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Goal was to fix hump, reshape tip and fix deviated...

Goal was to fix hump, reshape tip and fix deviated septum. I had an open procedure but in incision was endonasal. It's still post op day 1 and I have a lot of bruising and swelling. It feels like my metal splint is about to pop off and my nose looks to still be curved/had a hump, the septum looks more crooked than before and one nare is higher than the other. My husband and two boys have commented that my nose looks crooked.So at this point Im very concerned, in pain and hoping that its not as bad as it seems!

Day 3 post op

Went for a follow up today and the doctor removed the internal splints from the inside of both nares then suctioned the nose. It was painful but had to be done, like pulling off the IV tape afterwards. He the replaced the outside splint because the swelling had caused the other one to be way to tight and painful. I have to admit after all that, I feel much better now. I'm asked the doctor if my nose looked crooked and if the hump was gone because it looks like there is with the splint on. He said that there is no hump that he saw my nose immediately after surgery before the swelling and it looked good. I hope and pray he is right! Oh, I can smell again!!!

Day 4 post op

Last night, I couldn't breathe through my nose it was a tough night. I think when the doctor took the inner splints out that it caused the nose to swell inside later. This morning I can breathe through it again though. I'm using the afrin sparingly because I heard you can become dependant on it- not from my doctor though. Most of swelling around my eyes is gone except above my nose between the eyes. I managed to very carefuly wash my hair without getting my bandage wet and to put some powder on being careful not to get it on my bandage and a little mascara. I tried to go to work today but only made a half day. Really tired and my nose was starting to have a painful pressure in the bridge. Also still having the clearish reddish drainage oozing from my left nostril. In hindsight, I should have taken the week off. Although the swelling is mostly gone around the eyes, the nose itself or the part you can actually see looks very swollen. The tip is looking large but I know it will go down... Another thing I've noticed is that the space between my nose and top lip looks larger but Im not sure how I feel about it yet. My brother, who had this done years ago said that after his surgery that his lip was pulled up a little once healed. It looked good on him though.

Post op day 5

Just feeling a lot of pressure in the bridge of my nose today and having a copious amount of thick drainage constantly oozing from my nose. I want to blow my nose so bad or better yet get a suction machine with a small catheter and clean out every bit of this thick ooze! I also feel pressure in my sinuses, hope Im not getting a head cold or sinus infection! I'm taking my antibiotic and prednisone as directed. Most likely it's that I haven't been drinking nearly enough fluids today and the drainage has become thick- so Im sipping on water tonight. I have been cleaning my nose with q-tips dipped in hydrogen peroxide or ocean saline spray and haven't really been getting any bloody clots anymore, just crusty to mucousy brown stuff. Yuck!

Tonight, I downloaded the plastic surgery lite app and have been playing around trying to envision what my nose might eventually look like. Right now it still has the splint on it and looks very swollen- Im so worried its still going to have a hump... I'm wishing that I had really stressed that I would rather have a scooped out shaped nose than a straight side profile to the surgeon. Too late now:/

Post op day 6

Feeling drained today. Could not sleep last night. Nose just has a tremendous feeling of pressure in the bridge and its freaks me out how with every step, bump in the road driving, opening my mouth, chewing movement I feel that my nose is moving or isn't stable. It feels like it may be moving or even bending where the bridge is... I wonder If this is normal or is my nose going to fall flat with no support or have a hump on the bridge when the cast outer splint comes off tomorrow???? I am so afraid to see the result of the bridge when he takes it off! I may break down and cry when I see it. It's just after going through so much with this procedure, I so want it be be well worth it and not pain in vain. Really nervous about tomorrow!!!!


I am so anxious tonight worried about seeing my nose tomorrow.

Splint off

I am relieved that the hump is gone. My doctor says the bridge and tip are still very swollen and to expect the bridge to go down by about 20% and the tip by 30%. It was a little hard to take- him pulling th tape off then probing around in there. He removed some dries blood and suctioned. He said I may blow my nose now and to follow up in 2 weeks.

I still have a constant painful pressure in the bridge and every movement that jars my nose in the least bit- I feel and cringe. I guess that is just part of it. I am still sleeping in the recliner and feel very guarded when some one gets close to me. It is so super sore, I am so afraid that something or someone is going to bump it- I might just faint I'd that happened!

So at this point, I am just thankful that the hump is gone. Have to admit I wish it was a little more scooped than straight but Im not going to focus on it.

Caparison before- 7 days post op

Caparison 7 days post op front view

Post op day 10

Each day it gets a little better but this is such an incredibly slow healing process. When washing my face or applying make-up, I have to be light as a feather because I can barely stand to touch the nose or apply any pressure at all. Thank God for make-up brushes. I wonder if it is normal that it feels like the nose moves or shift when changing positions? If I try to lay on my side on the recliner it feels like my nose weighs 5lbs and is shifting to the side, it's so uncomfortable that I have to keep my head straight. The swelling is still pretty bad- in fact the front view looks large and bulbous like before. Today it has been especially swollen. I have been cleaning my nose out with h2o2/ Q-tips several times a day to keep it clear enough to breathe out of it.

Hopeful that by next week the tenderness and swelling will be a lot less.

Just had my 3 week follow up

Just had my 3 week follow up visit and was put at ease about some of my worries thank goodness. I have been having a few issues that needed to be discusaed with mu doctor. The first was that I have been worried I wasn't healing normally since I can feel my nose moving(painfully) when moving, walking, chewing especially. My nose starts to throb and swell when I eat anything that involves a lot of chewing. Secondly, I had a stitch sticking out of the inside of the left nostril that was quite painful. Lastly, this is quite gross- I have been noticing a bad odor that is coming from inside my nose! Ewwww! At first, I thought it was the qtips I was cleaning it with but realized the inside of my nose stinks!!!

The doctor made me feel so much better. The movement is normal since the the bones were broken and are not completely healed yet and most importantly moving or chewing isn't going to damage the result of the nose. The stitch came out on its own and wasn't infected and the bad odor he said was normal. He said lots of other patients noticed the same odor but others( besides the patient) could not smell it! Ah, relief! The odor is caused from old blood/scabs in the nose.

I can deal with all of it as long as its normal and healing fine! I don't have to follow up anymore except as needed.

4 month update

I am still healing but doing very well. Applying make-up or washing my face I still have to be very gentle around the nose area, especially the tip. The left side is still numb and wearing sunglasses still bothers me a little, so I don't wear them but for short periods of time. Ocasionally, I notice it swells a little still, so I back off salty foods. I can breathe very well through both nares, so thankful for that. Another positive is that I feel better about my overal facial appearance. I have always disliked my flat forhead but now my profile isn't so bad (in my opinion). The nose changed the way I see myself- now I don't notice the flat forehead so much . I am very happy that I had the procedure- definitely worth it!
Dr. James Spires

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