May 20th Surgery Date. - Missoula, MT

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Monday morning at 7:30AM I am finally going to...

Monday morning at 7:30AM I am finally going to have done what I have wanted for decades. I can't believe I have waited this long to finally have rhinoplasty. I am excited and nervous. During my consult my doctor asked me what kind of nose I wanted like I was ordering through drive thru. I wasn't sure how to answer that because I really haven't given much thought of what my nose COULD look like. The plan is to have a slight slope but I really can't visualize it. I really like Ashlee Simpson's nose but I don't know if it would like right on me. I know one thing, I do not want a pig nose. I just have never found that attractive. I have no idea what my new nose will look like and I am just hoping I don't wake up with a third nostril at this point.
I am also concerned about my allergies. I think I am allergic to my cats who of course insist on sleeping on my head everynight. I wake up sneezing and stuffed up. I can't imagine sneezing right after surgery. Ouch!

Still alive

OMG internal nasal splints were the worst. I couldn't wait to get them out. As soon as my doctor took them out, I felt human again. It signifigantly changed my recovery attitude. I went from feeling like I was on my death bed (bit dramatic) to "I got this in the bag". When I first came out of surgery they escorted my husband back to where I was and he didn't believe it was me. The nurses had to convince him it was me because I was completely unrecognizable. I saw pictures of some of the posters and thought, I hope I am not going to swell and bruise like that but I did. The good news is, your face heals so quickly. Each morning I was curious how much my bruising and swelling changed over night. I feel like I am on the upswing now.

Day 4- About the Same

Good Morning,
Last night I made the mistake of lying flat and I paid for it when I woke up this morning. My eyes are more puffy and itchy than yesterday I slept so good lying flat though. I am a side sleeper so it has been very difficult to sleep solely on my back. I have one of those adjustable TemperPedic beds-which has helped immensely. (I miss spellcheck) Although I have to lower it when my husband comes to bed, it helps during the day. I am not going to post another picture because I pretty much look the same as yesterday.
I haven't washed my face since Monday so I am really itching to finally use my Clarisonic-can't wait. In the meantime, I have been using face wipes which help clean off the oil on my face. I just took some Benadryl for my itchy eyes.
It is nice to sip coffee for the first time this morning. I am feeling back to normal gradually. I am going to sign off. Have a good day and speedy recovery to my friends going through the same today!


So the swelling around my eyes is gone, and the swelling in my nose has reduced substantially. My cast doesn't even touch my nose, so I took it off (tee hee). I will tape it back on before I see my doc to take the stitches (aka pigeon spikes) out on Monday of course. It is just so nice to have off my face so I can see. I have also noticed that I don't see the sides of my nose anymore when I look left or right. There was always a "Wall of China" of flesh and bone with my old nose. There is a slight slope to my nose as well. I am so excited to see what my nose will look like the rest of my life.

It's been a challenging recovery so far. Surgery is taxing on the body. I've had ACL repair and a C-section and I would have to say, this recovery has been the most memorable. I think it has to do with the location, my face. I can't hide it from the world and it is difficult to see the expressions from people's faces when they look at you and you have two black eyes and a big cast on your nose. When I dropped my daughter off at preschool yesterday the kids told her I look like a zombie, which I do. Women looked sideways at my husband around town yesterday. I know what conclusion they were jumping to in their minds. I know this too shall pass and I am very axious to blend into the crowd again.

Words of advice to those of you researching ideas for a smooth recovery:

Change the air filter in your heating unit to minimize dust and allergens
Don't waste money on buying straws, it hurts too bad to drink from a straw day 1-2
DRINK WATER as much as you can-constipation is a bitch
Buy some GO-Gurts and freeze them-they feel good on the throat after surgery
Ice chips are good too-I bought the Biotene spray and only used it a couple of times
As soon as possible ween yourself from the pain meds and take Tylenol
Buy some face wipes to clean the oil from your face
Liquid soap is better than bar soap, it doesn't harbor as much bacteria

Day 8 Post Op

My doctor met me at his office yesterday during the holiday to take my stitches out. It hurt because it is so sensitive but there were only 5 he needed to remove so I sucked it up. I am glad they are out. The interal stitches are still in and will disolve on there own over time. I was able to take my tape off my nose so externally there is really no indication I had the procedure done except for the dark purple bruising at the top of my cheek bones. I really hope they disappear before I have to return to work next week. I did some research and learned using yellow concealer will hide the purple the best. I guess I can always resort to make up. Although my nose is still swollen, I really am satisfied with the shape of it so far. I will post a picture later in the week.

Day 9 Post Op

I still have bruising so I covered it up as best as possible with some yellow based concealor. You could still see my bruising but it was toned down quite a bit. I was actually approached by a woman today who introduced herself as a nurse and asked me if my homelife was okay. She said I didn't look like an abused woman but she had to ask in case I needed help. Funny. I appreciated her asking anyway. I think I may be an extreme case because I don't see anyone else as bruised as I am at this stage. I bruise very easy. My doctor told me I started swelling during surgery which was unusual. I knew I would bruise badly but am a little surprised that it has lasted this long. I can't wait to see how my nose will look permanently, it is still quite a bit swollen but so far I love it.
Why did I wait so long. Word of advice, get it done and don't wait. It is so worth it.

@#$%$ Bruising

Thanks for all your comments- I heart you guys! What I don't love is these cotton pickin bruises on my cheekbones! Grrr. I want my face back. I have been taking my Arnica Montana tablets religiously but the progress is ever so slight each day. I have been applying warm compresses in hopes they would go away but no dice. I am considering the Arnica Gel so I can combat these suckers topically and internally. I knew the healing process would take time and it wouldn't be as easy to pop a new nose on my face like I was a Mr Potato Head but I didn't think I would be starting on week three with noticable bruising still. Today is my first day back to work- wish me luck. Well anywho, thanks for allowing me to whine. I know it will take time I just want to be past it already and see what the final, permanent result will be.
Missoula Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been extremely professional.

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