24 Years Old and a Almost 3 Year Old - Mobile, AL

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I have had big breasts ever since fifth or sixth...

I have had big breasts ever since fifth or sixth grade.They always stood out and it bothered me early on.They kept growing every year it seemed like.I had this little bitty waist and theses ginormous boobs.When I was pregnant with my son they grew 2 cup sizes more.I was a 38 G at the end of my pregnancy and in constant pain from them and my fast growing belly. I had always talked about getting a breast reduction since the age of 15 but I was terrified of surgery and anesthesia,so I just put it off,and I didn't think the insurance company would accept me being so young.I looked so awkward and would get made fun of by other girls cause I had to wear a reg bra and a sports bra over that and they still bounced lol Couldn't help it.I was a member of our school dance team and there was no way to keep them still.I wasn't going to give up something I enjoyed doing just cause of my boobs.It was hard and annoying.Here I am 24 years old and my boobs looked like a very much older woman's boobs.They were so saggy and long.I couldn't find a swimsuit that fits and never could without them sticking out everywhere which way.I had made up my mind and called a few plastic surgeons in my area.I had just moved so I didn't have a regular doctor yet. Most of the surgeons didn't accept my insurance and I began worrying I wasn't going to get anywhere.Then I had found one an hour away that accept it and I had a consultation a month from then.I was excited but I didn't know if insurance was going to approve.I was worried they were going to tell me to loose weight first cause I heard they made people do that.I went into my consultation and it was weird being in a plastic surgeons office to me,but they asked me questions and took pictures of my breasts and we talked and I still didn't feel quite sure of what I was doing or if I was going to get approved but by the end of the consultation they told me they would be shocked if insurance didn't approve me.I didn't really like my surgeon at first.He made me feel worse about myself after that but I guess they do that to everyone.I cried the whole way home and fought with my husband about the whole thing.I wanted another surgeon.A whole month goes by and I finally get my letter of approval.I was vey happy but still a little worried about my surgeon.I had an appointment to discuss things and I also had to quit smoking which was incredibly hard before he did the procedure. I called and set up a date for surgery and it was finally happening.I got more comfortable with my surgeon but he didn't have the best bedside manners.I asked if he could give me something to sleep with and something to calm me down the night before surgery and he did but he also said he doesn't do that.He gave me my prescriptions and answered my questions but not in the best way.The day of surgery I was calm and I thought I would be freaking out but I didn't.My plastic surgeon was awesome that day and he drew on me and then it was time.The hospital staff was really good to me and made me feel at ease.They put me to sleep and I woke up in excruciating pain.It was some of the worst pain ever.They gave me Demerol but it wasn't working.They kept asking me if I wanted to stay the night but I kept telling them I didn't know.lol I was half out of it.Finally I was ready to go home and the pain became bearable.The whole way home I slept and my husband kept talking to me but I told him to stop cause he was waking me up and I was into to much pain to be awake lol I got home and got in the bed and took my pain pills.I slept mostly the first 2 or 3 days.They were the worst but my boobs were awesome looking.It looked like I had implants and my surgeon was vey pleased with his work.I am too and I'm currently still healing,I'm on day 8 and I'm still a little sore and stuff but they still look awesome and perky.I had the drains and they were worse than anything,the stitches kept getting pulled and it hurt every time I moved.I was so relieved to have them out.I am worried about the scars but I'm just taking it one day at a time and we will see.

24 years old and I have a 3 year old child

So I'm not sure??z.

Everything had been going good until a couple of days ago.I feel like something is wrong with my left nipple.It just feels weird to me and I can't explain.Also it hasn't healed as quick and don't look as good as my right.Its more red around it and even has a little spot around it that is raised up kind of like an air bubble???? I'm not sure explaining it we'll.I'm just really worried that some thing is wrong and freaking myself out.I don't see my surgeon for another month.My husband said there is nothing to worry about and to quit being a worry wart.I can't help it though!!!

I woke up this morning

So I woke up this morning and I had blood and slight discharge coming out of that spot I was worried about on my left nipple.It wasn't a lot.Im not sure what to expect in the healing process but it bothers me.Before I got into the showers I seen a very tiny hole in it.I don't know what to do now and I'm freaking out.i will call my surgeon tommarow just to make sure it's ok.Also I see a lot of people using tape on here afterwards and my surgeon never told me to use tape.He took my drains out 4 or 5 days from surgery and took all the tape that was on me off and told me to wear whatever bra I wanted as long as it wasn't and underwire.

I finally bought new bras!

I went to WalMart yesterday and got 2 bras.I don't really like ones without wire but I guess I have to get used to that for now.My left breast is more than likely a stitch that came out.Everything else is healing just fine.I will go see my surgeon next week to make sure my left breast is fine and normal.Its just taking a slower amount of time to heal than the right one.We went and saw alligators today an did a lot of walking.I can say my back didn't hurt one bit!! Yay!! Which is awesome,considering I could never walk even just a small ways without it hurting!! It's very nice having smaller boobs, less people gawking at you,and less weight to carry around!! Also the bras I got were still kind of big to me but not as near as big as the ones I was used to wearing! I'd say 38 D maybe,maybe a lil smaller.
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