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So I've been stalking this site for months. Lots...

So I've been stalking this site for months. Lots and lots of months so now I'm ready to start sharing my story! I'm 35 and I have 4 kids. 17, 15, 11, and 10. I had my first child a little after 17 so I've had kids pretty much half my life. I have a 36 B bra size? The question mark is because I've never been professionally measuered and that size seems to do the trick. I've been thinking about it for a long time now, maybe 7 years. I kinda let it drop a long time ago because my husband wasn't on board back then and finances and all that. So this year I announcecd to him I was doing it and didn't care if he was gonna cry about it and this time he was all about it! So I'm really happy to have the support even though this time was 'Me time' ME! So here is where I am now. I've had the consult. I liked the doctor. Thing is when I went in origianlly I just wanted the augmentation and he was pretty firm about the lift. I had to sit on this conversation for a couple weeks. I knew he was right, but I had to re research everything. I'm really happy that the doctor was honest with me at this point in my journey, but I really needed to know this is what I want. It is! If I could go back in time I would not look at any immediate post op pics of a lift and scroll right through to 3-6 month post op. I have my pre op appt in 3 days. I'm supposed to bring wish pics and I have plenty, but it's still weird to me that boobs are supposed to be that high lol. I haven't had perky boobs since 16 so I don't remember very well. I will update soon with pics and updates and all that good stuff!

Pre op appt. done!

So, today was the last visit before surgery . It went really well. The nurse explained everything to me that I needed to know. I got my prescriptions to fill and paid in full. It probably was about an hour that we talked about everything and anything. It was a lot of information to take in so I'm glad they sent me home with everything so that I can read, re read, re re read. I left with no questions and now I'm just ready to get this thing done! I am uploading my before pics now. Man, I am not a photographer, that's for sure.

Clothes pic for future reference

So I decided today that I want a before and after pic in clothes. This is me in my normal VS Bombshell bra so hopefully I'll be able to pull off the new ones at work with out too many confused looks from my co workers or maybe a lot ;) Surgery is one week from tomorrow! I wonder, how far in advance do people usually pick up their prescriptions?

2 days until surgery!!

So today is Sunday evening. My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday at 11:45 Am so I have to be there at 10:45 AM. I wish it was earlier. I'm sure I will be totally thirsty and the thought of no coffee all morning is rough lol. I guess I will just plan on sleeping in. My anxiety is kicking pretty hard lately. So many thoughts racing through my head a long with crazy boobie dreams. I'm glad I will be working tomorrow to give me something else to think about through out the day. I'm off Tuesday through Sunday so hopefully that is enough time to get back to nomal.. or normal enough. I have a desk job though so I'm sure it will be fine. We also had a death in the family on Thursday so that makes things a little more complicated so just sticking to "Everything will be fine" I started taking the Arnica pills today. They don't dissolve very fast so I ususally just end up chewing them up after a few minutes. I hit up the store today for last minute items like chewy vitamins, new pillows, Make up removal wipes, and comfy button front pajamas. They are a totally cute shade of pink and I think I'm almost as excited to wear them as get boobies!

Last night with crappy little boobies!

oh my! I can't belevie it's almost here. I've been re searching, planning, savings, stressing, praying, everything for so long. I worked all day so that passed a lot of time today. Now to get through the evening. I went to the mall after work just to kill some time and pick up anothere front zip hoodie to give me some post surgery swag. I'm pretty sure everything is done and ready to go. I decided to take one more picture of said little boobs and also my pink pajamas! They are pretty silky so I just have to be careful to slide out of bed I guess :) I will update once it's all done tomorrow. Thanks for all the support you guys have given! It's really appreciated.

All done!

This will prob be pretty short, but the surgery went really well. The pain right now is mostly manageable. Just more of an over all discomfort feeling. So here is the 1st photo of the newly added girls. I have a post op visit at 2pm tomorrow so I'll find out what all he did then. For now, lazy time :)

Day 1 Post Op

so yesterday after surgery I pretty much just layed around all day. I had a diet coke, but really no appetite at all. Probably from all the drugs and stuff. I've been taking my meds as I'm supposed to. The nurse recommned that I set an alarm to take some more in the middle of the night. I was feeling okay at bed time so I didn't worry about it. Boy, was I wrong. I woke up around 7am and could barely roll over to get out of bed. After a few tried and gritting my teeth I made it. I'm back on track now and feel okay. I had my post op appt today and the doctor said everything looks good and said I could wear a regular sports bra. The one I had bought a couple weeks ago was too small so I had my daughter drive me around to find one that would work. Three stores later mission accomplished, but I'm feeling it now, boobies need some serious rest. So I will be firmly planted on the recliner until further notice. I'm attaching some pics. The 1st one is teriffying, 24 hours after surgery. Lots of brusing and general grossness. The 2nd is the new sports bra that contains them without suffocating me. It can only get better from this point!

Post op day 4

I bought a reclinder!!! OMG, I wish I would have done this pre surgery. It is such a pain saver for me. I can't sleep in my bed cause I can't get out of it without tears involved. I tried the couch recliner seat. That was slightly better, but still felt super stuck and shooting pains. I mentioned it to my husband and 3 hours later I was in recliner heaven. Even just standing up from a sitting position is so much easier. So if you can afford it, I would add this to the must have list! I'm also laying off the pain meds. Just taking regular ol Ibuprofen during the day and a valium at night. Still uncomfortable, but it's tolerable.

1 1/2 weeks out

Okay, so I had my surgery a week ago Tuesday. Today is Saturday. So the 1st pic is on my one week. The 2nd is last night. We decided to go out to dinener like real people as I'm feeling better and down to just ibuprofen. Everything is starting to soften up and drop a little bit. I had my 1 week post op appt this week and it went well. I have to say I absolutely loathe sports bras or any bra in general. I know a lot of doctors reccomend differerent things from painful straps to basically "free balling" it with your boobs. The sports bras, even big ones were giving me bruises on side ribs so I just wear a decently tight tank top now. I don't care if it's wrong, pain wise it just works best for me. We'll call it gentle support. I can't wait until the scars look better and I can actually start treating them. hope everyone else is doing great!

2 week blues?

Just feeling down a bit lately because of my un realistic expectations. So let me update a little more post op stuff. What I ended up with was I believe a full anchor scar and 450CC. God bless the doctor, he said that was as much as he could get in there lol. I don't mind the scar in the crease especially since that was what I was originally expecting, I guess I just feel like I'm not making a lot of progress. So I took my 2 week pic today even though I didn't feel like it. I actually do see some progress with bruising, swelling etc.. Some other things have also really improved. I can get out of bed w/out tears or feeling like a turtle stuck on it's back. I can hit the snooze button on my alarm clock, and get lost in a car while using gps like a boss. I can also now wear a sports bra for the majority of the day. Still waking up with morning boob and the occasional rocks on my chest when doing things like grocery shopping, but it's all bearable and worth it! So.. here's to patience....

3 week update: Pretty sure the healing looks worse

So at week 2 I was dissapointed, but I saw progress. I just took a 3 week pic and I swear to you know who that it looks worse! I have dropped a little, but my main concern is these damn incisions. Should I just lotion them up? Does this warrant a call to the doctor? grrrr.. Mad at these boobs.

4 Week update: Guess who is back in love with her boobies!!

okay so #1: I am dumb. Everything that I thought was thick awful scabbing all over was actually glue. I started putting some aquaphor healing lotion on them and slowly but surely everything started peeling off. Today there is almost none left and voila! I have scars that are actually healing like they should be. Now that I can actually see what I have I am so excited. I may sing them a song. What a difference a week can make! I also started planning our summer vacation so I have 2 more months to keep healing before hitting the beach in S. Carolina, with lots of sunscreen of course :) I can't wait until I can begin scar treatment.

week 5

5 weeks and they are finally starting to feel a little more like mine. I feel like I have been renting these things or stole them.

random update

Last nighst sleep was very uncomfortable. Had a random shooting buring sensation on the right one. It's gotten better today. It was actually pretty numb there before so maybe it's just coming back online? Going out with my husband and bought a 'Boobie shirt". It was so much fun to buy! I usually try these on and put them back cause like, I had no boobs.

week 6

I had my follow up with my PS today. It went well. I had 2 areas that I was worried about because they haven't closed over completely. The T intersection under the breast. The PS thought there might have been a stitch that was irritating so he took them off ( graphic, I know!) but nothing was visible so probably recently dissolved. Anyway I got a band aid. It's not big or anything. Just enough to screw with my pshyche and give me awful dreams. We discussed scar treatment and I boought what they were selling. BioCorneum, it has silicone so I'm on board. It wasn't cheap, but hell I'm already in this thing for 9,100, what is an extra 150 bucks to help the scars and make me feel amazing someday. He also said there is still slight swelling on the bottom part so still more healing to go. Gotta tell ya though, they look AMAzING in a tank top lol. 2 months til I hit the beach!

hit send before pic, whoops

6 month progress

Okay, I haven't updated my pics in forever and right now I'm at about 6/7 month post op status. Everything is back to normal and jiggly with one exception, a big one, my nipples! I have feeling all around them which is progress, but still not back in the good part ;) Trying not to be upset about it since other parts of them have only regained feeling in the last couple of months, but it is still really really frustrating and worrysome at this point. Scars to continue to get better. My left one is the current offender. I did have a large scab there after surgery. After I was able to use scar scream I was very diligent about it, but fell off for a while, but I started up again and seeing results. stick with it!
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