Mixed Emotions on my Facelift

The pros consisted, for me, on the credentials of...

The pros consisted, for me, on the credentials of the doctors, the cons consist of their non-availability for patient follow ups. 

I had two procedures done, my "turkey" neck and my jowls. Both were such a distraction and I felt and still do that by getting rid of them I will feel better about my body image.  This was not  done to make me look younger, let's face it, a 68 year old woman is just that, a 68 year old woman.

I have a goal, like a last ditch goal, to get my body in shape, lose a few pounds and  feel physically better. Wanted the face to go along with these improvements.  Nice being able to tie your shoes without cutting off your breath.

I will say there was/is more to these two procedures than I expected, mainly speaking about the healing time. Since this was done only two weeks ago I don't feel it's fair to give a complete opinion, after all, Not until all the swelling goes down and the reddness dissipates along with a few other issues, will I be able to truly say I love, or hated,  I did this.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

At this point I can't truthfully answer either of these questions yes or no.

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