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Hello everyone, I have been reading everyone's...

Hello everyone, I have been reading everyone's comments and I so appreciate everyone's honesty and I appreciate this web site. I have not set a date yet for surgery. I have been interviewing PS and I am close to my decision. I have one more consult with a PS on August 1st. I already met with her Assistant coordinator and I got a good feeling about them, soooo will see! I wanted this TT, for approximately 10 years, but I felt that I needed to lose weight before I went ahaed. I am thinking about waiting till fall because it will be cooler then and the body compression won't be as uncomfortable. I was talking to my neighbor the other day and told her about my decision to have TT. She is a nurse and so is her husband. I love cooking and baking and have attended culinary school. She asked me if I could teach her a few things and I agreed. She offered to pay me, but I told her that I did not want any money, I just wanted to help her as a neighbor and a friend. She in turn offered to take care of me when I come home from surgery...very generous of her. My husband is going to take time off to take care of me, but it would be blessing to have an RN on hand. She said that she would do the drains and change dressing etc. I am so greatful for that! Of course I am nervous about the pain and the outcome. I had a breast reduction back in 2005 and did experience some complications with that. The problem is fixed but my recovery from that was longer than the norm and very painful! I am a mom of two amazing boys and a grandma of one cute 15 months old baby girl. I am 51 years old. I have had my share of surgeries, 2 c sections, hysterectomy, breast Augmentation, so I am familiar with "pain". Anyways, I was employed in a very high stress job, and I managed to pile on 90lbs, yikes!! To make a long story short, I divorced my husband and changed careers and decided to be happy. And in being happy I managed to lose 70lb and I met the most amazing man and married him two years ago. I have lost most of that weight (have about 20lbs) to go. I was running about 3 to 4 miles a day , but apparently my stomach never got the memo..ha! My stomach is just hanging there over my lap. It is time for a change, that's for sure. I would like to do some lipo but I have been reading the comments on the forum about lipo and it seems that several people are experiencing weird developments in their bodies. I am interested in those who have had TT and Lipo and are at least 6 months post op, how are you feeling? Looking forward to sharing some more. Hope everyone's healing :)

Well, I had my consult with my PS and we decided...

well, I had my consult with my PS and we decided to waite on the TT until my other issue is resolved. I will need surgery on my bladder before TT. Bummed! I know she is right and I am hoping to see my Gyno shortly. I had a bladder repair back in 1993 but unfortunately my bladder has prolapsed AGAIN! I will not be discouraged because I believe that everything happens for a reason and when I am ready it will happen.
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I found this site and went to Dr. Christa Clark, I liked her but she was too far from my home. So I have been interviewing different Dr. and came upon Dr. Wu. She graduated from Brown's University with honors and her credentials, on paper at least, seem very impressive.

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