I'm 47 and I Think I Am Finally Ready...Modesto, CA

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I've had two c-sections (for each child) and a...

I've had two c-sections (for each child) and a couple of other non-cosmetic surgeries that required general anesthesia, so, I can't say that I am too fond of the thought of "going under". But, this is something that I've always wanted and I think I am finally ready.
Not sure if that's quite the definition for all that I am looking to do, but for my "mommy make over", I am looking to have liposuction to my arms and legs (and maybe stomach), and a breast lift w/implants...and while I'm at it, maybe fat transfer to my under-eye area due to lifelong dark circles. Not sure about the latter part, but if it works into the equation, then yay!
My arms and legs have always been larger, not allowing me to ever wear appropriately sized long sleeve shirts that fit over my arms or even think of wearing skinny jeans; straight leg pants and jeans have always been tight on my thighs.
I'll post photos soon, as that part is another hurdle/obstacle that I need to overcome, so, I can help others - as others have helped me immensely with the pictures that they themselves have so graciously shared.
I'm 5'9" and a size 16; I've been this size since my second child and no matter how much I exercise or weight that I manage to lose, it only comes off of my stomach, back and breasts.

First PS consultation is this week!

This quest of mine - to have great boobs, and a proportionate, slimmer body - has resulted in hours and hours being being spent on research over the last few years, and even more so in the recent months. I've now got two PS consults lined up. I would have had a third PS in line, but, his staff never got back to me regarding my request to make an appointment.

My height is 5'9", weight is 215, bra size 36DD, and dress size 16.

I am excited to see what my first choice PS will recommend this week. All of his credentials, patient reviews, photo and treatment/procedure references have been phenomenal. Hopefully, him and his staff will be perfect for me.

In March, I have another PS appointment consult with my number two choice. Although, I ranked him number two, for me, it was only due to the lack available data for reference compared to number one. I think if he had more before and after photos, and procedural skill references available on the web, it could have helped me become more confident with his skill and practice. But, we shall see...that is unless my first choice, again, is perfect for me.

Breast lift with silicone implant - not sure of the manufacturer or shape yet but I do want to keep my current bra size or go a little fuller.
Lipo to the arms, hips and thighs - not sure of which type of procedure, but laser lipo seems to provide great results.
Tummy tuck??? Not sure if I want it, but sure could use one.

This is me...

My Journey with 1, 2 and 3

A couple of months ago, I visited three different surgeons in my area:
#1 said I needed to lose weight, but could do the breast lift/aug regardless - the staff assistant provided my quote for everything to be done. The Dr. was not very personable and didn't seem too interested in my journey...kind of an impersonal way to go about a very personal and elective procedure.
#2 had good conversation on why I wanted this procedure, said I needed to lose weight, would see me again if I took my weight loss serious and then we would go from there including the pricing. No quote provided...yet.
#3 came in the room and had the ego of a "rock star". Looked me up and down, said I needed to lose weight and left; no care in the world. The staff gave me a quote. I actually returned to this office for more information and they showed me the same ego as the doctor. Really? Forget this.

I understand the bit about some surgeons not having good personal relation manners, but HELLO!!! Aren't they showing their so called "bedside" manners. Geez...heaven forbid something go awry and I have to spend extra time over and above the regular recovery period with these people.

So, anyway, I went back to see doctor #2 and I am very thrilled to include them in my journey.

I'm down 20 pounds so far because I am serious about physically feeling better, getting back into a nice shape and having great boobs. In a couple of months I'll see my surgeon again and hopefully I'll have lost some more weight.

Let's do this!

I am scheduled for my breast lift with augmentation next week 11/01/16 with the pre-op appointment this Friday.

It has been ten months since I started consulting with doctors and have since lost 25 lbs to achieve a 28 BMI.

I've elected to go with 475 cc implants so I'll look proportionate to my lower body, with results likely to be at a very full 36DD.

I'm very excited for this, as I have always been very self-conscious about my small chest compared to my hips; when I was overweight you couldn't tell so much, probably why I always dreaded losing weight.

I'm so glad to have Dr. Wu as my doctor on this journey. She is a very diligent surgeon and wonderful person.

48 Hours post op

I'm loving them...
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