29 Years Old, Two Kids, Always Had a Size A but Wanting More!!! Over the Muscle 325-350cc - Missoula, MT

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I've wanted bigger breasts since my boobs started...

I've wanted bigger breasts since my boobs started coming in and stopped short at a 34A. Then I got pregnant with my first son, breastfed him for 6 months and my small boobs changed somewhat but did "perk" back up to some extent. After breastfeeding my second son for 4 months, they didn't come back. I am still wearing my 34A bra, though not really filling it out. To say the least I look like a 12 year old boy with very sad looking boobies. After making a deal with my husband that I could get a BA after we were done having children, I finally decided to cash-in and made an appointment with Dr.Hardy. I expected a plastic surgeon to not really care much about my story and I was so nervous to show him my breasts (something that I rarely if ever have let my husband see). He really put me at ease and chatted with me about the procedure his experiences. I tried on sizers and felt that the 325cc fit me the best. I went back for a second trial after doubting my first decision. I still liked the look of the 325's but now am thinking of the 350cc after reading several reviews on this site and many women stating that they were happy or wished they had gone bigger. I scheduled my surgery for April 16th, the day after tax day ( my husband is an accountant). I'm nervous about the recovery as my boys are now almost 3, and 7 months. I am a stay at home mom so it will be tough not to pick up my babes for an entire month as recommended.

2 days PO

Well I'm 2 days out and in love!!! I was so nervous about how they would turn out and that they'd be too big or too small. The procedure went so easy and quick, was awake for the entire thing and was home 2 hours after my procedure.

4 days PO

So I've been experiencing more pain in my right breast than my left, hopefully I haven't done any damage by pushing myself a little harder than I should. I'm sure others who have babies understand how hard it is to just sit back and do nothing! My husband can't sit still to save his soul and that makes for a lousy home nurse :) Feeling pretty good today though, only took a couple pain meds yesterday and so far have only used Tylenol today!
Missoula Plastic Surgeon

Made me feel very comfortable, and confident in my decision to proceed with the BA. Can't wait to see the results.

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