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I decided to get rid of my stomach pooch and love...

I decided to get rid of my stomach pooch and love handles. Thought it would just be a little lipo, but no, it's gonna be pretty major! I'm a little freaked. The pain is what I'm afraid of - not to mention all the things that can go wrong. Then there is the recovery time. Wanted this done sooner but Jan 2 was the earliest date, because I leave for Hawaii on Feb 4th! I want this done before the trip to look good, but I don't want this to ruin my trip. Doc says I will be ok, I will have right at 5 weeks recovery. I trust him, but still - I'm freaked! I've got 2 weeks till surgery day. So my new years resolution is to be slimmer in 2014 - even if I have to cheat!

Almost time.......

Well it's getting closed to surgery date. I'm not freaking so much now. I still worry about the recovery time being so close to trip time. But there's no turning back now. I'm doing everything the doc said, not taking any of the meds that will increase bleeding and I've been working out for the past four years. So I am in somewhat good physical shape. Sure hope that helps! I had lost down to 130 last Aug and I looked good and was pleased with myself and all my hard work. Then we went on vacation followed by the holidays. I gained 10+ pounds. I have struggled all this year but the lowest I hit was 138. I can't work out everyday like before because I work now. I wanted to do this on my own, but I give up and I'm tired of all the extra curves I have. I may have to still take it easy in Hawaii but by golly I'm gonna look good doing it! Oh, I'm posting pics, not very flattering lol

Got bumped

Just found out my surgery apparently has been bumped from 11am to 1pm. Yay! I'm freaked enough about going under the knife, now I get the tired doc! Just add to my stress. Last night I couldn't sleep cuz I was worrying about the scar. Not sure if I am mentally ready for the altered body image. However, I have ordered a new bikini with a high rise front. So I guess I will deal with it, just hope the outcome will over ride the scar.

About 14 hours to go.

I am such an indecisive person. It drives me crazy. I WANT this done, but even now I'm second guessing. I took some quick pics tonight in my bikini bottoms, I plan to post awesome after pics! Lol - this is bikini bottoms from 2012. The bikini I got in 2013 didn't even cover my c-sect scar too well, so I know that ones out! I never wore the bottoms was waiting till I lost some weight. Um, still waiting ....... Thanks everybody for all the positive comments. Thankful I found this site because I had no one to talk to that had had the same thing. It has really helped with the anxiety to be able to see what all you strong, beautiful women have gone thur. Thanks again for sharing and caring. So now it's lights out. See ya on the other side!

Safe on the other side!

For all those who wished me well, I made it safely through the surgery! Thanks! I wasn't in a lot of pain when I woke that but they did give me some morphine shortly thereafter with some Zofran for nausea. Was able to keep the pain level at a tolerable level but not the nausea. Had a second dose of Zofran but still had waves of severe nausea. The last one I was almost in tears because I knew it would hurt so bad if I started throwing up. Once I got to the floor they gave me another dose of morphine and switched me to phenergan for nausea. Hallelujah! But then they gave me a regular diet. Oh no! I stuck to liquids and the little bowl of fruit. So now it's about 4 hours since surgery I just finished some salsa sun chips. Yummy :) that has been followed with 10 of Valium. Trying to stay ahead of the sever pain. It's been 3 1/2 hours may have see about more Morphine. Only one of my lipo sites has hurt - so far.

I'm so pleased!

Doc came in today. Was able to see his handy work. OMG! It looks great! Pain level has not been over a 5. No more nausea!! Ready for a good breakfast. My foley cath is out - removed around 5am. It's 6:45 now, have had urge to go yet. That will be when I have the most pain - having to get up. But the nurses here have been simply AWESOME. My incision is low. First chance I get I will post pic. Right now I'm numb in lower and and both outer thighs. When that wears off who knows how pain will be. But right now I'm happiy!! Haven had any mofphine since 11:55pm last night.

First bathroom trip.

Just went to the bathroom for the first time after getting my catheter out I looked and felt like a 90-year-old woman. LOL. But all in all it wasn't too bad the worst part was getting back in bed getting my legs back in the bed but now I'm going to have a little more morphine just to stay ahead of the pain.

After I got home

Just a quick note. I'm home. Pain is a little worse. Taking pain meds about every 4 1/2 hours. Just woke up. Slept for 5 1/2 hours. Drain bottle is completely full. Hubby helped me up to go to bathroom. What hurts the most seems to be the lipo areas. It BURNS! Got eased. Back into chair. Drain emptied. More pain meds :) used my deep breathing machine thingy. Gonna sleep some more

After I got home

A little more with it now

All my previous posts were made from my mobile. It was hard to concentrate on hitting the right alphas. Lol took me a while to text those out plus I was high on some form of medication. I'm able to walk but so hunched over it makes my back hurt. Going to the bath room is not too bad, but my right thigh area BURNS so bad. I have to be real careful with that area. I think maybe a nerve got clipped. I remember this same kind of pain after my hysterectomy I just can't remember how long it too to settle down. I can't get up to go to the bathroom unless I have had pain med, other wise I am in tears trying to get sat back down. The hubby has been a trooper. It's not easy to take care of a person in pain but he has been really good. I never posted that pic of me in the bikini bottoms - lol - its on my phone. will save it for a before and after pic. Earlier today when my husband was stripping my drain tube, my dog was watching him intently, when my husband pulled a little the wrong way I cried out. When I cried out, my dog growled at my husband! He such a loyal little thing :-)

Now it's the left thigh

Right groin isn't bothering me for the moment. But left thigh burns BAD. I just keep alternating the pain med and Valium. Bowels haven't moved yet. That will be a nightmare chapter of its own! My dog is helping to take care of me.

Hate this binder

Not having the most pleasant of days but this binder is driving me out of my mind. No matter where I put it, it rides up and tries to cut off my boobs. Such an annoyance. While adjusting I got hubby to take more pics. Yes I'm in same clothes. Between the burning and back pain I'm not ready to brave a shower. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow. Anyway here's the pics. I'm doped up For pain. Ready for sleep.

I think I'm gonna live

Oh my, I quit posting because I was so depressed. I didn't want anyone reading my story and saying, "well I'm not getting a TT after reading HER story". My husband came on Wed pm I looked horrible, not to mention I smelled horrible - lol. Pain meds were low, never pain was high, my 89 year old mother decided she had to have her hair done. I am the only caregiver for her. My usual person that helps was in Jacksonville, Florida. She suggested as alternate who was glad to do it, but before she could get it done her husband ended up in the emergency room with chest pain! Thankfully it was not his heart but they admitted him for observation. My back was killing me, how was I gonna shower when I couldn't bear to stand? Then there was the issue of the solar power water heater which burst after our record cold night the night before. Do we have hot water? I'm thinking This surgery was a mistake, how am I ever gonna make to Hawaii?? But then my hero came home. He could tell I was in a melt down. He checked the water situation, yes we have hot water! So then it was off to take my 10 min, warm not hot shower. The hardest thing was the mess of hair. I had to use a two in one shampoo or else I would never get it done in 10 min. By the time I was done with bath I could barely stand, my back was killing me. I had to get out wet and sit on the toilet to dry off. Anyway, my husband got someone to take care of my mom all I had to do was relax. Today I'm walking much taller and for longer time. Oh, that stupid binder, I replaced it with this little light weight girdle I used to wear. While it is on light pressure, the binder was just hanging around my body not doing anything. The girdle feels 100% better. May take the swelling longer to go down :( I see the doc tomorrow. Wonder what he's gonna say............ But I feel better about my trip. Planning to wear dresses in the daytime and at night when it's cool I'm gonna wear tights with sweaters and boots. Amazing what 24 hours will do!

I think I'm gonna live

That's nerve pain was high...........

Saw the doc today!

For the most part I look good. But some places ........ewwwww! Lol. My bb looked nasty but he said it was just from being moist. Removed a few stitches there. Removed a stitch at each end of my incision. While I still has some drainage from drain tube, after evaluation, he decided to pull it. My husband said he pulled about a foot of tube out of me! Wow! Got my shower before the dr visit on my own. Did much better. Wore a bra and panties for the first time since surgery. lol. I think having the drain out is gonna make a big difference even if it's just a "all in my head thing" I have to see the ps again in two weeks since the binder wasn't worn properly he wants to be sure no air pockets form. But over all it was a good report. So glad to be doing better!

hit a wrong button

I hit a wrong button lost my WHOLE update. Not typing it over. I'll just repost the pics.

Dr P

jonesin' for a diet Dr Pepper so bad, but scared to death of potential gas pain!

social appearance

I haven't "styled" my hair (washed yes) nor wore make up since before my surgery on 1/2/14 except when I saw my ps, I did put on some lipstick :) I dreamed last night that a woman came up to me (may have been me as my alter ego) and said "girl you'd look so much better with some makeup!" LOL - I haven't ventured into "public" 'cept to see ps since my surgery. Going for a walk now and that still does not require fixed hair or makeup.

Doing better

Been awhile since I posted. I have been through a lot of emotions. Wishing I had not had it done, wanting "my" bb back and even missing my old body. But as I said, I'm doing better now. My weight is 2 pounds below my surgery date weight. Doc said he removed about 3 pounds of flesh and fat - so I guess I'm still holding about a pound of fluid. I drink a minimum of 96 ounces of water a day. Since I went through some depression about my altered body image I prayed that God would help me to accept that which I could not change and at that time was extremely unhappy about. I'm pleased to say that the next time I saw my bb it actually looked ok and now I kinda like it :) My son said he would have thought it was real had I not told him different. Abdominal pain is not to bad 'cept when I get my binder too tight! I work and work to get it snug and just right. Walk away pleased. Fifteen min later I'm like OMG! This is too tight!! Lol. I see doc on the 24th hope binder can go bye bye for good. The area that is most tender is my hip/flank areas. They still feel tight too. Went to church this am and took some updated pics.

Without flash

Forgot this one :)

5 days to Hawaii

Saw the ps on 1/24 got a good report, but still not standing straight. He said I should be by now. Mostly cuz I'm not walking everyday, but it's so darn cold. And now we have this "ice" storm that hit lower Alabama. Thankfully it is to melt today. I work on standing straight but my stomach is so tight and I night my stomach feels irritated like a really bad sunburn and standing straight only seems to make it worse, but I'm improving. I will be able to stand straight for pictures! Been wearing a cg, but I swear a man designed it. The hooks in the crotch and barely be reached to hook and unhook and the thigh areas have excess material that while it looks good, it does not function well. Ends up bunched up in my groin cutting off circulation like a twisted pair of support hose. Doc said I would not have to wear 24/7 while in Hawaii, so I'm going to wear something a little more light weight. If I start to swell then I will go back to the torture garment, I mean compression garment ;) I'm not posting any pics cuz I really haven't changed much. Sleeping is some better, still can't sleep on my side well. Right hip still hurts to lay on and thighs are still tender. I guess its just the nerves. I can lay some on my left side but not for long periods. Still use pillows under my knees. I tried to decrease on that, but made my back hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. I have a whole piece swim suit on order for trip since I have to keep bb covered. I do have a two piece, but will have to wear a cover up. Will try to post swim suit pics when I get to Hawaii :) My abdomen is still tender to press on, but I am beginning to feel softer.

pics after my last dr visit

I do have these pics that I will share


I made it to Hawaii! Doing great. First day without cg. Here I am on Waikiki beach!
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