Mixed Emotions on my Facelift

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The pros consisted, for me, on the credentials of...

The pros consisted, for me, on the credentials of the doctors, the cons consist of their non-availability for patient follow ups. 

I had two procedures done, my "turkey" neck and my jowls. Both were such a distraction and I felt and still do that by getting rid of them I will feel better about my body image.  This was not  done to make me look younger, let's face it, a 68 year old woman is just that, a 68 year old woman.

I have a goal, like a last ditch goal, to get my body in shape, lose a few pounds and  feel physically better. Wanted the face to go along with these improvements.  Nice being able to tie your shoes without cutting off your breath.

I will say there was/is more to these two procedures than I expected, mainly speaking about the healing time. Since this was done only two weeks ago I don't feel it's fair to give a complete opinion, after all, Not until all the swelling goes down and the reddness dissipates along with a few other issues, will I be able to truly say I love, or hated,  I did this.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

At this point I can't truthfully answer either of these questions yes or no.

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