 375cc mark, as long as they wont be TOO FULL. I am not sure if its best to leave a little room, so they will be softer. So I will ask him his opinion on that when I get there. I know it wont make a HUGE difference either way, as far as the SIZE is concerned. But if it makes a difference on how they look and feel, I want him to fill them accordingly. So I think that's all for now. I will post pics Friday, if I am able to and am not in TOO MUCH PAIN!! Lets HOPE NOT!!

LOVE MY NEW BOOBIES!!!!!!!!????????

Ok...got my surgery today and everything went GREAT!!! The staff was WONDERFUL and put me at ease. Dr G (Gutowski) is THE BOMB!! He did his thing!!! Its weird because even though I KNOW I was going to be KNOCKED OUT and not remember anything.. But I'm still just tripping over the fact they woke me up and said 'You're all Done!'..I mean. It just was the EASIEST and MOST COMFORTABLE experience I could have ever asked for!?....so for the 'girls'..they look FANTASTIC... I mean, look at the pics..PERFECT SIZE..I already feel like they are what I should have been BORN WITH. I don't feel like they are 'FAKE' AT ALL. so they only will get BETTER AND SOFTER in the upcoming days and weeks....I have been taking my pain meds and a nerve blocking med, even though I DONT FEEL like I NEED THEM. When I tell u I FEEL GREAT, ...I FEEL GREAT!. Like I seriously think I am ABNORMAL because I don't even feel like I HAD MAJOR SURGERY! I'm being careful not to lift anything heavy, so I'm having my friend carry my purse and bags and stuff. But other than that, ive been able to do EVERYTHING. When we left the surgical center, we went out to eat and I had to walk a couple of blocks to and from. I've been walking around the hotel room and my arms don't hurt to lift them above my head, etc. Like I am acting and feeling SO NORMAL. like its just another day, and I'm relaxing in a hotel room! I honestly feel like I can go to work on Monday! He will check me tmrw at the hotel and see what he says about me going back to work so soon. So I will post updates and pics daily or every couple days for like the 1st week or 2, and then just periodically...I'm not sure what size I have. I told him to fill them anywhere between 350 and 375cc's. All I know is They are PERFECT and I Feel GREAT!! All I have in is the band around them and a Cami-like tank top. (NO SUPPORT BRA!!) Not sure how long have to wear it, but he said I can shower tomrw, so I imagine I will need to take it off! lol...well I think that's all for now! ?

Day 2 Update

Day 2 and still feeling good. There is 'pain' and pressure in my chest area, but it is all VERY TOLERABLE. I have been taking my pain meds as needed. I have been moving around like normal, but not doing any heavy lifting. I lift my arms with no pain or issues. I went out to eat today. I have been wearing the compression band at all times, except for showering. The doctor said I can return to work on monday as long as I am not driving and still taking the narcotics, which I won't be. The pain isn't that bad. Sleeping hasn't been an issue. I COULD actually sleep on my side and still be comfortable, but I have been sleeping in an upright position. I think that helps with swelling. So overall, I think I'm doing good. The biggest issue I think I have is just remembering to TAKE IT EASY because I just had MAJOR SURGERY!!

Day 5 Review

Wanted to do a quick update. I am back to work today, so my recovery has gone quite well to say the least. I am in NO PAIN whatsoever. The last time I took the narcotics was Sunday Morning. Since then, I have just been taking over the counter Tylenol (liquid) & Ibuprofen (children's chewable), and continuing with the nerve blocking medicine he prescribed, which is almost gone. It was only a 5 day script. I honestly could have returned to work on yesterday, but I had some car business to do that day, so I figured I would take care of it since I had the day off! oh, and speaking of cars, I drove for the first time on Sunday evening. It was quick run, and then right back home. So yeah..I have been doing GREAT!..I have been experiencing some weird, sharp, shooting pain at NIGHT..either when im ready to go to bed for the night, or in the middle of the night..and that didn't start until Sunday morn around 3am..It goes away after I take pain meds, but its a LITTLE concerning, but the doctor doesn't seemed alarmed about it, and I see him in less than 2 weeks, so its nothing that cant wait until that next post op visit....I have been wearing the compression band pretty much 24/7, but he says I can leave it off for 2-3 hrs a day. I found it very hard to figure out what to wear today without it showing, so there may be some days where I don't wear it to work, only because of that issue....I've only taking my meds once today around noon, and probably wont take again until bedtime...I really am near the end of needing anything at all, so that's wonderful..I will upload some before and after pics that I took last night. I am sure they ARE dropping, but I haven't really been taking pics EVERYDAY to really compare. Plus, it will probably drive me CRAZY! So I am just being patient and knowing they will drop EVENTUALLY!! lol...but my ENTIRE experience with Dr Gutowski and His coordinator Ellen and the entire surgical staff at River North Same Say Surgery Center were the BEST! A+! I cant stress enough how much they put me at ease and were EXTREMELY Professional, yet Very Friendly. :)

Day 6..or is it Day 5?? lol

Been getting a lot of questions about where I buy my sports bras, so I just wanted to post a quick pic I snapped last night. Its not the clearest. I was in bed, eating and watching TV! But this the NOT a front zip style. I wanted to see if I could still for my preop sports bras, so I tried this one on and it fit, so I just kept it on and slept in it. Its a small or medium and I bought it from Walmart last year. I like that the bottom ribbed part is LOW on my body, so it doesn't come into contact with my incisions AT ALL. So although I probably shouldnt be wearing any bras that I have to pull over my head, it IS very comfortable and supporting. And as you can see, I am being a VERY GOODwith wearing my band.?


Hey ladies. I am 11 days post op and overall feeling great. 'The Girls' are great! lol. They are quite sensitive to COLD weather, so stepping outside is a pain, because they instantly tense up and become very had and tight and its more annoying and uncomfortable than anything else. I wore a thin Yummie brand bralette type bra, and discovered at work yesterday that my nipples were showing through my silk work shirt! (horrified!) My nipples are a little sensitive, and so I feel like I need to wear bras with some padding, as well as ones that offer support while at work, so I went to Khol's yesterday and bought 4 Bali brand bras, 4 different styles, and I love them all so far. For ME, they were a bit pricy. They were on sale, plus I used a 20% off coupon and they came to about 85.00. Ill take & upload pics this evening. They all are wireless and fasten in the back and were either a size medium (which the chart said is equivalent to a 38. I wear a 36, but I wanted it to be as comfortable as possible) or 36C. I know I am not supposed to buy any bras for awhile, but I needed some NOW! And I don't like the idea of wearing bulky, front zip Sports bras to work. And my boobs are really settled, for only being 11 days post op. I don't think there will be any major size changes from here on out. The bras aren't sexy, but cute enough and VERY COMFORTABLE, which is all that matters at this stage in the game! ...also, I wore a sports bra that was TOO TIGHT around, and as a result, I irritated my skin REALLY BAD and was ITCHING for several days and had to take Benadryl. I was scratching and itching like CRAZY, and it spreaded to other areas of my torso and neck. It was BAD! But it has pretty much subsided now, all except for my neck. I see Dr Gutowski on Saturday. Cant believe it will have only been 2 WEEKS since my surgery when I go see him! I pray he doesn't get on me for doing all the things I've done! As long as I haven't messed up my stitches, I should be Ok! Cant wait to get the surgical tape either removed or replaced and see what my scar looks like. I hate having to pamper underneath my breast when I am applying Bi-oil or Vaseline. Massaging them does definitely help to make them feel better, and less TIGHT. They are starting to mover a lot better and are not so STIFF. I think that's all for now. Ill post pics tonight!

Pics in New Bali Bras

Pics in New Bali Bras as promised. They are ALL VERY COMFORTABLE, but I have to say the pink and red one are the MOST comfortable. They are kind of a mix of a bra and sports bra. The black and tan ones are more bra-like, and have more of a typical cup padding and shape to them, and are both the same style. Given the cost of them, and the fact that they are not the most sexy of bras, I only bought 4. The LAST thing i wanna do is go crazy and buy a bunch of them, and not want to wear them after a couple of months when I am able to start buying cuter bras! They kind of remind me of 'Granny draws' or 'Period panties'...EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND PRACTICAL...but NOT SEXY!! lol

11 week update

I typed a REALLY LONG UPDATE, but then LOST IT when I went to upload my pics!!! :(...So my pics will have to be speak for themselves, until I feel like RETYPING everything!!

Best Product for Scar Management

Hello. I am wanting feedback from others on what they are doing and /or using for scar management. I am 6 Mo post op and my scars are still pretty harsh and dark. I've seen others who have scars that are almost undetectable, or at least very faded...any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks. And I'll post pics later tonight. Thanks!
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