36 Years Old, Nursed 4 Babies, Round Silicone over the Muscle

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I am 36 years old, breastfed 4 babies, 157 lbs. My...

I am 36 years old, breastfed 4 babies, 157 lbs. My goal is to fill in lose, saggy skin and have nice boobs. I've never really had a great set, unless I was nursing babies! My surgery is 5 days and counting. I had 2 consults and have decided to go with the PS who will do "overs". He suggested 280cc on the left and 300cc on the right to correct some asymmetry. I really didn't want a lift and he said since I just have sagging, the implant over the muscle will fill out the skin and correct the tuberous shape. I'm starting to get nervous and haven't decided on a size yet. Maybe 300 and 320? I'm also concerned about them being too big and making me look heavy instead of curvy because of my pear shaped body. Excited and nervous at the same time! Not going to tell my kids a lot and hope they don't ask a lot of questions with my restricted activities.

New boobs in 2 hours!

So nervous and excited! See you on the other side!

I have boobs!

Under local, 195 on left and 325 on the right. A little woozy, but feeling good now with all the lidocaine working. First time to have cleavage in my whole life!!

Day 2 and finally able to shower!

I love the size and shape of them! They are still very tender, but I have decided to stop taking the pain meds and only do Tylenol because I don't like how the pain meds make me feel and they also make me constipated. The only thing I worry about is that my nipples look like they point down?? Is this normal? I hope as things settle, they will point evenly instead of down.
Also, any tips for getting the stickiness of the tape off your skin? It's pulling like crazy. Thanks to everyone for your support and help!

Nursing gel pads!

I have 2 different brands of these nursing gel pads that come with a sleeve to cover them. I have been rotating them for the 20 mins on 20 mins off ice for swelling. They are fantastic and not bulky. I wear a tube bra over my surgical bra to keep them in place and they are less bulky than bags of peas or ice!

Day 3, loving my boobs, but weird rash??

I took my last dose of prophylactic kelfex tonight, and the PS has had me taking herbal supplements to help with swelling and healing. I don't know what is causing these hives/rash on my neck, so I'm going to take a Benadryl and stop taking the herbal stuff. I want to scratch so bad but won't because I know it will make it worse. Has anyone had a reaction like this to antibiotics or arnica or bromelain?

Love the size, some bruising

Day 4 post op and I love the size and that I can fill out shirts meant for someone my size. Still struggling with the rash/hives from the antibiotics or the homeopathic stuff. Only took Tylenol once today, so the pain is clearly subsiding. My boobs feel super firm and high. I'm supposed to start massaging them at my one week mark. I'm hoping they settle a little into the skin at the bottom of my boobs because they kind of go to a point on the sides right now.

Inactivity blues

Today has been a little hard not being able to reach for things that are high and chase after my kids like I usually do. Plus, I am bloated still and unable to shave my armpits and legs, so I feel like a fat, hairy cow. There's going to be a lot of ground to make up once I can work out again, and not being able to run or do my fitness classes for at least a month feels daunting. I am getting in a lot of play time with my littles that I have been missing out on from being "busy", so that helps to brighten it a little. Definitely missing the endorphins from exercise! Any of you ladies have the same problem?

Bra too tight!

I wore this champion bra I got off amazon today. The chest band must be narrower and tighter than the other ones I had because my incision on the right side was really hurting. I will have to save this one for later when I'm done healing.

One week!

I can't believe it's been a week since I was laying in the hotel bed, groggy from pain meds and wondering if I had made a mistake. I started implant massage today, and they have good mobility and it really doesn't hurt to move them like I thought it would. Righty is more sore, but it was smaller and had a larger implant put in, so it make sense. It almost feels good, like a stretch. It will be nice to get back into working out and being able to clean my house and let the kids tackle me, but I am enjoying the kids in a new way and reading lots of new books.

Favorite bra

I could only find bras that zip in the front on Amazon and at Walmart. I like this one the best because it has an adjustable clasp at the back and adjustable straps for over your shoulder, and zipper covers to keep it from rubbing against your skin. Padded so you don't nip out with all the firm pointy-ness you just earned. I'm ordering more so I don't have to wear the surgical bra every time I need to wash this one.

10 days out and feeling so much better

I can reach up higher without hurting as much and can snuggle my kids in to read at night easier. Minimal bruising, and only to righty because it was smaller and had a larger implant put in. A couple of steri strips came off so I got my first peek at my scars. Healing well! I know this is when I need to be really careful not to push it physically, but it's hard when I'm feeling so much more like myself!

Doing too much!

Today I changed the light bulbs in the garage because both of them finally went out and the kids were scared to go get in the car. Reaching up that high (on a step ladder, but should have been taller) really hurt my incisions, especially on my right side. The implant is larger than the left and my right boob was smaller to begin with and feels more stretching pains. Another steri strip fell off. My left one seems to be settling and softening while the right is still riding high and tight. I hope they even out and that we didn't over shoot the size trying to balance them out.
I like that my friends who don't know I got a BA can't tell, and the ones who know give me secret thumbs up at how good they look!
Has anyone else tried to correct asymmetry? How did it end up?

Old bras

I went through all my old bras today and was sad that I had never truly filled them out (super padded, sewn in more pads, or just saggy skin fell out of them when I would bend over). I'm so excited that they fit now, and some are even too small!

Steri strips are off!

The scar on the right has been really hurting since I changed those light bulbs a few days ago. I hope I didn't bust a stitch. So stupid. The bruising is going away and they are softening and dropping nicely. I can't wait to wear a normal bra and be cleared to work out again!

Slept without a bra :)

I slept for the first time last night without a bra and it felt great. I kept a pillow under the girls when I was on my side. Starting to look and feel like mine!

Come out, stitch!

My bra hits right on my scar where this abscessed stitch is trying to make its way out. It needs to do it already so the tenderness will go away.
I talked to the nurse of my PS, and she said I still don't get to sleep with my bra off to help avoid capsular contracture. So back on it goes for the 23.5 hrs per day.
The incision on righty was so much bigger than for lefty.


My boobs are finally feeling like my own. The scars on the left are doing really well. The scars on the right still look a little angry, but aren't really hurting any more, so that's good. We are out of town on thanksgiving and so far no one has asked me if I've had a BA, which is what I wanted. I'm really hoping to be cleared to work out next week and work off all these extra lbs hanging on, especially over the holiday!

5 weeks and can exercise!

I had my post op today that cleared me to wear normal bras and start easing into exercise again! My right side is still high and tight, so I need to start laying on my belly to squish the scar tissue to prevent a contracture. Any sutures that have been rejected, my husband has clipped out. So happy to start working out again!

Bra and lingerie shopping

I feel awesome in lingerie now that I have boobs! The old ones sat sadly in the bottom of bra cups and would just fall out.

Softened and feel like mine!

2.5 months out and they finally feel like my boobs! My bras are 36C-ish. I have been having a little boob envy lately because they have settled and filled out where the stretched skin was. So, they have sag to them, but they are full! I didn't want them to be super high and tight, and worried about them looking like my cheese slid off its cracker being under the muscle and my saggy skin hanging off of them. I don't really want them to sag any more, but I LOVE the way they look in a bra and when I bend over. They are there! And not just sad skin with nipples! Hoping to start back working out this week when the kids are back in school!

Almost 5 months out

I finally got to go bra shopping and got sized. I'm a 34C. My boobs have some sag to them since they were over the muscle, but I think that looks more natural for someone my age. I can also push them up, which I've never been able to do!
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