39 Years Old, Removing 9 Yr Old Saline Implants Inserted Via Auxillary Behind Muscle - Burnsville, MN

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I have been regretting these implants for the past...

I have been regretting these implants for the past 9 years. I had some problems with capsular contracture starting 3 weeks after they were implanted. The pain was horrible and I looked very odd with one breast higher than the other. I dodged surgery at the time following my surgeons advice, he strapped what looked like a sling around me as tight as it could go pushing down the implant that rose from contracture which I wore for a few weeks. I was also advised massaging it often and taking vitamin E and muscle relaxers. I was instructed to lay on a hard surface every day, no bra for 15 minutes, for as long as I had the implants in me. Since than I haven't had any problems with pain or capsular contracture and the laying on a hard surface everyday for the past 9 yrs has been something I've gotten used to, but will be so glad to be free of! My body clearly does not like these implants in it!

This isn't my only reason for wanting these foreign objects out of my body. I also do not like the look of them. I was a size 34b preimplants, and became 34DD post implants, I was happy with my 34bs until children/nursing took its toll. My breasts became more of a 34a and looked sad and were mushy. I no longer felt attractive or womanly and unfortunately my husband did the opposite of make me feel attractive. I was insecure and naive, I thought getting implants would make me more attractive to my husband and improve our relationship but it did not. He had issues that made him reject me and hurt me that had nothing to do with my breasts, so the implants of course did nothing to improve things. I felt resentful to him every time I looked in the mirror as I did not like the looks of my new breasts, a size he chose, the size I liked he said was pointless and I might as well not do surgery. At least when I had my mushy 34b's I could put them in a push up bra and like the way I looked, but after implants I did not like how I looked in clothes, I felt like I looked like a stripper in my old little tops, and I felt like I looked 20lbs heavier in more conservative tops. Swimsuits that used to be cute, now seemed very inappropriate, even in the largest size top in 99% of bikinis I tried had half my boob hanging out...awkward. I was angry at myself for doing such a stupid thing & risking my health.

Personally I find small perky breasts cuter than large volumptuous ones..but I didn't want to be cute for my husband I wanted to be sexy and desirable and I had misguided ideas on how to be sexy and desirable. I now realize how little breasts have to do with a woman's beauty and sexuality. My breasts didn't make me a woman, being a sister, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a caretaker, a nurturer, and having inner strength are the things that made me a woman. As for sexy and desirable, confidence and being secure with myself were the start to that, not surgery and objectification of myself.

Ok so here I am 9 yrs later, I am divorced, I am learning to love myself, accept myself, think for myself and going through a lot of emotional changes. I feel liberated at the idea of getting these implants out of me! I'm very excited!! I just had my consultation today with the same surgeon who implanted them. I noticed prior to the appointment that he advertised nothing about removal of implants on his website or reviews. I was nervous that he might push for me to have smaller implants or tell me how bad to expect to look after or look at me like I'm weird to want them out. He was supportive though, he said he doesn't get many requests for removals, maybe like 1 a year, but its not uncommon, especially as women get older to decide to want them out. He said they looked good and were very soft and he had no concerns of needing to remove capsule. When I had my implants put in, he put them in through my armpit, I have not visable scars from implants. However to remove the implants will be different, he is going to make a small incision under each breast, drain the implants and then slip them out and sew me up. This is much less invasive and quicker recovery and very small incisions, so I'm good with that. He expects the procedure to be about 45 minutes and I will need a ride and someone to be my helper that day which I already have a few very supportive volunteers for that I feel super blessed to have in my life. The next day I should feel pretty good but will need to just take it easy for a couple weeks. As far as what to expect of the appearance after is questionable. He wouldn't give me hope or discouragement. Yet I am hopeful, I feel like I have pretty resilient skin, I had no stretch marks after childbirth or nursing, but than again my skin wasn't stretched for 9yrs during pregnancy or nursing either. Our plan is to wrap them tight and keep them wrapped tight for at least a week, but I might just do that for months. Keeping them tight gives them a better chance of contracting back with less sagging. Any advise on moisturizers or things I can do during recovery or surgery would be greatly appreciated. I plan on posted update and pictures to share as I so appreciated those who posted theirs, it was really encouraging. I know whatever my breasts look like I will still be attractive and beautiful, but I still would love them to be in the best condition possible.

18 day count down going from feeling excited and liberated to anxiety and worry

I don't know what happened, I was so confident and enthusiastic in my decision to remove these implants and now I'm just a bundle of fear. I'm plunging forward anyways and I am looking forward to not having these things in me but just so afraid of what I will look like after, I just want to get it over with now and assess the damages. This is going to be a long 18 days

Good bye implants!

Ok I didnt sleep much at all I was so worried, but it really wasn't bad at all, everyone was wonderful, the nurse gave me a little numbing on my hand so iv wouldn't much and I felt confident in everyone, they were talking about vacations w me one minute the next I was waking up in recovery feeling no pain. I continue to feel no pain with pain meds. As for their appearance they look quite saggy but its only been a few hours so I'm not feeling down but actually happy as the reflection I seen in bandages is me again! :-D

Breast Deformity with muscle contracting, freaking out a bit

I just noticed when I reach certain ways or contract muscles that my breasts deform and suck in the bottom. I initially freaked out, but I did find one post from 2011 explanter that had similar problem and it sounded like it was due to scarring and skin attaching to muscle and that massaging often helps it to not be permanent so I am hoping and praying this to be the case for me, but I would feel comforted by anyone else that has experienced this problem and hopefully had resolved. Thank you
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