41 Yrs Old, 5'7", 159 Pounds. Silicone gel. Subglandular Smooth Round HP 590cc LB, 640cc RB. Modesto, CA

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PS said I was borderline for a lift. After much...

PS said I was borderline for a lift. After much consideration, I decided against the lift at this time. Victoria's Secret said I was a 36C, PS said I was really a B. I told him I wanted him to fill up what I lost from nursing two kids and from weight loss. I was slightly smaller on my right side...which I didn't even know until he told me. :-)

Day 8 post op.

No more bandages!

Day 14 post op

Swelling is going down. Right breast is more tender and visibly larger than left. It does have the larger implant, so that is to be expected. They are still sitting high. Looking forward to when they settle and fluff the lower pole. I ventured into Walmart yesterday and bought a couple cheap bralettes to get me thru the next phase of the healing process. I am wearing a 38D, for now.

No more flat boobs!!

Hahahaha I love that I still have boobs when I lie down!! My incisions are looking great too!

3 weeks post op

Right side still has swelling. Left side still drooping in the lower pole. I'm a little anxious about that but try to keep reminding myself that I'm only 21 days post op and the settling is a gradual process. They are feeling better and better each day. More nerves are "firing back up" and I'm regaining nipple sensation. Still have some numbness on certain parts of my breast. I can't wait until they drop and fluff. :-))

4 weeks post

I feel great! Just a little tenderness, but not bad at all. Most of the swelling is gone. Maybe a tad bit still in my right breast. Still hopeful that the left side will fluff more in the lower pole. They look GREAT in a bikini top! I love the fullness I have in the upper pole too!

It's amazing what can happen in 9 days...

Healing up nicely!

5 weeks post

Swelling is gone! Right side has dropped and looks great!! It has the larger implant and I can tell the difference in size, but I think I'm okay with that. Most women are not symmetrical. My left side is taking its sweet time "fluffing". Overall, I'm happy!

Nippies by Bristols Six

These things are AMAZING! Totally worth the $25 off Amazon. Total nipple coverage so you don't have to wear a bra with tanks and tops.

9 weeks post...

At my 6 week post op, Dr let me know that he had lowered the fold on my left side and the scar tissue was preventing the implant from dropping and giving me that droopy look. He showed me how to push down on the implant and within one day the droop was gone! I voiced my concern about the left side looking smaller and he said after I'm 3 months out, he will fix it. I'm scheduled for July 1st. I love them and don't regret this journey AT ALL!

3 months post op

Went for my 3 month post yesterday. My left side is about 30cc smaller than my right side, but due to naturally being higher on that side, the difference looks more noticeable. The doctor suggested waiting until 6 months post to make sure ALL the swelling is gone, before I make a decision on what size implants I want to go with to make it look less noticeable. I agreed with him and in the meantime, I'm still loving them and am looking forward to them looking more symmetrical one day soon.

Before and After at 3 months post

Final decision...

After months of consideration and waiting for all the swelling to away, I've made the decision to not exchange the 590cc (in my left breast) for a 650cc implant. From the beginning, Dr Enevoldsen assured me that he wanted me to be happy with my final results and I am happy that he encouraged me to wait a couple extra months before making my final decision. He explained that if I were to go with the larger implant, the slight size difference would be made more noticeable because my left side naturally sits higher than my right side. My goal is and always was a naturally full look and I feel we've achieved that. I love them the way they are! Hubby is in love too! ;-)

Implant Exchange

After having issues with the Ultra High Profile implants flipping, I decided to go with a different profile. Had the exchange yesterday and ended up with Moderate Plus 650 LB and 700 RB. Recovery is going well. I hear and feel a lot of air/fluid sloshing around, but that is normal. Discomfort just feels like I had a great gym workout and muscles are repairing themselves.
Dr Lars Enevoldsen

Very passionate about his work and listened to what I wanted and expected. His staff is very patient and kind. Sara is a saint!

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