Struggled with Acne for Years Just Wanted to Share my Results - Mobile, AL

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To start off I want to say I've struggled with...

To start off I want to say I've struggled with acne for a long time it started in my teens & I'm 24 now... It got really bad ab 3 years ago I had it all over my face & really bad on my cheeks & sides of my face. I went to the dermatologist several times they gave me pills, topical creams, I even had a few mild peels put on my face. Nothing really worked.. I got pregnant last year & my skin cleared up was amazing I had really nice skin for ab 4 or 5 months & only thing that bothered me was my leftover scars... After I had my daughter it was like a switch all of a sudden I started getting more & more acne.. It was depressing not only was I going through a big body change but I also had to deal with my complexion changing too. Well I gave it 8 months to mellow out or see if it was just the drastic change of hormones that triggered it but it wasn't so I decided to do some research & came across the VI peel on my dermatologist web sight (the Martin center) and I called and asked about it ..they checked my records & said I could tolerate it & it's a really good peel & they do specials on them for a good deal. So I researched it on my own & saw mixed reviews.. I looked at the before & after pics on a lot of reviews and was so surprised at the difference I decided to get one and I wanted to make a very detailed review... Most reviews I didn't appreciate ..there's not enough detail or pics of the before during & after process... I really hope this helps someone out there with the same problems as me!!

Day 1 no pain just itchy.. After I got my peel it just looked like I had butter rubbed all over my face. At night doing my 1st at home peel it was ok it actually helped with the itchy feeling I put a towel over my pillow to make sure the peel didn't ruin my pillow cover.

Day 2 woke up to my face feeling like I had mosquito bites all over my neck chest & face. It was so bad I washed my face & lathered on the lotion.. My face just looked like I had a sun burn. I didn't wear any make up except eyeliner & mascara. When I got home I washed my face & it started peeling.. Before bed I put the 2nd peel on & it burned ..not for long but I was still very very itchy then I put a towel on my pillow & went to bed.

Day 3 very very itchy woke up & my face was peeling more.. I washed my face & put my vi lotion on. My face was red & a little swollen.. Not to bad.. Throughout the day the peeling got worse but still not to bad (i even went to work I just made sure to explain before hand that I was getting a peel and that I am going to look crazy for a few days) later on in the day my face got very tight & dry & no matter how much lotion I put on it was still dry.

Day 4 woke up to my face feeling very tight could hardly open my mouth to brush my teeth. Washed my face while I took my shower my face felt raw & the water burned. Put on my lotion 3 times my face was absorbing it very fast & my face was a little swollen & tight. My face is not peeling as bad but I am feeling uncomfortable my face hurts every time I smile or try to eat something. Later on in the day I have continued discomfort so I got online and read some reviews on how ppl delt with the discomfort from my face being so dry & the vi lotion not helping.. I saw where ppl used Vaseline or Neosporin for the really bad dry spots... I used Neosporin and it really helped I was able to open my mouth with no discomfort. Around 5pm my neck & chest started to peel now I look really scaly & gross. (Still at work though & making money lol) when I got home bc my face was so dry ..I skipped washing my face.. I put a towel on my pillow bc I had a lot of lotion & Neosporin on my face.

Day 5 woke up I washed my face in the shower I mixed my vi lotion with the Neosporin for added moisture bc my face was really dry.. So my face looks extra shiny but my skin looks great so far still flaking still itchy (getting lots of compliments from my co-workers). I get home & decide not to wash my face bc it's so dry.. I just put some more vi lotion on & this time some Vaseline. My face only has the outer parts of my face peeling.. My neck & chest are peeling a lot. I put a towel over my pillow to protect it from all the lotion I hv on my face.

Day 6 & 7 I really didn't peel much just dry around my mouth n nose.. I'm pleased with my results I can see a big difference but I think this is something that you would hv to do a couple of times to see almost flawless skin.. But I think this was worth the 7 days of looking crazy (it's not a fun process) but I'm happy I did it.

Over all I like the vi peel results it was not painful but it was a very itchy ugly drying process... Would I recommend this to someone with acne & bad scars ...yes!!
The Martin Center in Mobile Al

She was great went over in detail what I needed to do... Gave me instructions with 2 vi lotions to take home with me

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