Pretty Bad So Far but Hopeful - Missouri, MO

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Ok it has only been 12 hours but I didn't want to...

ok it has only been 12 hours but I didn't want to forget how bad it hurt.
which was really bad. I cried. I felt dumb but I cried. I made her stop to
give me breaks sometimes. I am always cold and I was sweating, it hurt so
much. I have had tattoos and I always tell people they don't hurt near as
much as people say. I have given birth I had a tumor cut out of my
uterus area the size of a large grapefruit, and I have broken a small bone
in my back. I am not a big baby this ranked right up there

Also I am bruised, swollen and welted more than I expected too. My
forehead has a small goose egg that looks and feels like I was hit in the
head with a baseball. My jowls look like I had my wisdom teeth removed. My
mouth feels like coming from the dentist after having a cavity filled, it
is hard to drink with out it dripping back out of my mouth. I have been
constantly changing out ice packs hoping that will help with the swelling
and bruising. I am not taking anything for the pain because I am afraid it
might thin my blood and make me bruise more. I cant imagine going to do
this on a lunch hour, that is plain ridiculous, not to mention I was there
3 1/2 hours by the time paperwork was filled out and photos were taken and
my face marked etc. I was so exhausted I slept pretty much 4 hours when I
got home. I am expecting good results I just didn't want to forget this

I wrote that 4 days ago but decided to wait to post it I am not sure why, I think because I have never done this before and wasn't sure I wanted to be so open about it all. 4 days later the swelling is reduced but the bruising is worse. I notice the burn mark more and I still don't want to be seen in public. I don't have the mouth control back yet to drink out of a straw. And I guess it is a nerve thing that when I touch certain areas of my face it sends shooting tingles into my scalp. I will try to keep my post updated if I can figure out how it works.

It has been 3 weeks today, I should probably wait...

It has been 3 weeks today, I should probably wait a month but in case I forget next week and I have time today. I did want to say I was told ahead of the procedure that all this numbness, swelling and bruising would occur so I didn't want to leave the impression otherwise. Also I think I forgot to say they gave me a valium and a vicodin right before. I feel much better about it now. Although those pictures of me freak me out, it was pretty awful looking. I still have numbness and sensitivity along my jowl line up to the middle of my cheeks. I still cant drink out of a straw and I notice when I talk for a long time my face actually hurts. My mouth goes crooked when I talk and it is different on one side than the other. I also feel like it is hard to chew food, I need to take smaller bites or I feel like I am a loud chewer. Gross Right! Just trying to be detailed. I have 1 tiny bruise left. I feel like there may be improvement on one side of my nasal folds.

Well it has been 4 weeks now. I feel almost...

Well it has been 4 weeks now. I feel almost exactly like last week except all the bruising is gone. I still feel a bit swollen but not enough for anyone else to probably notice but I do, in the areas I wanted tightened they actually just seem puffier. My skin feels either tight or maybe just dry sometimes, I am not sure. It doesn't look tight. It is still very numb and a tiny bit sore. My mouth is still going crooked I tried to take a picture of that but it just looks weird. Also the area on my forehead where it had welted up is still slightly raised and bumpy almost like it caused clogged pores or something. Right now I really don't see any improvement but it is still early for what they say for noticing.

I am at my 2 month mark. I feel like I am pretty...

I am at my 2 month mark. I feel like I am pretty much back to normal. Although I am going to sound like negative Nelly because I still want to say ...I still have the spots on my forehead that I will have to ask them about if they don't go away at the end of 3 months because they don't seem to be fading. I am not sure if they are burn marks or scars from welts or what. My mouth is still crooked but I can drink out of a straw so I feel like it is getting better. Again my skin feels very dry almost like it could crack but I wonder if this is the tight feeling others talk about and I just don't think of it the same. (I know when I was pregnant it took me a long time to figure out that feeling was the baby kicking and not just food digesting feelings so maybe my brain doesn't associate feelings as well as other people) The way I would describe the feeling is when I first started using Differin and my skin got sensitive and flaky. It doesn't look tighter to me but again maybe when you look at yourself everyday you don't notice the subtle changes. The only part I still feel swollen is right under my chin, when I look down I feel like it makes a double chin area that if I had before I really don't remember. Almost all the pain and tingling is gone. And again I am going to wait to reserve my judgement until the 3 months have past. I will add new photos even though I think they will all just look the same. I am updating now mostly for myself because I want to remember how long things took.

HI, it is now 3 months. I honestly don't notice...

HI, it is now 3 months. I honestly don't notice much difference, I have an appointment to go back in and do the after photos and hope I can see a difference in them. I will post my at home shots. Everything does feel back to normal my mouth doesn't feel crooked anymore etc. I still see the forehead marks but less. My skin does still feel dry/tight almost like I have a tiny sunburn.
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