31 Years Old, Two Kids, Fitness Competitor - Modesto, CA

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After having kids, i gained weight and breastfed...

After having kids, i gained weight and breastfed both. After gaining then losing weight, my breasts have lost all their volume. The more body fat I lose, the smaller my breasts get. I have competed in bikini competition twice and both times I lost all my boobs. It was like skin and nipple due to extreme low bodyfat. I like to stay a Lil heavier when I'm not competing just so I have some boobs. I am 5'3 and 123 pounds currently and wear a 34C bra but I look like a B cup with my bra off. When I was pregnant and breastfeeding I wore a 38DD. So now I have extra skin. I would like to be a full D small dd with breast augmentation. I'm thinking I like hp 400 to 500 cc silicone. I have my pre op appt this coming weds. So I will know for sure then once I speak to my ps to reach my desired outcome. Can't wait to have full boobs and not wear a padded pushup bra anymore.

Pre op visit and before pics

Had my pre op visit with my ps. He is amazing and funny. I don't know how many cc I'm getting. He will decide that when I'm under. I told him a full D small DD. And I want to be proportioned. I totally trust him for he has been doing it over 20 years and I know 10 people personally who have gone to him and he does amazing work. I got my prescriptions all filled. My surgery is this coming tuesday. I'm not nervous at all, just excited. I will post after pics later when I have the surgery. I am going under the muscle with high profile implant.

Want my upper body to match my backside

I would love to have a more proportioned body when I keep. I have nice curves on my lower half, I need my boobs to match. When you compete you are judged heavily on symmetry which I'm now lacking. Can't wait to have curves on top and bottom! !!!

Surgery day!

So I'm all done with surgery and so far I feel great! ! Just a tight bust with a tad upper back pain. Very bearable to me. So my ps ended up putting 500 cc salicone high profile under the crease of my breast under the muscle. The anesthesiologist was amazing. It felt like pin prick at most putting my iv in. I honestly was not scared at all. They talked about a high before I would go out and sleep, but I was scared when they started that, it felt so strong so fast and I couldn't breathe. Then whack!"I'm out cold. I awake up feeling great and in no pain. Just tightness and honestly it felt like I did a brutal chest workout that I've done in the past.i go tomorrow to get the bandage off and put a sports bra on. I haven't got to see them yet. So anxious for that. Can't wait to post pics.

Few more pre op pics before I went in yesterday

Pics I took right before my surgery day so I can compare when I take my new pics. Going at 1p today to get the bandage off and check these girls out.

First post op visit

Went great. Everything looks good so far. I ended up with 500 cc silicone. I feel fine just a little loopy with the medication. I'm sore like I need a good massage. Anyways I attached a before and after pic. Love they are much rounder and have volume.

Day 2 post

Still resting a lot. Sleeping a lot to let my body heal itself and so I'm ready to go back to work next week. I'm a personal trainer , luckily I've had most my clients a long time and they are like family to me so they know what's going on. That way when I get back, I just get to be miss bossy! So far I love the size. I think it fits my body perfectly. I can't wait to see the final result. Here is one more picture from this morning.

Post op review and 1st day out

Love trying on all my old tops. I fill them out so much better. I went and had my sutures cleaned. I get them out on Monday. I asked about driving and they said I could as long as I stopped the narcotic pain medicine I was on. So I decided to try that and go out to a new store in town. Bad idea . I got so nauseus and exhausted so fast. I went home took a pain pill and went to sleep. Feeling much better now. I've been wearing the compression strap nonstop and I feel it's really helping them drop. I'm very happy with my results so far.

Sutures out today

Got my sutures out today. It didn't hurt one bit. I'm no longer taking percocet for pain. Tylenol extra strength is doing the trick. It's nice cause I'm not sleepy all the time. I feel great honestly. I go back to work on weds and am ready. My boobs still need to drop so they still want me to wear the bandeau 24/7. Which I don't mind. I can tell it's helping. I'm also taking 800mg vitamin E which they prescribed. I posted some updated before and after pics. I'm loving my results.


I love all the follow up appointments with dr. Payne and his staff. Today they cleaned and looked at my incision sites. They said it looks really good. They still are sitting high so they want me to incorporate breast massage 2x daily. I got the OK to be intimate and get a professional massage as long as I don't lie on my stomach and boobs. I have to be seated, on my back or side. I can't wait because my back and neck are stiff and I'm used to going to a massage therapist one to two times a month. I also went back to work yesterday. I am a personal trainer but I just gave instructions without performing the exercise. Luckily most of my clients have been with me a long time so they understand easily. I realized the longer I stood up the more my incision site started to hurt and for the first time I got that burning sensation everyone talks about. As soon as I got off work and laid down, that went away. Overall I'm very happy with my decision and the plastic surgeon I chose.

Update 9 weeks post op

So it's been about 9 weeks since surgery. I feel 100%. It took about 6 weeks to feel 100% back to normal and working out back like I was before surgery. My breast have dropped into their pockets and I'm completely happy with the results. You can see in the pics, my nipple level has risen and my breasts are now even. I'm so happy with dr.payne and his staff. I recently went to Victoria secret to try on bras to buy some bras. I fit perfectly into the size I mentioned I wanted to be before surgery. 34DD Victoria secret. But I look like a D naked.
Modesto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Payne is professional and a expert at what he does. I told him the look I wanted and had complete faith that he could make me look the best he could with my genetics. I love how honest he was and gave me real expectations based on my body type. I personally know 10 people that have gone to him and they have amazing results which Is why I chose him and trusted him. I've heard and seen nothing good about Payne. I definitely would recommend him to anyone.

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