Direct Brow Lift

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Henderson Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had a direct brow lift a couple months ago with Dr. Mitchell. It was done in house under local anesthesia. The proceure itself was fine, and the nurse tooo great care getting me prepped and then even taking me home afterwards (I insisted on calling an Uber but she preferred to drive me), which I thought was incredibly sweet. It is too soon to comment on the results, I am happy my eyes have less droop and I look more awake (less resting bitch face) which is what I wanted! But the reason why I can't give 5 stars at this moment is because one of my brows lost significant hair and the other didnt, one of the incision lines look like it was deeper into the brow and the other higher (I wonder if some of my hair follicles were actually cut into and discarded), it is too soon to know. On top of that, the aftercare has been subpar. My 3 week post op was reacheduled 3 times by the office and 1 of those times it was rescheduled only hours before. Which is obviously annoying and gives me the impression I am no longer an important client since I have paid in full for my procedure. The office also is having trouble turning my RX in so I can get things filled, I am constantly having to call back and forth to remind and persist, which honestly, I shouldn't have to do. In a nutshell, the office staff seems disorganized and there's disconnect going on here. I hope they get it together and I can report back 5 stars in a couple more months.

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