Laser hair removal. Face, chin & neck

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Hi there! I am not much of a reviewer but for this...

Hi there! I am not much of a reviewer but for this imparticular I felt I needed to share. I am a african american woman who has struggled with facial hair dating back to my late teens. It started with a hair here and a hair there and before you know it I developed what I call a "lady beard" I started off plucking the hairs and before you now it I was shaving with a razor. I guess the good thing to this is that once the hair settled it hasn't changed over the years as far as thickness and moving to other areas. As seen in pictures I have course hair growth along side burn area,chin,and neck as well as discoloration from years of plucking. I have also struggled with ingrown hairs which leave bumps that are hard to deal with. I made the choice to start laser hair treatment because I am so tired of struggling with this issue. It has affected my self esteem and just makes me feel very unattractive as a woman. I will post pictures soon.

1st Laser Hair removal treatment

I had my first treatment on 3-2-16. The picture is from the day after in which as you can see I developed a major case of small bumps on my neck and chin area. though this is normal it's really hard to deal with considering it shows against any makeup I wear.

1st treatment

Here are some some pictures of the day after 1st treatment. Lots of small bumps (rash) on treatment area. This is normally especially since I have ingrown hairs in this area. This has since cleared and the hair is starting to shed.

Day 16 (post laser hair removal treatment)

Hello. Updating on my progress so far. I am really surprised at the way things are going right now. Definitely a big difference. I have not had to shave for a week now. As I said in my first review I am having my whole face treated. This is from the top of my cheeks all the way down to my collar bone. I am still experiencing alot of shedding. Ingrown hairs on my neck was a big issue that I faced and I have only had 1 since the 1st treatment. I still have a few tiny little bumps that are on the hair follicle that are starting to smooth out as the hair sheds. Another problem I face is skin darkening from yrs of manipulating my skin. This had began to lighten up especially on my chin area. I would like to eventually try a skin lightening cream to help with this. the only thing I have been doing for skin maintainence so to speak is I exfoliate daily...use witch hazel and ALWAYS put my suncreen on (SPF-30).

Day 16 post laser hair removal treatment

Here are the progress pictures I have no idea why they didn't upload with update review.

No PCOS...

So as I am sitting here responding to a reply and I just thought about this. I failed to mention in my review that I do not have PCOS. I know alot of the ladies in some of the stories I have read have this. Mine believe or not is genetic. Great and aunts suffer from some sort of facial hair. Yes in that order ! lol Just wanted to clarify that. Oh and also I have been looking for a good coverage makeup to cover my dark spots until they really began to fade. So I got some Dermablend and omg that stuff is EVERYTHING !! Pretty awesome stuff .So that was the highlight of my weekend.

It's been 4 yrs since I have worn my hair up.

Hi !! Happy Easter to ya'll ! Sunday seems to be the day I am actually able to sit down and update on my progress. So today was a major breakthrough for me ya'll. I wore my hair in a bun !!! OMG! Now this may seem like something ordinary but for the past 4 yrs it hasn't been for me. Winter became my favorite time of the year because I could wear scarfs with everything covering my neck hiding all the ingrown hair bumps. I dreaded summer having to wear my hair certain ways covering all the embarrassment. Each day my skin seems to be getting better.

2nd treatment (Laser hair removal)

Hey ya'll. I just had my 2nd treatment on 4/4/16 and things went pretty smooth. The discomfort level was still there especially above my upper lip and below my bottom lip. The other parts of my face and neck were tolerable. I also asked the nurse practioner about my dark spots. She did recommend me seeing a dermatologist for a lightening cream. But she also said that they do sell this over the counter but the only difference would be it's not going to be as strong as you would get from a dermatologist. And lastly the good news..I did not experience the severe rash of bumps (side effect) this go around !! Woo hoo ! I am real pleased at how things are coming along with my skin.

Chemical peel vs. Microdermabrasion

Hey ya'll! So as you all know I started my laser hair removal journey in February and the results have been awesome! As a result of years of shaving,plucking and just manipulating my skin I have alot of dark spots on my chin and neck. I have been researching both procedures and am in a tug of war on what to start with. I'm leaning more towards Microdermabrasion. Has anyone had either of these done and if so can you tell me your experience and how if helped ?

3rd laser hair removal treatment

Hey ! Happy Mother's day to all the mama's ! So yesterday morning I had my 3rd laser hair removal treatment. Oh my goodness it felt like it was the first one. My tech did increase my IPL and whew it was intense ! I went in with the mindset that it was going to be the same comfort level as the 2nd one fooled myself ! LOL The upper lip and my chin has always been real painful and I have her do those two areas first just to get it over with. Another reason I feel it was so painful was the fact that my face was on the dry side. So I asked her about it and she said yep that'll do it ! Damn ! lol I had to take a break after my first side just to cool down my face. No exaggeration I felt like my face was on fire ! I didnt even experience this level of burning after my first one. She was so nice and attentive she immediately cleansed it with aloe and hydrocortisone. Went away instantly! I'm not even going to lie I was thinking whole time omg I hope I am not getting burns from this. And just like the first treatment I have developed a rash on some areas of my face mainly my chin and cheeks but not as bad as the first time. l will post pictures soon.

Almost halfway through laser hair removal treatments.

Hi all! ! Hope ya'll are doing ok ! So as I am standing here doing my nightly face routine I'm thinking to myself I am halfway through my treatments. Time flies by so fast ! Looking at my skin from when I started until now is night and day. It's been real nice to watch my skin transform. Summer is almost here and I have turned into the bun wearing updo hairstyle queen !! LOL Those of you that have read my journey probably know I had a breakthrough not to long ago with wearing my hair back. But anywho..I didn't mention that I am now going every 6 weeks now because I am seeing very little hair growth and that way my hair when be in a different growth cycle. My dark spots are finally lightening up to wear I am having to wear minimal makeup. Ingrown hair bumps are a thing of the past !! Yay !!

4th laser hair removal treatment

Hey all ! My apologies for this post being so late. Summertime equals busy time for me. So I had my 4th treatment on June 18th and it went very well. Now the last one was extremely uncomfortable due to my skin being so dry. I was a little anxious to see how this one would go. The good news is that I got to experience the new laser which is still a YAG laser but it blows out ice cold air the whole time to keep the skin cool. It is so nice ! She also uses a ultra sound gel on the skin as well which is also something new. I will say that I did experience quite a bit of rash (bumps) afterwards almost like the first treatment. This is always hard on deal with just because it has to take its course and heal. It usually last about a week. I also had ALOT of hair loss which is great !! Love to see those hairs falling out. I did not have as much the 2nd or 3rd treatment. I feel like it was because I went back in 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks. My hair was in a good growth phase. Overall it was much more comfortable and I made it ! lol Will post pictures soon!
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