30 Y.O., 2 Kids, 550cc Allergan Silicone BA, 5'8", 138lbs - Moline, IL

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Im starting this a little late, but here goes. Im...

Im starting this a little late, but here goes. Im a 30 year old mom of two. I breast fed each of them for a short time, maybe a month or so. Ever since I saw my friends around me developing womanly type bodies, I couldnt quite understand why I was still so flat chested. I stuffed my bra, wore ridiculously padded bras, everything I could think of to have boobs. I was an A cup MAYBE. After my first daughter I went from being a C during my pregnancy, back down to an A cup. With my second daughter I was a large C- small D while I was pregnant and went to a large A- small B after I dried out. Now after having my girls, came the baby weight. My heaviest was 157lbs back in March and my boobs were GREAT!! Definitely a large C to even a D!! Low and behold, I started a fantastic nutrition plan to lose some weight, but along with the pounds went my wonderful boobage. Now Im proud to say ive dropped 20lbs BUT ive also shrunk down to a B cup. I might even be an A cup right now. Luckily, Ive kept most of my perk and I also have a pretty good boobs shape. So the choice has been made. Ive lost the weight and now Im getting back my boobs with a vengeance! I have been patiently waiting for this for a LOOOONG time and after MUCH deliberation with the wonderful people at my PA's office and the help of my very excited boyfriend, I have decided to go with 550cc silicone implants. I actually called them today to see if I could go bigger but the nurse said i would have to postpone my surgery(NOT). So 550cc it is!! I didnt sleep well last night because I am so excited!! Ill post my pre-op boobs later. Have a great day!!

Surgery was today!

I had my surgery today. Everything went well. It lasted about an hour. The pain is present but tolerable. I've been alternating Tylenol 3 and 400mg of ibuprofen every two hours. It's not doing to much for the pain but we will see how tomorrow goes. My surgical team was amazing!!!

Before pictures

Before pictures by my very helpful BF

Post op day 3

Pain is mostly gone except a sharp extreme pain in my left side near my bra line. I'm not sure what it's from and it only happens once and a while but it hurts!! Other than that, just a general fullness and tightness but not painful. I'm doing my over head reaches and general range of motion exercises. My right arm has much better ROM but hopefully soon the left will catch up and that annoying pain will subside. My lady lumps are relatively the same. High and tight. I'm just so thankful I don't have Frankenboob! I'm wearing my sports bra and band. I'm taking occasional short breaks from both to let my chest relax. These tight garments can make it tough to breath! I'm going to try to sleep at a 45 degree angle tonight because the girls weigh so heavy on me but we shall see. I'm currently in Colorado on vacation. The giggly bags held up just fine the whole trip! Incisions are still purple and covered since I wasn't sure if I should uncover them. I'll post pics at my one week mark!

One week post op!

I've made it a whole week with my boobies! I'm loving them more everyday. They aren't quite so hard. The havent dropped very much. My BF is going to help me with my massages. My incisions are healing nicely. Pain is at a minimum. I go back to my PS on the 27th and I'll post more pics then!

Two weeks post op!

Two weeks of boobs yesterday. I saw my doc today for the first time since surgery and he looooves my results! Said they look great for two weeks. I'm starting my massage, only wearing my band at night, and really loving my new rack.

3 week post-op update

My boyfriend is awesome! He's so in love with them :)
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